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What Is The Best Area To Stay In Mykonos

Where To Stay In Mykonos To Party

Where To Stay Mykonos, Greece – Travel & Vacation Planning

Mykonos is famous for its clubs and attracting international DJs. Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are known for its beach parties and clubs, and although there is some accommodation here, its pretty remote otherwise, with not much else to do. Mykonos Town is also a great option for where to stay in Mykonos for nightlife, and theres also much more to do here, so this is another option. Paraga Beach, which is not too far from Paradise beach, also has a beautiful beach area and has a sophisticated beach party atmosphere.

Little Venice Best Place To Stay In Mykonos For Nightlife

Little Venice is in fact a neighborhood within Mykonos Town. However, it deserves a special mention for any party lovers out there: vibrant Little Venice is the best part of Mykonos to stay for nightlife.

The seafront area just south of the Old Port is lined with all kinds of bars and nightclubs where you can let your hair down and dance until dawn, with many clubs remaining open until 5.30am. If you are looking for something more relaxed then you will also find a solid selection of ambient wine bars and cocktail lounges. Besides the bars and clubs, Little Venice is also a terrific area to indulge in a special meal and catch a magical sunset behind those oscillating windmills.

While Little Venice deserves a spot on any Mykonos itinerary, I do not recommend this as the best location to stay in Mykonos if you prioritize your shut eye over late nights!

Pros and cons of staying in Little Venice


Where To Stay On Mykonos For Couples Alternative Options

Psarou Beach isnt the only great place for couples to enjoy the island. Here are a few more for you to consider.

Mykonos Town

  • Pros: Lots of activities, Romantic neigorhood, Great parties
  • Cons: No big beach, buisy at night

Kapari Beach

  • Pros: Quiet, Beautiful views and sunsets, Hidden beach
  • Cons: Far from the rest of the island

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Best Hotel In Old Port Of Mykonos: Vienoulas Garden Hotel

This three-star hotel is one of the best places in Mykonos to stay. It is situated at the heart of the town and is close to great bars, delicious restaurants, and plenty of nightlife, shopping and sightseeing. Guests can enjoy a range of features, including a swimming pool, gym and sun deck.

Best Hotel In Elia Beach: Greco Philia Hotel Boutique Mykonos

Where to Stay in Mykonos

This exceptional five-star hotel is one of the coolest places to stay in Mykonos. Its rooms are equipped with a spa bath and air conditioning and guests can enjoy a complimentary fruit bowl. This hotel also has a variety of wellness features, like a swimming pool, a sauna, a Jacuzzi and a fitness centre.

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Overview Of Where To Stay In Mykonos

Mykonos is a member of the Cycladic islands in the Aegean Sea. Situated around 153 km from Athens, Mykonos measures 85.5 square kilometers . Flights connect the Greek capital with Mykonos International Airport in around 45 minutes while ferries take approximately 3-5 hours subject to how much you are prepared to spend. You can also access the island by boat from a neighboring island such as Santorini or Naxos.

The western half of the island is more populated with towns, villages, and hotels. Over on the east, choices are more limited but you will find villas and self catered accommodations dotted around the more remote beaches. If you choose to stay on this side then you will need to hire a vehicle for getting around Mykonos.

Mykonos Town, or Chora, and Ano Mera are the two largest towns on the island. Both are two of the best places to stay in Mykonos. Lively Mykonos Town is located on the west coast and is conveniently located for the New Port in case you want to go island hopping during your stay. Meanwhile, sleepy Ano Mera is situated right in the heart of the island. Scattered around the periphery of the island are a number of other smaller beach resorts and towns, each offering an entirely different perspective on this incredible island.

Before we dive into the complete guide, here is an overview of the best areas to stay in Mykonos with hotel recommendations for each town or village.

More hotels in Kalafatis

Where To Stay In Mykonos: Best Mykonos Hotels + Area Guide

Mykonos is one of the most beautiful islands Ive ever been to. The white buildings, beautiful clear blue beaches, the little windy streets of Mykonos Town, every part of Mykonos has something special. This only makes it harder when trying to decide where to stay in Mykonos. So what area to stay in Mykonos to make the most of your trip? In our Mykonos accommodation guide, you will find our Mykonos area guide, and the best hotels in Mykonos grouped by location and price. The aim of this guide is to help you choose the best area of Mykonos to stay for you, find the best hotels in Mykonos easily, and make planning your trip to Mykonos simple.


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Where To Stay In Mykonos For Couples

There are some great areas to stay in Mykonos for couples and those on their Mykonos honeymoon. Again I would say Mykonos Town is a great option, with a variety of accommodation options and things to do. Other great options are beach areas that still have restaurants nearby, but not as many when compared to Mykonos Town, such as Platis Gialos and Psarou. Otherwise, the more remote beach areas are great for relaxing, such as Agios Ioannis, Agios Stefanos and many others.

