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Places To Stay In Wyoming Near Yellowstone

Best Places To Stay Near Yellowstone National Park

Best Place to Vacation/Stay Near Yellowstone National Park – UXU Ranch near Cody Wyoming

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When you are planning your Yellowstone trip you have to figure out where to stay, of course. Its a big park and unless you live nearby, like we do, you arent going for a day trip. While staying inside the park is great, you should also consider the best places to stay near Yellowstone National Park.

Staying inside the boundaries of Yellowstone is fun and gets you close to the things you want to see, but sometimes you either cant get a reservation or you want to see more than just the parks.

It can also be a lot quieter outside the park. In some cases, like the places to stay in West Yellowstone, may be even more centrally located than hotels in Yellowstone.

When I help people with their Yellowstone vacation ideas, I encourage them to explore beyond the park borders. Not only will the crowds be thinner, but the experience will be more expansive. Yellowstone is surrounded by National Forest, stunning mountains, alpine lakes, and blue ribbon trout streams.

Once you know where you are going to stay, check out my free five-day Yellowstone and Grand Teton itinerary or one of my detailed Yellowstone itineraries and guidebooks. Or join me in a Vacation Coaching session to plan a bespoke Yellowstone National Park trip.

Rustic Cabin In Cooke City: Mountain View Cabin

This charming little cabin is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway among the mountains. The large outdoor deck has stunning views towards the national park and is a great spot for watching the sunset in the evenings. Theres a log fire in the living area to keep you cosy, with plenty of firewood for your stay.

Where To Stay On A Budget Near Yellowstone

To maximize your vacation dollars, your best bet for a budget hotel is found outside the park boundaries. Most budget hotels are in West Yellowstone, including the One Horse Motel, which features clean and refurbished rooms, quiet surroundings, and easy access to the West Entrance.

Just a few blocks west of the One Horse Motel, the Days Inn West Yellowstone also provides proximity to the gates of Yellowstone, as well as spacious rooms and suites. In addition to the affordable rates, the Days Inn West Yellowstone also features the attached Trapper’s Restaurant and a heated indoor pool and waterslide.

Within the same three-block radius of the One Horse Motel and Days Inn West Yellowstone, Stage Coach Inn is another affordable hotel that provides a western-themed decor. Featuring a grand staircase, spacious rooms, and a rustic appeal, Stage Coach Inn is perfect for those looking for something unique.

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West Yellowstone Mt Best Location Near The West Entrance

The best choice if you want to stay as close as possible to the park but at an affordable hotel. Located just one mile away, this mountain town even has a small airport, so you can catch a flight if driving long distances isnt for you. This small village situated in southern Montana is the parks busiest gateway all year round thanks to its proximity. West Yellowstone has some great places to stay from cozy cabins to nice hotels.

There are tons of activities that you can try no matter what time the year you decide to visit West Yellowstone, Montana. From fly-fishing to mountain biking, river rafting, or skiing, and snowmobiling during wintertime. However, you have to get a sense of the villages old atmosphere so I highly recommend going to the town square and visiting all the small businesses, museums and restaurants,

If you want to find out how to best plan your trip in and around the park, go visit the Museum of Yellowstone and theyll be happy to help you with information about its history, and how to enjoy all the cool spots here. If you want to experience the cowboy adventure head over to the Parade Rest Guest Ranch in West Yellowstone and enjoy horseback riding or have a nice delicious dinner! Fun for the whole family!

Should I Stay In One Hotel To See Both Yellowstone And Grand Teton

Yellowstone National Park: Best Places To Stay ...

I dont recommend staying in one hotel to visit both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. If you want to take advantage of your time in Yellowstone, I suggest staying closer to Yellowstone.

Some people day trip from Grand Teton up to Yellowstone, or vice versa, and thats fine if its the only way you can make time to see the parks. But its about a 1.5-hour drive from the town of Jackson to Yellowstones South Entrance, and driving that route each day will significantly cut into your sightseeing time in Yellowstone.

If you have the time, it makes more sense to book separate hotels for each park.

I hope you find a fabulous place to stay while visiting Yellowstone National Park happy trails!

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Yellowstone Vacation Quick Tips

  • Similarly to lodging at Yosemite, booking accommodation is the most challenging part of planning a Yellowstone vacation. Once your rooms are booked, the rest of your plans will fall into place.
  • We cant stress enough the importance of booking in advance for Yellowstone, it is a wildly popular national park.
  • Expect to find accommodation fully booked in peak season and be prepared to adapt accordingly.
  • Hotel, lodge and cabin opening times are not uniform inside the park across all regions. You need to be aware of exactly when each accommodation is open and closed.
  • The best things to see and do in Yellowstone National Park are spread out across the entire park.
  • To visit Yellowstone most efficiently, you may need to sleep in a new place each night.
  • Alternatively, book your entire stay in one accommodation but be prepared to drive back on yourself often.
  • Booking rooms inside Yellowstone can only be done through official channels.
  • Remember there are campgrounds and RV parks inside Yellowstone if hotels are fully booked.
  • We will show you the best places to stay outside the park incase all accommodation is fully booked.
  • Our top tip: If you can only book one hotel inside the park, make it Canyon and plan your other days around that night.

