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What Town To Stay In Lake Como

Beautiful Studio In Tremezzo: Stunning View Home With Shared Pool

Where to stay in Lake Como

Views over the lake, a shared pool, a garage to park your car and a fully equipped apartment what else could you want? This amazing home in Tremezzo is the perfect place for families that want to be close to the main area but also enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet. Kids can play outside while parents can sip their drinks away in the private garden.

Cernobbio The Best Place To Stay For Tranquility And Italian Charm

Next up is Cernobbio, which is said to be somewhat of a hidden gem accommodation location while visiting Lake Como. Its not that far from the city of Como but is nowhere near as busy and overrun by tourists as Como. Many wealthier people initially set up their homes here, which is evident in the architecture and buildings throughout.

If youre wondering about where to stay in Lake Como for a classic Italian charm, then you have to check out Cernobbio. Accommodation prices here are incredibly affordable, and youll find a decent amount of shops and restaurants throughout. Even George Clooney has a villa near Cernobbio!

One thing to keep in mind is that there isnt as much to do in Cernobbio as there is in some of the other villages. However, the great prices and breathtaking views more than make up for it!


Day Trips From Lake Como With A Private Tour

This is the no worries solution. You jump on a private bus and they will take you around the iconic places.

The great advantage is the guide that will show and explain all about the lake, from the history to the anecdotes.

You will also take a private boat instead of the public ferry, that will take you to a few unique sites.

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Why Visit Lake Como

Located in the heart of the Italian Alps, Lake Como is the third largest of the Italian lakes and one of the most sought-after Italian destinations by tourists and locals alike.

It offers some of the most picturesque scenery in the world a breathtaking and dramatic combination of snow-topped mountains, beautiful Italian architecture, and expansive, sparkling waters.

Along the perimeter of the lake sit quaint villages and bustling towns, each with their own unique beauty and charm. From the city of Como, filled with museums and historic attractions, to romantic Varenna with its lakeside Lovers Path, to historic villas with the most beautiful gardens

Lake Como is a fairytale region with countless incredible sights and experiences just waiting to be discovered.

Where To Stay In Griante

Where to Stay in Lake Como: Best Towns &  Hotels

Hotel Riviera is a mid-level accommodation that overlooks both Lake Como and Bellagio, and is great value for money. They feature a traditional Italian restaurant as well.

Right off the shore of Lake Como, beside the Villa Carlotta botanic gardens, youll find the luxurious Grand Hotel Cadenabbia. The property features a fantastic terrace, great views, and all the amenities. The hotel is just a 5 minute walk from the Cadenabbia ferry port.

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Varenna Where To Stay In Lake Como To Relax

Located on the northeastern shore of Lake Como, Varenna is a very picturesque town offering amazing lake views with cool cafes, and delicious restaurants. Stay in Varenna and you will be able to see beautiful botanical gardens, charming buildings with great architecture, and even some museums!

The best way to enjoy Varenna is to have a stroll on the waterfront, enjoy the scenic lake views and pick a nice cafe by the lake to have an Italian wine. You dont need to rush anything in Varenna. As Italians say, dolce far niente which means the art of doing nothing, just fits here. All you need to do is to enjoy the panoramic views of Lake Como and relax!

The Places To Stay Near Lake Como

There are three main towns youll most likely stay in during your timeat Lake Como: Bellagio, Menaggio,or Varenna. That said, you can also save some moneyby staying outside these main hubs and I also have a recommendation a littlelater on of a spot to stay in between towns.

The neat thing is that you can travel easily by ferry between all three towns.So if you do decide you want to stay in ONE town, that would be logisticallyfeasible.

We roadtripped around the entire lake, and just took a shortcut once withthe ferry. But its your choice whether you want to focus on these townsor also see more around the lake.

Read on for details on staying in each of these towns and specifichotel recommendations.

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The Best Village To Stay In Lake Como

The above should give you an idea of best place to stay in Lake Como best on places you want to visit in each of the towns and villages on Lake Como and how much time to spend in Lake Como available to you. I have also shared tips on best Airbnbs on Lake Como but I have also linked to the best hotels in Bellagio, Tremezzo, Varenna, Lenno, and for the rest of the list of hotels in Lake Como towns click here.

Picking the best town to stay in Lake Como depending on the attractions you want to see. While most will come and explore the likes of Bellagio and stay in Bellagio so just factor in the ferries and journey times between towns to make it easier to explore Lake Como.

