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Places To Stay In Tayrona National Park

Where To Stay Before Going To Parque Tayrona


Actually getting to the Tayrona National Park beaches takes quite a while once you enter the park, so Id advise staying somewhere close by the night before so you can get to the park as early as possible and make the most of your time there.

You will need to enter the park before 2pm to allow enough time to safely get to the camps before dark, and after that the park rangers might not let you enter the park if they think it will get dark before you get to your accommodation.

Tayrona National Park: The Most Beautiful Part Of Colombia

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Most people say Tayrona National Park is the most beautiful part of Colombia. The national park, in the north of the country, is indeed a gem. You will find beautiful beaches, rainforests, a breathtaking starry sky at night and clear water. However keep in mind it’s not hidden anymore and in recent years it got very busy. Still, it’s definitely worth adding to your bucket list.Tayrona is about 5 kilometres from Santa Marta, and is colombia’s most famous national park. You will find 150 km2 of jungle, kilometers of beach and with some luck you will come across some wildlife. White fronted capuchin monkey, Tayrona National Park, ColombiaFor a visit to Tayrona National Park you need to come prepared. You have a lot of different choices that can make a big difference how you experience the National Park. Below you will find all the information you need to make your trip unforgettable.

Accommodation And Food Plan Included For Groups

If you are one of the people who like to travel with your family or group of friends, this plan with accommodation and meals included is for you, enjoy all the natural attractions that the wonderful Tayrona Park gives us in one of the best hotels in the region.

The group plan with accommodation and meals includes:

  • Breakfast and tour of all our facilities.
  • Induction to the group to go hiking to the best beaches of Tayrona Park, Natural Pool and Cabo San Juan
  • Lunch à la carte.
  • Use of our common areas, Jacuzzi and Jacuzzi, Hammock Area.
  • Dinner à la carte.

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Tayrona National Park Ecohabs

The ecohabs in Tayrona are the most luxurious form of Tayrona National Park accommodation, and they carry the price tag to match so it is not for budget travellers unless you really fancy a splurge.

These beautiful thatched roof bungalows resemble the traditional homes of the indigenous people in this region and are equipped with comfortable beds, hammocks to relax in and stunning views of the ocean.

The Ecohabs are close to Cañaveral beach, you can take the park shuttle here from the El Zaino entrance or arrange a private transfer with the hotel so you wont need to hike with your bags from the entrance.

The ecohabs have a gourmet restaurant on-site, and they also offer spa treatments and guided tours within the park, for an extra fee. There are bungalows for 2 or 4 people, and prices start from around $368 USD per bungalow per night. Read more

How Many Nights Do You Need In Tayrona

Ultimate Guide to Tayrona National Park, Colombia ...

We think this is actually the most divisive, but most important issue, when it comes to how much youll actually enjoy Tayrona.

For us, a day trip to Tayrona really isnt worth it. The entry cost means its a lot of cash out of your travel budget for only 5-6 hours in the park, the experience will be rushed, and it hugely adds to the overcrowding situation. Instead, if you really want to visit Tayrona but are short on time, then you would be much better choosing a visit of two days / one night . This gives you nearly two full mornings and afternoons in Tayrona, and you can then easily travel back to Santa Marta or onward to Palomino etc once youve exited.

On our own visit to the park in mid-March, the crowds really did take us by surprise. We knew it would be busy, but we didnt expect it to be that busy – transforming Cabo San Juan into a bit of a hell hole at times. Most of that first day, aside from the walk in through the tropical trees, was really not too enjoyable.

However, once the daytrippers dispersed back to Santa Marta or Taganga at 3.30 / 4 p.m., we started to fully appreciate how beautiful the beaches actually were here and the vibe became much better. At night, it becomes really social and chilled out – much more like how it used to be we imagine. And then, in the early morning as we walked from deserted beach to deserted beach with the crashing waves as our soundtrack, we felt a little of the magic which we thought had perhaps been lost from Tayrona forever.

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Casa Caribe Colonial Budget Friendly

Casa Caribe Colonial offers exceptional value for money, with rooms starting from $20 per night. As the name suggests, the hotel boasts a colonial-style design with vibrant splashes of blue throughout.

The rooms are clean and large, looking onto an open air courtyard in the middle of the hotel. The perfect place to relax.

  • Great value for money

Bask On Beautiful Beaches

The beauty of Tayrona National Parks beaches are the stuff of legend for travelers and locals alike. Having spent time there myself, I can assure you that these sandy swaths warrant the adulation.

Occupying a huge stretch of Caribbean coastline, the beaches are secluded, serene, pristine, and perfect for a swim or a romantic stroll. Youll find them all along the coastal trail.

Cabo San Juan is the parks most popular beach because it is open to swimming, has a stunning view, and is at the verge of a huge campground. La Piscina is another popular beach for swimming. Theres even a nudist beach!

