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What Area To Stay In Tulum

Best Areas To Stay In Tulum Town Or Beach Strip

âï¸? Where to stay in TULUM! The best area to stay! And how to save big on hotel!

Tulum isnt a big place but it does have a few areas to stay in, each with its own pros and cons. The best area for you will ultimately depend on factors such as your budget, what you look for in accommodation and how close youd like to be to the beach.

The first thing to know is that surprisingly, Tulum town isnt exactly close to the beach. In fact, it can take around 45 minutes to cycle from some areas in Tulum town to the beach, so if this isnt something youd like to do, consider staying closer to the beach. Taking a taxi is an option but they are expensive and the traffic is infamous on the hotel strip- taking a bicycle or scooter is the best way.

Another huge factor is your budget. Tulum isnt cheap, especially when compared to other places in Mexico. Most budget accommodation and restaurants are in Tulum town and its there that youll get the best deals. If youve got a larger budget, youll be able to fork out a bit more on fancier, more luxurious beachside accommodation.

Tulum is made up of five main areas where most travellers stay. In Tulum town, they are La Veleta, Aldea Zama and Tulum Centro and by the beach, theres the Zona Hotelera and the area by Playa Paraiso.

Wherever you decide to stay in Tulum there certainly isnt any shortage of beautiful, unique, boho-chic hotels that will quickly make you forget you ever came here for a beach.

Hotel Zone Best Place To Stay In Tulum For Couples

Wondering where to stay in Tulum for couples? For an extra-special retreat, head to the Hotel Zone, just north of Tulum Playa.

Not only are you right on the doorstep of some of Tulums best beaches, but theres an abundance of restaurants, shops, and bars nearby for you to explore.

The hotels in this area tend to be on the more expensive side , but its because its truly one of the places to stay in Tulum, Mexico. If, however, youre looking to save some cash, we recommend heading to a different area.

Tulum Hotel Zone Highlights

  • Situated next to the beach
  • Plenty of luxury hotel resorts here
  • Many restaurants, cafes, shops, and bars in the vicinity

Suggested Tulum Hotels in Hotel Zone

  • Hotel Maxanab is a splurge, but worth it if youre celebrating something special. This 5-star hotel comes equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay, and then some it boasts a bar, wifi, a pool, and close proximity to the beach .
  • La Valise Tulum is a truly wonderful hotel. Not only is there a heated infinity pool overlooking the jungle at one end of the boutique hotel and jaw-dropping views of the Caribbean ocean on the other, but there are also beds on the beach so you can admire the stars at night.
  • If youre looking for more affordable places to stay in Tulums Hotel Zone, check out La Zebra a Colibri . The hotel is slightly livelier than some of the others, making it a great option for those vacationing with family and friends.

Best Hotel In Aldea Zama: The Highline Tulum

The Highline Tulum is a modern property nestled between Aldea Zama and Tulum centre. A short walk to the beach and the ruins, this hotel is close to restaurants, shops and other noteworthy attractions.

It features an outdoor swimming pool and charming garden. Each room features a balcony, coffee machine, air-conditioning, and comfortable beds.

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More Places To Stay In Tulum Mexico

While there are loads of awesome hotels and resorts as youve seen above, you may also want to consider another accommodation option: Airbnbs in Tulum.

Airbnbs are great for a more independent stay, with a local feel. There are some truly unique and awesome Tulum Airbnbs and weve picked out our faves for you! Check our list of top Tulum Airbnbs here.

Now, dont you believe me when I say theres something for everyone in Tulum? Whether youre after a budget stay or a five-star getaway, youll be able to find the perfect place to chill out on your trip to Tulum.

For more on traveling in Mexico, check out our Mexico travel tips!

Playa Paraiso / Paradise Beach Amazing Beach

Best Areas to Stay in Tulum, Mexico

Without a doubt, travelers evaluating where to stay in Tulum should not overlook Paradise Beach. Located just south of El Castillo, Paradise Beach is part of the Hotel Zone, but it deserves to be mentioned separately because many travelers consider it to be one of the best beaches in Mexico.

This is not a large district there are less than a dozen hotels and restaurants here, but they are all right in front of the beach and offer incredible views of the Caribbean waters, which can actually change colors through the day.

Viewing the sunrise and swimming are very popular activities while Paradise Beach is protected by lifeguards, you should know that the changing colors correspond to active currents, thus the need for caution when swimming.

It is possible to book a luxury room with views of El Castillo and the Caribbean Sea, but you can expect to pay more for such vistas.

Quite a few tourists arrive in the Riviera Maya by means of the Cancun International Airport, and those seeking the best places to stay in Tulum will likely go through Tulum Pueblo, the downtown district, on their way in.