Luxury Hotels In Lake Como

Lake Como Italy – A Pandemic Vacation Part 1

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Theres certainly no shortage of fabulous luxury hotels in this area of Italy. If youre looking for somewhere super special, perhaps to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or honeymoon, this is one of the most luxurious places to stay in Lake Como.

Perched majestically on the western shore, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo offers stunning views across the water, all the way to the beautiful village of Bellagio. This Art Nouveau hotel is decorated with sumptuous fabrics and is home to peaceful gardens and all the facilities youd expect from one of the best 5-star hotels in Lake Como.

I visited for lunch and a tour of the hotel when I was last in Lake Como and was in awe of its beauty and the impeccable service. Whats more, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is within easy distance of some of the best sights on the lake, including the gardens of Villa Carlotta and the fairy-tale Villa Balbianella.

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

A visit to Lake Como is an opportunity to sample some of the finer things in life, and at Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, youll find everything you need for a luxury escape. One of the most iconic hotels in Bellagio, Villa Serbelloni is housed in a gorgeous neo-classical building, complete with towering marble columns, chic staircases and glittering chandeliers.

Although its located in the heart of bustling Bellagio, youll feel transported to another world as you enjoy the private beach, well-equipped spa and swimming pool.

Il Sereno

Hotel Olivedo

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Best Village To Stay In Around Lake Como

I’m having trouble figuring out which little lake town would be the best to stay in for our trip to the Lake Como area in May.

I”d like somewhere with easy access to the ferries but not too touristy.

Thank you!

Check out the Lenno. It’s very pretty, less–touristy and has easy access to everything you’ll want to see around the lake.

We stayed in Molstrasio a small village on the lake. Stayed at Grand Hotel Imperiale and it was heaven.The view was to die for and the town charming.

It’s a miracle! Someone wishing to try a non touristy village and, lo and behold, someone else daring to say that Moltrasio has been an heavenly stay!

Yes Mom2bah, you are very right, once you have access to ferry you are done. Moltrasio is a nice option because you have ferries to easy reach the tourists on centre lake and when you came back, if the calm is too heavenly you could be at short bus/taxi reach to Como shopping, nightlife and art.

The only drawback is that hydrofoil does not stop there, but I never suggest to take the hydrofoil, it’s more for local commuters and spoil the slow sailing pleasure.

Urio is even smaller than Moltrasio and the “orso bruno” hotel is right in front of the ferry stop.

Torno is one of the most beautiful villages of the lake and even if some ferry does not stop there it’s easy to cross with a shuttle ferry and board the “longhaul” line.

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Can You Visit Italy Now

Nation-wide cases of COVID are down in Italy, but there are certain hotspots to be aware of. You can check the specific city or region you plan to visit in advance. As with most of Europe, you’ll need to fill out a Passenger Locator Form before entering the country.

Passengers from the US, UK, Canada, and of course the rest of Europe are permitted so long as they present the PLF, a COVID-19 Green Pass for European visitors , and a negative PCR or antigen test within 72 hours prior to arrival in Italy.

You can find the latest information on Italy’s tourism website.

Here are some of the topics were going to cover today!Feel free to jump around to the information that is most relevant for your tripto Lake Como.

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Best Airbnb In Lake Como: Modern Studio Close To The Lake

With only the best amenities, this apartment close to the Lake is one of the best homes in Como. Prepare your meals in the luxury kitchen and explore the area from the heart of the city afterwards. The host will provide you with amazing recommendations and only the best services according to other guests reviews.

Best Hotel In Tremezzo: Hotel La Darsena Tremezzo

Where to Stay in Lake Como: Best Towns &  Hotels

This hotel is ideally located close to cafes, restaurants, bars and well-known attractions. It has comfortable and spacious rooms outfitted with a workspace and minibar. This hotel offers free wifi, a relaxed restaurant and stunning views of the region. All of this combined makes this our pick for where to stay in Tremezzo.

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Where To Stay In Lake Como Italy

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful places in Italy.

Its inverted Y shape lake, stunning waterfront villas, and open air restaurants make it the perfect relaxing place to spend the summer. The best way to properly enjoy Lake Como is to pick an area as your home base and then take advantage of the ferries which traverse the Como villages every day.

For a complete guide to Lake Comos prettiest towns and suggestions for what to see and do, check out this article.

If youre looking to narrow down the tough decision for where to stay, keep reading!

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Bonus : How To Travel To Lake Como With Or Without A Car

Lake Como has a very convenient location and most of the towns have easy access by car, train, and ferry. The best way to discover Lake Como is by taking a boat as most of the towns have boat access. However, if you are visiting Lake Como during the winter, there will be limited ferries so it might be a good idea to rent a car to get around the lake. It will also give you more freedom to make day trips.

