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Where Is It Safe To Stay In Chicago

High Crime Areas Of Chicago

Tips on how to stay safe in Chicago for Lollapalooza

In any big city, its important to stay aware and make smart decisions, even in safer areas. However, there are also places with higher volumes of crime. When moving to a metropolis like Chicago, its a good idea to know the bad areas of Chicago with higher crime rates. With 77 neighborhoods in Chicago, it can feel overwhelming to narrow down safe options. Here are the top 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago:

  • West Garfield Park: 257% more crime than the rest of Chicago
  • Washington Park: 227% more crime than the rest of Chicago
  • East Garfield Park: 206% more crime than the rest of Chicago
  • Englewood: 201% more crime than the rest of Chicago
  • North Lawndale: 198% more crime than the rest of Chicago
  • Grand Crossing: 184% more crime than the rest of Chicago
  • West Englewood: 176% more crime than the rest of Chicago
  • Riverdale: 160% more crime than the rest of Chicago
  • South Shore: 144% more crime than the rest of Chicago
  • Chatham: 108% more crime than the rest of Chicago

The Loop / Downtown Chicago Where To Stay For First

The Loop, also known as Chicago Loop or Chicago Downtown is one of the most well-known areas in the city and a place that you definitely have to visit during your stay! This is where the world-famous Cloud Gate is located as well!

Here youll find some of the tallest, most magnificent buildings around the city, as well as tons of awesome museums such as the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the best museums in the entire country! While youre around this area, dont miss the Millenium Park or the photo opportunities offered by the Cloud Gate, the famous shiny statue by Anish Kapoor.

Youll also find a wide range of restaurants , cafes and pubs here, so you can never get bored! If you feel like The Loop is the perfect place for you, here are the best hotels that you can choose from:

Chicago: Travel Safety Tips

Here are some tips to help get through all parts of the city:

  • If you find yourself in a situation where you feel unsafe, always remember to dial 9-1-1. The emergency services in Chicago are incredible, always helpful and never ignore calls.Make sure you only use the number when its an emergency situation and stay safe.
  • Carry cash and valuables in a front or inside pocket and consider if you need to carry a purse or bag.
  • Do not carry a weapon for self-defense, as introducing a weapon can increase the severity of an attack.
  • Carry cash and valuables in a front or inside pocket and consider if you need to carry a purse or bag. Consider a money belt if you want to be super cautious.
  • Never let your drink out of your sight and dont sample drinks from anyone even friends or acquaintances.
  • Remember to get your FREE travel insurance quote from WorldNomads to receive fully comprehensive support when it comes to unforeseen travel complications.
  • Alcohol and date rape drugs are used in many sexual assaults if you are going to drink, do so responsibly and be with trusted friends so you can look out for each other.
  • See more safety tips on preventing drug-facilitated sexual assaults.
  • When driving, keep all the doors locked, even when you are inside the car, and park in well-lit areas.
  • Always have a cell phone along with you, if you have one.
  • Stay alert, stand tall and be confident, if an attacker targets someone, theyre most likely scared.
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    Chicago Neighborhoods: Where To Stay In Chicago

    There are nearly 100,000 hotel rooms in Chicago, which makes deciding where to stay in Chicago a daunting task. I spent around 15 years of my adult life living in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, and its still one of my favorite cities to visit, so its about time I publish my neighborhood guide to Chicago. If you are visiting Chicago this summer, I can help you decide where to stay in Chicago. Many times, Chicago visitors stick to the city center, which is great but sometimes you want a more local flavor of a town, and staying in other neighborhoods is the best way to get a true feel for a city. Keep reading to find the best areas to stay in Chicago.

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    Best Hostel In Downtown/the Loop: Hi Chicago

    Where to stay in Chicago: Neighborhood guide, best hotels and places to ...

    At HI Chicago, guests have all of the citys top tourist attractions, art galleries, museums, shops, and restaurants right at their doorstep. This hostel is massive and comes complete with more than 500 comfortable beds. Its the perfect place to relax after a long day out in Chi-Town, get remote work done, or make new friends!

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    West Loop / West Town Best Chicago Neighborhood For Foddies

    Chicagos former industrial district, the West Loop has since become one of the citys trendiest and most diverse boroughs. Since the turn of the 20th century immigrants have defined West Towns culture, with their influence continuing to be celebrated through the many sights, sounds, and tastes of the area.

    Arguably Chicagos dining hotspot thanks to its Restaurant Row, the West Loop boasts an unending assortment of dishes and food items from around the world, with more than its share of pubs and live music venues to satiate any nightlife champion.

    The French Market, located just inside the Ogilvie train station, spotlights such fare as Belgian fries, lobster rolls, Hawaiian poke bowls, and all manner of pastries and produce, making it the perfect destination for high-end strolling and sampling.

    Its not just food thats a major draw in the West Loop, however the Arcade Emporium at Fulton Market is a gamers paradise with its pool and air hockey tables, pinball machines, and arcade games, while Brooklyn Boulders gives you the opportunity to rock climb indoors.

