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Places To Stay In Oahu Other Than Waikiki

Final Thoughts On Where To Stay In Oahu

OAHU, Hawaii – Top 10 THINGS TO DO | Must EAT places – Food Tour

According to most travelers, the best areas to stay in Oahu are all in Waikiki. But this isnt even close to the truth. The discerning traveler, who isnt afraid to get off the beaten track, knows that there are many more beautiful beaches and towns in Oahu.

And if you really want to get to know this laidback island, then you need to get out of the main areas and out among the locals. That will give you not only a more authentic view of Oahu, but pictures and memories that few travelers ever get!

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Waikiki Beach + Ala Moana

The south shore is home to the world-famous Waikiki Beach, and its a prime destination for restaurants, nightlife, and upscale shopping. Here youll find some of the best hotels on the island, including Halekulani, the Modern Honolulu, and The Royal Hawaiian. Enjoy a surf lesson, hike Diamond Head Crater, and book a catamaran cruise to watch the sunset.

History Buff Bonanza 8// Queen Iolanis Palace

Located in downtown Honolulu, Queen Ionlanis Palace stands as a graceful reminder of Hawaiis history.

The palace housed the Kingdom of Hawaiis rulers from 1845 to 1893.

After a group of foreigners, US businessmen and sugar planters overthrew the Kingdom of Hawaiis monarchy in 1893, the government used it as a capitol building for the provisional government and state of Hawaii until 1963.

Fifteen years later, the palace opened as a museum and is now a National Historic Landmark.

Furthermore, Iolani Palace is the only royal palace located on U.S. soil.

Steeped in heritage, visitors can visit Iolanis palace from 9 AM 4 PM Monday through Saturday.

In order to enter, visitors must pay a small fee . If you dont want to pay the fee, however, visitors can wander the grounds for free.

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Waikiki Best Area To Stay In Oahu For Nightlife

Of course, youve heard of Waikiki. Its the most popular area for tourists and is filled with everything you could want on a beach holiday. Its a great choice when youre deciding where to stay in Oahu for nightlife and for easy access to local beaches and great shopping. The whole area is based around the famous beach, with lots of shops, restaurants, and cafes packed close by.

If youre in Oahu for a short holiday, then this is probably where youll stay. The water is warm, the people friendly, the cocktail ubiquitous, and the neighborhood safe. Youll find a huge range of accommodation in Waikiki, from top quality luxury hotels to cheaper hostels and apartments. So, no matter your budget, you can spend some time in this area without breaking the bank.

Oahu Where To Stay In Hawaii For Sightseeing

Best Places to Visit in Oahu Hawaii

When you step into beautiful Oahu Island be prepared to see a surf scene straight from a movie, epic nightlife, and amazing landscapes. Oahu is also home to Hawaiis capital city Honolulu and the famous Waikiki Beach. You will have so many nice photos in Oahu!

Start your sightseeing by discovering the historical monument Pearl Harbor, then check out the countless museums and art galleries. Once you are done, it is time to discover the islands natural beauties. Hike to Diamond Head to enjoy amazing views, spend some time having a beautiful tropical cocktail at Waikiki Beach, then continue discovering the islands stunning beaches.

I dont think you will have difficulty finding a nice dining place in Oahu either as it offers an epic food scene. Finally, when it gets dark, hit the town to check out the vibrant nightlife in Honolulu. What more could you expect from a perfect vacation spot?

Oahu offers numerous accommodation options for all budgets. I picked the 4 best places to stay for you but if you want more check out my dedicated post for where to stay in Oahu.

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Bonus : Top 10 Beaches In Oahu

So that finishes up my recap of the top neighborhoods and best hotels in Oahu. If you are looking for more, make sure to check out these 17 awesome Airbnbs in Oahu.Now that you have chosen somewhere to stay, now its time for the fun stuff! There are so many nice beaches in Oahu, which are spread out in different parts of the island. Luckily, the Island is only a 1-hour drive from end to end, which means each of the following beaches are easily visited on a day trip.

I highly recommend you rent a car as it is the best way to discover these amazing beaches. With that said, here are my top 10 choices for the best beaches in Oahu!

1. Kailua Beach ParkHalf an hour drive from Waikiki Downtown, Kailua Beach is one of the beaches of the island. It is 2.5 miles long, and swimming and kayaking are possible on this beach.

2. Lanikai Beach5 minutes drive south of Kailua, this beach looks like the ones in postcards with its nice blue water and soft sand. It is also possible to windsurf and sail.

3. Waimanalo Beach Located in East Oahu and 35 minutes drive from Honolulu, Waimanalo Beach is a perfect beach for swimming and enjoying soft sand. It can be very crowded on the weekends so try to go in the early hours.

