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Places To Stay In Princeville Kauai

Poipu Where To Stay For Your First Time In Kauai

St Regis Princeville – Kauai Hawaii

Poipu is located on the South shore of Kauai, and is a little quieter than other spots. Its super atmospheric, with a beautiful and relaxing vibe thats difficult to match. Poipu is one of the most popular attractions on the South shore, and is one of the best coastlines in the country. If youre searching for gorgeous beaches, this is an excellent location.

Poipu has lots of water activities like paddle-boarding, sailing, and snorkeling in its warm, turquoise water. The golden sand beaches are seemingly endless. The main beach is lined with Poipu beach park, picnic areas, lifeguards, and showers just to make your visit more convenient.

The collection of shops and restaurants makes Poipu an hotspot for first time visitors and those looking for a relaxing stay.

Best Airbnb In Poipu: Dunson Kauai Vacation Condo

Located in a quiet, local area, this condo is ideal for couples or families. Its surrounded by acres of beautiful gardens, has a newly remodeled kitchen, and onsite amenities like a BBQ, restaurant, beach hut, workout facilities, outdoor pool and onsite surf school. Its a homey vacation rental in Kauai.

Dunson Kauai Vacation Condo is one of our favourites in Kauai but theyre not taking guests right now. Were not sure if theyre closed for good but we hope theyll come back soon.

Weve tested countless packs over the years, and now weve found our absolute favourite: the nomad-approved Nomatic Travel Bag.

Want more deetz on why we love it so damn much? Then read our comprehensive review for the inside scoop!

Why Should You Stay In Lhue

  • Local life. As the capital of the island, Lhue is a hub for commerce, business, and local life. Its large residential population means youll get a good glimpse at local life.
  • Central Location. Downtown Lhue is just minutes from the airport, making arrival and departure extremely easy. Its central location means you are essentially equidistant from all the islands major attractions.
  • Services. You can find whatever you need in Lhue, including large grocery stories and big box retailers.
  • Food options. Theres a wide range of local restaurants in Lihue, everything from dive bars and local noodle shops to vegetarian options.
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    Other Kauai & Hawaii Guides

    There is a lot that goes into planning the perfect Kauai vacation. Luckily, we have done a lot of the hard work for you!

    Whether you are only visiting the Garden Isle or hopping over to some of the other Hawaiian Islands, you will find other helpful guides below to help you maximize your time in The Rainbow State. And dont forget to ensure you have everything you need for your vacation with our Hawaii Packing List .

    • KAUAI Travel Guides

    Why Stay In Princeville

    Princeville Kauai Condos

    Princeville is a resort-style community where you can find a mix of residential homes, vacation rentals, and smaller hotels. Its located on a bluff overlooking the ocean on the north shore, where you get views of the beautiful blue sea and the stunning lush, green cliffs. In the center of Princeville is the award-winning Princeville Makai Golf Course.

    Princeville feels like a gateway to the rest of the north shore: youre just a few miles from Hanalei and some of the most stunning north shore beaches. Winds, weather, and ocean currents can be fierce in the winter but the weather and beach conditions are usually spectacular in the summer.

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    Where Should You Stay Princeville Or Poipu

    In a nutshell, if you dont mind a little rain and youre looking for a more laid-back, outdoorsy, and quiet vacation, staying up north in Princeville is the spot for you. If youre looking for the best chance of sun, ocean conditions that are good even in the winter, and resorts with plenty of amenities, you should choose to stay in Poipu.

    If youre looking for more help, check out our guide for where to stay on Kauai. We go through different parts of the island in detail and give you our top picks for hotels and vacation rentals.

    And for your best vacation, check out our Kauai itinerary. With planned out excursion dates around the island well help you see the best sights.

    Princeville Jewel Of The Garden Island Kauai Hawaii

    I Heart Princeville recognizes the Hawaiian language and the use of the okina and the kahak. We have tried to use the correct Hawaiian language in as many places as possible but in some cases it was not used to improve the search functionality and help with online readability.

