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Places To Stay In Milos Greece

Where To Stay In Milos Greece: The 7 Best Locations

Milos Island In Greece || 6 Must-See Places (2020)

As we started to plan our stay in Milos, Greece, we had one simple question: where should we stay so that we are in the best location to see everything we want to see on this island?

After spending one month roaming around this incredible island, we found the best villages, beach towns, and port towns to stay in.

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  • When Is The Best Time To Visit Milos

    High season

    Like most places in Europe, Greeces high season runs from June to mid-September. This is when you will find the best sunny weather, but also larger crowds. Days are longer the weather is HOT, so youll want to be close to a pool or ocean. Hotel and car rental prices are at their highest. In mid-to-late September, we traveled to Milos and found the weather and crowds to be totally ideal for a great Greek vacation.

    Shoulder Season

    The weather in Milos is cooler during these months some would consider it much more comfortable than prime summertime weather. Its not as busy as the summertime, but youll still see plenty of travelers lingering about. Prices on accommodation and car rentals will drop during this time. The shoulder season is typically a fantastic time to visit Milos.

    Low Season

    The temperatures are cooler during the low season in Greece. Youll still see plenty of sunny days but also overcast days and little to no sunbathing on the Milos beaches. Its too cold to take a dip in the water, but you can still enjoy the beaches with some clothes on to keep warm in the breeze. The upside is youll find low prices and very low numbers of tourists.


    I hope you enjoyed this guide on what to do on Milos! Hopefully you found it useful. Here are a few relevant articles for more travel around Greece!

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    Cliff Jump At Sarakiniko Beach

    Sarakiniko Beach is easily the most popular thing to do on Milos Island. Its likely what drew you to visit the island in the first place and fair enough, this Greek beach is out of this world.

    Stepping onto Sarakiniko Beach literally feels like stepping onto the moon. Over the centuries, the sea and wind have shaped this volcanic rock into majestic columns. Its where pure white rock meets turquoise blue water.

    Theres no vegetation here and not much sand. Sunbathing here means placing a towel on the hard rock, but its a small price to pay for the uniqueness of this moonscape.

    There are plenty of cliff jumping opportunities at Sarakiniko, and theres a long, shallow, and safe inlet where visitors can take a swim.

    Although this is the most popular beach in Milos, I still loved coming here a few days in a row. Its wonderful at sunrise, mid-day, and sunset. One could easily spend a whole day here. Just bring snacks as there is only one small food truck near the parking area.

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    Paliochori One Of The Most Famous Beaches In Greece

    With dazzling blue waters and crystal clear skies, the village of Paliochori is perhaps best known for having one of the most famous beaches in all of Greece.

    Paliochori Beach is made up of three separate sections surrounding an extended bay.

    The word colorfulwould be a severe understatement when describing Paliochori Beach. Red, yellow, black, white and brown volcanic cliffs tower over the coarse sand, pebbles and rock, with relaxed sunbathers lounging on chaises below.

    Youll be especially reminded of the active volcanism on the island of Milos at all the beaches of Paliochori. Hot springs pop up here and there and bubble vibrantly, specifically in the shallow parts of the waterline.

    You may be swimming along in the shallow surf and feel the water get particularly hot in certain sections.

    One taverna along the beach has used this heat to their advantage, laying a big stone over the hot sand and using it as a furnace to cook specialty dishes, earning the name volcanic food.

    Although its popular with tourists, Paliochori is still fairly secluded, allowing you to enjoy your watersports or cocktail in peace. You can rent a jet ski or simply organize a game of badminton, playing to your hearts content.

    Once you get hungry, there are several local tavernas and a cafeteria on one end of the beach, and the sunset isnt to be missed. Paliochori isnt a huge resort town, so dont expect 3am partying or major tourist attractions.

    Best Places To Visit In Milos

    Five Unmissable Places to Vist in Milos, Greece

    Barriello in Trypiti

    For an amazing restaurant experience , go to Barriello. The food at Barriello is sourced from the restaurants own farm, and the food is organic.

    Ask for the owner, Takis, he will take great care of you!

    Kleftiko Caves

    Located just off Kleftiko Beach, visiting the Kleftiko Caves are an absolute must on Milos. Also known as the Sea Meteora, Kleftiko Caves are a series of impressive rock formations, caves, and lagoons that you can only get to by sea. The boat to get here only takes about 20 minutes, and youll get some great views of the mainland.

    These naturally-occurring caves are super rare, and are also famous for the pirates that used to hide in them!

    Firiplaka Beach

    A long beach with pristine white sand, Firiplaka Beach is located on the southern coast of Milos, about 20 minutes from Adamas.

    Firiplaka Beach is the second busiest beach on the island but is worth a visit due to its rock pools, lagoons, and other naturally-occurring formations.

    Just be sure to get here early in the morning and beat the crowds!

    Ancient Theater of Milos

    Located close to Trypiti, the Ancient Theater of Milos is a historically-important landmark that dates back to the 3rd century BC.

