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Top Places To Stay In Sardinia

Nuoro Where To Stay In Central

Sardinia Italy – The Most beautiful Island in the world – Best places to visit 2021

Our next destination of Nuoro is located in the heart of the island and is another where history is its major draw, even being recognized as one of the most important cultural centers of the region, known as Atene sarda or Sardinian Athens. Its located on the hill of Monte Ortobene, the capital of the province of Nuoro.

The birthplace of countless painters, poets, sculptors, and writers, the city is filled with stunning buildings, cathedrals, churches, monuments, and piazzas. However, it is one particular type of building that makes the city so attractive. The 19th-century Cattedrale di Santa Maria della Neve is dedicated to the Madonna della Neve and Chiesa della Solitudine is the burial place of Nobel Prize-winning author Grazia Deledda.

The type of building in question is museums, as Nuoro is home to some of the most important in all Sardinia. The Sardinian Ethnographic Museum, the National Archaeological Museum Of Nuoro, and the Modern Art Museum Of The Nuoro Province are just a few of the institutions available in Nuoro.

Museo Etnografico Sardo presents the lifestyle of the Sardinian people, this repository has an impressive collection of 8000 items from musical instruments to weapons, tools to costumes, textile to masks, that reflect the tradition, culture and daily life on this island.

So, if youre someone whos a fan of museums, you should have Nuoro right at the top of your list when it comes to picking a destination.

Santa Teresa Di Gallura

Overlooking the Strait of Bonifacio, this seaside village is best visited during shoulder season youll avoid the massive influx of tourists that summer sees, but also enjoy the lovely weather that May, June, September and October bring. In between beach trips, make sure to pay a visit to the Longosardo Tower, a 16th-century structure built by one of Spains former kings.

Rome Overall Best Place To Stay In Italy

They say that all roads lead to Rome and at the height of the Roman Empire, this was certainly true across Europe! One of the major centres of European culture has since expanded into a vibrant metropolis with some of the oldest landmarks in the world. It is also the largest nightlife centre in Italy, and is home to some of the best-known pasta dishes such as carbonara and cacio e pepe.

Vatican City is also entirely surrounded by Rome, making it an important pilgrimage for Catholics from across the world. No trip to Italy is complete without visiting Rome and even for shorter stays, it is your best chance of getting a comprehensive overview of what modern Italy is all about.

Rome is located fairly centrally, so if you are travelling elsewhere you will have easy access to both the North and South of the country. It is a major gateway for international arrivals especially from outside Europe so if this is your first stop in the country you have to take at least a few days to check out the main attractions.

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Best Places To Stay In Emilia

Bologna is a great base and weve already mentioned our top picks for the city earlier in this guide but we love the smaller towns and cities for their authentic charm. Reggio Emilia is the home for parmigiano reggiano, and many other towns have their own unique dishes waiting to be sampled.

Best Airbnb in Emilia-Romagna: The Photographer Nest

It isnt called the Photographer Nest for nothing! This stunning apartment is packed with rustic charm and elegant finishes that make it an attraction in its own right. Right in the heart of Reggio Emilia, this is the perfect location to experience the best of the Emilia-Romagna culinary scene. The building it is located within is centuries old, and there is a small balcony in the room with views across the city.

Best Hostel in Emilia-Romagna: Ostello San Filippo Neri

Only a short walk from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Piazza Grande, this Modena hostel is perfect for getting to know small city life in Emilia-Romagna! Enzo Ferrari, founder of the famous car brand, was born in the city and there is an excellent museum dedicated to his life. The town is well connected by public transport to Bologna.

Best Hotel in Emilia-Romagna: Hotel Castello

Golfo Aranci A Small Fishing Town In Costa Smeralda Region

Visit Sardinia with kids

If many of the features at our previous destination appealed to you but the price or exclusive feeling put you off, then Golfo Aranci may be your perfect destination. Located just south of Costa Smeralda, between it and Olbia, Golfo Aranci has many of the same trademarks as its neighbour but is generally a more accessible destination for most.

While the stunning beaches remain, prices are considerably lower and there is a more relaxed, family-friendly environment. Many of the high-end establishments have instead been replaced with more affordable alternatives.

The beaches are slightly less focused on being relaxing places for you to top up your tan, although that is still definitely possible, and are instead places for people to unwind and have fun in the surf and white sand.

This doesnt by any means lead to a dip in the quality of whats on offer here, its simply a different style in which it is presented. Restaurants serve incredible food, with menus fuelled by the thriving fishing industry in the town that provides them with seafood.

Bars are plentiful and feature a great range of styles, prices, and locations, ensuring there is likely something for everyone.

What you essentially have here is your traditional beach destination, a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come for a good time in the sun.

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Top Rental Accommodation Types In Santa Teresina


Pro Tip: RentByOwner makes it easy to compare the best listings on RBO homes from online vacation rental OTAs, including and more. Use the Advanced Filter feature at the top to easily flip between RBO homes, vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, private Airbnb-style rentals availability, eco-friendly properties, property type, cancellation policies, prices, and several different options. All these make it easier to find the perfect accommodation for your next vacation in Santa Teresina.