    Information provided as a service to residents and visitors. No advertising is permitted or no revenue sharing is accepted. The site has been compiled and created by Stefan Swanepoel. Swanepoel is a Princeville resident and author of over 50 books and reports.

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    Where To Stay On Kauai Faqs

    The following are answers to the most frequently asked questions when choosing where to stay on Kauai. Click the dropdown arrows to reveal their answers.

    What side of Kauai is the best to stay on?

    Most visitors think Poipu on the South Shore of Kauai is the best to stay on because it is the dry side of the island and closer to the beaches. It is also the gateway city to Waimea Canyon, Kokee State Park, Polihale, and the starting point for many Na Pali coast & Kauai tours.

    The North side of Kauai is preferred for hikers and explorers who dont mind seeking the hidden gems, or simply prefer the lush vegetation that exists on the wet side.

    Where should I stay in Kauai for the first time?

    On your first visit to Kauai, you should split your time between Princeville and Poipu to experience both the north shore and south shore vibes. Additionally, this will limit the time you spend driving to explore the island as there are highlights on both sides of the island. If budget is a primary concern, consider staying in Lihue or Wailua instead.

    Which is better Poipu or Princeville?

    Poipu is on the dry side of Kauai and is in closer proximity to golden sand beaches. Princeville is more green and lush due to the extra precipitation it receives, and is more about nature than beaches. Of course, it also boasts some incredible beaches of its own in Tunnels Beach & Hanalei Beach.

    Things To See And Do In Lihue

    Kauai 2022 | Kauai Hawaii (Travel Guide) – Best Places To visit

    Head down to Kalapaki Beach for beautiful views.

    Spend some money at the Harbor Mall or Anchor Cove Shopping Center.

    Check out the local eateries like Konohiki Seafoods or Robs Good Times Grill.

    Enjoy some swimming, surfing, or paddle boarding on the quieter beaches.

    Check out the Alekoko Fishpond, a 1000-year-old Hawaiian aquaculture reservoir.

    Spend the day on Ninini Beach and check out its Lighthouse, which has been in operation since 1897.

    Take a trip out to see Waimea Canyon, Wailua Falls, and Wailua River for an unbeatable natural experience.

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    Best Hotel In Princeville: The Cliffs At Princeville

    For luxury at a great price, this hotel is located close to everything. It has a Jacuzzi, sauna, outdoor pool, spa, and babysitting services, and will suit almost every type of traveler. Theres even a library on site, as well as beautiful gardens and rooms with all the essential amenities.

    The Cliffs at Princeville is one of our favourites in Kauai but theyre not taking guests right now. Were not sure if theyre closed for good but we hope theyll come back soon.

    Sunsets & Sounds Of Fun

    What you can do is take some spectacular photos there of the bay and that Makana or Bali Hai view just like this one.

    Gorgeous sunset at Princeville Ruins beach

    I love to go to this place. Not too crowded. Fun to walk down there and you will encounter a number of locals walking their dogs. Heres a lovely Red Ginger growing amongst the tropical greenery:

    Gorgeous Red Ginger plant at Princeville Ruins

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    Hanalei Best Area To Stay In Kauai For Nightlife

    Hanalei is on the North shore, and is probably the most popular area for tourists on the island. Youll find a huge variety of travelers, from families to surfers, and people looking for a luxury experience. It is the ideal place to stay if youre looking to enjoy nightlife. Its filled with restaurants and bars to fill your long holiday nights.

    Hanalei is also a good spot for families, solo travelers, and people who want to experience Kauais local culture. There are several important historic sites in the town, as well as local art galleries and interesting, unique shops. The town offers a range of accommodation options, so youll be able to find somewhere to stay that suits you whether youre looking for a hotel or a hostel in Kauai.

    Accommodations In Waimea Are Good For:

    The St. Regis Princeville Resort, Kauai, Hawaii (With images ...

    Adventure seekers: Its location near the entrance to Waimea Canyon and Kkee State Park make Waimea the perfect hub for those looking to explore the rugged outdoors of Kauais south shore. It also puts you in prime position to check out the far southwest of the island, including Polihale State Park and Barking Sands Beach.

