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What’s The Best Place To Stay In Miami

Trump International Beach Resort

Best Places To Stay in Miami (On A Budget) | Miami Beach Travel Guide

Even though people think of Trump International as a resort suited to business stays, its also a great hotel for families even if you have smaller children.

The resort brags with a huge pool, several restaurants, a constant run of fun activities to keep kids entertained, and thats only about half of what youll find there.

Rooms are large enough for the entire family, and amenities like laundry, a kitchen per room, towels, robes and slippers are all part of the package.

Theres also free wi-fi throughout the resort for kids who want to stick to Netfilx.

Best Luxury Condo In Downtown Miami: 2 Bedroom Apartment With Stunning Views

You can never do wrong with a bit of luxury. In this case, its a lot of luxury! This stunning apartment offers the absolute best views of the ocean and the bay. Sleeping 4 people, its the perfect spot to bring some friends with you on your first Miami visit. You can use all of the facilities that the building offers. While itll be hard to leave this stunning condo, rest assured that youll be practically within walking distance of some of Miamis top attractions.

Is South Beach Worth Visiting

If you ask my opinion, the answer is a big YES!!!! The last time that I visited Miami, I was only 16 years old! I still cant believe that I have not been back since then!!! South Beach was great then and much nicer now! The sun is hot, the water is cool and there are beautiful people around every corner! Its easy to understand why South Beach in southern Florida draws so many visitors each year from around the world.

This beach city has earned a reputation for its lively nightlife with nightclubs that dont close their doors until 5 a.m.! There is amazing culture and many different languages can be heard. The food options are endless and fantastic. The resorts are amazing and luxurious. All of these amazing things come together to create an absolutely fantastic beach getaway.

Note: If you visit Miami, you can also arrange a fun trip to Atlantis Bahamas! It is a short flight Get some ideas on Best Things To Do in Atlantis, Bahamas!

Happy travels!

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Miamis Cool Restaurants & Bars To Check Out

Where To Stay In Miami For Sightseeing

The Plymouth South Beach (Miami, Florida) 30 Verified Reviews

Miamis tourist attractions are spread out all over the city, so theres not a single district that we could classify as the definite area for sightseeing. In the end, the perfect location will depend on your tastes . That said, these are some of the most interesting districts:

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Downtown The Best Area To Stay In Miami For Culture

Where Downtown was once a collection of modest skyscrapers, pawn shops and tacky discount stores, the past decade has seen it undergo a major renaissance. Today, Miamis commercial heart is Americas third largest skyline all shimmering glass high rises, envelope pushing museums, cool bars and some of the citys best live music venues. But this skyline has one additional advantage over most its spectacular waterfront location offering gorgeous views over the shimmering Biscayne Bay and Port of Miami.


Virginia Key Beach Park

In Biscayne Bay, on an 863-acre barrier island lies Virginia Key Beach Park, only a few minutes away from the downtown financial centers. It has been open since 1945 and is known for its vintage carousel train ride. Both walking and bike paths are available, including a historic walking tour that helps visitors to explore the area.

This is a great place to find a picnic bench to have a meal with your family and enjoy the views of the clear water. Several food vendors are located near the parking area, making it convenient to grab something to eat without leaving the area.

The fact that its easy to find yourself alone when you visit the location during the week making it one of the top secluded beaches in Miami to take a romantic walk with your partner. Plenty of palm trees are present to ensure theres plenty of spots with shade.

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Best Airbnb In Miami: Oceanfront Apartment

The best Airbnb in Miami is the best for a reason: it just ticks every box! Start your vacation in a modern beachfront studio apartment in Miami Beach, complete with 180-degree ocean views of the crystal clear water AND free parking. The apartment features a king-size bed and complimentary WiFi. If you want to stay in one of the best Airbnbs in Miami Beach, look no further than this one!

Best Moderately Priced Hotel In Miami Outside Of South Beach

What to Do in Miami | MojoTravels
  • Hotel St. Michel in Coral Gables: At St. Michael, you can actually get a SUITE for $150 and a double for \$119 in the off-season, and you will not be disappointed. At one point, Hotel St. Michel fell into decay, becoming a flophouse for the local drunkards, before its resurrection to sainthood. It is now a pretty darn romantic Mediterranean-styled joint with a sweet Peruvian restaurant to boot. Every room is unique and historically charming with distinct antique decorations.

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Best Neighborhoods And Areas To Stay In Miami

Often referred to as one entity, Miami and Miami Beach are actually two different cities physically separated by Biscayne Bay. Within Miami are distinct urban neighborhoods with their own subcultures. Within Miami Beach are three uniquely different beachfront communities. And as always, the city center is surrounded by visit-worthy suburban towns.