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Staying Overnight In The Park

We recommend that you stay overnight in the park, it is truly an unique experience. There are a number of campsites in the park where you can camp. You can bring your own gear, but you can also rent it. Renting a tent and mattress will cost you around COP$20,000 per person. However you still have to bring your own pillow and blanket. These are the three campsites:

Cabo San JuanThe most popular campsite is in Cabo San Juan. This is also the busiest and the most touristy due to its location on a beautiful beach. This is also the campsite with the most beautiful views . The campsite is located on a beautiful bay. Be aware: it fills up quickly.

CañaveralThis is a campsite that is first reached when you enter the park. It is also accessible by car and it is close to the ecohabs and has a nice beach. It is a lot quieter than the campsite of Cabo San Juan.

BukaruIf crowds aren’t your thing at all, you can also camp on Bukaru. It is 1.5 to 2 hours walking through the jungle. The Bukaru campsite is much quieter than Cabo San Juan and Cañaveral, but you can’t swim here.

Hilton Garden Inn Bogota Airport Mid Range

Travel Photography in Tayrona National Park, Colombia

If you have always wanted to stay at a Hilton hotel, but havent yet, this is your chance. In Bogota you can stay at a Hilton Hotel for much less than normal.

The hotel has everything you could possibly need sauna, hot tub, gym, an international restaurant and a terrace with amazing views of the city. All of the rooms are bright, modern and luxurious.

  • Sauna and hot tub
  • Great views of the city
  • Close to the airport

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How To Get Around Tayrona National Park

Covering 150 square kilometers of jungle and hillside along the coast, Tayrona National Park is not an entirely easy place to get around. Thankfully though, most of the major tourist spots are located in the parks eastern end and arent terribly hard to get between. A big factor determining on how you get around Tayrona National Park will be which part youre trying to get to. For different parts of Parque Tayrona, your transport options include shuttle bus, walking, and horseback.

Tayrona National Park Map

Camping in Tayrona National Park can be quick tricky because you cannot book most of the campsites online beforehand. This guide will give you an overview of the different camping grounds available in Tarona National park through the El Zaino entrance .

The majority of the campsites can be booked the day of at the entrance of the park, except for Ecohabs and the two hotels in the park.

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How Long To Visit Tayrona National Park

But if youre after a nice relaxing getaway surrounded by beaches and jungle, you might choose to stay longer. Many people choose to spend 2 or 3 nights in Tayrona National Park, sunbathing on the beach, swimming, and finding new hiking trails to explore.

Entrance to the Tayrona National Park is open from 8am to 5pm. Of course, these times dont interfere with those already in the park who plan to stay the night.

Where To Stay In Tayrona National Park: Accommodation In Parque Tayrona Colombia

Visiting Tayrona National Park Colombia {The Official 2019 ...

Tayrona National Park in Colombia is an incredible place. In Spanish, it is known as Parque Tayrona or Parque Nacional Tayrona, and it was one of my favourite places to visit when I was backpacking in Colombia. Although it is possible to visit Tayrona National Park on a day trip, the best way to experience the park is to spend at least one night there. However, choosing Tayrona National Park accommodation which works best for you isnt the easiest, so Ive brought together all the options for Tayrona National Park hotels and eco-habs as well as camping and hammocks with updated prices for 2019, so you can choose where to stay in Tayrona National Park.

REMEMBER: Tayrona National Park is closed every year from January 28th to February 28th to allow the land to recover without the interference of tourists.


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Hiking In Tayrona National Park

Almost immediately upon entering the park, we find ourselves on a hiking trail through the dense jungle.

Our hike has us meandering along dirt pathways intermingled with wooden platforms and steps. Trails climb and wind through dense plant life replete with chattering birdcalls, brightly colored feathers, and the distant roar of the ocean.

We lather up a sweat in no time, happy to be clambering atop rocks and walking amongst the trees once again.

Though we feel utterly alone in this unspoiled ecosystem, were hardly the first people to walk these trails. Established in 1864, Tayrona National Park has been housing natural and archaeological treasures and preserving indigenous culture for 150 years.

The Tayrona tribe, who created The Lost City of Ciudad Perdida, has inhabited the area around Colombias Sierra Nevada mountains for over 2000 years. Even now, its possible to visit Pueblito, a village inside Tayrona park.

After half an hour of hiking, glimpses of the brilliant blue Caribbean Sea flash beyond the foliage. Finally, we crest onto a lookout point that sweeps down to the shoreline. The sea is dotted with smooth, mossy boulders. The blue spans the horizon, with no boats in sight.

Yet somehow, despite a line of hikers headed towards the same handful of accommodation options, we find ourselves utterly alone on a tropical beach in Caribbean Colombia.

Where To Stay For The Night Inside Of Tayrona National Park

There are few areas around Tayrona National Park where visitors can spend the night.

  • The most popular is Cabo San Juan, where most travellers will stay either in a tent or a hammock . I really enjoyed sleeping in the hammock. Lounging or sleeping in the hammock became my new hobby while in Colombia! I have heard that tents can get pretty hot during the day, while a hammock is a perfect place for an afternoon or a midday nap. Just saying

Hammocks are comfortable enough, and there is a decent distance between them, so although you are sharing the space with strangers, it still feels pretty private.

