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Places To Stay In Sandpoint Idaho

Things To Do In Sandpoint Idaho In The Winter

10 Amazing Places in Sandpoint, Idaho

Ive been skiing and snowboarding for over 15 years and have been to numerous mountains across the PNW. In my opinion, Schweitzer has the best skiing in the area and I feel lucky that I live within a two-hour drive of it! In fact, one of the reasons we purchased a second home in Sandpoint is because we want to have easy access to a world-class mountain for us and our kids.

With 2900 acres of terrain, Schweitzer boasts 93 trails plus open bowl skiing. Schweitzer also has multiple high-speed chair lifts , so you wont be spending your day on long lift rides.

Full day, adult lift tickets at Schweitzer are pricy , a painful reality for my accountant husband and I to accept. However, in true savvy fashion, weve found a way to save by purchasing the Sunday Solution lift ticket which is only $30 when purchased online for skiing on Sunday afternoons. If planning to ski at Schweitzer over the weekend, be sure to check out the Sunday Solution option to save some money on your trip!

If skiing isnt your thing or you are visiting with kids, Schweitzer has a fun tubing park that is fun for the entire family! Pricing is $15/person with kids 6 & under at $10.

25. Snowshoeing in Sandpoint

26. Sleigh Rides

I hope you enjoyed my local tips on things to do in Sandpoint, Idaho. My family and I are there often and Ill keep this post regularly updated with new ideas! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any further questions and enjoy your time in the PNW!


Go Huckleberry Picking Across The Area

If you never had a huckleberry before, then you are totally missing out!

These iconic Northwest berries are extremely tangy, sweet and just bursting with tons of flavor. They may resemble blueberries, but are actually quite different.

And here in Sandpoint, you can find huckleberries all around the area for you to pick and eat.

Although huckleberry season isnt all year round, you will have to make your way here around the time of Late July and August when the berries are in full bloom.

The most popular place where people tend to go visit to pick huckleberries is all around Schweitzer Mountain. you can find these berries growing low to the ground all around the mountainside area. Its totally free to do and an absolute blast to do with the entire family.

Or if you are not wanting to go do them by yourself, Schweitzer Mountain Services also offers an e-bike tour up the mountain where you can pick up some really delicious huckleberries. Its basically a 2 hour bike tour that departs from the village daily and allows for you to explore the mountain side in all its glory.

Picking huckleberries is quite the past time thing to do in Sandpoint. So if youre wanting to bring some home with you, just make sure to bring some to-go containers or even a cooler so you can pack your berries with you wherever you go.

Sandpoint Has Always Been The Go To Destination For Me

Sandpoint has always been the go to destination for me. My parents owned the Lakeside Motel in the 70s way before it was torn down for the byway. The town still has all of its walking character!!!! The beach is the best in the Pacific Northwest hands down.The Edgewater staff made our stay remarkable. We haven’t had service this refined since the Pandemic began. The food at the hotel lounge was fantastic, served in a great atmosphere of warmth by an excellent staff.

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Visit Silverwood Theme Park

Whats more fun than visiting a theme park?

And here in Idaho, you can find one of the best theme parks in the country to visit.

Silverwood Theme Park is the largest theme park in the Northwest side of the country and features over 200 acres of fun for the entire family to have.

Here you can find 70 different rides, slides, shows and attractions all of which will entertain you for hours on end. For instance, you can conquer the skies at Silverwood is Aftershock, which is a 191 foot tall steel roller coaster that takes you forwards through cobra rolls and inverted loops at speeds hovering of around 65 miles per hour and 4.5 Gs.

And once youre done riding the wicked rides, you can visit one of the many shows they put on daily. For instance, the show Garfield allows you to meet with the character them selves and have a whole lot of fun together.

Plus you can also find various kinds of restaurants all around serving delicious foods and even retail stores for you to buy some gifts and souvenirs.

Its a very fun place where you will have fun for hours on end.

The only thing is that Silverwood Theme Park isnt actually in Sandpoint, Idaho. Its in a neighboring city, but it only takes about a 20 minute drive to get here, so why not make a stop a long the way to have some fun?

Faqs About Hotels In Sandpoint

Sandpoint Idaho: The 10 Best Places to Visit

We hope that the answers to these questions will help you plan your trip

What are the most popular pet-friendly hotels in Sandpoint?

If you’re traveling with pets, offers a selection of 4 hotels to choose from. Find out Best Western Edgewater Resort , a pet-friendly venue with cribs, meals and a Jacuzzi. It’s located a 10-minute walk from Lady Liberty. Another most recommended Sandpoint place to stay with pets is La Quinta Inn By Wyndham with newspaper service, shopping service and a gym. It offers rooms for 165US$ per night. For more pet-friendly accommodations go here.

What are the finest hotels in Sandpoint city center?