Things To Know Before Moving To Florida

  • Florida has warm and sunny weather all throughout the year. The state hardly experiences winter. So, its a great place for tropical weather lovers.
  • Florida has no income tax policy. Hence your savings is surely going to increase.
  • The academic scenario in Florida is quite superior. It has a huge collection of private and public schools as well as top universities.
  • The cost of living in Florida is lower than the national average.
  • Get your flood insurance and hurricane insurance done if you wish to buy a house in Florida.
  • Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The state is filled with beaches, so your weekend getaway is always ready.

Our guided list of safest cities in Florida will clear every doubt you have regarding Florida such as is Florida a safe place to live, what are the safest places to live in Florida from hurricanes and crimes, places to avoid in Florida, and many more. So, lets check out the top safest cities in Florida.

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Dont Forget Travel Insurance For Miami

When youre setting on to Miami, make sure youve got your travel insurance sorted before you go.

Its good to get lost sometimes, but its also good not to get too lost. There are people that want you home in one piece.

Theres one travel insurance provider The Broke Backpacker trusts for all his wildest shenanigans World Nomads!

And then let the shenanigans begin.

Suffern To Miami Road Trip Planner

Miami Beach Resort &  Spa

Here’s a sample itinerary for a drive from Suffern to Miami. If you’re planning a road trip to Miami, you can research locations to stop along the way.Make sure you check road conditionsto double check the weather. Traveling with a dog or cat? Find pet-friendly stops. Camping along the way? Search for RV campgrounds. Find the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions based on themost talked about places recommended by Trippy members.

8:00 am start in Sufferndrive for about 2 hours

stay for about 3 hours and leave at 1:05 pmdrive for about 2.5 hours

stay for about 4 hours and leave at 7:30 pmdrive for about 3 hours

stay overnight and leave the next day around 10:00 am

day 1 driving 7.5 hours

10:00 am leave from Roanoke Rapidsdrive for about 2.5 hours

stay for about 1 hour and leave at 1:44 pmdrive for about 3.5 hours

stay overnight at Vendue Innleave the next day around 8:00 am

day 2 driving 6.5 hours

8:00 am leave from Vendue Inndrive for about 2 hours

stay for about 2.5 hours and leave at 12:22 pmdrive for about 2 hours

stay for about 1 hour and leave at 3:21 pmdrive for about 3 hours

stay for about 1 hour and leave at 7:23 pmdrive for about 3.5 hours

11:04 pm arrive in Miami

day 3 driving 10.5 hours

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The Biltmore Hotel Miami Coral Gables

The Biltmore Hotel Miami Coral Gables has a massively-sized and thankfully supervised pool for the kids, and offers suites that have more than enough room for families who want to have fun on their own terms.

Theres an included breakfast, some great kid-friendly restaurants and kids can even attend golf lessons at the on-site golf course or enrol in their special cooking classes or tennis lessons.

Its one of the greatest kid-friendly hotels in Miami if you have sporty, active kids.

If you dont, then the restaurants and Netflix is your best bet.

Things To Do In Miami

Now that you know the best places to stay in Miami, its time to build your itinerary! There are plenty of great things to do in Miami, from adventurous outdoor activities to tours, shopping, and much more. We put together the ultimate list of 101things to do in Miami here.

And dont forget your Miami packing list, including beach essentials!

Its vital to schedule downtime during your trip to Miami, and theres no better place for relaxing than spending a day at one of Miamis beaches.

If youre looking for Miami date ideas, weve got 65+ for you here!

Whether youre spending just a day in town or a week or longer, theres plenty to do in Miami to keep you busy and inspired. Here are 50+ free things to do in Miami to get started!

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Four Seasons Hotel In Miami

The Four Seasons Hotel offers large suites that are luxuriously decorated and great for families.

There are two huge pools at the resort suited to kids , and there are plenty of ameneties to enjoy located at the resort including a gym for adults.

Theres also a great steak restaurant at the Four Seasons, with enough menu options to keep kids happy too.

Added amenities offered at the Four Seaons includes free wi-fi throughout the resort, services like laundry and huge screen TVs in every room.

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Ready To Book Your Stay In Miami

10 Places in Florida You Should NEVER Move To

Choosing where to stay in Miami can be easy if you know the neighborhoods and the local places to visit.

Since Miami is a large city, you will need to pick a hotel or vacation rental in the neighborhood thats closest to all the places you want to see. Otherwise, you might spend the majority of your vacation on the bus or in the rental car.

No matter what neighborhood you choose, you can be sure there will be plenty of things to see and do.

Miami is home to some of the best museums and art galleries. You can also spend your whole vacation down by the beach or exploring the water.

Each neighborhood also offers tons of restaurants and bars to choose from to keep your appetite satisfied.

Have you been to Miami? Whats your favorite hotel or neighborhood to stay in?

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Are Taxis Safe In Miami

Yep. Taxis are safe in Miami, generally speaking.

But they can be quite expensive. And because of that, a lot of people use Lyft or Uber.

