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Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Mykonos

Mykonos Town The Center Of The Island

Where To Stay Mykonos, Greece – Travel & Vacation Planning

Suppose youre in Mykonos to enjoy the nightlife, the superb restaurants, and unique local gastronomy, fantastic art galleries, museums, and even the constant view of the famous windmills. In that case, its a good idea to stay in the central city of the island, Chora, or Mykonos Town.

The romantic whitewashed cubic houses with blue doors and windows are part of the famous landscape in town. In the village, there are shops, restaurants, and bars for every pocket too. This is the very best place to stay in Mykonos for nightlife.

Among the top things to see in the Chora, you can check the colorful neighborhood of Alefkandra, also known as Little Venice, build right next to the sea. The area treasures fantastic legends and stories of sailors and pirates that fascinate adults and children alike.

In the same area, check the beautiful whitewashed church of Panagia Paraportiani, a cluster of five different chapels built in the shape of a snow mountain. From here, the sunset views are awe-inspiring.

Also, in the old town, check the five windmills known as Kato Mili, located right by the sea, and a famous sunset sport on the island. Mykonos Town is a great base camp for all kinds of tourists, but its especially famous for being the best place to stay in Mykonos for couples.

Mykonos Coolest Place To Stay In Greece

Mykonos is hands down the second most popular island in Greece. Its known for its epic party atmosphere that even draws out celebrities on their enormous yachts.

Mykonos is fun-loving and fashionable, and packs quite the party punch. Trust me, Ive done my time in Mykonos.

Of course, Mykonos is more than just a party spot. There are the famous windmills, the ruins of Delos, an archeological museum, and plenty of stunning and iconic white and blue architecture.

While there are plenty of fun spots to stay in Mykonos, but the real place to be is at the heart of it allnamely the beautiful and artsy commune of Chora, also called Mykonos Town.

Best Hotel In Mykonos Town: Aeolos Hotel Mykonos Island

The Aeolos Hotel has 30 stylish rooms with refrigerators and modern amenities. It boasts an excellent swimming pool and Jacuzzi, as well as a beautiful garden for guests to relax in. At the centre of town, this hotel is in the best neighbourhood in Mykonos to stay in for sightseeing and exploring.

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Where To Stay In Mykonos To Party: Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is an isolated beach on the island, and is famous for its wild parties.

There, you wont have to wait until sunset to enjoy an amazing party. The setting is also great, since youll be partying on one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. And enjoying an amazing party, the Aegean Sea, and the Greek sun at the same time is just perfect.

If youre coming to the island mainly to party, look no further, this is the best location to stay in Mykonos. And if you want to visit the rest of the island, you can always get on a bus or a boat taxi.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos In 2022 Accommodation In Mykonos

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos In 2021

Guide To What’s Inside

If youre trying to figure out the best part of Mykonos to stay, then this guide of where to stay in Mykonos, has all of your questions answered. In this post, youll find an overview of the top accommodations in all the best areas to stay in Mykonos.

The cosmopolitan island of Mykonos is an incredible holiday paradise in the Cycladic cluster of islands, and its one of the most exclusive islands in the middle of the Greek Aegean Sea.

Home to crazy nightlife, discotheques, and beach clubs, Mykonos has rightfully earned the fame of being Greeces top party island.

Not everybody is aware, though, that Mykonos has a few hidden villages that are quiet and relaxing and which can be great for a family holiday.

Besides, the beaches in Mykonos are among the most beautiful in Greece, some of them ideal for water sports and others simply calm and virtually waveless, ideal for small children.

This article contains all the top destinations on the island of Mykonos, as well as the most convenient towns in Mykonos to stay in according to your interests and the extent of your budget.

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Where To Stay On Mykonos Island Greece

Mykonos is one of the most famous Greek islands. Many people associate it with luxury resorts with infinity pools, villas with sun terraces and five-star hotels. Others think of sandy beaches, beautiful sea views, crystal-clear waters and beach bars.

Most visitors will picture Mykonos Town, Little Venice and the windmills overlooking the Aegean Sea. The distinctive Cycladic-style architecture, with the white-washed houses and narrow alleys, is also a trademark of the island.

The truth is, Mykonos is all of the above, and much more. While the party-island reputation is very accurate, it’s possible to be isolated if you want.

Mykonos is the first place in Greece that attracted gay-friendly crowds and naturists, but it also has family-friendly beaches. In addition, there are plenty of outdoors activities such as kite-surfing, sailing, horse riding or kayaking.

In short, the famous Greek island has many faces. Accommodation options can be overwhelming, as they need to suit all tastes. There are hundreds of places to stay, from boutique hotels and luxury villas to a couple of campsites.

You will find a wide choice of Mykonos hotels almost everywhere on the island. Depending on when you are visiting and what you are looking for, here are the best areas to stay in Mykonos.

