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What Is The Best Town To Stay In Lake Como

Menaggio Where To Stay In Lake Como First Time

USA TODAY Top 5 Must Do’s for Lake Como, Italy

Menaggio is the main town on the western shore of Lake Como. It is an attractive town with a laid-back atmosphere and plenty of things to do. It boasts shops and restaurants, gelaterias and arcades that will entertain all types of travellers. With a delightful pedestrian-only centre and a vast array of entertainment options, Menaggio is our pick for where to stay in Lake Como if youre visiting for the first time.

Outdoor adventurers will also love staying Menaggio. The town makes for an excellent base for intrepid explorers who are keen to hike into the hills, explore the shores by bike, or hop across the border and visit the glorious Swiss Alps.

Botanical Garden At Hotel Villa Cipressi

There are many beautiful lake Como places to visit, but one of the go-to places for nature lovers is definitely the Botanic Garden at Hotel Villa Cipressi. Among all places to go in lake Como, this gem is the melting pot of contemporary architecture and ancient gardens, which is hard to compare to anything else.

When you visit the Botanical Garden at Hotel Villa Cipressi, you will be welcomed by the biodiversity of each Italian region. Get ready for a scented, 100% unique journey through art and blooming trees, right above the bright blue lake ringed by the green hills of Como.

Wrapping Up The 15 Best Things To Do In Lake Como Italy

Now that we discussed all the best things to do in Como Italy, it is time to give you our final verdict: is lake Como worth visiting? Our 100% confident answer is yes! Lake Como is a perfect destination for relaxing weekend getaways, cultural trips, or even day trips from Milan.

And if you are still wondering what is the best time to visit lake Como, think of the activities you want to do there. If you are into water sports, choose summer for the time of your trip, but if you would rather explore the cultural side of the region and avoid the crowd, the best time to visit Como is Spring or Autumn.

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Best Towns On Lake Como

Lake Como, located in Northern Italys Lombardy region, is well known for its dramatic scenery, set against the foothills of the Alps. The lake is shaped like an upside-down Y, with three slender branches that meet at the resort town of Bellagio. At the bottom of the southwest branch lies the city of Como, home to Renaissance architecture and a funicular that travels up to the mountain town of Brunate.

Below I will be showcasing best towns in Lake Como, Lake Como towns to visit, from Lecco, Bellagio, Menaggio and more. Lake Como towns and villages are breaming with beautiful villas and gardens worthy of Instagramming. Lake Como elevation and surrounding hills and mountains provide amazing views, of course, I will also be including best places Lake Como visitors need to check out in each area.

Best Hostel For Couples In Lake Como Agriturismo Al

Where to Stay in Lake Como: Best Towns &  Hotels
  • $$
  • Located in Schignano, 8 km from the city of Lake Como
  • Private, ensuite rooms
  • Free breakfast

Looking for an authentically Italian place to stay in Lake Como? Look no further. Agriturismo Al-Marnich is where old and new worlds meet. Exposed brick and stone beautifully define the character of the private rooms. Putting your hands on the rough stone, you can feel the history of Al-Marnich. Vintage furniture completes the feel that youve stepped back in time.

As a working farm nestled in the hills not far from Lake Como, Al-Marnich gives a first-hand view of the Italian rustic countryside. Italy is the home of the best food in the world, and at their restaurant, Al-Marnich uses ingredients from their own farm to create traditional plates to die for. Experience the true farm-to-plate meal that your tastebuds will thank you for.

Al-Marnich is an agriturismo. So, unlike a traditional hostel, there are no communal spaces like a kitchen or lounge. Instead, free breakfast is included with the booking and with an electric kettle in the room, you can enjoy a caffeinated drink at any hour.

Why youll love this hostel:

  • Restaurant uses produce from onsite farm
  • Fireplace
  • Terrace

All the rooms are ensuite, so dont worry, you wont be sharing with other guests. Phew! Certain rooms have the luxury of a terrace overlooking the Bellavista. Others have a fireplace. If youre travelling in the colder months, fire it up and enjoy your fairytale getaway.

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Where To Stay On Lake Como

Each city has its own uniqueness and peculiarity, so first I recommend that you decide on the format of your vacation. And already based on the description of the cities, choose your option to your liking. For your convenience, we have prepared a guide to the best cities and resorts in this beautiful corner of Northern Italy.

Best Airbnb In Varenna Stunning Lake View Home

Charming, authentic and super welcoming this lake front apartment is a real hidden gem in Varenna. Although it is quite pricey, youll get tons of value for the nightly rate. The apartment is equipped with ACs making the hot summer days easy to endure. Wake up to an unrestricted view of the water and enjoy your morning coffee on your private balcony. Theres no better way to start the day!

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Best Bed And Breakfast In Varenna: Orange House Perledo

This BnB is conveniently located in Perledo, a short walk from Varenna. Its well-connected to Belaggio and there are plenty of options for shopping, dining, relaxing and nightlife nearby. This bed and breakfast has two comfortable guest rooms that are each outfitted with a range of essential amenities.