However, there are still some things you should know there are always going to be dangers when it comes to unlicensed taxis.

When you arrive at the airport, get a licensed cab. Go to the lower levels after baggage claim and youll find uniformed representatives wholl help you get a taxi.

Elsewhere in the city, you can get a licensed cab by going to taxi stands or by calling them you can also hail them in the street if you feel lucky.

If you hail a taxi, make sure its licensed. There will be a license number displayed ON the taxi itself. And the taxi driver will have a on the dashboard inside the car.

If youre in a taxi in Miami, the passenger pays for tolls. Just so you know. Drivers arent trying to rip you off, thats just how it is.

They should be using a meter. But there ARE some flat rates for certain destinations. To go to South Beach or the Airport, for example, there are flat rates. These can actually work in your favor if theres heavy traffic.

Taxi drivers are also not allowed to charge for extra passengers or baggage.

Basically, taxis are ok in Miami. But theyrenot usually budget-friendly.

W South Beach Miami Beach

Joy Hwang

Who Will Love It: The influencer crowd

All-Star Amenities: Poolside bungalows updated suites a lively beach scene

What Not To Miss: An epic Chinese meal at buzzy, upscale restaurant Mr. Chow

Thanks to an expansive $30 million makeover, the always-popular W got a new lease on life during the pandemic. Theres the brand-new Away Spa, the addition of a swanky multimillion dollar art collection curated by the owner and completely remastered guest suites. Travelers who want an escape without the crowds should book one of the propertys five poolside bungalows that offer private entrances separate from the hotel and a plethora of amenities: fire up your rooftop grill, lounge on the private glass terrace and take a dip in your plunge pool without ever stepping foot in the lobby. Guests wont be disappointed by any of the roomsthe W is the only South Beach hotel with oversized balconies and ocean views from every room. Enjoy dinner and a show at Mr. Chow, which serves up more stunning views, contemporary Chinese fare and theatrical surprises like scantily clad dancers to boot.

Joy Hwang

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Where To Stay In Miami Neighborhoods & Area Guide

A significant port city in the state of Florida, Miami remains one of the trendiest and most-visited cities in the United States of America and in the world. Home to the largest Latin American population in the world outside of Latin America, Miami is often dubbed as the Magic City.

Known for its diverse cultural influence and a rich heritage, Miami is the largest American city with a Cuban history that dates back to 1960s when hundreds and thousands of Cubans arrived in Miami as a result of a political movement. Home to the only Everglades ecosystem in the world, Miami is home to over 800 green spaces and is the only city of its kind in the US to be neighbored by two different National Parks, Biscayne and Everglades.

A city of many firsts , Miami Beach houses the largest collection of Art Deco architecture. While you may think that its beaches are the major draw, Miami has one of the biggest snow skiing clubs in the country.

Now that we know what this city has to offer in terms of culture and entertainment, let us take a look at some of its popular areas to help you pick where to stay in Miami during your visit to this fabulous metropolitan.

South Beach Best Place To Stay In Miami For Nightlife

Where to Stay, and What to Eat, in Miami (Published 2018)

South Beach is one of the most famous neighborhoods not just in Miami, but in the United States. Renowned throughout the country, South Beach is the citys dedicated nightlife area with plenty of bars, restaurants, clubs, bistros, and hip hangouts. South Beach is definitely Where to Stay in Miami for Nightlife

SoBe is where youll find Miamis young, rich and famous partying almost every day of the week at the areas famous clubs and bars. The nightlife here is so incredible and abundant youll never have to question what to do.

Whether you want to dance until sunrise or enjoy custom cocktails on a rooftop patio, South Beach has it all.

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Little Havana: Miamis Cuban District

Famous for its Latin American flavor, Little Havana is a great location for tourists in Miami.

The Latin heart of Miami beats in this corner near the city center. Spanish is the most spoken language in this lively area.

Little Havana, also known as Pequeña Habana is home to thousands of Cuban immigrants, mostly exiled from the Castro regime, who have settled in Miami since the late 1950s to our days. With a distinctively Cuban character, the famous offers excellent Latin American food, music, salsa bars, and an atmosphere more typical of a city on a Caribbean island than an American city. Little Havana is the best place to eat ropa vieja or drink sugarcane guarapo.

Best Hotels in Little Havana

Life House, Little Havana

The Life House Little Havana is located in the Little Havana district in Miami, Florida. Featuring free WiFi throughout the property, Life House Little Havana is a 3 minutes walk from 8th Street.

Selina Miami River

Selina Miami River features a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, a bar, and garden in Miami. Among the facilities at this property are a shared kitchen and luggage storage space, along with free WiFi throughout the property. The hotel has family rooms.

La Casona Azul

Located in Miami and with Marlins Park reachable within 1.1 mi, La Casona Azul provides express check-in and check-out, nonsmoking rooms, a garden, free WiFi, and a terrace.

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