    For an especially Big Lebowski-worthy evening, you can head to Punch Bowl Social for bowling and brews.


    Best Hotel In Streeterville: Hotel Emc2

    This incredible place to stay in Chicago boasts some truly incredible modern architecture and is within walking distance of Oak Street Beach. You can dine at The Albert, a delicious on-site restaurant that really takes modern design to the next level. The hotel is also incredibly close to a plethora of other restaurants and shops that you might want to include in your Chicago weekend plans.

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    Lincoln Park Safe Sophistication

    • Crime: 24% lower than the Chicago average
    • Median Home Price: $605,000
    • Great for: Professionals and singles

    Just south of Lake View sits the upscale Lincoln Park area. An affluent neighborhood buzzing with activity, this area attracts tourists, young families, and professionals alike. Residents are never bored here the neighborhood boasts a vibrant nightlife, North Pond Nature Sanctuary, farmers markets like the Green City Market, boutiques and an array of restaurants.

    Most Common Violent Crimes:

    Tips for Safety in Chicago | Is Chicago Safe to Visit for Tourists

    The crime rate in Chicago is high as compared to other neighboring regions. It is also four times higher than the national average murder rate. Approximately 21 people are shot in 100,000 people every year.

    • The murder rate is 21 per 100,000 people annually. So, it is important to be careful at night and always pay attention to your surroundings.
    • The robbery rate is 259 cases on an average per 100,000 people every year. Its good to carry only the amount of cash you need for that day or maybe one or two days more if needed. Always check your pockets before going out or leaving a restaurant. Lastly, take care not to display your cash unnecessarily.
    • The assault rate is 566 cases per 100,000 people every year. So its always a good idea to take a cab after dark and avoid walking around alone in the streets at night.
    • The rape rate is 67 cases per 100,000 people every year. So its not a good idea to wander around alone. Always try to take a cab after dark and avoid walking alone in the streets.

    Property crimes are also quite common, with 4,122 annually. Hence it is important to be careful while going out at night and always pay attention to your surroundings. In addition, always keep a close eye on your belongings when you are traveling.

    Always keep your possession in view for safekeeping. Keep valuables safe in a locker at the hotel or even in a banks safety deposit box when traveling to Chicago.

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    Safety Tips For Hiking Biking Walking Or Camping In Chicago

    • Walkers or pedestrians must walk on the right side.
    • Make use of the protective gear while skating or biking.
    • Wear reflective or visible clothes at night.
    • Use signaling and pass or overtake on the left.
    • Before entering a trail, look at both sides and stop during oncoming traffic.
    • If you need a breather and want to stop, make sure to stay on the side of the trail, allowing others easier to traverse and proceed.
    • Dont hike, skate, or bike while wearing earphones or headphones, or while youre intoxicated.
    • Carry flashlights, whistles, first aid kits while hiking or camping.
    • Dont litter around. Leave no trace behind by not carving on trees or stones.
    • Observe wildlife from a distance.
    • Chicago is known for unpredictable weather, so carry rain gear along while camping or hiking.
    • Use a map and research about the park or the trail you are using for information regarding amenities, where to park, trail distance, etc.

    Here Are What Some Residents Of Downtown Say About The Area:

    • “Chicago has one of the safest downtowns in the United States.”
    • “Downtown is really nice and pretty and safe.”
    • “Downtown Chicago is very tourist friendly and safe. Its not a war zone, theres just gang violence in specific parts and Downtown isnt one of them.”
    • “Downtown is one of the safer areas of the city.”
    • “Downtown Chicago is perfectly safe for tourists. The downtown area is a business centric area and after everyone leaves for work, it gets pretty boring. Unless there is an event or a concert, there isnt really much reason to be here. “

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    Bonus : Is It Chicago Dangerous To Visit Where Not To Stay In Chicago

    Chicago has quite a reputation and its considered to be a bit dangerous due to violence and conflict, but I really believe thats not the case if you choose to visit and stay in any of the neighborhoods Ive talked about above! Just like in any other city, if youre mindful of your belongings and surroundings and if you practice some common safety procedures, Chicago will be more than safe for you.

    Usually, the most dangerous areas are also the poorest and are located off the tourist path. Here are some zones that are best avoided during your time here:

    Places To Avoid In Chicago


    Unfortunately, Chicago does have a high crime rate in some parts of the city. While you will be perfectly safe if you use your common sense and keep your wits about you, there are a few areas that you could avoid. Doing so will definitely boost up your safety by quite a bit. Weve listed these areas below:

    • West Garfield Park
    • Washington Park
    • East Garfield Park

    While these places CAN be visited, wed recommend only doing it in a group and during the day. Definitely stay away at night. In fact, no matter where you are in Chicago, be more careful after dark. If a street looks dodgy avoid! Dont wander off alone and if possible, grab a taxi or Uber to get from A to B.