Things To See And Do In Gardiner:

  • Known as the Serengeti of the US, Gardiner is part of the Lamar Valley, where you will find a huge array of native wildlife from eagles to bears.
  • You can find some excellent deals on outdoor activities in Gardiner Flying Pig Adventure Company have fantastic whitewater rafting and horse riding excursions.
  • Mammoth Hot Springs are only a short drive from Gardiner, offering some truly mesmerising geothermal scenery just remember not to touch!
  • The Raven Grill is a popular eatery with locals and visitors alike youll have to queue, but its worth the wait.

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Where To Stay Near Yellowstone A Comparison Guide

Important Note

When looking to stay outside of Yellowstone National Park there are four main areas that people tend to consider staying in:

If like us you want to stay in one place during your Yellowstone Vacation then we definitely recommend staying in West Yellowstone of all of the outside park entrances. However if you dont mind moving during your Yellowstone itinerary then you could rotate where you stay to cover each entrance. This is beneficial for those who want to be at certain areas of the park very early and late especially if you are prioritising wildlife viewing.

Please note if you are not travelling in summer it is worth checking which entrances are likely to be open as most of the entrances to Yellowstone are seasonal! For more information on which entrances are open when check out this guide!

Luxury Accommodations Near Yellowstone

Epic Places To Stay | Yellowstone East Entrance | We Stayed In A Tipi

It can also make a lot of sense to use your credit card points to help offset the cost of an upscale stay near the park. Consider redeeming a stash of Chase Ultimate Rewards points to book a stay at an independent property.

The Under Canvas glamping lodge is just 10 minutes from Yellowstones West Entrance. I found availability in August for $264 a night. With taxes and fees, a four-night stay would be just over $1,200.

If you want to splurge, try the Triple Creek Ranch in Darby, Montana its about 4.5 hours from the park, and rates start around $1,600 a night. Paws Up resort in Greenough, Montana, is also a 4.5-hour drive, and rooms will set you back about $1,700 a night. And the first five-star, ultra-luxury hotel in the entire state, a Montage in Big Sky, will debut in 2021.

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Gardiner Mt Where To Stay Near The North Entrance Of Yellowstone

Founded in 1872, this entrance has been considered one of the main gateways for the Yellowstone National Park and its located just a 15 minutes drive from the famous Mammoth Hot Springs. Just like in West Yellowstone, youll find tons of accommodation options for on-budget hotels and cabins or lodges.

Youll be able to admire the beautiful picturesque scenery of the Yellowstone River and if youre into fly fishing, you should visit the Parks Fly Shop, one of the oldest shops in this area founded in 1953. To get to the park, youll have to pass by the beautiful Mammoth Hot Springs which will take your breath away! Make sure you take your camera with you for this unique experience, youll want to remember it!

The authentic western atmosphere of Gardiner will make you want to spend as many days here as possible in addition to exploring the Yellowstone National Park. The town is very colorful and its inhabitants are friendly, so mingle away when you go there!

Also, Im sure that youll want to see the iconic Roosevelt Arch which was built in 1903 as an homage to President Teddy Roosevelt. He actually gave a speech during his holiday in Gardiner when they laid the archs cornerstone. Cool right?

I didnt add a luxury hotel here as there arent really any great options and I only ever recommend you the best of the best! If you are looking for luxury, consider West Yellowstone or any of the other great hotels near the park!

Best Western Tyrolean

Lodging Near Yellowstone National Park

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Booking a stay inside Yellowstone National Park isnt the only way to enjoy multiple days exploring this Wyoming national treasure. Plenty of lodging opportunities exist just outside of the park, in areas that boast views of the sprawling Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. East Yellowstone Lodges offers a number of beautiful properties within 15 miles of Yellowstone National Parks east entrance.

Stay at a lodge or cabin just two miles from Yellowstone at Pahaska Tepee and take a tour of Buffalo Bills original 1904 mountain lodge. Fish along Gunbarrel Creek and find rustic cabins with modern amenities at the historic Absaroka Mountain Lodge, with buildings dating back to 1910. Experience home-cooked meals, chuckwagon dinners and campfire cookouts at Bill Cody Ranch, which offers plenty of Western activities for all ages. When it comes to finding ranches, lodges and cabins near Yellowstone National Park, you have options to suit your travel style.

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Staying At The Old Faithful Inn & Is It Worth It

One of the must-see landmarks of Yellowstone is undoubtedly the Old Faithful Inn. Famous for its remarkable log structure dating from 1904, the Old Faithful Inn is the most popular lodging facility in Yellowstone National park.