4. Sunset BeachLocated in North Shore, Oahu Sunset Beach is a 10 minutes drive from Haleiwa, the center of the North Shore. It is a very broad beach with white sand. Perfect for relaxing and snorkeling

Best Hotel In Oahu: Polynesian Residences Waikiki

This hotel in Oahu offers the ideal combination of comfort and beach proximity. It has a fitness center, a sun deck, outdoor pool, laundry services and a BBQ area where you can have a meal outside. The rooms have kitchenettes with microwaves and fridges and are spacious enough to ensure your comfort.

You can also check out the epic selection of Oahu VRBOs and vacation rentals!

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What To Do In Oahu

Planning a trip down to Hawaii? Aloha! We put travel guide together on some of the best places to visit in Oahu.

Earlier this year I had the extraordinarily good fortune to explore Hawaii with one of my favorite people, my mom.

Together, we scoured the island and compiled a list of must-see and must-experience places around Oahu.

The list comprises of seventeen locations broken down by interest.

This guide caters to foodies, outdoor enthusiasts, cultural adventurers, and coffee lovers.

With this comprehensive post, any visitor will be able to mix and match their favorites to create the perfect Oahu itinerary whether you only have a day or two weeks.

Pros For Staying In Ko Olina

Where to Stay in Oahu, Hawaii | Stay in the Best Resort Areas of Ko Olina, Waikiki, & North Shore

4 Lagoons: Have I mentioned the lagoons? The expansive beach and serenity of the turquoise waters make staying here feel luxurious. There is a beach boardwalk that links the lagoons making a morning run or sunset stroll a daily requirement.

Ko Olina Restaurants: You have fine dining at the likes of Roys, AMA AMA, and Minas Fishhouse and lower-cost options like beachside cafes and coffee shops. The best bang for your buck is at Island Country Market in Ko Olina Station. The market has a hot deli, large beer and wine selections, and is a respite from the resort prices.

Resort Activities: The resorts will keep you busy with their waterslide pools, tennis, fitness centers, sunset cruises, golfing, and everything else you can imagine doing at a Hawaiian resort. Enjoy it all while you are there.

Family Friendly: Ko Olina is home to Aulani, a very family-friendly resort. But it has always been family-friendly. The Four Seasons and the Marriotts Ko Olina Beach Club cater to families with kids activities, kid clubs, swimming pools that make adults giddy, and the lagoons and lawns of Ko Olina make the place super family-friendly.

Fun Fact: When the NFL Pro Bowl was played in Hawaii, all the players would stay in Ko Olina at what is now the Four Seasons. The privacy of Ko Olina , seclusion on the far end of the island, and the 5-star resort were ideal for NFL players and their families.

The Ko Olina Four Seasons pool overlooking lagoon 1.

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Where To Stay In Honolulu: Best Areas Outside Of Waikiki

If youre planning a perfect Honolulu Hawaii vacation to relax and unwind, it is important to know where to stay in Honolulu. Most people assume the best area to stay in Honolulu is in Waikiki, but this crowded tourist area is not for everyone. Thats why we created this guide to help you find the perfect place to stay in Honolulu, Hawaii outside of Waikiki.

Jedd knows Honolulu well because he grew up there. Now, we visit family on Oahu several times a year and often help friends plan their trips to the island.

Oahu is a unique place in that it has a major city on a relatively small island. Oahu is a popular destination because of the picturesque landscapes, incredible beaches, wide range of amenities, great hikes, and favorable weather year-round.

Best Hotel In Waikiki: Wyndham Waikiki Beach Walk Hotel Honolulu

Located in the best area in Oahu to stay in, this hotel offers easy beach access and modern, comfortable rooms. It has an outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, gym, and booking desk where you can book tours. Theres a restaurant on site for late night meals and the area around the hotel is filled with restaurants, so you definitely wont go hungry when you stay here.

There are also loads of VRBOs in Honolulu worth checking out!

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Best Places To Stay In Waikiki

There are dozens of hotels in Honolulu, including many Waikiki beachfront hotels. Which one should you pick?

According to our Tiny Globetrotters members, one of the best hotels in Waikiki for families is the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It offers five different pools , easy access to gorgeous beach, tons of on-site restaurants and a variety of rooms to suite different needs and budgets. You can see all the options here. Just remember that youll have to pay a resort fee and that theres no free parking.

Another top pick if youre looking for a full-service resort in Waikiki is the Hyatt Regency Waikiki. It doesnt have as many pools to choose from as Hilton Hawaiian Village, but it does offer a kids club for parents who want a little respite on their vacation!

If you need more space for a big group to stay in Waikiki, check out the ever-reliable Embassy Suites. Their rooms are true suites bedroom, separate living room, kitchenette and the rate even includes free hot breakfast and poolside snacks! You can enjoy live Hawaiian music on-site several times each week in between dips in the big pool, kids pool and hot tub. Its doesnt get much easier than that. Check out rates here.