Where To Stay Near Elia Beach

Thea apartments

Located in Elia Beach, Thea apartments provides accommodation with an outdoor pool and a terrace. All units come with a patio, a kitchenette with a fridge and a stovetop, and a private bathroom.

Cova Mykonos Suites

Featuring sea views, Cova Mykonos Suites in Elia Beach provides accommodation, a garden and a terrace. Fitted with a balcony, the units feature a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with shower.

Arte & Mare Luxury Suites & Spa

The Arte & Mare Luxury Suites & Spa boast luxurious suites with pool or Aegean Sea views and a tasty breakfast served by the sea. The resort lies right on Elia Beach.

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If You Are Looking To Stay In A Quiet Area You Should Stay In Ornos

Ornos is a popular neighbourhood and a perfect location for you if you are looking to be close to the busier ares of the island but you want to enjoy adventure-based activities and beaches. Just 2km outside of Mykonos Town, Kitesurfers will have a great time in Ornos Village due to the strong winds and beach lovers will be spoiled for choice are several beaches within walking distance. Theres also plenty of Greek restaurants, cafes, bars, and a range of accommodation to choose from. An ideally located area for visitors who want it all.

Villa Mykonos | Haute Retreats

Why Stay In Paraga Beach

Where to Stay in Ornos Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Another beach area on the South coast, this one has more of a youthful vibe than others with daily beach parties that start in the afternoon. It’s also lined with beach bars and youth hostels. Not just for partying, however, on the other end of the beach, you’ll fan club-lounges, bars, lunch spots, and seafood restaurants. You can also walk to Agia Anna beach, watch the sunset from the amphitheatre, or catch one of the regular buses to Mykonos town in the Summer high season.

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Things To See And Do In Little Venice

Choose from an excellent selection of cocktails at Alley Cat Cocktail Bar.

Cool down with a refreshing drink at Zorbas.

Dance the night away at At54.

Enjoy a few relaxed bevvies at The Garden.

Listen to great live music at Montparnasse the Piano Bar.

Party at the extraordinary Paradise Club.

Sip cocktails at the Skandinavian Bar.

Spend a night at Babylon Mykonos, where the music is loud and the cocktails are great!

Try daring cocktails at Baos Cocktail Bar.

Watch the sunset at 180 Degrees Sunset Bar.

Distance From Mykonos Tourlos Ferry To A Beach Area Near The Airport

Doing this in reverse, upon my return, I wanted to chill at a beach for a few days before flying out. I arrived at Mykonos ferry terminal in Tourlos and decided to stay in the Platis Gialos area since it was too far away and was just on the other side of the airport.

I had to take a local bus from the Mykonos Ferry Terminal to Mykonos town, and then swap to another bus to Platis Gialos Beach.

The distance is 4.4 miles, but in all, it took me 2 hours! Two hours for less than 4 ½ miles. This was at high noon on a day in late September. We are not even in high season.

Sure, I could have arranged a private transfer, but not everyone wants to do this, or thinks to do this. You expect to rock up and hail a taxi not here. And it wouldnt really matter. There was traffic everywhere, so if the bus was not moving, your taxi wouldnt be either. Sure, a taxi may have taken different roads, but again, there were NO taxis at the ferry port. I was stuck with the city bus.

To note: Buses are more expensive on Mykonos than the other islands. On Paros and Naxos, I paid $1.95 for a one-way bus ticket. On Mykonos, the fare from the ferry terminal to town was $2.75, and another $2.00 to get me to the beach location.

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Where To Stay In Mykonos In April

Springtime is a very nice time of year to visit Mykonos, just as long as you arent a keen swimmer. At this time of the year, the Aegean is still warming up from its winter cool, and only the hardiest of cold-water swimmers will dare to take to the waters.

However, there is very little rainfall, and temperatures are mild and very comfortable in April. This is a good time of year to stay in Mykonos Town. There wont be so many tourists, but you can always be sure to find something going on in the streets of the islands capital.

Mykonos Ferry Terminal Is Chaos

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos In 2021

When I arrived at the ferry terminal in Mykonos, it was bedlam. Thats because there were a four cruise ships in port, so there were buses for the cruise passengers, private transfer vans, city buses, and no taxis in sight. No Taxis! I would have taken one, but there was nothing available.

If theres anything I dislike more is worrying that Im going to miss my ferry or flight because Ive miscalculated time or transport. Thats why I stay as close to my continuing transportation if Im simply coming and going.

If you need to catch a ferry in the morning, stay near the Port. If you are flying out the next morning, stay closer the airport!

And for Mykonos in particular, book your ferry ticket online, so you avoid this ticket line. There is a walk up window to the right of this line where you can pick up tickets youve purchased online.

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Where To Stay In Mykonos: 10 Best Areas

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Mykonos is a smaller Greek island but offers big excitement for tourist in its culture, restaurants, music, and nightlife. It is a place to get away for an awesome vacation and has several towns and beaches to suit a variety of styles for enjoying holiday if you know where to stay in Mykonos.