Best Places To Stay In Cernobbio

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Hotel Asnigo A large, sumptuous Art Nouveau building thats less than a kilometer from the lake, Hotel Asnigo features modern rooms finished in a soft, neutral style and color palette. It boasts a large promenade with spectacular views of Cernobbio town and the lake perfect for a stroll or to watch gorgeous sunsets. The building itself is over 100 years old and has been meticulously restored for a decidedly romantic place to stay. If youre on a road trip, this is easy to get to from the Milan highway.

Hotel Centrale This hotel is set in a large, traditional villa for a slice of authentic Italian charm. As you might have guessed from the name, it has a great location right in the center of Cernobbio plus, its just 100 meters from Hotel Centrale to the shores of Lake Como. The rooms boast classical period features which have been stylishly updated for a plush place to stay. Thinking of getting out on a boat? The harbor is 200 meters away.

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Lecco The Best Place To Stay For Luxury And Fine Dining

Lecco is one of the best places to stay in Lake Como if you want to stay in a larger and more commercial location. Similar to Como, you wont run out of things to do in Lecco. Its located on the southeastern part of the lake and is a bit more isolated.

Because of its isolation, it can be a bit harder to get to Lecco, but if you dont plan on exploring the other villages a whole lot, that shouldnt be a problem. Transportation to and from Lecco also occurs a lot more often during the summer months, which is something to keep in mind.

The places to stay in Lecco are quite luxurious, and there are tons of great places to eat here. Its also right next to the Italian Alps, so there are breathtaking views no matter where you look.


  • Quieter than the other villages
  • Affordable prices for high-end luxury stays
  • Filled with some of Lake Comos most popular restaurants


  • More commercial village
  • Located in a less popular part of Lake Como, so transportation can be a tad more difficult

Best places to stay in Lecco

Cozy Loft In Bellagio: Lake Views From Your Private Garden

Enjoying the lake view from your private garden sounds good, right? This stunning home offers only the best amenities and a top location in Bellagio. The apartment is part of an ancient villa, but your privacy is guaranteed. The host is known for going above and beyond for their guests so youll be taken care of.

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Bellagio The Best Place To Stay For Sightseeing And Exploring Other Villages

Another one of the best places to stay in Lake Como is Bellagio. This is one of the most popular villages to visit, and its centrally located in the middle of the lake so you can easily travel to pretty much anywhere. While the town is small, its filled with tons of sightseeing opportunities.

Bellagio is consistently said to be one of the most beautiful towns in all of Europe, so if you want to stay in an Instagram-worthy location, this place is for you. There are also lots of great gardens and viewpoints throughout Bellagio, making it a worthy place to set as your home base for your trip to Lake Como.

Keep in mind that Bellagio is Lake Comos most famous town, so youll want to book your accommodations well in advance to avoid them being fully booked out for your planned trip.


What Is The Best Way To Get From Milan To Lake Como

Best Towns on Lake Como

Here are our suggestions on how to get to Lake Como: its time to plan your trip!

If youre planning to rent a car to visit another Lake Como attraction, driving to Lake Como is very simple. It is a pretty path on the highway A9 and in Como, there are a lot of parking garages.

If you do not have plans for a car rental, it is so easy to arrive by train. In Lake Como area is very simple to travel thanks to ferry boat or buses.

In Milan, there are 3 main train stations: Cadorna, Centrale, and Garibaldi.

If you are going to spend one day in Milan, we suggest staying close to Cadorna: its neighborhoods are the nicest.

For a day trip, Milans Central Station is the fastest itinerary. A one-way train ticket from Milan to Como costs around 5 for the regional train and 12 for the Eurocity train.

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Amazing House In Menaggio: Charming Home With Stunning Lake View

Make the most of your first time visiting Lake Como and go full-on with the regions rich and glitz vibe. A private lake view terrace would be great for socialising, and wed personally love soaking in the views that straight through the window from the queen size bed. Well situated just on the edge of town, youll have no problem exploring on foot.

Where To Stay In Bellano

Hotel Meridiana This cozy, charming little hotel is nestled right on the waters edge, complete with a sun-drenched garden and a beautiful terrace. Each room comes with its own balcony boasting utterly stunning panoramic views for designer sunsets. Summers at this lovely hotel mean dining practically on the lake itself, which is an amazing experience. This hotel has a bonus: its very own slice of beach, complete with sun loungers, where you can dip your feet into the water.

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Menaggio Where To Stay In Lake Como For Sightseeing

Located on the western shore of Lake Como in the central of the lake, laid-back Menaggio is one of the best choices for anyone looking for sightseeing and a relaxing vacation spent chilling out in a beautiful location. With stunning swimming spots, welcoming lakeside cafes and bars, and gorgeous surroundings, Menaggio is a town where you can just relax, kick back and unwind.

The pedestrian-only center is flatter than you will find in most areas around Lake Como, so it is easier for people with mobility issues to navigate. You will get all the stunning views without the struggle of steep stairways and harsh inclines.

