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Where Is The Best Place To Stay In London

Knightsbridge A Great Place In London If You Love To Shop

The Best Place to Stay in London
  • Londons most exclusive shopping area
  • Home to luxury department stores
  • Fashionable with a sophisticated and elite air
  • Perfect place to treat yourself

Why its awesome: Knightsbridge is one of Londons premium retail areas and its a must-visit for serious shopaholics, fashionistas, people who want to splash the cash, and also if you simply want to daydream and indulge in a little window shopping. There are many luxury stores in Knightsbridge, including the world-famous Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and flagship stores such as those of Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo. The area also boasts a number of esteemed restaurants, high-class hotels, and top-quality beauty salons. Its definitely a place to feel fancy!

What to do there: Admire the stylish shop fronts and displays before entering chic stores to browse and buy a huge selection of designer and luxury goods. Whether youre looking for apparel, footwear, jewellery, perfumes, cosmetics, gadgets, artisan chocolates, or something else, youll find the best of the best in Knightsbridge. This is the best place to visit in London to max out your credit cards.

Paddington Hotels In London

Value for money Best location for Heathrow transfers Good base to explore London from but nothing much in the area itself Vast area of hotels with a bias towards the budget end A good mix of cheap and expensive options

At the north west corner of the hotel districts of London the whole Paddington district revolves around Paddington train station, terminus of the Heathrow Express train and trains to the west of England and Wales. The area around the train station is a busy, bustling place, with thousands passing through daily.

To the south of the station is a carpet of hotels. Budget independent hotels dominate but there are some nice upmarket hotels too. A district for those wanting value for money. Lancaster Gate close by is not quite so hectic, more elegant and overlooking Hyde Park. The global brands in the district are restricted to the 4 star sector. Budget offerings are almost exclusively independent. There are some good independent hotels and some real cheap ones too.

Apart from value for money, the biggest draw for overseas visitors are the Heathrow Express and TFL Rail Heathrow trains to Heathrow Airport from Paddington making it a convenient place to base yourself if using Heathrow. If you are not using Heathrow, the attractions of Paddington are not so great.

Brixton Best Place To Stay In London For Backpackers

  • A laidback area with lots of culture, making it the best place to stay in London to experience the international city vibe!
  • You can enjoy a vibrant nightlife here, with plenty of places to catch live music.
  • A very popular area, and one of the best London neighbourhoods for tourists.

Brixton has an incredible history, and one of its most famous stories is that it is the birthplace of the internationally known, late David Bowe.

This area celebrates creativity and has a vibrancy that is contagious. Youll also find tons of hot spots to enjoy the growing foodie culture.

Pop Brixton, photo by Hats Off World

Brixton is the best part of London to stay for those wanting to enjoy Londons nightlife, with a local atmosphere and plenty of beer.

This remarkable neighbourhood has really created its own identity, and thrives with diverse cultures, and a wonderful art scene.

If youre wondering, where should I stay in London to taste great food?, then youll be delighted to know that the Brixton Market and Village is a hub for delicious meals and hosts over 100 food traders.

Some of the best places to stay in Brixton are the Brixton Inn or the Premier Inn. For a reasonable price you get a nice sized room, and they are perfectly located right next to the Brixton tube station.

Enjoying the view over the London Eye from Westminster Bridge

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Hotels In London From West To East

In this article, well take you through the best areas to stay in London from West London to Central London and East London, in terms of price, location, ease of access and facilities. Well also point out nearby underground stations since they are the easiest and most efficient way of getting around. Weve also listed some hotel recommendations for each area.

Chislehurst Caves An Awesome Place To Visit In London For Half A Day

Best Places to Stay in London

Loz Pycock

  • Away from the typical tourist trail
  • Huge stretch of caves and tunnels
  • Featured in TV productions, films, and music videos
  • Underground history and legends

Why its awesome: Located in nearby Kent, Chislehurst Caves stretch for 22 miles underground. The tunnels and caverns are manmade, created between the 13th and 19th centuries by mining activities. The subterranean chambers were used to store ammunition during World War One and were also used as an air-raid shelter. At their peak, the caves housed some 15,000 people fleeing bombing and had toilets, bathing facilities, lighting, a hospital, and a chapel. The caves have also been used as a cool music venue, with artists and bands like Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones having performed there.

What to do there: Access to the cave system is by guided tour only. Grab your lamp and descend underground as part of a group tour to explore the huge network of tunnels and underground rooms. Hear tales about the caves past and imagine what it would have been like to spend substantial periods of time in the gloomy underground. Feel a chill as you hear about the ghosts who are said to haunt the caves. You can enjoy a pleasant stroll in nature in the woodlands above when you exit the caves and re-enter the sunshine.

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Where To Stay Near Westminster Abbey Big Ben & London Eye

Westminster Abbey, Big Ben & London eye are all in very close proximity of each other and most other attractions are a short walk/tube ride. **Estimates distance is from Big Ben** Wondering where to stay in London for a weekend well this is it!, its also where to stay in London without a car as Its close to some of the best London Attractions.