    Repeat visitors: If youve already been to Kauai before, Waimea is a nice way to switch it up. Most people day trip through Waimea on their way to Waimea Canyon, and few make it their homebase.

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    Where To Stay On Kauai: Princeville Vs Poipu

    Kauai is the island most Hawaiian dreams are made of. Lush, green mountains, tropical hideaways, gorgeous beaches, epic hiking. While theres nowhere in Hawaii that feels truly undiscovered anymore, Kauai does have a pure feeling that many prefer over Oahu and Maui.

    But if youre very far into the planning process, youve probably realized that picking the right place to stay on the island is just as important as choosing the right island. And that usually comes down to choosing between Princeville on the north shore and Poipu on the south side.

    This post may contain some affiliate links, which means Ill make a little money on anything you choose to purchase. But of course, I only recommend my absolute favorites to you. Thank you for supporting the brands that make the Lincoln Travel Co possible.

    Why Shouldnt You Stay In Hanalei

    Though beautiful, Hanalei may not be right for everyone:

  • Hanalei is sleepy: Hanalei is surrounded by farm land and provides quick access to the sparsely developed Npali Coast. There are a couple restaurants and one or two bars, but expect things to close down early.
  • Less days of sunshine. The north shore of Kauai gets its fair share of rain and rough seas during the winter months, so a day or two of cloudy weather is to be expected.
  • Remote Location. If you plan to spend most of your time exploring the north shore, then Hanalei is a great hub. However, if you plan to be out and about most days exploring the island, you may find Hanalei a little out of the way. Kauai only has one main road, so getting to places in the central and southern coasts will require a longer drive.
  • Lack of hotels/resorts. The only accommodations in Hanalei are vacation rentals, so if you want a traditional hotel, you wont find it in Hanalei.
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    Why Should You Stay In Hanalei

    Hanaleis scenic beauty, access to adventure, and small-town feel make it a wonderful place to stay.

  • Small beach community: Hanaleis charm lies in its lack of overdevelopment in terms of big hotels, resorts, and infrastructure. Here, you can stay in a vacation rental and feel like part of the community.
  • Npali Coast Access. Those with eyes on exploring the Npali Coast cant ask for a better home base, as Hanalei is the gateway to all there is to see and do.
  • Gorgeous Scenery. The mountains. The waterfalls. The beach parks. Hanalei and Kauais north shore offer tropical, stunning scenery.
  • Local life. Hanaleis businesses are often geared towards tourists, but Hanalei is still a living, breathing local town. When staying here, you will get a feel for the local community as you integrate.
  • Why Should You Stay In Kapaa

    Best Hotels in Kauai (Top 20) Premium and Affordable Places To Stay in Kauai Hawaii

    Kapaas appeal comes from its blend of visitor conveniences, like hotels, shops, and restaurants, with local residential life.

    • Residential feel. Sure, the main drag has its touristy moments, and there is a small strip of hotels in Kapaa. However, the area is much more integrated into local life than, say, Poip and Princeville, so you can still feel like youre visiting an authentic town as you bum around.
    • Good local dining options. Youll certainly eat well in Kapaa, with restaurants that range from local classics, like Pono Market, to more modern gastropubs, like Street Burger. Kapaa is also where youll find the islands budding food truck scene.
    • Central location. If you plan to rent a car and cruise around, Kapaas location midway up the windwardside makes it a good launching point.
    • Variety of accommodations at good prices. Though the hotels in Kapaa are all in the same strip, there is a noticeable variety, and many can be had for somewhere around $200 a night, including the budget-friendly ISO Hotel, the Aston Islander, the Outrigger, and the more upscale Sheraton Coconut Beach, among others.

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    Hanalei Bay Resort Princeville Review

    Accommodation at Hanalei Bay Resort is in studio, one or two bedroom self-catering condos, but it feels more like a typical resort with a large pool and many activities, and it was fun to have that experience for part of our stay.

    The mountain views are stunning and you pay much less than at the famous resort next door.