You will be given a locker to store your belongings , and there are pretty good shower facilities at Cabo San Juan.

Here are the prices for an overnight stay at Cabo San Juan Tayrona Park for 2021

There are also many camping options within Tayrona Park and I have seen many visitors bringing their own tents. There are dedicated camping areas within Tayrona Park and you can check those in this post.

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Best Places To Stay For Travel To Tayrona National Park

There are several locations you could choose from if you want to visit Tayrona National Park. Many visitors choose Santa Marta or Palomino as their base. I, however, think staying closer to the entrance have many benefits. Firstly you will be able to arrive as early as needed without stressing, rushing around and often without even taking public transport.

Staying on the outskirts of Tayrona will also give you a slightly different perspective on coastal life, and you will really get the feel of the Colombian Caribbean. Whats more, Tayrona is not the only place with wonderful beaches, although in the park you will be able to find some that you can actually swim in.

Here are all the possible options to set your base to see that Tayrona National Park

Santa Marta is a very popular option to stay if you want to visit Tayrona Park. While staying in Santa Marta, you can visit Tayrona but also arrange a trip to Minca and other beautiful locations all from one place.

I would say it all depends on how much time have you got on your hands. If you want to see as much as possible within a short period of time, Santa Marta is probably the best option. To top it off, I really like Santa Marta. Its a great, vibrant and colourful town with the best sunsets, a great relaxed feel and fantastic restaurants and nightlife.

How to get to Tayrona Park from Santa Marta

It is, however, a great option if you are short on time and cannot spare an extra day to spend a night in the park.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Tayrona National Park

Why Everyone Should Visit Tayrona National Park At Least Once In Their Lifetime

Tayrona National Park is located in the north of Colombia and this area is often very hot. Tayrona has a tropical rainforest climate.

The months of June to September are the best months to travel to Tayrona because then there is the least rainfall. The average temperature is 26°C.

Tip: Keep in mind that during the US and Europe school holidays in July and August, it will be busier than usual, causing prices to rise.

Tip: try not to go on weekends and national holidays, these days are busy.

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Bog Urban Budget Friendly

If youre looking for somewhere stylish and modern, but without that luxury price tag, dont look any further than Bog Urban.

Near Downtown Bogota, youll be in an excellent location. Close to everything, but without the noise. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful, plus you can add a delicious breakfast for only $2.

  • Comfortable and spacious rooms
  • Delicious and filling breakfast available
  • Attentive and friendly staff

Activities In Tayrona Np

There is not much to do in Tayrona National Park when it comes to regular activities in similar destinations, such as diving, boat tours, or snorkeling.

There is only one snorkeling spot on La Piscina Beach. You must hire a guide who goes to the water with you, and because of strong currents, we’re not sure about the underwater world diversity.

Also, scuba diving is an option for more adventurous souls.

You can hire a horse to commute quicker between campgrounds and beaches.

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How Many Days Do You Stay In Tayrona National Park

How many days you have to stay in Tayrona National Park depends on your wishes. If you are on a tight schedule, it is possible to visit Tayrona National Park in one day. This is fine because if you do the hike from El Zaíno to Cabo San Juan you have seen the main sights of Tayrona.

If your schedule allows it, you can stay in the park. The advantage of this is that you have more time. Because you have more time, you can discover more places, do more hikes and have more time to relax. If you visit the park as a day trip, you are mainly walking and trying to see as much as possible. The advantage is also when staying in the park that you are with a few people during closing hours. The majority of the people left the park because they visit it as a day trip. Being with a small group of people in this natural environment makes it a great experience.

Staying in the park isnt necessarily better than a day trip, it depends on your interests and personal schedule. But if you can do it, it is certainly amazing to do.

What To Pack For Tayrona National Pack Visit

9 things to expect from Tayrona National Park

Here is the list of essential and recommended items you should pack for your overnight stay and hike in Tayrona National Park

  • Passport You will be asked for a passport when purchasing the ticket. You will not be able to enter without it.
  • Cash You can pay for your entry ticket by card, but this is it. Everything else is cash only.
  • Mosquito spray/repellant I was never the one getting bitten by mosquitos much. Until I arrived at Colombia Caribbean Coast. Bring good mosquito repellant, otherwise, you will get eaten alive at night.
  • Sunscreen Once you are out in the open space, there will be no place to hide from the sun.
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush / Soap Self-explanatory
  • A big bottle of water and snacks Dont overdo it, though! Its a long hot walk, so you dont want to carry too much. 1.5l to 2l bottle will do. Once at the park, you can refill your bottle. Its not cheap, but there is no need to carry 5 litres on the hike. If you dont want to eat at the restaurant or buy snacks at the stands, bring your own food. However, please keep in mind that its hot, and you want to make sure your supplies dont spoil in hot weather.
  • Warmer clothes for the night I was pretty surprised when I got cold at night. I have never been cold at night around the Colombian Caribbean, even in the Guajira desert. I was very please with the long trousers and pashmina I packed for this purpose.

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