Quick Facts on Westminster Abbey

  • The official name for Westminster Abbey is the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster. Around 1560, the abbey was designated with a special Royal Peculiar which is a church responsible directly to the Sovereign.
  • Westminster Abbey has been the coronation church for the British Monarch since 1066. In fact, 39 coronations have taken place at Westminster Abbey with the most recent on 2 June 1953. This coronation was for our current and soon to be the longest-serving monarch her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Seventeen royal weddings have taken place at Westminster Abbey with the most recent on 29 April 2011. This was the royal wedding of Prince William of Wales now Duke of Cambridge, who married Miss Catherine Middleton now Duchess of Cambridge.
  • Westminster Abbeys museum holds the wax figures of many previous monarchs, with nearly all of them in traditional costume. They were often used during funerals, either displayed on top of royal tombs or paraded before the casket..

Quick Facts on Big Ben

Quick Facts on the London Eye

Where To Stay Near Kings Cross

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Westminster Best Place To Stay In London For Sightseeing

Properly called the City of Westminster, this neighbourhood is a London borough that is simultaneously a city in its own right. Smack in the heart of London, it is bounded by the fashionable Kensington and Chelsea on the west, the City of London to the east and the Thames provides its southernmost border.

Much of the area is given over to businesses and government buildings, but there are many hotels there too.

Sights to see include the most iconic London images: the Palace of Westminster , the London Eye, Big Ben, St Pauls Cathedral and, of course, wonderful walks along the Embankment, watching the boats plying back and forth on the river.

Being the heart of London, there are a wonderful plethora of nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, bars and niche establishments that adhere tightly to the latest trends, whether that is cat cafés or bubble-tea shops.

Do expect to pay high prices, but it is well worth it for the opportunity to see authentic London life, especially if you ask at your accommodation for decent places to enjoy, rather than the latest and trendiest places to be seen. Part of the West End falls into Westminster, so look out for famous faces, performances, and arty types!

During the day, Westminster will fill up with business-suited men and tourists, with very little variety between those two groups!

London as a whole is relatively safe, but Westminsters record is slightly higher, mainly pushed up through opportunistic petty theft.

But Before We Get To The 10 Reasons There Are Some Important Things You Need To Know About Choosing Where To Stay In London

Where To Stay In London – Best Place To Stay In London – Paddington London

Typically, the first question Im asked by first time tourists to London is Where is the best place stay in London?. Over the past 20 years Ive learned all of the ins and outs of visiting this great city, but most importantly, I learned that where you stay in London is the most important decision youll make when planning your visit. This decision can have a BIG impact on your stay in London.

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Premier Inn Waterloo And Premier Inn Southwark Bankside

Contributed by Helen of Helen on her Holidays

Premier Inn Waterloo Location: 85 York Road, Waterloo, London SE1 7NJ, England // Map

Rooms from £49 // Book a room on Trivago

Premier Inn Southwark Bankside Location: 34 Park Street, Bankside, London SE1 9EF // Map

Rooms from £46 // Book a room on Trivago

Whenever I go to London, I always check the prices for Premier Inn hotels as they offer such great value for money and many of the London hotels have amazing locations. Two of my favorite Premier Inns are on the South Bank of the Thames. These hotels are perfect for budget travelers who prioritize location over added extras.

Premier Inn Waterloo is just off Westminster Bridge and is about 5 minutes walk to both Big Ben and the London Eye. For getting around London youve got easy access to the Tube at Westminster and Waterloo. Ask for a room on a high floor we got an amazing view over the curved roofs of Waterloo station and the glittering Shard beyond.

Another of my favorite London Premier Inns is just a little further east along the Thames. Premier Inn Southwark Bankside is a brilliant choice for a foodie visit to London as youre just around the corner from Borough Market and the area is packed with pubs and restaurants. Youre also very close to Tate Modern, Shakespeares Globe, and St Pauls Cathedral you could easily fill a weekend just with attractions within walking distance of the hotel.

Contributed by Irene of RoadGoat

Rooms from £94 // Book a room on

Covent Garden Where To Stay In London For Your First Time

If youre not sure where to stay in London for your first time, look no further than Covent Garden.

This lively and vibrant neighbourhood is located in the centre of the city. It is home to incredible tourist attractions and boasts a fantastic selection of world-class restaurants, high-quality shops and boisterous bars. Covent Garden is also where youll find the vast majority of Londons world-renowned theatre scene, where you can see top performers strut their stuff on stage.

Thanks to its incredible location, Covent Garden is also one of the best places in London to stay for sightseeing. In Covent Garden, youre in close proximity to popular tourist attractions and landmarks, including Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, as well as the National Gallery, the London Eye and Westminster Abbey.

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South Bank And Southwark

Londons South Bank is the citys cultural centre. Once an industrial zone, the area was revitalized in the past 20 years by the redevelopment of the power station that now houses the Tate Modern gallery.

