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Where To Stay In Agrigento

Agrigento Sicily Places To Stay

Cheap 1 Dollar Houses In Italy | Where To Stay & Agrigento Tour – Episode 2

Need a home base 4-5 days to stay in Agrigento . 4 people . B& B, small villa, hotel. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We will be traveling early May 2018

Will be going there in September and am looking at the Colleverde Park Hotel. Ill be following the responses to this post to get other opinions.

The RS Sicily tour we were on stayed at the Baglio della Luna. It was a lovely hotel with a spectacular view in the back gardens.

Breakfast was fantastic. The bar was great. I would have loved to spend an extra night or two on the property.

We stayed at the B& B Terrazze di Montelusa a couple of years ago. Very clean rooms and good breakfast. The B& B has a wonderful terrace from which you can see one of the temples in the “Valley of the Temples”. The owner is very personable and loves to share information about his town and local tourist spots. When we were there, two cats also lived on the premises, so if allergies are a concern, this might not be the right place for you. Here is a link:

Have a great trip.

The 10 Best Things To Do In Agrigento

So, you plan to visit Agrigento during your trip to Sicily?

Great choice, there are many beautiful places to see in the region!

In order to help you plan your stay, I have prepared this guide of the best things to do in Agrigento.

You will find everything you need to know about the must-see attractions such as the Valley of Temples, Scala dei Turchi or the Torre Salsa nature reserve.

After the Top 10 points of interest list, you will find itineraries to visit Agrigento in 1, 2 or 3 days as well as a list of the best accommodations around Agrigento, depending on your budget.

And as always, I will give you my best tips for a memorable stay!


Bonus : 3 Amazing Day Trips From Palermo

In Sicily, many beautiful attractions are spread around the island and all of them are worth including in your vacation itinerary as day trips. The easiest way to discover these places is to rent a car. No matter where you stay in Sicily, I highly recommend you spare a couple of days to check out some of these incredible day trips. Whilst its possible to do any of these day trips from either side of the island , I am going to assume you would stay in Palermo, the capital.

Each of these day trips are within a couple hours drive from Palermo in the northern part of Sicily.

1. San Vito Lo CapoSan Vito Lo Capo is situated in the north western part of Sicily and around 1 and a half an hour drive from Palermo. Here you will find one of the best sand beaches in Sicily! In summer time you can even do boat tours to enjoy the beautiful coast.

Here you will also see the gorgeous Monte Monaca which is a popular hiking destination. If you want to have a break from sightseeing and spend some time swimming in the crystal clear water and enjoying nature, you should definitely make a day trip to San Vito Lo Capo.

2. TrapaniLocated at the north west edge of the island and about 1 and a half an hour drive from Palermo, Trapani is one of the most romantic towns in Sicily. Imagine strolling through the cute historic buildings by the seaside which offer a spectacular view with your partner.


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You’re Going To Sicily The Pearl Of Italy This Is Where You Will Stay In Agrigento A City That Cannot Be Ignored On The Island

It is on the south-western coast of the island of Sicily that Agrigento is perched on the top of a hill. This city of 60,000 inhabitants is famous for the ruins of the ancient city of Akragas, of course, but also and above all for the Valley of the Temples: a huge archaeological site with Greek temples, most of them perfectly preserved. Agrigento, divided between modernity and archaism, is home to many cultural attractions, including the Museo Archeologico Regionale Agrigento, where you can admire the remains of Greek civilization and many breathtaking treasures bearing witness to a troubled past: founded in 582 BC, the city underwent a geographical expansion under the reign of successive tyrants, then an eventful history marked by successive invasions, destruction and looting.

Today, it is by its privileged geographical position and its preserved nature that it seduces because it offers many possibilities to relax: hiking trails and nearby sandy beaches await the traveller in search of relaxation and escapades and who wish to live and discover other treasures of the region.

Whatever your desires and reasons for coming to Agrigento, if you have been seduced and have chosen to organize your stay here, here is our selection of places to help you find the perfect accommodation and thus know where to sleep in Agrigento.

Where To Stay Near Agrigento

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I am travelling around Sicily this August. We will be visiting the Valle dei Templi, Agrigento and plan on being in the area for 4 days. I understand the Temples are worth a day visit? If so, that leaves 3 days. We will have a car hire so getting around is not a problem – I’m used to driving in Italy. Is it best to stay by the sea, rather than i the city of Agrigento? If so, which area? Any suggestions or recommendations welcomed. Other places to visit?

Thank you!

It would help to know where else you are planning to go in Sicily and how much time you have altogether.

Sicily wongy60!

Consider staying at Ciuci’s Manor or Fontes Episcopi in Aragona.

