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What Are To Stay In Paris

Where To Stay Near The Eiffel Tower: 7th Arrondissement

Where to Stay in Paris | 8 Best Neighborhoods and Best Areas to Stay in Paris

If seeing the Eiffel Tower as much as possible during your visit to Paris is your dream, then staying near it in the 7th arrondissement will help you achieve it. Of course the “Iron Lady” can be seen from a number of places throughout the city – but nothing quite beats the thrill of looking up and seeing the soaring lacy spire close up.

You’ll find a lot more to enjoy in the bougie 7th district: superb shopping opportunities at the numerous small boutiques, wonderful bistros including Michelin-starred Christian Constant’s places along Rue Sainte Dominique, the fabulous Grande Épicerie de Paris next to the equally fab Bon Marché department store. And don’t miss the popular Rue Cler market street, one of the gems of this treasure-filled neighborhood.

If you need a dose of culture, visit the Rodin Museum and its sculpture garden, the Army Museum and Napoleon’s Tomb on the Champ de Mars, the Branly Museum for non-western art, and the Musée d’Orsay filled with Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterpieces overlooking the Seine River.

But above all, immerse yourself in Eiffel Tower experiences.

Where To Stay In Paris For Your First Visit: 10 Best Neighborhoods & Hotels

Once you’ve chosen the dates for your trip to Paris and booked your flight reservations to France, the next decision you’ll make is the one that many people struggle with the most: What is the best neighborhood to stay in Paris?

Especially if you’re making your first visit to Paris, you may be wondering which district is closest to everything – all the top “bucket list” attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, the Louvre? Which are the best places to stay in Paris for a first-time visit? Where should you stay if you’re traveling with kids? What areas look like the Paris you’ve seen in the movies? Which areas should you avoid?

can feel overwhelming – but the good news is there is not just one or two best places to stay in Paris, but many wonderful neighborhoods.

So you really have to make just two choices: select the best neighborhood for what you want to see and do, and then pick the perfect hotel or apartment with the right mix of amenities and rates to fit your budget.

To make selecting the best place to stay in Paris easy for you, we’ve put together our recommendations for the best central Paris neighborhoods for first-time and returning visitors based on different interests with suggestions for hotels.

Want to check out a particular interest or neighborhood? Use these quick links:

Top photo: Cafe on Ile Saint-Louis, a quiet neighborhood in a central location near everything

Final Thoughts On Where To Stay In Paris

Paris is one of the most famous, beautiful and magical cities in the world. A visit to Paris should be on everybodys travel hit list. It offers incredible art, rich history, diverse culture, and is home to some of the best restaurants on the planet. No matter you travel style or interests, its hard not to fall in love with the iconic City of Lights.

In this guide, weve looked at the best places to stay in Paris based on budget, interest and needs. If youre still not sure which of Paris amazing neighbourhoods is right for you, here is a recap of our favourite places.

Le Village Montmartre is our favourite hostel because it has a great location, awesome amenities and offers a delicious Parisian breakfast all for a reasonable price!

Another excellent option is Hotel La Nouvelle Republique. Set in the Oberkampf neighbourhood, this hotel offers spacious rooms with luxurious features.

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Dont Forget Travel Insurance For Paris

Its good to get lost sometimes, but its also good not to get too lost. There are people that want you home in one piece.

Theres one travel insurance provider The Broke Backpacker trusts for all his wildest shenanigansWorld Nomads!

And then let the shenanigans begin.

Apartments Near The Louvre

Where to Stay in Paris: Travel

Stylish accommodation in a secure building with card entry after reception hours. Fabulous location, within a 3min walk from the Louvre. Plenty of options for eating and shopping close by.Why book 170m from the Louvre, quiet location near metro stations, air-conditioning, supermarket just around the corner

Modern, spacious apartments, only a stones throw from the Louvre and metro station. Nicely appointed kitchen and comfortable furniture.Why book 260m from Place de la Concorde, near plenty of restaurants, fully equipped kitchen

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Remember To Skip The Line

I already mentioned this previously in the post.

Try to skip the line whenever possible. What does it mean?

Buy your tickets in advance on the web. You may pay a few Euros more but, believe you me, you will regret it if you dont do it and you will spend most of your days queuing up, not a great experience. Paris is a popular city, especially in spring and summer.

Here below the most common skip-the-line tickets. Most of them can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours prior to the experience.

To avoid disappointments, my suggestion is to buy the ticket to secure the spot and cancel later if you no longer need it.

This post was written in collaboration with Andrea, our Hotel and accommodation expert

Hotel Or Airbnb In Paris

Short Answer: I am a hotel guy mostly but do Airbnb for 7 nights + or countryside stays. Why? You dont even really need to check-in or out of hotels anymore let alone clean the bathroom before you leave. I want to spend my time on vacation hanging out with my wife & kids care-free. If I am in nature, a villa is a great choice and Airbnb makes it easy. That said, you gotta be you so do whatever feels best.

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Best Places For Tourists Attractions Next Door

Its time for a choice, which is the most important thing you want to visit. Is it the Eiffel Tower? Is it the Carrousel du Louvre? Are you just looking forward to the famous Les Deux Magots café?

