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What Area To Stay In Mexico City

Is Mexico City Safe For Travelers

Where to stay in Mexico City | Our picks for best neighbourhoods

The outside world sees Mexico as an asylum for drug cartels and criminals, so itâs easier to assume Mexico City as potentially dangerous, especially for tourists. But, the city has also experienced a rise in tourists over the years. A different story than what you hear?

According to experts, Mexico is a safe city to visit as long as you exercise caution as a necessary precaution â like you should, wherever you travel in the world! Obviously, there are some pockets of the city that you should stay clear of, but other than that, there is nothing to stop you from indulging in the pleasures it has in store for travelers.

As for COVID-19, the Mexican government operates a color-coded system that informs high-risk and low-risk zones on a Mexico City map. It can help you decide where to stay in Mexico City safe.

Paseo De La Reforma A Central Location In Mexico City For First Time Visitors

The Promenade of the Reform is modeled on the great boulevards of Europe, its origins being in the 1860s. It runs across the heart of the City and its current name remembers the War that created Mexico as it is known today.

It contains many of the Capitals tallest buildings and is the hub of tourist activity. That includes top quality hotels and restaurants as well as exhibitions of the finest art. It is also the place that activists select for both celebrations and protests.

Parades are a regular feature, sometimes between the Angel of Independence and Zocalo or on to Los Pintos. If the national soccer side has won, you can expect crowds around the Angel of Independence roundabout.

Stay in Paseo de La Reforma if you are first time visiting Mexico city and looking for a central location, you want a choice of hotels and restaurants nearby, you are interested in art, you dont mind crowded places.

Best places to stay in Paseo de La Reforma:

Galeria Plaza Reformais a distinguished, 5-star hotel, surrounded by Mexico Citys financial and commercial district, containing shops, bars, restaurants and offices, making it equally appealing to both tourists and those on business. Attractions nearby including The Angel of Independence, United States Embassy, Reforma 222, Main Tower, Mexican Stock Exchange.

Best places to stay in Roma:

Best places to stay in La Condesa:

Best Hotels in Mexico City in Polanco:

Be Extra Careful In The Pickpocketing Areas

Just like in any major city, touristy areas are the delight for pickpocketers. A crowded metro station or busy commercial street is they preferred habitat.

Be extra aware of your mobile phone, purse, wallet, and pockets when going to the following places.

  • Zócalo
  • Any metro station, but particularly Zócalo, Pino Suárez or Bellas Artes

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Reforma: One Of The Coolest Neighborhoods In Mexico City

This is by far my favorite neighborhood in Mexico City. I stayed here during my last trip to the city and enjoyed the local vibe, the closeness to all the best attractions in town, the many eateries and shops. Its definitely a great place to stay in Mexico City!

Reforma is a neighborhood that has much to see and do. This area around Paseo de la Reforma was modeled on famous European roadways such as the Champs-Elysées in Paris. Along this thoroughfare, there are monuments, shops, hotels, and restaurants. You can easily spend several hours wandering around this avenue with the European flair.

Every Sunday morning, Reforma shuts down to traffic and the area is temporarily a bike path, exercise, and leisure space. Active people come out at this time to enjoy the day. You can even attend a Zumba class here with hundreds of other people.

For the traveler that loves to shop, Reforma has great offerings. Insurgentes Crafts Market is located here, as well as the Plaza del Angel Antique Center. There are also flea markets here like La Lagunilla where shoppers can purchase crafts, furniture, interior design items, and jewelry.

Best Places To Stay In Reforma

Reforma has a great selection of places to stay. I have picked the best ones for you:

For A Modern And Traditional Mix: Zona Rosa And Juarez

Where to Stay in Mexico City: 9 Best Areas

La Zona Rosa is one of Mexico Citys major cultural spots. It features contemporary and traditional buildings, art galleries, the best restaurants, nightclubs, bars with live music, and even cinemas! The area also has its park called the Parque de la Reforma Park.

The Zona Rosa is a tiny portion of Juarez, which is a larger neighborhood. Both are a unique blend of lively nightlife and quiet streets during the day. Theyre also both in the cultural center and close to Chapultepec!

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Mexico City The Coolest Place To Stay In Mexico

If youre wondering where should I stay in Mexico for truly cool vibes Mexico City is the answer again! Its simply an enormous city filled with a thousand different reasons why its so cool. From epic street art to the Frida Kahlo Museum, from $1 street tacos to taco omaskase at PujolMexico City is where its at.

When youre in the best city in Mexico to see and do cool things, then you better make a solid to-do list and make sure you can check some things off that list! Of course, make sure you see the top tourist sites in the Centro Historico and Condesa districts, however, I want to recommend checking out the other less touristy areas too.

Like the Polanco districtwhere the Soumaya Museum is, and the Coyoacan area is where the Frida Kahlo Museum is located.