Or perhaps consider Masseria Agnello in Realmonte near the Scala dei Turchi.


My daughter and I are staying in Lido di Noto for 2 days and then my son will be then joining us with his girlfriend when we are staying in Ortigia followed by Taormina with a visit to Mt Etna.

We will have 5 days without son’s girlfriend when we plan to visit the temples at Agrigento – some beach and chill time too.

Hi Vagabonda – I’m looking forward to my first trip to Sicily!

Thank you for the suggestions – looking now 🙂

You’ll enjoy time along the coast then at Lido di Noto, Ortigia, and Taormina, and so might then appreciate an agriturismo stay.

You didn’t indicate your lodging preference, or budget, so these are just some possibilities.

Nearer the Valley of the Temples, you could also consider Colleverde Park Hotel or B& B Villa Diana.

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The Old Town Is Interesting But We Have Stayed In A Lot Of

The old town is interesting but we have stayed in a lot of old towns in Italy. We saw everything except the duomo, which was closed. As usual in Italy, the trattorias are more interesting than the fancier restaurants and we had several good meals in town. The museum was informative but outside town and requires a taxi or a lot of walking. The valley of the temples also requires a taxi but is really impressive and the reason for the trip.

Catania Where To Stay In Sicily If Youre On A Budget

Catania is located on the east coast of Sicily and it is the second-largest city of Sicily. Catania Airport is just 7km from here. In this city, you will be able to see the famous volcano Mount Etna. Etna is the most active volcano in the world which increases its popularity among tourists and every year many travelers come just to hike to the volcano. How cool is that!? You should experience this nice hike during your Sicily trip as the sights from the top are definitely well worth it!

In the center of the city you will find many ancient Roman and Greek sites. You can easily explore these historic places on foot. Being a popular city, Catania offers a great number of nice restaurants, coffee shops, and wine bars and has vibrant nightlife too! So even if you just like history a little bit, you will still find plenty of other ways to fill your days.

In this city, there are more accommodation options compared to other parts of the island. Thats why here you will be able to find more budget places to stay and hotels with a better deal. Also, thanks to the many different attractions, Catania is a nice area to stay for families where you can find more space for your money.

Here are the top 4 hotels that I picked for you in this area:

La Casa Di El

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What Not To Miss

The Valley of the Temples, as the Akragas site is called, is Sicily’s biggest tourist draw. Once the largest city in the Mediterranean, beautiful Akragas was also known as a good place to let one’s hair down.

There are two zones to the site, to the east and west of the entrance:

  • To the east is the Temple of Concord, one of the oldest and most impressive in the site, the 6th Century Temple of Hercules and the Temple of Juno.
  • To the west is the Temple of Jupiter, which has some particularly interesting statues, and, if it had have been finished, would have been the largest Doric temple ever built. You can also find the Temple of Dioscure, as well as a sanctuary garden with more than 300 labelled species of plant.

If ancient Akragas proves just too hot – there’s little shade beyond a few olive trees – then visit Agrigento’s 11th Century cathedral, the Monastero di Santo Spirito and Our Lady of the Greeks church.

Lastly, a visit to the Archaeological Museum will help put everything in context. The museum is opposite the Roman Quarter, which also has some mosaics worth spending some time with.

Our pick of the best places to stay in Agrigento are both slightly out of town, but one is perfectly located if you want to be right up close to the ancient temples.

Locationally Where To Stay Near Agrigento

Where to stay in Sicily – The 7 best areas

Hi all,

Staying one night in Agrigento after visiting nearby sites during the day, don’t care too much about staying in the city centre rather we have a car and are looking to stay in a nice coastal region/town possibly with an attractive nearby beach within a 1 hour drive circumference of the Valley of the Temples. Most likely looking at Airbnb but would like to hear specific accommodation advice if you have it.

Thanks so much,

San Leone is on the beach about 2km from the Valley of the Temples. We stayed there, at Hotel Costazzura a few years ago, and it has since been expanded and modernized. San Leone has good access to the road network, so it works as a base.

San Leone is Agrigento’s lido, but not really a very attractive beach.

Take a look around Realmonte and the Scala dei Turchi.

And perhaps also Siculiana Marina for a nice beach area.


Thanks for the recommendations, I really appreciate it,

Vegabonda, the most attractive options accommodation wise are in Sciacca, I know it’s a little bit farther but is it a town/area worth staying in, or are other options better?


Hi Paul,

Yes, Sciacca is a local town worth staying with nice beaches, and so if you’ve found the most attractive accommodations options, Sciacca is a viable consideration, even if a bit further afield.