By the way, what is the Les Deux Magots café? The central point of the poets, the writers, the painters, the elite of the city. It was used also in famous movies like Inception, with Di Caprio.

The Les Deux Magots café is another place to add to the bucket list, although the coffee is not that great, as most of the French coffee btw.ops, well I must admit I am a bit spoiled by the Melbourne coffee LOL

If you are after a hotel with the view of the Eiffel Tower than keep reading as I have added a couple of suggestions in the next chapter.

Otherwise, there are other few options:

Check Arr.5/Latin Quarter Hotels Availability in Arr.11 Best price in Arrondissement 12

Top 3 experiences for tourists in Paris :

Oberkampf Where To Stay In Paris For Nightlife

Where to Stay in PARIS, France

For travellers who enjoy nightlife Oberkampf is the best neighbourhood in Paris to stay in. Situated in the 11th Arrondissement, Oberkampf is a highly diverse and engaging neighbourhood that boasts a wide variety of restaurants, shops, bars and clubs. Its streets are considered some of the trendiest in the city and exploring the neighbourhood is a must for any who loves to be at the centre of the action.

Oberkampf is our top pick for where to stay in Paris for nightlife because this district is bursting with after-dark fun. From basement dive bars to extravagant rooftop patios, theres something for every taste in hip Oberkampf. If youre hitting Paris for a weekend and want some action, then this may be the area for you.

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Tips On Where Not To Stay In Paris

Before we discuss the best places to stay in Paris, here are a few tips about where not to stay in Paris:

  • If you don’t feel comfortable with public transports, avoid getting too far out of Paris. The RER suburban trains can be daunting at first – Only pick areas where you can find a metro
  • At night, some streets feel more comfortable than other. Impression is that: around the metro station of Barbes Rochechouart, Bâton Rouge and Gare du Nord, the people walking at night feel less comfortable.
  • Crime rate is not particularly high in Paris. But like in most large city, pickpockets are around so pay attention – I have lived in Paris center during 2 years and had no issues at all. Just be mindful!

Best Airbnb In Montmartre: Small Studio In Best Location

This charming little studio is perfect for travelling on a budget. You will find yourself living in the most romantic and historical areas of Paris. The studio itself is small, with a pull-out bed, that also acts as a sofa, a small but functional kitchen and a clean bathroom. With an adorable neighbourhood and many monuments within walking distance, this Airbnb definitely deserves a spot on our top list.

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Sentier & Montorgueil: Our New Favorite Place To Stay In Paris

While the 1st Arrondissement is a little too manicured and touristy for our tastes, we spent the better part of a week in the 2nd arrondissement on our last trip to Paris in 2021 , and fell in love with it for a couple of different reasons.

First and foremost, you could pretty easily spend a couple of days exploring the neighborhood, which has a couple of great stretches including Rue de Montorgueil, a street that comes alive at night with a youthful, contagious energy.

Perhaps more importantly, we basically walked everywhere when we were using the area as a home base. Canal St. Martin? We walked. Le Marais and the Marche des Enfants Rouges? We walked. The Louvre? Walked. The list goes on.

The point is, this area is super central to basically everything youll want to visit during your time in Paris, though its not immediately adjacent to any one main attraction. And what you cant walk to, youll be able to hop on the metro and be there in less than 20-25 minutes flat.

We specifically would recommend the area called Sentier, which is a little corner of the 2nd that we stayed in and loved. Anywhere within a couple of blocks of Sentier or Rue Montergueil at the north eastern end of the neighborhood will do just fine, though.

Pros and Cons of Staying in the 2nd Arrondissement



Highlights of the 2nd Arrondissement

Oh so many! Here are some of our favorite spots in the 2nd.

Places to Stay in the 2nd Arrondissement

THE HOXTON: An Ultra Charming Boutique Hotel

Where To Stay In Paris: Saint

Where to Stay in Paris: Hotel Balmoral Review

Great area for: Nightlife & Dining Shopping Young & Young-at-Heart Notre DameSaint Germain is a lively quarter of Paris thats full of shopping, cafés, and cute bars and restaurants. Known as a hotspot for writers and intellectuals in the past, Saint Germain still retains a cool, bohemian air to it.Not just for nightlife and dining, this district also has the Jardin du Luxembourg and is close to Notre Dame, and is just across the river from Rue de Rivoli and the Louvre.Be sure to check out either Cafe de Flore or Les Deux Magots while in the area, both of which have amazing hot chocolate and a history of famous clientele such as Sartre, de Beauvoir, Hemingway, and Picasso, among many others, who hung out here as well as Montparnasse.Tourist attractions in the 6th include the Luxembourg Gardens, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and Place Saint-Michel . The 6th is very close to Notre Dame as well.

La Perle Full of traditional Parisian character and charm, La Perle channels the ambience of a French countryside inn in the heart of Saint Germain. Rooms are decorated in traditional florals and toile, with wooden furniture and upgraded bathrooms. An on-site courtyard garden and a bar make great spots to unwind. Past guests have mentioned the level of comfort and sophistication in the rooms to be above expectation for a 3-star hotel.