Things To Know About Cala Mariolu:

  • Bring a resistant towel: The beach is formed by small smooth white rocks so take with you a good quality towel and always walk with some beach shoes.
  • Scuba Dive in Cala Mariolu: make sure to ask the company if the option is still available and how much is it, as youll have to pay extra.

Me scuba diving and feeding the fish in Cala Mariolu, fun times!

  • Dont Miss the boat: Make sure to remember the name of your boat and get ready 5 minutes earlier than the time the crew told you they were going back to pick you up.
  • Take some food and water with you: The beach is wild and there are no facilities in there, so make sure you have a snack and plenty of water. Always ask the company id the lunch is included .
  • Bring your snorkeling gear: The company usually dont provide the gear for snorkel and Cala Mariolu is a good place to swim around the rocks and small caves and watch the fish, so dont forget your snorkeling gear!
  • Dont leave any valuable item on the boat: Always bring everything with you when you leave the boat. If you want to save your spot for when the boat comes back to pick you up, just leave a towel .

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Chia Coast Great Place For Relaxation

Chia Coast is located on the southern part of Sardinia island and 1-hour drive from Cagliari Airport. It is a laid-back town with very beautiful sandy beaches where you can chill all day and swim in the crystal clear water.

On the Chia Coast, it is not a surprise to see gorgeous lagoons and picturesque sand dunes. So make sure to have your beach essentials and camera with you and get ready to discover amazing beaches with a chilled vibe.

You will be able to find many restaurants and cafes by the beach on the Chia Coast, as well as some really nice accommodation options.

Here are the best places to stay on the Chia coast to relax and enjoy the beaches:

Things to do in Chia Coast

  • Go for a walk to Torre di Chia and check out the amazing sea views.
  • Chill on Su Giudeu Beach
  • Discover Flavia and Zuddas Caves with a guided tour
  • Go hiking to Capo Spartivento
  • Swim in the crystal water at Sa Colonia Beach
  • Spend time at the beautiful Spiaggia di Santa Margherita di Pula


Holiday Guide To Sardinias Best Beaches Plus Restaurants And Hotels

Best Beaches & Places to see – SARDINIA & LA MADDALENA 4k

Sardinia has fantastic, gorgeous beaches. Liz Boulter loses herself among them, and picks the best, and surprisingly affordable, places to eat and stay

Italy offers so much to holidaymakers: food and wine, art and architecture, high peaks and bosomy Tuscan hills, but relatively few Brits come here for sun and sand. To UK tastes, Italy simply doesnt do seaside very well: beaches are often given over to hotel and bar concessions, with rows of sunbeds differentiated only by the colour of their umbrellas and the trashiness of their euro-pop. Only a corner at the least attractive end will be spiaggia libera for people who just want to rock up and lie on a towel.

Sardinia isnt like that: lists of the islands best beaches run into the hundreds, and there are many more unnamed coves and wedges of white, silver or golden sand around its 1,000km-plus of coastline, peninsulas and islands. Some popular beaches are concessionised though even these tend to be so spacious that plenty of spiaggia libera remains. There are wild beaches for those prepared to tote their own supplies, but most have a shack selling drinks, ice-creams and snacks.

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Alghero A Lovely Resort Town On The North

Not too far from Sassari, on the north west coast of Sardinia, youll find our next destination of Alghero, a medieval city and a renowned resort on the island.

Due to its strategic location on the Mediterranean, Alghero was fortified as early as 1100 A.D. The walls of these fortifications can still be seen today, with 7 towers and 3 forts located along their perimeter. Dont miss out on towers such as the Torre di SantElmo, the Torre di San Giacomo, and the Torre Della Polveriera.

Despite the city as we know it today being settled in the 12th-century, the area has been inhabited since as far back as 4000 B.C. For anyone interested in learning more about its prehistoric past and how it has evolved over thousands of years, sites such as the Anghelu Necropolis, the Santu Pedru Hill, and the Villa Romana Of Santa Imbenia all remain in incredible condition despite their age.

There are even a number of Nuraghe, traditional authentic Sardinian dwellings, dotted around the area and open for people to explore.

For those so inclined, there is also a great deal of religious architecture in the area to discover and learn from. Sites like the Chiesa Della Purissima Di Iglesias, the Alghero Cathedral, the Madonna Del Santo Rosario and the churches of St. Francis and St. Michael are all beautiful examples of the evolving architecture in the area through the years.

Where To Stay On Sardinia: Ultimate Beach Resort Guide

Planning a trip to Sardinia? Heres where to stay on this beautiful Mediterranean island. Town or beach? Lively or quiet? Glam or rustic? Apartment or hotel? Luxury or budget? This guide covers the popular Costa Smeralda area, Alghero, and Cagliari including the best beaches and the standout hotels in the area.

