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Places To Stay In Tortuguero Costa Rica

Tortuguero Places To Stay

Visiting Tortuguero, Costa Rica: National Park, Turtles and Canals

Tortuguero’s in the wild bayou of Costa Rica, caught between the beach and the rainforest connected through a series of canals. You’ll find the cheapest and most accessible lodging in Tortuguero village, but the vast majority of places to stay are tucked away inside the rainforest along Totuguero’s canals. These ecolodges offer all-inclusive stays with round-trip transportation.

Nosara Beachsurf & Yoga

The Nicoya Peninsula offers a laid-back vibe, great surf, and a range of accommodation types from camping to luxury. Beach towns like Santa Teresa and Nosara dot the coastline and are a hub for yogis, surfers, and backpackers. Dont let the relaxed facade deceive you there is plenty to do and explore if youre looking.

Rafiki Safari Tent Camp

Rafiki Safari Lodge, a safari style tent camp, is on 750 acres of jungle along the Savegre River on the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The ten rustic safari tents are set atop hardwood decks and come with its own private bath and pristine views of the mountain. The lodge houses a restaurant, bar, and

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Hotels And Lodges In Tortuguero

There are many different options for lodging in Tortuguero. You can stay either on the peninsula or at one of the all-inclusive lodges along the canal. Some guidebooks make it seem like staying in the village is only for backpackers, but we really enjoyed it and saw many other couples and families there as well. There are some great restaurants and plenty of local culture in town, which you might miss out on if all your activities and meals are already planned through a lodge. Of course, there is nothing wrong with an all-inclusive package, but for the purposes of this post, well focus on the options for smaller hotels and B& Bs.

First Costa Rica Trip

Tortuguero, Tortuguero National Park Guide

My boyfriend and I are planning our first trip to Costa Rica for this upcoming summer. We will be there for about two weeks. We have figured out what we would like to do while we are there and where we would like to stay, but I am looking for some advice on transportation within the country. We plan to fly into San Jose and spend the night, then head to Montevere the next day where we will stay for a few nights. From there we want to go to Cahuita, either by going back to San Jose for a night and then on to Cahuita or having a private driver take us straight to Cahuita. After a few days in the Cahuita area, we will head to Tortuguero for the last part of our trip, before returning to San Jose and flying home. We would like to hire a private driver to take us to Monteverde and Cahuita for sure. Any recommendations for going about this? To get from Cahuita to Tortuguero I had looked at using Willies Tours CR , anybody used them before? Finally, what would you recommend for getting from Tortuguero back to San Jose? I know there are a couple options. Thanks!

I wouldnt go back to san jose before cahuita…just go straight from monteverde..why spend more time in a vehicle than needed

For tranfer from tortuguero to san jose we used jungle toms safari tours…$17 per person left at 2pm and arrive in san jose around 630pm…they might have an early time like 9am..

About 6 hoursminutes more mints less

Merry Xmas

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Why Visit Tortuguero Costa Rica

Although the name Tortuguero is a clear reference to turtles, the biodiversity of this area which includes rainforest, mangrove forest, beaches, lagoons and swamps and granted it the nickname of Costa Ricas Amazon provides an ideal environment for a multitude of animals.

Throughout the year youll be able to spot amphibians such as the famous red-eyed frog and the strawberry poison dart frog reptiles which include green sea turtles, leatherback sea turtles, crocodiles and caimans, iguanas and various kinds of snakes.

If you are into birdwatching, you will be in for a real treat: more than 300 species of birds live in Tortuguero, with parrots, parakeets, kingfisher and toucans all easy to spot.

Around 60 species of mammals populate the area. Spider monkeys, capuchin monkeys and howler monkeys are easy to spot whereas the jaguar is infinitely more elusive most visitors only get to see its footprints, but even thats quite unique if you ask me.

With such a beautiful, pristine environment and so much wildlife, its easy to see why Tortuguero is a favorite tourist destination in Costa Rica, and why you too should visit.

Kasiiya Papagayo Luxury Wilderness Retreat

Kasiiya Papagayo Luxury Wilderness Retreat is located on the Bay of Papagayo on an exclusive private peninsula in the Papagayo region, just 45 minutes from Liberia international airport. Designed by world-renowned architects, Kasiiya features two unique beaches and five air-conditioned tented suites. Situated amid 123 acres of forest, each suite connects you with nature. The

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A Complete Guide To Tortuguero Costa Rica

Easily one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica, Tortuguero National Park is a prime wildlife watching destination, and one of the best places in the world to see baby turtles hatch.

Tortuguero means turtle catcher and is a clear reference to the green sea turtles that each year, between July and October, visit the local beaches to lay down their eggs, which then hatch between November and January. When an American researcher defined it the most important nesting site for green turtles in the Western Hemisphere in the 1950s, Tortuguero became world famous and tourists started visiting. It was with the aim of protecting turtles that the national park was created, in 1970.

Located on the northern Caribbean coast, Tortuguero is blissfully isolated and not exactly an easy place to reach. Yet, its definitely worth visiting and you should consider adding it to your Costa Rica itinerary.