One of the largest towns around Lake Como, there is plenty to keep you occupied. There is tons of history here to explore, not to mention modern hospitality and entertainment. Remains of the ancient city wall are still scattered around the town center, so keep your eyes peeled when walking around. The 17th-century Chiesa di San Stefano is worth a visit for its beautiful frescoes and intricate moldings.

Coming back to that point about relaxing, Menaggio has plenty of places where you can lay by the water or enjoy a refreshing swim. Spiaggia Lerai is a pretty little beach. Mostly pebbly, there are some patches of soft sand for you to stretch out on and sunbathe, before heading for a dip in the lake.

Best places to stay in Lake Como in Menaggio:

Tremezzina Where To Stay In Lake Como For Families

Lake Como, Italy: Bellagio and Varenna

Tremezzina is located western shore of Lake Como and is famous for its lush waterfront areas, beautiful botanical gardens, and famous villas such as Villa Charlotta, Villa Serbelloni, and Villa del Balbianello. It is a great area to stay for families offering large parks, family-friendly hotels, and nice beaches.

FUN FACT: Star Wars Episode 2 and James Bond Casino Royale were shot in Villa del Balbianello!

Thanks to the center lake shuttle ferry it is very easy to reach Tremezzina and the surrounding towns. Tremezzina offers nice beach areas and parks which are perfect for families to enjoy time with their kids. You can go on a hike by the lake, check out gorgeous villas such as Villa Carlotta, enjoy beautiful views of the lake, have delicious meals in great restaurants, and pack a picnic for the parks.

In Tremezzina you will be able to find a lot of family-friendly accommodations with more space and facilities like a private beach and convenient location. Lets check out the best places to stay in Lake Como for families.

Riva Al Lago

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Bellagio Best Area To Stay In Lake Como For Nightlife

Set at the centre of Lake Como, where the two legs of the lake split, is Bellagio. The busiest and one of the best-known towns in the region, Bellagio is a tourist hot spot that caters to travellers of all ages and styles. It is an attractive town that boasts a good selection of bars and cafes, as well as delicious restaurants and indulgent gelaterias.

Bellagio is also where youll find the best nightlife options in Lake Como. Tucked throughout this stunning Italian oasis are a vast array of bars, pubs, nightclubs and dance floors as well as stylish wine bars and relaxing lounges. No matter what youre looking for, youll find it in stunning Bellagio.

Best Things To Do In Lake Como Italy

What are the best places to stay at Lake Como? Are there any gyms in Como? Were sure you have a bunch of questions and were ready to answer them all. Lake Como is one of those destinations around Milan where you can easily arrive even if you dont have a car. There are magical places to discover, and its a destination thats also perfect for those, who come to Italy to relax, and if you prefer lakes and mountains over coastal destinations!

If youre wondering what to do in Lake Como Italy or you want to learn about the best towns to visit on Lake Como, were happy to guide you through your trip to this beautiful destination. Read on to find out what is the best time to visit lake Como and what are the best things to do in Como Italy you will never forget!

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Best Hotel In Menaggio: Hotel Du Lac Menaggio

Hotel Du Lac Menaggio is our top choice for where to stay in Menaggio. It is ideally located in Lake Como and there are plenty of restaurants, shops, and attractions nearby. This hotel provides relaxing accommodations with a terrace, luggage storage, a lounge bar and a cosy café.

Menaggio: One Of The Most Touristic Villages In Lake Como

Lake Como travel

On the other shore of the lake, in front of Varenna, lies Menaggio with its more than 3000 inhabitants. It is one of the most touristic villages of Lake Como as suggested by the number of hotels, campsites and apartments in this area.

However, its medieval past shows that it was once a walled town. It was one of the first areas the Milanese discovered and built their summer residences in the 19th century.

Its extensive lakeside promenade invites the traveler to fall in love with the city and its panoramic views. Its lively and colorful old town center consists of the main square, the Giussepe Garibaldi square, surrounded by striking façades.

The neighborhoods here are full of small shops, but you can also find high-end boutiques. Not surprising considering the number of celebrities who frequent the lake.

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Lake Como Neighborhood Guide

Lake Como

Lake Como is a sprawling region along a y-shaped lake that has been famous since the Roman times! Right in the heart of the Alps, the natural beauty here is unparalleled on the continent but thats not the only attraction. Many of the towns are packed with historic architecture, innovative restaurants and even some great nightlife venues.

Como is the main town in the region and for most visitors will be your first point of entry! This huge town has plenty of tourist attractions, though it is also one of the most upmarket towns along the banks of the lake.

Nevertheless, for first time travellers, this is a great introduction to the area and if youre only staying for a short period you cant go wrong with Como.

If you want to stay a little longer, Tremezzo is another fantastic destination! This is one of the most beautiful towns along the banks of the river, as well as one of the most lavish. For families, Tremezzo offers a calm atmosphere where you can truly get to know the Lake Como area at your own pace. They also offer some great family friendly attractions.

Finally, we also recommend Menaggio! If you are on a bit of a budget, this town is one of the best options for you. It is also our pick for coolest neighborhood in the area because of the exceptional local character.

Still undecided? Check out our extended guides, including our accommodation picks, below!

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