You could then also explore the southern coast from Selinunte to

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Lets Know A Little More About Agrigento

The city, an ancient Greek city, is famous for its temples. It is one more beautiful than the other and the landscape around them is impressive! Agrigento was founded in 580 BC, and has a territory in which several peoples passed, all of them leaving their mark on the Island in some way. The city peaked in the 5th century BC, before the decline caused by the war with Carthage. Find out more about the Region of Sicily by Clicking Here!

During the Punic Wars it was conquered by the Romans, who renamed it Agrigentum, to Latinize the city and show that it was dominated. Later the city came under Arab rule and was called Kerkent and, in 1089, it was the Normans turn to take over the territory. They called it Girgenti, a name that remained until 1927, when it was finally renamed Agrigento. It is known as the City of Temples and, the Valley of the Temples region, was included, in 1997, in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Temple of Zeus

The most visited temple is also the most important: it is the Temple of Zeus. Unfortunately, only a small part of it remains intact, but none of it detracts from its beauty. It is a colossal work, with 112.70 x 56.30 meters, seven Doric columns on the short sides and fourteen on the long sides. The architects of the time innovated, for the time, and studied even perspective, to create a structure not proportional, but that maintained the visual beauty.


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Bonus : How To Get Around In Sicily

In Sicily, distances can be long between cities. Thats why renting a car is the best option to get around on the island. It will also give you the freedom to visit more remote areas. However, If you dont want to drive a car here, there are some other transportation options that will help you to get around in Sicily.

Driving in SicilyThe most convenient way to get around on the island is renting a car, especially if you are planning to stay a long time and make stops in different towns. It is easy to drive in Sicily among major cities but keep in mind that you might get caught in traffic jams in some areas. In order to avoid that, choose early hours in the morning or the middle of the day to hit the road.

All main cities in Sicily such as Palermo, Catania, Messina, Syracuse, Agrigento, Taormina, and Trapani have good train connections. There are 2 train operators in Italy, Trenitalia and InterCity, you can check timetables on their website. I recommend booking train tickets in advance as the price sometimes goes up the closer you get to the date.

Bus fares are generally less than train tickets and are even cheaper when you buy a round trip. The biggest bus company on the island with the largest network is AST and Interbus. You can check the routes and timetables on their website and buy the tickets online.

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Top Tips For Finding Perfect Agrigento Hotel Deals

  • If youre looking for a cheap hotel in Agrigento, you should consider visiting during the low season. You’ll find cheaper accommodations in Agrigento in July and March.
  • Hotel room prices vary depending on many factors but youll most likely find the best hotel deals in Agrigento if you stay on a Saturday. The opposite is true for, Sunday, which is usually the most expensive day.
  • Book at least 26 days before your stay begins to get the best price for your Agrigento accommodation.
  • The cheapest 3-star hotel room in Agrigento found on KAYAK in the last 2 weeks was $30, while the most expensive was $758.
  • How long should you stay? KAYAK users usually book their accommodation in Agrigento for 2 days.

How Were The Hotels Chosen

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The hotels were chosen taking into account three main concepts: evaluation, location and daily rate. I want to make it clear that NONE of these hotels sponsored this post. The daily rates may vary from the values shown due to demand, time of year and room availability. Please always check directly when booking with

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Agrigento Where To Stay In Sicily For History Lovers

Agrigento is located on the south east coast of Sicily and 2 hours drive from Palermo. It is an archeological area and home to the most popular tourist attraction in Sicily the Valley of the Temples. Here you will find ruins from 3000 years ago with Hellenistic and Roman ancient settlements, temples, as well as archaeological museums.

If you are into history you will absolutely love your time here discovering these ancient sites! Dont forget your camera there are also a number of cool statues and sculptures scattered throughout the area!

As these historic sites are very popular, Agrigento is visited by tourists all year round. Thats why in this area you will be able to find more than enough restaurants, cafes, and bars. There are also very nice accommodation options in Agrigento so here are some of the best hotels to stay in Sicily:

In The Surroundings Of Agrigento

For nature lovers: a few campsites are scattered around the Valley of the Temples and allow to stay in Agrigento economically and simply. Of course, this rustic solution will not suit everyone but will convince even the most modest budgets, or even adventurers in search of authenticity!

Find a campsite near Agrigento

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Valley Of The Temples Where To Stay In Agrigento For First Timers

Just two kilometres from Old Town Agrigento, Valley of the Temples is the number one attraction in the Agrigento Region. The Valley can be reached from any area on this list, but you can also stay right by the Valley, and perhaps even splurge on a hotel room overlooking the temples. Choosing a hotel here means you can still reach the beaches, Old Town Agrigento and the Turkish Steps within just a few minutes drive.

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