    Back in the day, the theater was the gathering place for about 7000 people for all kinds of performances. However, when the Romans arrived, the original theatre was destroyed and later rebuilt with the marble you see today.

    Sarakiniko Beach

    Firopotamos Beach

    The Catacombs of Milos

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    Salt Suites & Executive Rooms Pollonia

    We loved our stay at the Salt Suites, which combines many benefits of a rented apartment with a chic boutique hotel. The interiors have a modern style that pays homage to the classic Cycladic style, in which soft corners, untreated wood, and a white-on-blue palette creates a feeling of serene relaxation. Located on the edge of Pollonia, right on the water, this lovely property of only ten rooms is a great choice for everyone seeking a tranquil stay.

    We love it for: Sunsets! The hotel is perfectly placed for watching the sun dipping into the Mediterranean.

    What you need to know: Salt Suites does not have its own restaurant, but they serve breakfast , and there are a lot of dining options in Pollonia, within the walking distance.

    Website: Salt Suites & Executive Rooms, Milos, Greece.

    Other Kids Love Greece Recommended In Milos

    Other recommended hotels that cannot be left out in this list of where to stay in Milos with kids are the following. Captain Zepposis a beautiful boutique hotel with fully equipped apartments and an outdoor pool. We also recommendKapetan Tasos with its large family rooms, comfortable beds, and convenient location. Unique Milos Suites is on the beach of Pollonia and near the village where you will find restaurants, cafés, mini markets, an ATM, and a pharmacy. Milia Gi Suites represent true Greek hospitality and is located in Pollonia. Some suites at this hotel feature a hot tub. Melian Boutique Hotel & Spafeatures family suites with a private outdoor jacuzzi.

    Milos is a great island for families and there are lots to see and do. You can go sailing, join a 4×4 road adventure or visit the nearby Kimolos island. For more ideas, find our top selection of things to do in Milos for families here. Contact the Kids Love Greece team for your customized itinerary on Milos!

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    Things To Do In Plaka

    Plaka Castle sits on a hill above the town, overlooking the white skyline. Once a Venetian landmark, its now mostly in ruins, but after an easy walk up to the peak, youll find a small white church and courtyard with 360-degree views of every coast of Milos.

    A few museums around town include the Archeological Museum of Milos, with its Bronze Age excavation and replica of the famous Venus de Milo statue found nearby, and the War Museum, a small operation set up in an old German bunker from World War II.

    Nearby historic gems include the Catacombs of Milos and Ancient Theater of Milos, both less than a mile away in nearby Trypiti.

    Budget Hotels In Adamas Milos

    Milos – 30 places to visit – Videos from Greece

    Antonis rooms is a great budget choice if you are happy to not be right in the middle of everything, but still walking distance from Adamas. They provide free shuttle service and the property has a garden and terrace. Some rooms have a kitchenette, if you want to make your own meals.

    Eleni apartments is a short stroll from the port of Adamas, and literally one minute walk from the Mining Museum. All in all, its a great option if you want to be close to everything. All rooms have balconies and a kitchenette, as well as free of charge access to communal washing machines.

    Filippos apartments If you are travelling with your family, Filippos apartments is a great budget option, though you need to be quick as they only have one suitable apartment. It is very close to Lagada beach, and about 100 meters from the port.

    Veletas Rooms is where we stayed ourselves. The location is excellent, on a quiet street but very close to the port. The apartments are spacious, and the landlady will give you all the information you want.

    Finally, if you have a car, Sarakiniko rooms to let, between Adamas and Sarakiniko, is another budget option. This is one of the two places we stayed when we visited Milos in June 2018. Its walking distance from Sarakiniko beach, which is very convenient. The rooms dont have a kitchenette, but they have a fridge.

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    What To Eat And Drink In Pollonia

    Pollonia has a very good selection of authentic seafood tavernas ranging from cheap and cheerful to more high-end spots catering to families as well as couples looking for a romantic dinner. We splashed out on a lobster pasta dish at Armenavi on our last night which was really fantastic, and they paired it with a very nice white wine. Highly recommended.

    Best Milos Hotels & Accommodation

    Click on “Read more” to get more insights about the hotels of Milos, the best places to stay at, as well as a section with Frequently Asked Questions!Use the filters in order to find the best accommodation if you are looking for luxury, budget and family hotel options as well as traditional sirma houses and book your lodging for your holidays in Milos!On a quick note, we recommend you to start your research for a hotel in Milos in the regions of Adamas , Pollonia and Plaka where many accommodation units are located. We explain below why and you shall also find our selection of the best hotels and accommodations in Milos as well as some of our recommendations.

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    Hotel Milos Resort Adamas

    The minimalist design is all the rage on Milos, and this hotel is another good example of the trend. The minimal decor is the main theme in all rooms, with a simple stone architecture used as an essential decoration. The property is situated some 150m from the beach and ensures panoramic views of the sea and bay.

    We love it for: The hotel offers a nice choice between rooms with private verandas and suites with private pools.