In this post, I highlight everything you should know about Tortuguero, Costa Rica. I will be sharing information on the things to do, the best tours and activities, and tips to plan your visit.

To begin with, however, let me stress once more the reasons why you need to visit Tortuguero when in the country.

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  • Flying In To Tortuguero

    Costa Rica Travel Guide | Top 5 Places to Visit in Costa Rica

    Nature air has daily direct flights from SJO International Airport and in the high season operates a connecting flight to Arenal. SANSA has two flights daily from SJO to Tortuguero.

    Ticket prices range from $30 to $300 per person one way. Each plane holds between 8 and 18 passengers so a charter flight may be easier and cheaper than finding tickets for a group of 6 or more.

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    Gulf Of Papagayocalm Waters

    The majority of the countrys all-inclusive resorts are located around Papagayo, making it a top luxury beach destination. While more budget-friendly accommodations can be found, there is something attractive about being pampered with five-star amenities while youre surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. With calm waters and a laundry list of activities available, this area is ideal for watersports, swimming, and a general good time.

    Coco Beachbeaches & Nightlife

    Conveniently located just a short 30-minute drive from the Liberia International Airport, Coco Beachaka Playas del Cocois a funky beach town with a lot of spirit. Its well known for its nightlife with bars and restaurants open late. While Coco Beach itself may not be the most impressive, the sunsets are breathtaking, and this area is great for exploring the many surrounding picturesque beaches.

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    Casa Magnifica Private Home

    Casa Magnifica Private Home is a 6-bedroom home in Manuel Antonio. From the pool sundeck, enjoy spectacular views of the rainforest and Manuel Antonio National Park jutting out into the sea. while listening to the clamoring of monkeys and toucans. Amenities Casa Magnifica is 6,500 feet with four levels, six bedrooms, and six and a

    Tips For Visiting Tortuguero

    Costa Rica
    • Pack appropriately for humid weather. Since it is normal for it to rain in that area, bring appropriate waterproof equipment, especially if you have cameras. Check our packing list for rainy season. A rain jacket, waterproof backpack and fast drying clothes are a must.
    • Make sure to bring plenty of mosquito repellent and sunscreen. This area has a lot of mosquitoes!
    • Be aware that some locals are super pushy with which tour guide/company you go with. Dont feel pressured and dont be shy to ask different companies.
    • Bring Costa Rican colones. Tortuguero now has one ATM in the village near the boat docks but bring plenty of colones. It is also better to use Costa Rican currency than US dollars.
    • There are just a handful of restaurants in Tortuguero. We recommend Restaurante Mi Niño and Soda Oasis, two places for Costa Rican food.

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    Two Weeks In Costa Rica

    In the swampy northeastern corner of Costa Rica is the village of Tortuguero. Named by locals long ago as the place where turtles go, this incredible wildlife destination is one of the most important turtle nesting sites in the world. But as much as Tortuguero is about sea turtles, there is more to this small Caribbean town. Surrounding mangroves, canals, and jungle play host to an amazing diversity of other wildlife. Combine this with a vibrant local culture that is eager to share Tortugueros story, beauty, and hope for the future, and you have the makings for a completely authentic experience. There are many vacation packages available to visit Tortuguero, but in this post, well focus on helping you create your own unique experience.

    How To Get To Tortuguero

    Tortuguero is completely isolated and can only be reached by plane and by public or private boat.

    The quickest way to get to Tortuguero from San José is by plane. The flight lasts about 30 minutes and is incredibly scenic, with views of volcanoes, mountains and jungle. Sansa and Aerobell operate daily flights, which are in the range of $90 to $100 USD one way.

    TIP: If you want to make the most of the landscape of Costa Rica, opt to get to Tortuguero by plane, and make your way back to San José by boat.

    Another way to get there is by private shuttle to one of the docks where boats to Tortuguero depart from Cariari, Caño Blanco, Moín and La Pavona. Once there, youll hop on a fast boat through the canals and jingles. and boat. You can ask your accommodation in San José to arrange transportation or alternatively you can book it here.

    Getting to Tortuguero wont be an issue if you are traveling on a budget and prefer to opt for public transportation.

    Grupo Caribeños operates two daily buses from San Jose Gran Terminal de Caribe to Cariari, north of Guápiles, which is just 22 km away. The ride lasts about two hours and costs 2100 Colones.

    GOOD TO KNOW: There also are buses from San Jose to Cariari at 6:30 am, 1:00, 3:00, 4:30, 6:00, 7:00 and 8:30 pm.

    TIP: Take the bus to Cariari that leaves from San Jose at 9:00 am for the 11:30 am connection to La Pavona. Keep in mind that if you leave later than 10:30 am, you wont be able to catch the last boat from La Pavona.

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    San Joseshopping & Dining

    Culture can be found everywhere you look, albeit in different capacities. San Jose is often skipped over as visitors are in a rush to get to more nature-oriented destinations, but those looking for a vibrant city experience with culture-rich museums, theaters, and great dining will enjoy a few days here. There is a reason half the population lives in the metro area. Plus a coffee tour in the surrounding hills is a must!