Elia Best Place To Stay In Mykonos For Luxury And Seclusion

Where to Stay in Ornos Beach, Mykonos, Greece

As one of the liveliest and most happening islands in Greece, you might wonder where to stay in Mykonos if you want to escape the crowds? Elia is a small beach town situated on the south central coast of the island. Ano Mera is a 10 minute drive away while Mykonos Town is a 30 minutes by car. If you want to beach hop to nearby spots such as Super Paradise Beach or Ornos then bear in mind that there arent any roads linking the towns so youll need to drive or take the bus inland or take the water taxi. Buses and water taxis are available to connect you to other parts of the island.

Elia Beach is one of the longest beaches on the island and features soft sand and pleasant swimming conditions. There is a designated nudist area at the western end of the beach if youre after an even tan! Elia is equipped with immaculate hotels that make it one of the best areas to stay in Mykonos for couples and honeymooners seeking privacy. Besides sunbathing, swimming and watersports you can spend your time luxuriating in your resort. Essentially, Elia is the place to stay if you are seeking a getaway.

Pros and cons of staying in Elia


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Where To Stay In Elia Beach

Luxury Accommodation In Elia

If youre looking for a top-class place to stay in Elia Beach, nothing beats the standards of Myconian Utopia Relais & Chateaux.

The hotel has been built on a hill overlooking the bay of Elia, respecting every characteristic of the Cycladic architectural style. Its only 100 meters from the beach, but you can also enjoy the unique outdoor pool.

The villas open to a furnished balcony, some of them also have a hot tub or a private pool. There are a fitness facility and massage center that offers relaxing spa treatments upon charge.

Are you looking to enjoy the comfort of a private beach? Look no further the Royal Myconian, which belongs to the Leading Hotels of the World, is probably the place you were looking for.

This hotel has elegant rooms with unique views of the beach and a top-rated spa for its guests. In this Mykonos resort, you can enjoy immediate access to the beach as well as towels, refreshments, comfortable sunbeds, and umbrellas.

Convenient Accommodation Near Elia

Move away just a few minutes from Elia if you want to enjoy more affordable prices.

Kalafati is a nice beach quite close to Elia, where its possible to practice water sports thanks to the areas favorable windy conditions.

For families with kids who still prefer the more calm waters of Elia Beach, Kalafati offers great accommodation at reasonable prices.

Where To Stay In Ornos

In Ornos, there are quite a few options when it comes to hotels. In your case, youll most certainly want big rooms to fit your whole family. And being close to the beach is a nice bonus to have.

Best Hotel: Santa Marina, A Luxury Collection Resort, Mykonos

Both you and your children will love this place. For the kids, it offers a playground and a childrens swimming pool. And for the adults to relax, youll find a Spa and Wellness center. The hotel has a private beach, and offers an amazing breakfast that, without a doubt, everyone in the family will love!

The Mykonos Blanc is located right on the seafront, perfect for all of you to enjoy the beach at a maximum. And if you prefer a swimming pool, there is also one in the hotel. And just to make your life extra easy, the hotel offers a nice dinner.

Alternative Choice: Deliades Hotel

The Deliades Hotel also offers a nice restaurant, and a swimming pool for your whole family to enjoy. And a nice bonus this hotel offers is an airport shuttle. This way you wont have to struggle to get here from the airport, which is really nice, especially with kids.

If you want to deeper explore the family-friendly areas in Mykonos, read this guide to find exactly where to stay in Mykonos with family.

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Old Port Of Mykonos Where To Stay In Mykonos For Your First Time

The Old Port is our number one pick for the best neighbourhood to stay in Mykonos if youre visiting for the first time.

The centrepiece of lively and vibrant Mykonos Town, the Old Port is where youll find the islands most famous attractions. From whitewashed buildings and windmills to restaurants, shops and kiosks, the Old Port is one of Mykonos best neighbourhoods for checking the sights, sounds and tastes of Mykonos off your bucket list.

The Old Post is also the best neighbourhood in Mykonos to stay in if youre looking to do a little island hopping. From here you can board a ferry and be whisked off to Delos, Naxos, or even faraway Athens.

The Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece For You

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos In 2021
  • THE Best Place to Stay in Mykonos Greece:Mykonos Town
  • Where to Stay in Mykonos to Party: Paradise Beach
  • Best Place to Stay in Mykonos for Families: Ornos
  • Where to Stay in Mykonos for Couples : Psarou Beach

So there you have it, the answer to What is the best area where to stay on Mykonos?. If you want more info about each area including pros & cons and hotel options, keep reading below!