However, my favorite district is the Roma. Roma is a hipster neighborhood that is filled with unique things. From the Cafebrería El Péndulo, a three-story bookshop with a rooftop to hang out on, to the Panaderia Rosetta bake shop with delicious guava pastries, to the El Vilsito nightclub that was a car repair shop turned into a bar! Truly Roma is where you need to go to soak up Mexico Citys cool vibes.

The 4 Best Neighborhoods In Mexico City

  • Condesa-Roma
  • Centro Historico
  • Zona Rosa
  • Out of these, Condesa Roma is my favorite but it might not be the best choice for everyone so stick with me as we evaluate all your options.

    Pro Tip: Dont stay outside the city center just to save money. Youll spend all your time commuting instead of enjoying yourself. My mid-range Mexico City hotel suggestions are usually $100/night or less so you can have a great location without breaking the bank.

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    Jardin De La Bombilla

    The garden was built to commemorate the former post-revolutionary president Álvaro Obregón, who was assassinated here in 1928 while having lunch at a restaurant called La Bombilla. It contains the impressive Monumento a Álvaro Obregón, some really pretty fountains and several of the colourful large CDMX letters youll see all around the city.

    Coyoacn Restaurants And Bars


    If you more than a few days in capital, this best neighbourhood to stay in Mexico City would make a great accompanying contrast to a few days in busy Centro Historico. Thats not to stay Coyoacán isnt busy, it is. But its not frenetic, its happening in way that just makes you want to constantly be outside exploring.

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    Mexico City Was Sensory Overload In All Good Ways

    Mexico City was sensory overload in all good ways. Every moment was a delight, from the incredible architecture, history, people, sculptures, murals, markets, youth, culture it literally never ends and we were only there for 24 hours. Incredible! I hope to return often!

    • From £151 per night9.0Superb698 reviews

      Its a modern architecturally pleasant bldg. colours, textiles and atmosphere were perfect. It was in the centre of Polanco Mexico City – the only location you want to be in. The rooms were also nice, I checked in two of my colleagues, so we had 3 rooms all up. We ate in the hotel two nights and had one breakfast. We had 6 to 7 people at each sitting and the staff went out of their way to accommodate us, and the dinners were very late each night. I used the gym and it was also spacious and well equipped.

      Show moreShow less

    • From £37 per night8.7Fabulous1,467 reviews

      The staffs. I got food poisoning the last day. After checked out, I sat in the lobby to have a rest since it was too early to go to the airport and had no energy to hang out anymore. A staff come to ask me and tried his best to help me, he brought me some local medicine and a cup of water, let me to drink it. I did it although I already had my own drugs because I am so touched.

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    Puerto Vallarta Best Lgbtqia+ Destination In Mexico

    Puerto Vallarta is a popular resort town on Mexicos Pacific coast. It has beautiful beaches, epic water sports, and an incredible nightlife scene! Puerto Vallarta also just happens to be the self-proclaimed gay beach capital of Mexico. Its a safe and very welcoming city that waves its pride flag high!

    There are lots of activities that are organized with LGBTQIA+ in mind. One of the most popular activities is Dianas gay and lesbian cruise, where the Jell-O shots never stop coming!

    Theres also tons of gay bars and gay-friendly nightclubs in Porto Vallarta, mostly in the Zona Romantic Old Town neighborhood. The two most popular gay bars are Pacos Ranch and CC Slaughter. The former is known for their drag shows, and the latter is a dance club.

    If youre looking for accommodation, there are some amazing Airbnbs in Puerto Vallarta. From budget to high-end luxury, the city simply got everything!

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    Roads And Car Transport

    In the late 1970s many arterial roads were redesigned as ejes viales high-volume one-way roads that cross, in theory, Mexico City proper from side to side. The eje vial network is based on a quasi-Cartesian grid, with the ejes themselves being called Eje 1 Poniente, Eje Central, and Eje 1 Oriente, for example, for the northsouth roads, and Eje 2 Sur and Eje 3 Norte, for example, for eastwest roads. Ring roads are the Circuito Interior , Anillo Periférico the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense toll road skirting the northeastern and eastern edges of the metropolitan area, the Chamapa-La Venta toll road skirting the northwestern edge, and the Arco Norte completely bypassing the metropolitan area in an arc from northwest to north to east . A second level of the Periférico, colloquially called the segundo piso , was officially opened in 2012, with sections still being completed. The Viaducto Miguel Alemán crosses the city eastwest from Observatorio to the airport. In 2013 the Supervía Poniente opened, a toll road linking the new Santa Fe business district with southwestern Mexico City.

    Mexico City The Overall Best Place To Stay In Mexico

    Best Area To Stay In Mexico City

    Surprise, surprise Mexico City is definitely the overall best place to stay while youre backpacking Mexico. Its a city that is so full of life that is practically pulsing. In fact, Mexico City is actually the largest city in all of North America.