    The Complete Milos Greece Travel Guide

    5 Reasons to Visit Milos

    I can confidently say Milos, Greece is one of my favorite destinations to date. Between the unforgettable beaches , delicious fresh seafood, and quaint and uncrowded downtowns, its truly a slice of paradise. Milos has a port that connects directly from Athens so its the perfect jumping off point to spend a summer Greek Island hopping. We took a ferry directly from Athens to Milos, with a few stops on the way. It took just under 5 hours for us to arrive at Milos port and then hail a taxi for a short drive to our hotel.

    The best way to experience the Greek Islands is by ATV or motorcycle. We opted for ATVs this time around, and ours was already at the hotel waiting for us when we arrived. Thats about all you need for the island to be yours to explore! Our first priority was heading straight to the beach, then off to grab a Greek dinner downtown.

    Unlike most places, you dont need to have a schedule upon arrival to Milos. Id recommend having a few places in mind that you want to hit beaches, towns, and restaurants. Typically our routine here was: sleep in, head to a beach, grab lunch, explore another beach, and then make our way home to get ready for dinner in town. This Milos Travel Guide starts with some of our favorite spots around the island, then breaks down the beaches we loved. The only thing I found tough about Milos, Greece was not knowing which beaches would have lunch nearby so I made sure to include this so you can plan your day accordingly.

    5+ DAYS

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    The Best Beaches In Milos

    No Milos travel guide is complete without mentioning its unbelievable beaches. Milos is known for its unusual beaches, and theres no shortage to explore. Here are my favourites:

    Sarakiniko Beach Easily the most famous beach in Milos. Sarakiniko is a unique beach made of lava thats been bleached by the sun and shaped by the waves. Its an amazing spot for some cliff jumping too! Getting to Sarakiniko beach is pretty easy in fact, if youre staying in Adamas, theres a direct bus to Sarakiniko.

    Firiplaka Beach This stunning beach is one of the best beaches in Milos, in my opinion. Fairly easy to get to and very pleasant to spend the day in. The bay is a perfect crescent of the brightest turquoise water and its a wonderful beach to bring a picnic and spend the day.

    Getting to Firiplaka beach is a bit more challenging and its best to get here by hire car or ATV.

    Tsigrado Beach This remote beach is right near Firiplaka but so different. Access to Tsigrado is via a series of ropes and ladders through a narrow crevice in the rocks. Unusual to say the least but worth it for the adventure. The beach is very small, but you can peek over the edge to see how busy it is before descending.

    Firapotomos Beach Another gorgeous Milos beach, located not too far from Plaka. There are more facilities here than some of the other beaches as it located adjacent to the tiny fishing village of the same name.

    Kleftiko Cove And Beach

    Kleftiko Beach is one of the best places to see in Milos. Its one of the most famous coves on the island and was an old pirates hideout. Kleftiko is located on the southwest tip of the island and is mainly accessible by boat though its possible to walk there, we dont recommend it.

    Instead, book a sailboat and enjoy a fully captained experience full of swimming, snorkeling, and even a cookout on the beach. Along the way, youll see unique rock formations and traditional fishing villages!

    Kleftiko Full Day Sailing Cruise Tour with Snorkeling &  Lunch

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    What To Eat In Adamantas

    There is a good selection of restaurants offering tasty authentic cuisine from great seafood to quick and simple souvlaki and gyros. For ice cream coffee and desserts make sure you head to Aggeliki one of the best ice cream places in Greece, hands down .

    Keep walking east along the seafront and you will come across a handful of seafood tavernas. Restaurant Navagio was amazing and a great place for an afternoon bite or dinner.

    The Fishing Villages Of Klima Mandrakia Or Firopotomas

    Top 10 Best Places To Visit in Milos Greece

    One of the most endearing attractions on Milos is its quaint little fishing villages with their unique Syrma or fishermans huts, most of which are still in use today.

    These colourful structures serve as storage for the fisherman and easy access to the sea at ground level with his sleeping quarters up above.

    Some of these huts are now available for rent and are some of the most unique places to stay in Greece!

    The roads down to the villages are sealed but they are narrow so drive carefully. The road to Klima is especially tricky but there is a nice Taverna and carpark at the bottom as a reward. Klima has the most huts and is fairly protected from onshore winds.

    You really cant miss these villages when visiting Milos and staying at one is a very unique way to holiday.

    Accommodation recommendations in the Milos fishing villages

    Blue Sea House is one of our favourite Syrma and is at the end of the row in Klima. It can sleep 6 people in 4 beds and two sofa beds and is wonderfully appointed with great attention to detail.

    Vasealis and Seaf Syrma is also very cute and can sleep 4 with a King bed in the bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room. Its been recently refurbished and has lovely views from the terrace out over the sea.

    In Mandrakia, SeaScape is a lovely little white house that sits above the Fishing Huts below and is right next door to the only taverna , Medusa. Seashell is just a few meters away and can sleep 4. Book both and take over the village!


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