Mykonos, whose nickname is The Island of the Winds, is 85.5 square kilometers . It is part of a series of islands called the Cyclades. Mykonos is located between Tinos, Syros, Paros, and Naxos. There is some elevation to his its highest point as it rises to 341 meters . The largest town, Mykonos Town, is on the west coast and most of the islands 10,134 residents live there.

During your stay in Mykonos, you will see it is surrounded by the blue Aegean Sea and white beaches. Its buildings in the town of Mykonos are whitewashed in classic Greek style. Its narrow streets wind through the town and windows are decorated with flower boxes, creating a charming Old World atmosphere.

Looking to the hills, visitors can spot 16th-century windmills over the village.

Where To Stay Near Platys Gialos

Bay Bees Sea View Suites & Homes

Offering a garden and terrace with panoramic sea views, Bay Bees Sea View Suites & Homes is located in Platis Yalos, 2.5 miles from Mykonos Town and only 100 yards from the nearest sandy beach.

Nissaki Boutique Hotel

Built with an exceptional view over Psarou Beach, Nissaki Boutique Hotel enjoys an ideal location in the island of Mykonos. It overlooks the blue Aegean Sea and is within a short stroll from sandy Platis Gialos beach.

Petinos Beach Hotel

The Cycladic-style Petinos Beach is 200 yards from Mykonos Platis Gialos beach. It offers an open-air lounge, outdoor swimming pool with bar, and guest rooms with balconies overlooking the Aegean Sea.

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Where Not To Stay In Mykonos For Families

If youre coming to Mykonos as a family, most of the island will suit you perfectly. However, you should avoid a few areas where people go to party. Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are the main places you want to avoid. There, parties are going all day and all night long.

Mykonos Town is a great place to visit, but to stay as a family its probably not the best. Theres no beach nearby, so getting your kids to the sea will be more difficult. Parties at night are also usually pretty loud, and finding a bigger hotel where youll easily get a big room or a couple of rooms for everybody is also usually harder in Mykonos Town.

But besides that, you should be fine about anywhere on the island!

I hope you couldve found your Mykonos home through these guides. Dont hesitate to comment below if this is the case, I would be very pleased to read your feedback.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has helped you prepare your upcoming family holiday in Mykonos.

As we saw before, the best area to stay as a family in Mykonos is Ornos. There, youll enjoy great beaches, and even without a car, youll easily get to Mykonos town to visit to stay a day there and visit its beautiful streets.

And of course, I wish you an amazing holiday on the island!

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Naxos Where To Stay In Greece For Greek Island Life

BEST PLACE TO STAY WITH KIDS IN MYKONOS, GREECE!!! | Our Big Fat Greek Adventure | Ep. 7

Naxos is a fertile and mountainous island with beautiful ancient ruins. Theres even a 13th-century hilltop castle to tour. However, during the summer high season, Naxos turns into quite a party scene with plentiful bars, nightclubs, and bouzoukis. You can hear all kinds of music, from jazz to Greek music to hip-hop.

Now now, there might be something that we have yet to mention yet that is glaringly obvious. Naxos has the best beaches! Inarguably, the most beautiful beach is Agios Prokopios Beach which is just 6km from Naxos town. Its known for its beautiful golden sands and sparkling turquoise waters. There are also plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas to enjoy a cocktail under!

Agios Georgios Beach is just 2km from Naxos Town and is very popular with windsurfing, and with people in general given its proximity to the main town. Then, of course, there is the perfect snorkeling waters of Asia Anna Beach with its charming fishing port. Lets not forget to mention the more quiet beach of Plaka, that is crowd-free.

If youre wanting to go experience the best Greek beach life, stay in Naxos and youll soak up the beautiful sunshine while relaxing on the powdery Greek sands. Oh, Greek island life is simply divine!

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Where To Stay In Mykonos With Friends

Choosing where to stay on Mykonos for you and your friends is very much a question of who you are and what youre looking for.

If you plan to travel with a young group who likes to party, you should stay at Paradise or Super Paradise Beach. These two beaches are famous clubbing hotspots in the islands south.Other great places for group travelers include Mykonos Town, with all of its shopping and entertainment, or busy beaches like Ornos and Platis Gialos Beach.

Wherever you choose, if you were traveling as a group, be aware that Mykonos has some excellent Villa and apartment rentals. Villas and private rentals are an ideal personal and economical choice for group travelers.

Mykonos Boasts The Ultimate Components For Making It The Perfect Holiday Place Also Known As The Sun

A preferred destination for all ages with the perfect combination of sun, sea and parties, with sight-seeing, swimming, dancing the night away or simply relaxing on the beach

From luxurious villas, natural beauty, picturesque sandy beaches, thatched windmills and a little port town and of course for the white sand. Mykonos has the most pristine beaches with the vibrant Mediterranean charm.

The town of Mykonos is the epitome of beauty, a place where you will think you have fallen into a postcard.

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