Stretching along the Thames from the London Eye to London Bridge, the district is full to the brim with exciting cultural activities, sightseeing opportunities and gourmet experiences.

With easy access to classic London attractions like Buckingham Palace and Westminster via the Jubilee underground line, the South Bank is a great place to stay for those wanting to experience the best of the city.

You can even walk across the river to major attractions or take a boat cruise down the river.

Best area to stay in London with family, for art lovers, foodies and locals on a staycation

Where To Stay In Whitehall And Westminster

The 10 Best Places to Stay in London

The monuments and buildings in Westminster include some of Londons most famous landmarks: Nelsons Column, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. You’ll also find two of the citys top permanent art collections here the National Gallery and Tate Britain as well as its finest architectural set piece, Trafalgar Square.

This is one of the easiest parts of London to walk round, but for the most part there are only a few shops or cafés, few residential areas and little commercial life.

Best for boutique design:Artist Residence

This boutique guesthouse offers relaxed luxury and location-shoot style in its ten rooms. Expect exposed brick, bare wood, cool prints and quirky vintage furnishings.

This beautiful apartment on a quiet street is a good budget option. Its clean and comfy and in the heart of it all.

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Lap Up The Luxury In Kensington

You cant really rival Kensington for luxury. Stars and the sophisticated flock here, all with good reason. It’s the perfect place for those looking to celebrate a special occasion, like a birthday in London. The properties are quite something and the cafes and restaurants are first-class too. Get your culture fix at the V& A, which is a spectacle for the architecture alone. Browse the designer wares in Harvey Nichols . Then grab a table at one of the many cafes or restaurants on the high street to people-watch over a leisurely lunch. In short, if culture, designer shopping, cafe-hopping and prestige white stucco fronted houses are your thing, chances are a Plum home in Kensington just like Old Brompton Place will be perfect for you.

Chelsea Best Area To Stay In London For Fashion And Shopping

The Chelsea area is a perfect place to stay in London especially if you love to shop and take in some fine dining. Known as the fashion capital of London, Chelsea has a charm all to its own. With colorful buildings, incredible shopping, great galleries and some of the coolest restaurants in the city, it is no wonder people flock to this area.

Make sure to take a break from the stores and wander the streets. There are some great scenes that are crying out to be photographed, and if you are there with a loved one make sure to take in the view from the Albert Bridge at sunset. It is magical

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Where To Eat In Mayfair And Marylebone

Some of Londons favorite fine dining experiences are found in this district. If you are interested in celebrity spotting or simply enjoying Londons luxury food experiences, make your reservations well in advance:

  • Chiltern Firehouse Andre Balazs restaurant in a former London fire station
  • Sexy Fish Asian inspired fish restaurant favored by London glitterati and visiting celebrities
  • Locanda Locatelli Italian fine dining by celebrated chef Giorgio Locatelli

Best Airbnb In Soho: Private Room In Luxurious Flat

Paddington: The Best Place To Stay In London | Where To Stay In London

You really cant get any close to the cities nightlife! This Airbnb is right in the middle of great bars and pubs. Located in central Soho, close to Oxford street, you can be sure that youll always find a place for a great night out. Youll have a room to yourself, including a private bathroom. The flat itself is luxurious and well designed, with high-quality amenities in the common areas.

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Best Areas To Stay In London

Planning a trip to London can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding a place to stay. With many neighborhoods to choose from, each offering something different, looking for accommodation in London can be terrifying. When I lived in London for many years, so I got to live in almost every corner of the city. Now I can tell you what each area offers.

I stayed in most of the recommended hotels and can vouch for them. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to write me a comment!

Camden Town The Birthplace Of Counterculture

Camden Town, located in North London, is a neighbourhood whose name is associated with various movements in the British and world counterculture.

As the birthplace of punk culture, and epicentre of Londons alternative tribes since the 1960s, the Camden district has had a direct influence on the development of various music genres, as well as the world of fashion and pop culture in general.

The Camden Market is an unmissable experience on any visit to London and its streets have a variety of nightlife spaces ranging from live music venues to massive electronic, house and techno clubs.

Among these clubs, Egg London stands out, which is one of the few places with a 24-hour license in the city.

Camden is a fairly central district, located just north of Regents Park. It has several metro stops , as well as Overground.

The nightlife here includes:

Hand-picked Hotels in This Area

  • Our Top Pick

    Holiday Inn London Camden Lock is located by the canal and overlooks the Camden Lock. This modern hotel offers elegant, air-conditioned rooms just 500 metres from Camden Town Tube Station.

  • Midrange Option

    St Christophers Inn Camden is located in the trendy London neighbourhood of Camden. It is above the Belushi Bar, which serves bargains on sale and homemade burgers.

  • Luxury Option

    Camden Enterprise Hotel is housed in an 1865 Victorian building in Londons Camden district, next to Chalk Farm Tube Station and a 10-minute walk from Camden Market and Regents Canal. There is a bar on site.

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