    Our biggest disappointment at Hanalei Bay Resort was on arrival. Despite requesting an early check-in twice in advance, our room not only wasnt available before the 4 pm check-in time , it was not fully ready until 5 pm.

    We also found the decor of our one bedroom condo dated, and more like a hotel room than a home. This depends on which unit you get as some have been updated. We had no choice when we booked, so you might want to check out individual units on Vrbo instead.

    Despite not getting off to the best start, we ended up really enjoying our stay.

    While our condo was nothing fancy, it was spacious, comfortable enough, and fairly well equipped.

    It must have been a hotel previously as we had two connecting roomson one side was a large bedroom and bathroom and on the other was a living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

    Unusually for Hawaii, we had air conditioning, although in January we never needed it and rarely used the ceiling fan either. The screened doors onto the lanai let in a breeze.

    There was a table and chairs outside both the bedroom and living room but no sun loungers.




    Why Stay In Poipu

    On the south shore of Kauai, youll find Poipu, and a number of resorts and upscale restaurants. While Kauai is a relaxed island, if youre coming in search of a relaxing resort experience, this is the place for you. In Poipu youll find resorts along award-winning beaches. And youre centrally located to some of the most popular activities and sights, including Waimea Canyon, Wailua Falls, and Napali Coast boat tours.

    Youll also find the most consistently dry weather in Poipu. While the landscape isnt as lush as it is up north, the sun shines a bit more.

    Do you know what to pack for Kauai? Here is your Complete Kauai Packing List.

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    Accommodations In Poip Are Good For:

    Beach Bums: If you want to begin and end each day on the beach, Poip is a good place for it. Many resorts and hotels in the area are within walking distance or just a few minutes drive of a beach, and there are several to choose from, so you can mix it up each day. Check out Poip Beach, Kiahuna Beach, Shipwrecks, Baby Beach, Brenneckes Beach, and Lawai Beach, among others.

    Families: Families, especially those with children, usually appreciate Poip for all its conveniences, beach accessibility, and range of nearby activities and restaurants. Many resorts in Poip offer activity centers and programming for kids. You can find many of the major international brands in Poip, such as the Sheraton Kauai Resort, , the Grand Hyatt Kauai, and many other local and smaller brands, like the Kiahuna Plantation and Beach Bungalows.

    Romance: Couples seeking rest, relaxation, and romance while celebrating a wedding, anniversary, or simply life in general may find Poip to be a good fit. One doesnt have to work too hard to get what one needs in Poip, and there are plenty of beaches and resort pools to unwind.

    Resort lovers: If you enjoy the atmosphere and amenities of big resorts, youll find options here.

    Staying On Kauai: The Ultimate Guide For Every Type Of Traveler

    St. Regis Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii Spent our 25th Anniversary Here ...

    Weve got a great selection of lodges, campsites, and resorts to suit every type of holidaymaker.

    Best place to stay for families:

    • Kauai, one of the most desirable islands in Hawaii, offers a wide range of activities for families on vacation. From water sports to scuba diving, Kauai has it all. The following areas provide the best deals and space for families: Poip, Hanalei, and Princeville.

    Best place to stay for Beach Bums:

    • For the best beaches, head to Poip, Hanalei, Princeville, or Lhue.

    Best places to stay for camping:

    • The island host 13 Hawaiian campgrounds scattered in different areas. The campgrounds include beach campsites to mountain cabins. Some of our top recommendations include Na Pali Coast Wilderness Park, Haena Beach Park, and Hanalei Beach Park.,

    Best place to stay for luxury seekers:

    • Beyond its gorgeous oceanfront location, Lhue also has an extensive collection of luxury restaurants and an award-winning spa.

    Best place to stay for backpackers:

    • We recommend Kapaa as a great location. Its close to beaches and hiking trails and is surrounded by mountains and forests. It is also very affordable.

    Best place to stay for surfers:

    • For the best waves, head to the North Shore. We recommend checking out Hanalei Bay, North Shore. This stunning beach offers the best water activities besides surfing.

    Best place to stay for couples on a romantic getaway:

    Best place to stay for adventurer seekers:

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