Our travel data based on 49 guests’ reviews show the top places in Sandpoint city center. Our guests like La Quinta Inn By Wyndham rated 8.2/10. Featuring newspaper service, shopping service and a gym, it’s set 5 minutes’ walk from the city center. Best Western Edgewater Resort with rating 7.4/10 and Quality Inn rated 6.4/10 are other favorite hotels in the area. Go here to see more central hotels.

What are the best budget hotels in Sandpoint?

More than 61 reviews of guests will help you to select the best budget property in Sandpoint. As one of the best cheap Sandpoint options, we recommend La Quinta Inn By Wyndham with rating 8.2/10 and prices from 116US$ per one night. Another option is Huckleberry Hill Bed And Breakfast rated 7.4/10 for 219US$ per night.

What are the top 5-star hotels in Sandpoint?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels Near The Festival At Sandpoint

What hotels near The Festival at Sandpoint are close to restaurants?

If you’re looking for hotels near The Festival at Sandpoint that are close to the best restaurants, be sure to check these hotels out:

What are the best hotels near The Festival at Sandpoint within a ten minute walk?

Our best hotels near The Festival at Sandpoint that are within a short walk can be found below:

Do you offer group hotel rates near The Festival at Sandpoint on

If you’re booking 10+ rooms, get group hotel rates near The Festival at Sandpoint in seconds.

10+ roomsSearch

Grab Yummy Cheap Eats In Sandpoint:

8. 2nd Avenue Pizza

Not only the best pizza in Sandpoint but probably some of the best pizza Ive ever had! These pizzas are piled high with cheese and toppings, which make it a staple for our family to enjoy whenever we are in town. Known for its quality, its usually a long wait for your pizza so we tend to order it for take-out vs. eating in the restaurant. But trust me, its worth the wait!

Website | 215 S. Second Ave., Sandpoint

9. Eichardts

Located next to the McDuffs Beer Hall, youll think you are walking into a dive bar when you walk in. Instead, you will find a fabulous food menu with affordable pricing, just in a dive-bar setting. We eat at Eichardts often and I highly recommend eating there when visiting Sandpoint.

The only downside is that while Eichardts allows children, it doesnt have an actual kids menu. They will do half-portions, which works for us, but the fact they dont have a dedicated kids menu is worth mentioning.

Website | 212 Cedar St., Sandpoint

10. Serv-a-Burger

While we normally dont eat fast food there is still something to be said about the convenience and affordability of a quick burger. If you are looking for fast, delicious, cheap eats in Sandpoint, look no further than the local Serv-a-Burger!

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Best Things To Do In Sandpoint Idaho

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What are some of the best things to do in Sandpoint, Idaho?

After all, when you think about cities in Idaho, youll normally think about Boise, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Coeur dAlene, Meridian and more.

Not many people would ever think about or even know about a small city like Sandpoint, Idaho.

Which I think is a shame because Sandpoint, although small in size, is filled with plenty of things for you to see and do.

For instance, did you know that it is the home of the headquarters for utility aircraft maker Quest Aircraft? It is also home to Salad Dressing manufacturer Litehouse Foods.

Plus the city of Sandpoint lies right on the shores of Idahos largest lake which is Lake Pend Oreille. The lake stretches for about 43 miles long which means there are plenty of amazing water activities for you to do. Not only that, but the city is also surrounded by three major mountain ranges like the Selkirk, Cabinet and Bitterroot ranges.

Plus if you like skiing, then youll be happy to know that it is also the home to Schweitzer Mountain Resort, which is the largest ski resort in Idaho.

So if you cant tell already, the city of Sandpoint, Idaho is actually pretty amazing.

Which is why if you are still wondering what things you are able to see and do in Sandpoint, Idaho, then you are in luck.

In this post, well be detailing all the best things to do in Sandpoint, Idaho.

So if youre ready, lets get started!


Visit The Historic Panida Theater

5 Best Places to Visit in Idaho

If youre in the mood for some of the finer things in life, you might be interested in watching some amazing shows or performances here at the Panida Theater.

This theater is one of the most beloved treasure gems of Sandpoint as it has a long standing history with this town.

Panida Theater which opened up back in 1927, was the premier place for delivering some of the best live and cinematic performances for the town of Sandpoint. Sadly however, the theater declined and was facing demolition in the mid 1980s. But good luck struck when a group of people launched a fundraiser to help save it from being destroyed.

This theater is now operated by a nonprofit organization that helps keep the performing arts alive here in the city of Sandpoint. On any given week, you could catch performances ranging from dance recitals by a local studio to even a film in the fine arts genre. Heck, depending on when you come, you could even catch a performance by internationally renowned artists who are playing here from time to time.

Visitors are able to come in and see the theater when its open, but if you truly want to get the best experience out of it, youll want to catch one of the many live performances that occur here each and every month.

So if you enjoy the performing arts or just want to catch a live performance by some performing artists, then this place is definitely the place to visit for all things fun and entertainment.