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    Streeterville Best Place To Stay In Chicago On A Budget

    Tucked between Lake Michigan and Chicagos glitzy and glamorous Magnificent Mile is the lively neighborhood of Streeterville also one of the best places to stay in Chicago if money is tight.

    One of Streetervilles most famous and fun attractions is Navy Pier. A bright and vibrant hub for excitement and entertainment, Navy Pier consists of shops, parks, restaurants, thrilling rides, and lively games. Whether you want to fly through the air and take a spin on a carousel or navigate your way through Chicagos Funhouse Maze, theres something for everyone at Navy Pier.

    Not only is Streeterville my pick for fun and games, but its also the place to stay in Chicago on a budget thanks to its great hostel options. There are also some motels in Chicago worth checking out. Note that you can save even more money if you avoid visiting Chicago on the weekend!

    Wrigleyville And Southport Corridor

    After the Cubs won the 2016 World Series, Wrigleyville has been undergoing an impressive overhaul, bringing with it multitudes of new restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels that are quickly changing what city dwellers once thought of the area . Meanwhile, Southport Corridor only continues to grow cooler, thanks to the arrivals of on-trend retailers and lively eateries.

    Where to stay: You cant get any closer to the action than with a stay at Hotel Zachary, a 173-room boutique hotel located directly across from Wrigley Field. Cubs fan or not, expect a memorable stay thanks to striking mid-century modern interiors and generously sized rooms. Opt for an east-facing one for views of the park and adjacent Gallagher Way . Dine at The Bar at Hotel Zachary, where a menu of light bites accompanies a fleet of classic cocktails.

    Things to do: Find plenty of adventure beyond the ballpark here, starting with the shops of Southport Avenue, home to a medley of big-box names and boutiques alike . Come evening, check out a screening at The Music Box, a historic theatre that hosts a roster of indie and foreign films. Keep an eye on the calendar at Uncommon Ground, too, a coffeeshop-come-concert venue that spotlights local and touring up-and-comers.

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    Safe Neighborhoods To Stay In Chicago

    Lincoln Park is a great place for tourists

    Here is a quick summary of several safe neighborhoods in Chicago. You can also check out our full guide to the top neighborhoods in Chicago for more detailed info.

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    Best Hotel In Chicago: The Langham

    Residents being warmed to stay warm, safe as dangerous cold hits Chicago area

    The Langham is the best hotel in Chicago with its unbeatable downtown location and high-end luxuries. On-site youll find a spa, pool, and restaurant you can enjoy before or after embarking on your Chicago itinerary. The Langham will make you feel like royalty with its luxurious room design and stunning common spaces, and youll soon see why its the very best out of all Chicago hotels!

    Chicago is the largest city in the Midwest and is a central hub for arts and entertainment, music, food, and culture. Its one of the best cities you can visit while exploring the USA, so as you can imagine, deciding where to stay can seem daunting at first. You want to get this right!

    I get itnow lets begin with Chicagos most famous neighborhood: Downtown/The Loop. Located at the center of the city, this part of Chicago is bursting with history and culture, landmarks, restaurants, and bars. Youll also find iconic spaces like Grant Park which is perfect for a summer picnic. Keep in mind that the Chicago Loop is made up of several sections including the West Loop, where youll find some seriously delicious eats and admirable architecture.

    North of Downtown are Streeterville and River North. Two of the citys trendiest neighborhoods, both are great spots for sampling infamous Chicago foods and enjoying exciting nights out on the town.

    If youre still not sure where to stay in Chicago, fear not. Lets dive deep into each neighborhood!

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    River North Best Place To Stay In Chicago For Nightlife

    To the west of Streeterville and the Magnificent Mile is River North. Well known for its art galleries, museums, and boutique shopping, River North is also the epicenter for nightlife making it one of the best areas to stay in Chicago for those who want to party.

    Sprinkled throughout this lively neighborhood is a great selection of bars, clubs, and pubs. Its where you can dance the night away under the stars, listen to great live music below the streets, or rub elbows with Chicagos elite.

    But thats not allRiver North is also home to an amazing array of restaurants. Offering up everything from traditional American fare to fashionable fusions, your taste buds will be amazed by all the culinary adventures available in this area of Chicago!

    West Loop Best Chicago Neighborhood For Foodies

    LLWorldTour has a list of the best outdoor dining in Chicago!

    One of Chicagos newest it neighborhoods is the West Loop. When Oprah built her studio here in the 1980s, it was not a great neighborhood at all. Now, Chicagos West Loop is booming and some of the best restaurants in Chicago can be found along Randolph Street. Like many urban areas, Chicago is experiencing a population shift from the suburbs, and more companies are moving their headquarters back into the city to attract younger workers. In fact, Oprahs studio was torn down in 2017 to make way for McDonalds World Headquarters. If you decide to stay in the West Loop, stay as far east as possible this is where most hotels are and you dont want to go too far west or theres not much going on, other than the United Center. Dont miss a night out in Greektown for some amazing Greek food in Chicago!

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