It is considered a must to stay in the OF Inn when visiting Yellowstone. It was, therefore, the first accommodation that we secured for our American road trip. Only after we got our reservation at the Old Faithful Inn, we built the rest of the trip around it.

But is it worth all the hassle of booking a year in advance and adjusting all your travel plans just to be able to stay at the Old Faithful Inn? Yes and no.

First, the Old Faithful has a great location. Staying here for one night , made it easy for us to explore all the geyser basins in the area, including the Old Faithful Geyser itself, the Upper Geyser Basin, and the famous Grand Prismatic Spring.

But for that, you dont have to stay at the OF Inn. If its the location that you are most interested in, then you can also choose for the OF Lodge Cabins or the OF Snow Lodge and Cabins. Both are more affordable options and somewhat easier to secure a reservation for.

Second, the rooms at the OF Inn are quite tired and in need of refurbishment. We had a superior room with a view of Old Faithful geyser through a window.

It was a nice clean room, but the contrast with the brand new and modern rooms at the Canyon Lodge could not have been bigger.

Gardiner Where To Stay Near Yellowstone On A Budget

Yee hah Yellowstone!

Gardiner is also a gateway into the national park, with the second northern entrance right on its doorstep. Unlike Cooke City, however, it doesnt see the same tourist numbers. Despite this, locals aim to capitalise on its proximity to the park by offering great prices on accommodation and dining options throughout the town. If youre backpacking the USA on a budget, this is the perfect base to explore Yellowstone National Park.

The great thing about Gardiner is that it offers pretty much the same stuff as Cooke City, so you dont have to compromise on a thing to save some cash! Its also only a short drive away from Big Sky, so offers the best of both worlds in the winter.

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When To Book Your Accommodation Near Yellowstone

This is definitely a case of do what I say not what I do. We did a last minute trip to Yellowstone so had no choice when it came to where to stay as lots of places were fully booked or hideously expensive for what they were. Therefore if you can my advice would be definitely to book as early as you can. Accommodation for the following year opens usually a year in advance from May. If you want to stay on site then be sure to find out the exact date to avoid disappoint. I would recommend starting to plan your Yellowstone trip at least 18 months in advance to ensure you have a great pick of accommodation however we are proof that you can do a last minute trip to Yellowstone.

Where To Stay In Cooke City

Blink and you could miss this small former mining community in the forest. A quiet strip of local restaurants, bars, and motels, Cooke City-Silver Gate is minutes from the Northeast Entrance. Its a closer kick-off point for exploring Yellowstones Lamar Valley than many of the park lodges.

On the strip, the pet-friendly High Country Motel and Cabins offers a variety of cozy cabins built in the 1950s. Or opt for Elkhorn Lodge, with spacious rooms, beautiful views, and DirecTV. Nature lovers will appreciate the serenity of staying on the outskirts of town at the woodsy Skyline Guest Ranch, a rustic lodge with guide services available.

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Affordabe Place To Stay In/near Yellowstone

I am looking for reasonable place to stay in/near Yellowstone. I have family of 4 . I am looking for a kitchenette and BBQ. Tent probably won’t work. I hear traffic is bad going in and out so need to try to avoid that. I am looking for end of May/June 2022.

Itinerary is open

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Yellowstone Gateway Inn in Gardiner, highly recommended, I am staying there right now. home away from home. The owner Michael is truly a nice guy, the property has a fully loaded kitchen in most rooms, different config rooms with many rooms, washer, dryer, laundry etc., utensils are mikasa and corelle…we have been impressed.

I love that place! The rooms are more like apartments. The staff is so nice. teacher91 said guests can use the laundry room after a certain time (after housekeeping is finished. It’s just a great place! MacNeil Lyons of Yellowstone Insight told me about it.

Absaroka Lodge has kitchen suites that have 2 queen beds in them. No BBQ though.

Riverside Cottages is right next to the Yellowstone River with great balconies overlooking the river and into Yellowstone Park. They have suites and cottages that have kitchens in them. Their website says, “We have a walkway to the Yellowstone River for easy fishing access. We also have BBQ charcoal grills, tables, and seating on the deck and pergola.”

Are you driving? Flying? Which airport? Your first and last nights lodging will depend on your flights and location.

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Where To Stay In And Around Yellowstone

Top 5 Resorts Near Yellowstone Video (HD)

Heading to Yellowstone? Your first order of business is deciding where to stay. Getting a good night’s sleep at this national park can be the difference between a wide-eyed appreciation for nature’s gifts or a never-ending slog. But considering the sheer size of the parkand the fact you can do everything from tent camp to stay in a full-service hotelchoosing the right spot is less than straightforward.

Fear not. Weve got the rundown of what youll need to know when choosing a place to rest your hiking boots.

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