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Best Place For Families With Kids In Mykonos

Mykonos has much better and more beaches than Santorini and this is ideal for kids!

Mykonos is ideal for kids and families as the long sandy beaches of the island with lots of amenities around are perfect for kids and families.

If you are visiting Mykonos with kids then the best thing you can do is to stay at one of the beach resorts so that you will have the beach at your doorstep.

The most family friendly places in Mykonos are the ones that are close to the beaches ofOrnos or Platis Gialos .

You can still stay close to Mykonos town if you want but kids would love having the beach at a walking distance

Mykonos and Greece are super safe in general and you dont have to worry too much .

There are areas though that are great for kids and if your kids are in their teens they would probably enjoy Kalafatis and Elia beaches more as there are also plenty of watersports available for them to try.

Best Family Hotels in Mykonos:

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Best Place To Stay In Mykonos For Families: Ornos

Ornos is a chill place, located a couple kilometers south of Mykonos Town.

There, youll find some nice beaches and restaurants. There are also a few bars where people party, but the vibe is way chiller than its in Mykonos Town. Youll easily have some space to relax while your kids play in the sand. And the views are of course breathtaking.

And since its located quite close to Mykonos Town, youll easily be able to enjoy the cosmopolitan city. And from there, getting to the rest of the island is also very easy.

Agios Stefanos Where To Stay In Mykonos For Couples

Where to stay Mykonos | Gelos House | Ornos Beach

Conveniently located a short distance away from the airport and the capital of the island of Corfu, Agios Stefanos is a small resort that has developed some since being one of the first fishing villages of Corfu Island. A perfect place to use as a base for exploration, Agios Stefanos is close to other famous resorts such as Arillas , Agios Georgios Pagi and Roda .

If you want to stay purely in Agios Stefanos, you wont be disappointed, if youre wondering where to stay in Mykonos for honeymoon, this is the place!

With a backdrop of gorgeous hills, colourful olive groves and an unspoilt rural valley, the area is a quiet getaway from the rest of lively Mykonos. In Agios Stefanos, you can indulge in a mile long clear-water beach with soft gold sand, family-friendly restaurants with great seafood, a variety of hotels, bakeries, music-cafés, and local shops, and a local harbour where you can buy fresh fish in the mornings.

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Paradise Beach/super Paradise Beach Where To Stay In Mykonos For Nightlife

Paradise Beach, founded in 1969, has become one of the most well-known beaches in the world. Not only is it gorgeous, but it is the center of some of the best parties! It is geared to the young, hip crowd and is a vibrant place to go in looks, sound and spirit.

Do not miss Cavo Paradiso or The Paradise Beach Club, currently ranked #17 in the world for best clubs and is the largest club on the island. Paradise Beach Club can fit 5,000 people over several outdoor terraces. Some of the worlds best and influential DJs play there and guests include people from all over the world.

Staying in Paradise Beach is a breeze. There are rooms, apartments, a resort and even camping available. Accommodations range from economical to high-end.

Then there is Super Paradise Beach to see during your stay in Mykonos, located just 6 km southeast of Mykonos Town. Although it is close, Super Paradise Beach could be a world away in its atmosphere.

Super Paradise beach, a nude beach, is known for its anti-conformist, alternative lifestyle. It has almost no hotels, so it feels exclusive.

It is one of the party areas in Mykonos and has become known for concerts, fun, and a vital nightlife. The area is trendy and alluring to clubbers, models, VIPs, and jet-setters. A lot of celebrities go there.

One feature of Super Paradise is a full day cruise. One is quite affordable while the other is a high-end yacht cruise.

There are hotels with beach views that offer excellent amenities.

Where To Stay On Mykonos Island Detailed Guide

Even though Mykonos is not huge, it has two contrasting areas you can stay at and it all depends on your personal preference in the end. The thing about Mykonos is, the town with the bustling restaurants, cafes, night-life and most of the shopping is inside while most of the beaches border it, thus making the city center a little bit far away.

With over 1 million visitors per year, Mykonos welcomes an array of all types of tourists who all choose different types of accommodation, and before you go ahead and book your hotel, make sure you know exactly what you want to experience!

So you have two options.

Option 1: You can revel in the beach areas of Mykonos, most of them have an array of restaurants and bars nearby .

Option 2: Or stay where most of the action happens, right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Mykonos, shoulder to shoulder with people of all nationalities, with the echo of all diverse language chattering all over each other, and the vibrancy of the city is emanating all over. By staying in those parts of the city, you can be close to both the restaurants, bars and cafes and the beach!

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