Tulum Town is a small Mexican coastal city that is not too far from the beach, but it is separated from the Caribbean by a nature preserve and protected archeological sites, which means that you will not find beachfront accommodations here..

Nevertheless, downtown Tulum is a lively place known to attract backpackers and budget travelers.

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Middle Beach Zone Heart Of Tulums Beach

The most exclusive part of Tulum is the Middle Beach zone. It is where you will find the best Tulum hotels, the most stylish boutique hotels in Tulum, and plenty of fine dining. Its beach is long and wide with plenty of space for all.

Many visitors are happy just to walk around Middle Beach, while others cycle. Taxis are easy to find for those that want them. The nightclubs are the definition of chic and stylish, open-air in general.

Dress is casual to the beach clubs and health centers. Be prepared for some high prices if you are staying elsewhere and just visiting for the day.

Staying in Middle Beach Zone if you can afford to pay for the most exclusive part of Tulum, you enjoy a casual environment, a large beach is one of your priorities, you are looking for fine dining, you want a great nightlife.

Best places to stay in Tulum Beach in Middle Beach Zone:

Best luxury hotel:

The Beach Tulum is one of the best luxury hotels in Tulum, an adults-only, beachfront hotel, boasting 2 amazing restaurants giving you plenty of places to kick back and relax. The beach outside this 5-star hotel is lined with beach loungers and umbrellas, while there is also a fabulous pool on-site, giving you choices when it comes to where you want to spend your days basking in the sun.

El Pez a Colibri Boutique Hotel is also good luxury hotel to stay in Tulum Beach.

Best midrange hotels:
Best budget hotels:

Whats The Best Area To Stay In Tulum

When it comes to where to stay in Tulum, the place is split into two distinct areas: Tulum Town or Tulum Beach.

Tulum Town is the best area to stay for people who want to be near the action. While Tulum is a pretty chilled out place, youll still find a handful of bars, a plethora of restaurants, and lots of cute boutiques lining the town streets. If you stay in Tulum Town, youll easily be able to walk to grab a bite to eat and wander home after a late night out drinking.

Youll also find that there are lots of accommodation options in La Veleta, a quiet neighborhood on the edge of town. Its still within walking distance of all the action but this area is much less rowdy than the center of Tulum Town.

On the other hand, if youre looking for the ultimate spot to relax and recharge, Tulum Beach is the optimal place to stay. Miles upon miles of golden sand, warm turquoise waters and the hotels of your wildest dreams thats what you get when you stay at Tulum Beach.

While there isnt too much besides the beach in this area, youll find lots of luxury properties here with their own bars and restaurants, providing everything you need to enjoy the beach without a care in the world.

Town and the beach are about a 20 to 35-minute bike ride away from each other but the way is pretty flat making it a pleasant way to see the area.

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Soliman Bay Quiet Coastal District

Similar to Tankah Bay, Soliman Bay is a quieter coastal district located 15 kilometers north of Tulum Town.

This used to be a very sleepy town where North American veterans and retirees came to enjoy their golden years, but increased development in recent years has made Soliman Bay more attractive to tourists.

There arent many hotels in this district, but you will certainly like all of them some are luxury beach resorts while others are three-star eco-lodges.

If your idea of a Caribbean beach vacation involves spending most of your day at the beach and in the water, you should know that Soliman Bay is protected by an impressive reef that breaks the waves far from the shore, thus making this is a great spot for swimming and snorkeling.

If your children are interested in marine biology, they will love the nearby Xel-Ha water park, home to one of the largest aquariums in the world, which also features a lighthouse observation point complete with a spiral water slide.

North End Of Tulum Beach For Staying

Tulum, Mexico – Where To Stay – Best Areas, Hotels, & Beaches

This area has a narrow strip of land between the beach and road where there are small hotels and guest houses. At the northern most end you will find an back entrance to Tulum ruins. The road is a dead end so there is not a lot of traffic except for the public beaches at the far north end. In this area there are not many restaurants or shops. In general this is not the most popular area of the beach to stay in.

What are some of the best hotels in this area?

Enjoy wonderful sunrises each morning from your own deck at Azulik Hotel.

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Staying In Aldea Zama

Aldea Zama is a new luxury development in between the Pueblo and the Beach Zone. This neighborhood is primarily high-end homes, condos and Airbnbs, though there are a couple of boutique hotels, restaurants, and a playground all connected by walking and cycling paths. Much of the development is still under construction, but there are plans to add luxury boutiques, restaurants, and bars. At the moment, this area has a bit of a sterile feel and hasnt found its own personality yet. However, the location is perfect, offering easy access to the Pueblo and beach, while remaining calm and quiet at night.