Check Pricing & Availability on

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Where To Stay Near Les Halles


  • Maison Albar Hotels le Pont Neuf – 5-star hotel with a calm contemporary vibe, indoor swimming pool, fitness area, and spa
  • The Hoxton – Luxurious 172-room hotel with super-comfy beds, high ceilings, and gorgeous windows in an elegant 18th century mansion


  • – With 285 guestrooms, this 4-star hotel delivers the signature comfort of the Novotel brand in a wonderful location next to the glitzy Forum des Halles shopping mall
  • Hotel Bachaumont – Wonderful location near Rue Montorgueil market street, Les Halles, gourmet cookware shops


  • Hotel Crayon – This chic wallet-friendly 3-star hotel offers creative color-infused guestrooms and a fun ambiance in a terrific location
  • Hotel Le Relais des Halles – 19-room 3-star boutique hotel offering chic Parisian decor and excellent value in a 17th century building near the Louvre, Les Halles, and the Marais neighborhood

French Covid Protest Convoy Defies Paris Stay

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PARIS, Feb 12 – A convoy protesting COVID-19 restrictions breached police defences and drove into central Paris on Saturday, snarling traffic around the Arc de Triomphe and on the Champs Elysees, as police fired tear gas at demonstrators.

Protesters in cars, campervans, tractors and other vehicles had converged on Paris from Lille, Perpignan, Nice and other cities late on Friday, despite warnings from Paris authorities that they would be barred from entering the capital.

Inspired by horn-blaring “Freedom Convoy” demonstrations in Canada, dozens of vehicles slipped through the police cordon, impeding traffic around the 19th century arch and the top of the boutique-lined Champs Elysees, a magnet for tourists.

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Inside the city’s limits, motorists in the “Freedom Convoy” waved tricolour flags and honked in defiance of the police ban.

On the Champs Elysees, clouds of tear gas swirled through the terraces of bars and restaurants.

Riot police also threw tear gas grenades to keep order at an authorised street protest where demonstrators, including some “Yellow Vests” railed against President Emmanuel Macron’s coronavirus vaccine pass rules and the cost of living.

On the Champs Elysees, police used tear gas into the evening as sporadic scuffles continued and one person who collapsed on the sidewalk was brought to hospital for checks, police said.

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Best Arrondissements To Stay In Paris For Any Kind Of Traveler

Paris is made up of 20 arrondissements, or pockets of districts, each with its distinct personality and charm. Starting with the 1st arrondissement on the right banks of the Seine River, the arrondissements are arranged in a clockwise mosaic spiral that begins in the middle of Paris. Whether its your first time in Paris or youve returned to the city time and time again, youll have to figure out which arrondissement to stay in to make the most out of your trip.

To help you out, weve put together a guide on the best arrondissements in Paris for all types of travelers and interests, from couples and families to foodies and art lovers.

What To Do In Case Of A Positive Test

Le Marais Where To Stay In Paris | Where to stay in Paris First Time

– For persons with a complete vaccination schedule who test positive and children under 12 years of age, regardless of their vaccination status, who test positive:

  • Self-isolate for 7 days after the date of the start at the symptoms or of the date tested positive.
  • take an antigen test or a RT-PCR test on the 5th day: if the test is negative and no symptoms have been apparent for 48 hours, it is possible to finish self-isolating after 5 days if the test is positive or if no test is carried out, self-isolating must continue until the 7th day, when no new test will be required.
  • – For persons who test positive and are not vaccinatedor who have an incomplete vaccination schedule:

  • Self-isolate for 10 days after the date of the start of the symptoms or of the date tested positive.
  • take an antigen test or a RT-PCR test on the 7th day: if the test is negative and no symptoms have been apparent for 48 hours, it is possible to finish self-isolating on the 7th day if the test is positive or if no test is carried out, self-isolating must continue until the 10th day, when no new test will be required.
  • In case of a temperature at the end of the self-isolation period, it is preferable to contact a doctor. It is advisable to wait for a further 48 hours after the end of a fever before stopping to self-isolate.

    In case of breathing difficulties, immediately call the SAMU on 15, on 114 for deaf or hearing-impaired persons or on 112 .

    All information on Covid self-isolation rules

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    Where To Stay In Paris With A View Of Eiffel Tower

    The Eiffel Tower is the citys most iconic sight. So, staying in a hotel with a view of the tower is a dream for many tourists. There is no better experience than enjoying the flashing lights of the tower from your own balcony!

    If this is what youre interested in, then the 7th arrondissement is the best place to stay for you. Its the most central neighbourhood that offers amazing views of the Eiffel Tower.

    Located south of the Seine River, the 7th arrondissement is home to a handful of sights. Youll be just a short walk from Les Invalides, Orsay Museum, Rodin Museum and of course the iconic Eiffel Tower.

    Another option is the Grenelle neighbourhood. Its a small district in the north part of the 15th arrondissement, next to Champ de Mars. Here youll find plenty of hotels offering rooms with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Just make sure youre at walking distance to Champ de Mars and near a metro station.

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