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Have Fun On Lake Pend Oreillle

One of the best things you can do for some fun in the sun is to simply go visit a lake.

And here in Idaho, you can find one of the best lakes around for you to visit.

Lake Pend Oreille is the largest lake in the entire state of Idaho as well as being the 38th largest lake by area in the entire United States. This lake stretches for about 148 square miles and is about 1,150 feet deep which makes it the fifth deepest lake in the nation.

Being as how it is a lake, you are bound to find so many cool and amazing things to see and do.

All around the lake, you can find a variety of different parks for you to hang out at. With many trails leading all around the area and being surrounded by nature, it is one of the best places to have a relaxing time. Youll also find many sites which allows you to have a picnic that is in close proximity to many fun attractions and facilities.

And while you are here, you might also be interested to do some boating. Because of how large this lake is, boating became a very popular thing to do here in Sandpoint. You can find many boat lances all around the lake, with many companies offering rentals to watercraft equipment ranging from jet skis and ski boats to even pontoon boats and sailboats.

Overall, this lake provides a plethora of fun for the entire family and friends. Whether you are roaming around the trails exercising or maybe having some fun in the water, this is one place you will definitely enjoy every minute of it.

Round Lake State Park

This fine little state park about 10 miles south of Sandpoint remains open year-round for camping, hiking, great fishing for perch and trout, swimming and more. Come winter, it’s one of the best recreation areas around, with ice fishing, skating, sledding, cross-country skiing and a toasty bonfire to warm up at. 208-263-3489.

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Tour Around Town In An Old Vw Bus

One of the most interesting and quirky things you can do at Sandpoint, Idaho is to simply go on a tour inside an old VW Bus.

It is a very vintage VW Bus that has been fully restored and will take you on some of the most scenic trips around town.

You can find that the tour company Feelin Groovy Tours is the one that provides this service, and offers a variety of different tours for you to choose from.

Depending on which tours you choose, you might go see different areas of the town, or even have different length of tours as well. For instance, the Here Comes The Sun tour features the most perfect way to celebrate the special occasions with the family and friends with a nice relaxing day out in the sun. Youll enjoy a refreshing beverage sampler at a local restaurant and also a beautiful brunch by the serene lake. Youll also be taken through amazing views of the area all while enjoying the mood inside an old VW Bus.

Plus the tours are all really affordable with most of them costing under $100 dollars, which is just a steal for what you are getting.

Its the perfect way to see the town in a whole new light and manner.

So invite a friend or bring the entire family along, you will definitely love every minute of this tour as you see some of the most beautiful sights Sandstone, Idaho has to offer.

Camping & Rving In Sandpoint & North Idaho

Sandpoint Idaho: The 10 Best Places to Visit

The allure of a crackling campfire and the opportunity to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle is one we all can relate to. There are many options to choose from when it comes to camping in the Sandpoint area. One can find fully developed campgrounds with showers, fire pits and evening nature presentations by campground staffers. Boat ramps, docks and trails are found at many of the area campgrounds.

For those seeking a more “primitive” camping experience, there are certainly many choices from which to choose. There are numerous high alpine lakes which provide almost guaranteed seclusion and low impact camping. One can often just find a good place next to a stream or lake and pitch the tent or sleep under the stars. Often in the summer months the northern sky offers up one of natures most spectacular light shows- Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are truly one of the most spectacular shows nature will provide campers in the region.

For those with campers or RVs, there are some fine RV parks with full hook-ups, including water and power. Many of these are located on Lake Pend Oreille, as well as adjacent to the lake. Pump stations are at many of the parks as well. Most of the RV park hosts can offer visitors many options to make the stay enjoyable.

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Hike Along Scotchman Peaks Trail

If you didnt know, the area of Sandpoint, Idaho is filled with a whole bunch of amazing trails for you to hike and explore.

Many of these trails will take you through windy paths, lush green plants, and some of the most scenic views you have ever seen.

In fact, one of the most iconic trails you can ever roam around and explore on is a trail called Scotchmans Peak. It is considered the grand-daddy of all hikes and trails here in Sandpoint because of just how amazing and hard it is.

The trail itself is about 4 miles one way, but that isnt the hardest part. The hardest part is the elevation, which youll gain to about 3,700 feet. Its a short climb that is also extremely strenuous because of how steep it is.

But once you make it to the top, you will be rewarded with something unlike any other you have seen. Youll be able to see some of the most stunning panorama views of Lake Pend Oreille, and the view will only get better the higher up you go. The peak looks over, and digs deep into rugged valleys and ridges of the Scotchman Peaks area where you are surrounded by all kinds of nature and wildlife.

And if you are lucky, you might even run into some mountain goats that are frequently roaming the surrounding ridges and areas.

Just make sure that before you go do this hike to bring plenty of water and really good hiking boots.

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