    Sea Turtle Conservancy Museum And Visitors Center

    Tortuguero, Costa Rica. Travel 2021

    Even if you dont get to see a nesting turtle, you can still learn all about the amazing lifecycle of these creatures. The Sea Turtle Conservancy, a global conservation organization, has a small but nicely done visitors center on the northern end of town. The museum and short video do a wonderful job explaining how turtles live and breed and tell more about the Conservancys efforts. They also teach visitors why Tortuguero Beach is so important to turtle survival and have a small gift shop if youre looking for a meaningful keepsake. The Center is an ideal activity for both adults and kids.

    Tip: Plan to spend 2-3 days in Tortuguero. This will allow you to hit all the highlights and get a taste of the local culture without getting bored.

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    Villa Guayaba At The Springs Resort

    The two-bedroom, two-bathroom Villa Guayaba is located within The Springs Resort property in the Arenal Volcano region. Amenities Villa Guayaba is situated just steps from the on-site Perdidos Springs and the monkey slide. Guests of Villa Guayaba have unlimited access to the resort hot springs and pools. A personal four-seat golf cart is included in your stay. Exterior The expansive

    Visit Tortuguero National Park

    Spread across a whopping 31000 hectares, Tortuguero National Park benefits from an incredible biodiversity. Its the third most visited national park in Costa Rica, and a great place to discover the incredible wildlife that lives in the area.

    Once you walk in, you can walk one of the 3 trails the longest one is 3.5 km or go on a boat ride.

    TIP: Whether you want to take a boat ride around the park or just hike, I recommend hiring a guide to make the most of all the wildlife. Guides have a trained eye and may help you spot species that you wont otherwise be able to see.

    TIP: You need to wear rain boots to visit the park. Several places in the village have them for rent for a reasonable price. Make sure to wear socks!

    PRACTICAL INFORMATION: Tortuguero National Park is open daily from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. Admission is $15 USD and can be paid at the entrance in either cash or card.

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    Where To Stay And Eat

    Tortuguero has a good range of accommodation options for all budgets and needs. Although you wont have troubles finding last minute deals in the low season , if you intend to visit during peak season you are certainly better off booking in advance. I have selected the best places to stay in the village for you:

    Some restaurants in town are simply overpriced for what they offer, but you can certainly find a couple of good sodas where you can have a full meal at reasonable prices, and where you can taste local flavors. Mi Niño, Miss Mirian and Soda Oasis all offer tasty local dishes. If you are prepared to pay for something more elaborate, go to Budda Café.

    Westin Playa Bonita Resort

    Mytanfeet Costa Rica Travel Blog

    Situated alongside the Pacific Ocean, the Westin Playa Bonita Resort is a 20-minute drive from Panama City, the vibrant capital city of Panama. Amenities Westin Playa Bonita amenities include beachfront swimming pools, kayak rentals, concierge, spa, fitness center, steam room, free in-room internet, beauty salon, gift shop, business center, and a complimentary parking facility. The hotel

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    La Pavona Lodges & Tours Public Bus & Rental Vehicle Access

    Access road shown in green on the map above. If youre headed to Tortuguero from San José by public transportation this is your best bet. From the Carribeno terminal a direct bus to Guápiles takes about an hour . From there you can get the local bus to Cariari where you change to a bus that serves the dock at Rancho La Pavona. The total fare for all three buses is about $12.

    The public boat is currently ¢1,600 per person . There is a separate charge for each piece of luggage

    • small hand bag ¢500
    4:30 pm 3:00 pm

    La Pavona is the boat of choice if youve rented a four wheel drive. Theres covered parking and a restaurant at the dock. Theres absolutely nothing else around, so unless you want to sleep under the shed roof in your car dont plan on arriving late and taking the boat the next day.

    NOTE -Silt accumulation at the mouth of the Río Parismina has made crossing extremely difficult, especially at low tide. This has severely limited access from Caño Blanco and Moín and shifted the commercial traffic to La Pavona as the main route.

    Villa Palacio At The Springs Resort

    The five-bedroom, six-bathroom Villa Palacio is located within The Springs Resort in the Arenal Volcano region of Costa Rica. Stunning sunset views over Arenal Volcano can be enjoyed right from your plunge pool and Jacuzzi in your luxurious private villa. Recently completed in the spring of 2018, Villa Palacio is the newest addition to The

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    Top Tips For Finding Perfect Tortuguero Hotel Deals

    • If youre looking for a cheap hotel in Tortuguero, you should consider visiting during the low season. You’ll find cheaper accommodations in Tortuguero in September and January.
    • Hotel room prices vary depending on many factors but youll most likely find the best hotel deals in Tortuguero if you stay on a Friday. The opposite is true for, Sunday, which is usually the most expensive day.
    • Book more than 90 days before your stay begins to get the best price for your Tortuguero accommodation.
    • The cheapest 3-star hotel room in Tortuguero found on KAYAK in the last 2 weeks was $325, while the most expensive was $325.
    • How long should you stay? KAYAK users usually book their accommodation in Tortuguero for 2 days.

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