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Akumal Where To Stay In Tulum For Families

Just 30 kilometers from Tulum is another resort area called Akumal. This area is largely comprised of condominium developments, so its a great place to stay in a Tulum with a family. You can rent a condo and have more space than a traditional hotel, as well as a kitchen for cooking meals and snacks. While the Tulum beach is larger, the beach at Akumal is on a protected bay, which makes for great snorkeling right off the beach.

Again, a great option for families with kids. Akumal may feel a little less authentic than Tulum as there are more condo developments and less of a local flavor, but if youre just planning to hang at the beach and relax, you will love Akumal. If you choose not to stay in Akumal, then it also makes a great day trip from Tulum.

El Pueblo Or In Town: The Best Area To Stay In Tulum To Be Close To Everything + Save Money

Where to Stay in Tulum: Best Areas &  Hotels

Pros of Staying in Town: Walking distance to pretty much anything, generally cheaper, easy to hail cabs, variety of options, all paved roads, a few more private areas, great restaurants and bars

Cons of Staying In Town: Generally quite loud, not as much privacy/security on average, busy area

Tulums town is a fantastic option when looking at which area to stay in Tulum. You really cant go wrong staying in town. Youll pretty much always be within walking distance of food, markets, and bars, and will always be able to hail a cab from the main road to go anywhere else.

Cabs are also often cheaper from town because its not as affluent an area as Aldea or La Veleta

Staying in town is convenient, and if you follow my recommendations below youll be able to stay in properties that are just as nice as Aldea Zama or La Veleta there are a few more modern and cute places popping up.

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The 5 Best Parts Of Town

  • Pueblo: Best for budget travelers
  • North Beach: Best for visiting the ruins
  • Middle Beach: Best for first-time visitors
  • South Beach: Best for couples
  • Aldea Zama: Best for families and eco-conscious visitors
  • There are two main parts of Tulum: the beach and the town itself, which is a few kilometers inland. Both areas are divided further into neighborhoods, each with their own distinctive character.

    Where To Stay In Aldea Zama

    Aldea Zama is one of the newest areas in Tulum, Mexico. If youve been looking at Tulum Airbnbs the chances are most of them are here and there are also some new hotels here too.

    This is the area we stayed in and we picked it as the hotel looked nice, was affordable and had a great deal where you could use the beach resort of their sister hotel too. Having returned, Im sure this was the best place to stay in Tulum for us.

    The best bits: Youll in between beach and town so it doesnt feel like too much effort to get to either. This area is quiet at night as there arent any bars and theres lots of security so youll also feel super safe.

    Things to think about: If youre planning on partying a lot then youll need to bike or get a taxi into town as this isnt the area for it. Youll also hear construction noise during the day but since we were mostly at the beach or exploring Tulum cenotes this didnt bother us.

    Hotels in Aldea Zama

    Aluna Hotel THE ONE WE PICKED

    We stayed at Aluna Hotel in Tulum and had a great stay. The room was absolutely beautiful and we had a private terrace opening out on to the poolside. When we arrived we were greeted with a welcome drink which went down a treat.

    While there was work going on in neighbouring buildings, this really wasnt an issue. We spent a couple of afternoons at the pool without feeling too disturbed by construction noise.

    Orchid House Tulum

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    Aldea Zama Best Place To Stay In Tulum On A Budget

    Aldea Zama is one of the most underrated areas in Tulum though its newly developed, which might explain why.

    Its perfect for those looking to save some cash, yet its situated right between Pueblo and the Hotel Zone, so its a great location for those looking to sightsee or spend time on Tulums dreamy beaches.

    The area is known for its eco-friendly hotels, with many of the spots either using solar panels or opting for other energy-saving methods. Its also a great place to immerse yourself in local life.

    Aldea Zama Highlights

    • Tulum Ruins and Archeological Zone is nearby
    • Within walking distance from the beach
    • Lots of restaurants and cafes in the area
    • Filled with budget-friendly eco-hotels
    • Quieter than other parts of Tulum

    Suggested Tulum Hotels in Aldea Zama

    • Moskito Condos offers modern, private suites that are perfect for larger groups or families traveling together. Each room has a private hot tub and rooftop garden area, though theres also a beautiful communal pool.
    • These Aldea Zama apartments offer a taste of paradise for a very reasonable price. The pool area is stunning, transporting you to an idyllic incarnation of Tulums jungle, and guests have all the modern amenities needed for a luxurious stay.

    Is It Better To Stay In Tulum Town Or Beach

    Best Places to Stay, See and Eat in Tulum Mexico

    If you are on a budget, it is better to stay in Tulum town. If you can afford it, staying on the beach provides the most memorable Tulum experience. See our full guidefor more info.

    Thats it for this guide on where to stay in Tulum, Mexico. Get planning your trip to Mexico with our related guides:

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