Before you get excited about traveling across the water to your Villa by the lake, you first need to get to the area. Here are the all options to reach Lake Como so you can choose the most convenient one for you.

Flying to ComoIf you are flying in from another country or elsewhere in Italy, the closest airport to Lake Como is the Malpensa Airport in Milan which is the largest international flight hub in the region and has numerous flights from all over the world.

Malpensa Airport is actually 55 km northwest of Milan and halfway between the city and Como. From Malpensa Airport you can easily take the airport shuttles or use one of the following transport options to reach Lake Como.

From Milan to Lake Como:

Taking the TrainThe main train station in Lake Como is located in Como Town and is called Como San Giovanni. During the weekdays, trains operated by Trenitalia leave Milan Central and Milan Malpensa Airport for Como every half hour and the trip takes about 1.5 hours.

Getting around in Lake Como

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Tips For The Best Places To Stay In Lake Como

  • Lake Como surely is not the most budget-friendly place to stay. Regardless of where you stay in Lake Como, accommodation is quite expensive if you stay directly at the shores of Lake Como. However, there are towns and villages to stay in and around Lake Como that are a bit more affordable than others.
  • While Comos town is nice, you should consider staying in one of the other towns and villages in Lake Como, as they might be a better option.
  • Also, if you have to watch your budget closely, you might want to plan the time of your trip carefully. The summer months especially July and August are costly . So, you might want to visit in the shoulder months like spring or fall. Though Lake Como is not as crowded as Lake Garda another lake area in Northern Italy it is also nice to visit Lake Como when there are fewer people around and hotel prices drop.

So, enough talking, here are the best towns to stay in Lake Como.


When Is The Best Time To Visit Lake Como

Menaggio Lake Como, Italy [Walking tour] in 4k – Lombardy

Italy has a Mediterranean climate and is a lovely destination to visit all year round.

Temperatures vary by region, but as a quick example, you can expect lows around Lake Como of 3°C in January, and highs of 26°C in July.

If youre wondering when is the best time to visit Lake Como, Id suggest planning a trip between April and June, or in September or October, just after the peak summer season.

The weather tends to be consistent in these months, but isnt too hot. Plus, as youre missing peak season, you should benefit from lower prices and fewer people.

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Como The Best Place To Stay For Nightlife And Shopping

Como is the central transportation hub in Lake Como, meaning that this will most likely be your arrival town, no matter where you choose to stay. The main train and bus stations are located here, so Como is one of the bigger cities in the area.

Within Como, there are tons of historical places to visit, like the Como Cathedral, and it also has its own funicular that both visitors and locals alike love to ride up to Brunate. There is a decent amount of nightlife in Como compared to the other villages, and youd never run out of things to do. However, Como is a bit further away from the other villages, so if you plan to explore, you might spend a lot of time and money on transportation.

While Como is the largest city in Lake Como, its often seen as an underrated place to stay! Many people just see it as an arrival point to Lake Como, but it does have its own charm that cant be beaten by the other villages in the area.


  • Hub of transportation in Lake Como
  • Lots of history
  • Cheaper than many other villages


Where To Stay In Lecco

A quaint, intimate hotel, Hotel Don Abbondio is a great mid-range option located right in the beautiful Piazza Era Square. The hotel is great if you want to take a guided tour, boat excursion, or have a private classical concert performed for you the staff will arrange it all!

The beautiful NH Lecco Pontevecchio is the place to be for luxury accommodations in Lecco. The property is just a 5-minute walk away from the historic center, and even features an electric bike rental service.

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Best Places To Stay In Lake Como Italy

Europe Italy Bellagio Varenna Menaggio

First things first congrats on planning a trip to Lake Como! Of all the placesin Italy Ive been, Lake Como was easily the place that surprised me the most.First I was surprised by how beautiful it was, but I was also surprisedat how affordable Lake Como can be.

Sure, if you want to spend $1,000 per night on a hotel, you will have noshortage of choice. But if youre an average traveler like me, you can stillfind comfortable accommodation in Lake Como without needing to sell yourredundant organs.

That said, deciding where to stay in Lake Como can be a daunting task: thereare so many tiny towns scattered along its shores! Which town should youstay in?

Read on for tips on places to stay in Lake Como, the best towns toconsider setting up a home base in, whether you should rent a car ornot, what to look for in a hotel, and my personal recommendationsfor hotels in Lake Como!

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