    That means that Mexico City is packed with people, sights, and sounds! Mexico City is also brimming with tons of local mercados filled with crafts and trinkets the best spots buy sombreros and souvenirs.

    When youre backpacking in Mexico City, youre definitely going to want to move around and check out as many districts as you can. The Centre Historico district is where youll see the top tourist spots: the Paladin de Bellas Artes, the House of Tiles, the National Palace, and the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral and thats just naming a few!

    The other most popular area is the Condesa where you can see the Chapultepec Castle, the Museum of Modern Art, and enjoy a lovely afternoon stroll around the Chapultepec Park. Ok, can you tell that there are a million things to see in Mexico City? Its the truth!

    Deciding where to stay in Mexico City can be a struggle, so make sure you inform yourself beforehand. You dont want to end up far away from the hotspots you wanted to explore.

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    Best For: Street Food Museums And Architecture Lovers

    This Mexico City neighbourhood was our first introduction to the country and packed with magnificent buildings, fascinating museums and so much vibrancy, we fell in love with it from the get go.

    The majority of the buildings were built between the 16th and 20th centuries and prior to that this area was the centre of the Aztec Empire. The constant hive of activity of street performers and vendors in this busy colonial city centre spreads out in all directions from the main plaza, Zócalo.

    Mexico City Hotels Directory

    The hotels above are my personal picks for the best hotels in Mexico City. But, of course, thats just based on the hotels Ive personally visited and stayed at. If you want more options, here are some other highly rated Mexico City hotels to consider. Just bear in mind that Ive not personally visited these !

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    Hotels Along Paseo De La Reforma

    • St Regis Mexico City another highly rated Marriott property, featuring complimentary breakfast, an upscale French restaurant, an indoor pool, a gym, and a spa.
    • Hotel Galeria Plaza Reforma my buddy Rob stayed here recently, loves the rooftop pool and says this hotel is great value for money.
    • a 5 star hotel that mixes modern and historic in a spectacular building near Mexico Citys Zona Rosa.
    • Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City a brand that needs no introduction, their Mexico City property unsurprisingly wins rave guest reviews.

    Music Theater And Entertainment

    Where you can stay for $19 per night in Mexico City.

    Mexico City is home to a number of orchestras offering season programs. These include the Mexico City Philharmonic, which performs at the Sala Ollin Yoliztli the National Symphony Orchestra, whose home base is the Palacio de Bellas Artes , a masterpiece of art nouveau and art decó styles the Philharmonic Orchestra of the National Autonomous University of Mexico , and the Minería Symphony Orchestra, both of which perform at the Sala Nezahualcóyotl, which was the first wrap-around concert hall of the world’s western hemisphere when inaugurated in 1976. There are also many smaller ensembles that enrich the city’s musical scene, including the Carlos Chávez Youth Symphony, the Cuarteto Latinoamericano, the New World Orchestra , the National Polytechnical Symphony and the Bellas Artes Chamber Orchestra .

    The city is also a leading center of popular culture and music. There are a multitude of venues hosting Spanish and foreign-language performers. These include the 10,000-seat National Auditorium that regularly schedules the Spanish and English-language pop and rock artists, as well as many of the world’s leading performing arts ensembles, the auditorium also broadcasts grand opera performances from New York’s Metropolitan Opera on giant, high definition screens. In 2007 National Auditorium was selected world’s best venue by multiple genre media.


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    Final Thoughts On Where To Stay In Mexico City

    Its no wonder Mexico City has become a cultural hub, where people from all around the world come to enjoy the rich history and culture. From mouth-watering cuisine to historical landmarks and cute boutique shops, the biggest city in Latin America truly has it all.

    Just to recap Roma is our top choice for where to stay in Mexico City for the first time and its the coolest hood with a huge foodie and art scene. Our pick for the best hotel in Roma is Hotel MX Roma.

    We think Hostel Home is the best hostel in Mexico City because of its location and lively atmosphere! It was the first backpacker hostel in Mexico City and its a great place for solo travellers as you can easily meet new people.

    Let us know if we missed anything in the comments below! Cheers!

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    Our Favorite Area: Polanco

    Polanco is the most exclusive neighborhood in Mexico City, so Mexicans refer to this district as the posh area of the capital.

    When walking through this area, it is common to see shops belonging to large fashion houses, exclusive restaurants and five-star hotels.

    Polanco is also home to Bosque de Chapultepec, an enormous urban park where the inhabitants of Mexico City and visitors can ride bicycle or roller skate, and that also has the National Museum of Anthropology and the Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art inside its territory.

    The nightlife in Polanco is among the liveliest of CDMX, with bars and clubs that present the latest musical, gastronomic and cocktail trends.

    Polanco is the best place to stay in Mexico City for the most demanding travelers who want to stay close to the fun and, at the same time, witness the most elegant side of CDMX.

    Polanco is connected by line 7 of the metro , including its very own station.

    Why is this a recommended area to stay in CDMX:

    • Exclusive area

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