Looking for a boutique hotel in Waikiki? A little further south, close to Diamond Head, youll find two great gems!

The New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel features both rooms and suites and everyone gets a balcony and a view of either the ocean or Diamond Head.

Maximize your hotel savings with these tips

Pros For Staying On The North Shore

27 Of The Most Incredible Places To Visit In Hawaii

Quieter: If you dig the peace and quiet when on vacation, the North Shore has your back. You can find a chill environment with sleepy towns and low-key bars.

Turtles and More Turtles: Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles love the North Shore. Beaches you can find them relaxing on the sand are Laniakea Beach and the little hidden gem of Papailoa Beach . Both are a few miles north of Haleiwa.

More Authentic Hawaii: Locals are proud to call the North Shore home. Of late, it is becoming more vacation rentals but the local vibe is strong in the North Shore. Walking the streets will be families, surfers, yogis, artists, and resident crazies who call Oahu their home year-round.

A Ton of Things to Do: North Shore is full of adventure activities like ziplining, hiking, waterfall swims, snorkeling, SUP, and surfing. The Polynesian Culture Center and Kualoa Ranch, where Jurassic Park was filmed, are down the road from Turtle Bay also.

Charming Surfer Town: Haleiwa Town is the cutest town in Oahu. Oahu has done a poor job of preserving their historical towns, Haleiwa escaped with its charm. The ton gets busy during the weekends with tourists but it is still a place to go for local shopping, art galleries, and surfing or SUP.

Better Snorkeling: North Shore has great snorkeling beaches off the main road. Sharks Cove, Waimea Bay, Malaekahana Beach, Turtle Bay, etc. are all great places to snorkel. Except in the winter when the big waves start pounding the beach.

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Staying In South Oahu

Including Waikiki, Honolulu, and Kahala

We can say with some authority that most visitors will stay in the Honolulu/Waikiki area it’s where the bulk of accommodations are located and the area serves as a good base by which to see the island. The accommodations here are varied enough to suit almost any visitor’s tastes, including those on a budget. In fact, some of the best deals on the island can be found here.

In addition to a variety of accommodations, you’ll also find a large selection of shopping, dining options, and nightlife available. Plus, there’s the most famous beach in Hawaii right in front of you- Waikiki.

As far as pricing goes, any accommodation near the beach/water is going to cost a great deal more than those further mauka . There are only eight hotels actually on the beach, and all are relatively pricey- plus, one is for the military only. The best deals can often be found a few blocks inland from the beach, so look there for your best prices. There is also a large resort in the Kahala area, which is the ritzy residential neighborhood located on the southeast Coast below Waikiki.

Visitors will find an abundance of choices for shopping as well in Waikiki, everything from luxury designer brands to less expensive souvenir outlets sprinkled across the city. If shopping is your scene, then Waikiki is your paradise.

Waikiki & Honolulu offer a wide variety of accommodations.

Where To Stay On Oahu With Teens: Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach Review

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Are you looking for the best Oahu resorts for teens? Keep scrolling for my honest Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach review.
This Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach review contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

Are you planning a trip to Oahu with teens and looking for the best place to stay in Waikiki?

My family stayed at the Alohilani Resort in Waikiki this past summer for a multi-generational trip. Its right across the street from Waikiki beach and just steps away from restaurants and shopping.

Keep scrolling for my honest review of this Waikiki resort. Youll want to read all about our experience staying here because Im going to share the things we loved and the things that bothered us.

If youre considering booking your next vacation here , then keep reading this review of the Alohilani Resort.

Want to skip all the planning and just access my detailed Oahu Itinerary complete with daily schedules, kid-friendly activities, and travel hacks? Click the button below.

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// Mexican And Garlic Shrimp Food Trucks

While you will find food and drink trucks sprinkled across Oahu, the two best food truck destinations are the North Shore and Waimanalo.

When visiting the North Shore, ensure you arrive hungry as you will want to try Mackys Shrimp Truck.

Their garlic shrimp converts many shrimp enthusiasts into shrimp lovers.

Enjoy the warm weather and cool breezes while devouring your meal!

Below weve listed some popular food trucks:

Best Oahu Airport Hotel

Where to Stay on Oahu Hawaii

Where should you stay if youre just stopping briefly on Oahu to catch a flight to another island or want to pay your respects at Pearl Harbor? It makes the most sense to stay near HNL airport to avoid the inconvenience of driving all over the island. We think youre missing out by not spending more time exploring Oahu, but hopefully youll have the opportunity at some point!

But I digress there arent many choices for places to stay around the airport and Pearl Harbor. Probably the best Oahu airport hotel is Best Western The Plaza Hotel. It offers everything you want from an airport hotel: 24 hour shuttle service, free breakfast, a pool and bargain pricing. You can even bring a dog or two!

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