  • which part of Sardinia to stay in north or south?
  • where to stay in Alghero and Cagliari
  • Sardinias main beach resorts the best places to stay for nightlife, families, sandy beaches
  • a rundown of Sardinias best quiet resorts and unspoilt coastlines

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Sant Antioco Where To Stay In Sardinia For Nightlife

Sardinia may be an island in itself, but it has its own surrounding islands too! Sant Antioco is a brilliant little community, where you can find out all about Sardinias maritime history!


But, we recommend this as the best place to stay in Sardinia for nightlife. Some exciting bars and restaurants are overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, as well as some brilliant nightclubs which will guarantee you a great night!

Which Part Of Sardinia To Choose

Best places to visit in Sardinia
  • NORTH: The most developed and touristy part of Sardinia, with Olbia and the uber-pricey Costa Smeralda on one side and the city of Alghero on the other.
  • SOUTH: Capital Cagliari with the pretty and unspoiled Costa Rei to its east and some of Sardinias nicest beach resorts to its west.
  • EAST: Family fun and lagoon beaches south of Olbia until you hit the mountainous Golfo di Orosei is in the middle its the most scenic side of Sardinia but youll need to take a boat to visit the best beaches. South of Orosei youll find hidden gems, quiet beaches and discrete resort hotels.
  • WEST: The wild west is windier, wavier, and less developed. A good choice for hiking, traditional culture, and untouched beaches.

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Where to Go in Sardinia: Whatever beach you choose, you are never far from one of the many tourist attractions in Sardinia, and you can find the best places to stay with our top hotels and resorts in Sardinia page. If you want to explore the area, you’ll find our page on the top attractions of Cagliari and easy day trips helpful in planning your visit to the capital and nearby sights.

Where to Go in Italy: Beachgoers traveling on the mainland may want to soak up some sun on some more of the best beaches in Italy, and they will find several on the coast of Tuscany, close to some of the best places to visit in Italy.

Best Airbnb In Cagliari: The Homeboat Company Santelmo

For something truly unique, look no further than this Airbnb on a boat! Its located in the marina in Cagliari, and is fully equipped for an excellent stay!

Its furnished in a modern way and its ready to be used by three people. It comes with a bicycle to explore the city on and the owners are happy to give you tours of the local area!

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Hotel La Rocca Resort & Spa

Near Porto Cervo and the heart of the Costa Smeralda, the four-star Hotel La Rocca sits in a beautifully manicured garden of lush lawns, flowering tropical shrubs, and ancient olive trees. Its 55 rooms and suites are stylishly decorated, some with ornamental iron beds and natural wood furniture the contemporary style includes nice architectural touches, such as domed ceilings.

The resort has its own private sand beach nearby, with a shuttle for guests. The beachside restaurant is a favorite in the evening for its views across the bay. Hidden away in the gardens is the resort’s spa.

Accommodation: Hotel La Rocca Resort & Spa

Hotel Marinedda Thalasso & Spa

“OLBIA” Top 24 Tourist Places | Olbia Tourism | ITALY

Overlooking the Gulf of Asinara on northern Sardinia’s Costa Rossa, the Hotel Marinedda Thalasso & SPA faces a beach that curves around a tranquil bay. The 5-star resort includes 195 rooms, five restaurants, and one of the largest Thalassotherapy spas in the Mediterranean. Guest rooms are spacious, most with sitting areas, and all with balconies or terraces.

While the hotel and its grounds, landscaped in native plants, are a romantic retreat for couples, the resort also caters to families, with swimming pools, activities, and programs for children. The casual Basaricò Pizzeria, with its outdoor café tables, is a particular favorite for families.

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Cala Mariolu & Cala Dei Gabbiani

Youll stroll on tiny white pebbles made smooth by the ocean at these two neighbouring stunners. Cala Mariolu and Cala dei Gabbiani are the perfect spots to experience some of the best snorkelling in Sardinia, with extraordinarily clear water and intriguing marine homes to explore.

A rocky outcrop separates the beaches and limestone cliffs tower over the tranquil setting. Caves dot the cliffs and youll find the spectacular Grotta del Fico nearby.

The beauty of this coastal wildness is that its hard to get to by land although possible for experienced hikers so most people visit by boat.

Renting A Boat In Sardinia

If you want to rent a boat for a nice day at sea during your trip to Sardinia, you should book it with Samboat.

Motorboats, sailboats, yachts, small boats without a license, with or without a skipper: they simply have the most complete offer for boat rental.

So, what are you waiting for to book your boat trip in Sardinia?

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On A Budget Hotel Da Cecco

Located just 200m from Santa Tera Galluras main beach, this budget hotel offers rustic charm. Featuring a pastel exterior, free wifi for every room and a buffet-style breakfast, Hotel Da Cecco is an excellent choice if youre looking to save on accommodation costs.

Its also close to a bus stop that links Olbia and Sassari, making it an excellent choice for city-hoppers in discovering where to stay in Sardinia.

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