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Where To Stay In Amalfi Coast Italy

Furore Off The Beaten Path Village With Great Walks

Positano: 6 Reasons NOT To Visit | Positano, Amalfi Coast Italy Travel Guide

Furore is built on the side of a rocky gorge overlooking the dramatic fjord for which the town is named. A very small town, it is really just a handful of cottages and a pocket sized stoney beach.

Lemon trees, grape vines and olive groves blanket the surrounding countryside in a typically romantic Italian scene.

The bridge soaring 30 metres above the fjord is a wonderful backdrop for photos but is also the venue for the annual high diving competition.

It is possible to do several day hikes from Furore, so the village is popular with walker.

Where to stay in Furore

As it is such a tiny village, most people day trip to Furore. If you are keen to stay in the area this villa with a pool has amazing views out to sea. Otherwise for a full range of accommodation options close by.

Maiori Best Place On The Amalfi Coast For Families

Maiori is one of the most family-friendly towns in the area. Located between Praiano and Salerno, this Italian village is significantly flatter than other towns in the area. With a long boardwalk and a limited amount of stairs, Maiori is great for travellers with little legs or those requiring a pram/stroller.

Home to a number of family-friendly restaurants and attractions, Maiori is also home to one of the largest beaches on the Amalfi Coast. Perfect for building sand castles or relaxing with a good book, kids and adults of all ages will love spending their days on the beach and exploring Maiori.

Where To Stay In Cetara

Hotel Cetus Overlooking the sea, the high-end Hotel Cetus is a beautiful place to soak up the Mediterranean ambiance of the Amalfi Coast. The rooms at this top Cetara hotel boast wonderfully tiled floors inspired by the Vietri ceramic tradition and balconies with sea views, of course but larger rooms come with their own terraces for ultimate relaxation. Parking is free, which is just perfect for road trippers, and so is the tasty breakfast buffet. This place even has its own slice of private beach as well as three restaurants.

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Where To Stay In Conca Dei Marini

Hotel Le Terrazze If youre looking for picturesque, look no further than Hotel Le Terrazze. Set on photogenic forested cliffs, this hotel is a relaxed, laid-back offering that allows you to simply soak up the atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast. Theres a dining room with sea views, where you can enjoy a complimentary breakfast every morning. The rooms here may be simple, but all of them feature balconies and some of them have the all-important sea views, too. Nearby is Emerald Grotto, and the Amalfi Cathedral is just over six kilometers away. Theres free parking here too.

How To Get To The Amalfi Coast:

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Aer Lingus and Ryanair fly directly from Dublin to Naples. We organised a taxi transfer to collect us upon arrival and drive us to Amalfi, and similarly on our return from Sorrento to Naples. The cost of this transfer is roughly 100 but it is worth it to drive directly around 90 minutes.

There are cheaper means to get there, but they involve trains, transfers and buses. You can get a taxi to the port of Naples for 30 and then a ferry from Naples to Sorrento for 15. As there were three of us travelling it made more sense to book transfers directly to and from our hotels.

Car hire is something that many consider, and there is no doubt that the Amalfi Coast is one of the worlds most scenic drives. However, roads are very narrow, so you will need to be a very confident driver. Roads can also be congested during the summer months and parking is virtually non-existent in towns. Hotels do offer parking, but usually at a cost of 30 per day!

I hope you liked my travel guide to the Amalfi Coast and that it helps you with your travel plans. Watch out for more coming soon.

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Choose The Best Town To Stay On The Amalfi Coast

A vacation on the Amalfi Coast should be on anyones bucket list, but choosing the best town to stay in can prove to be challenging. I should know since Ive already visited the region two times already, and I am planning the 3rd escape.

Many people might think of the Amalfi Coast as only Positano or the charming island of Capri, but there are many more villages you can choose to stay in. Depending on your budget, the length of your stay, if you are traveling with your friends, significant other, or family, you might be looking for a different kind of accommodation.

Rest assured, by the end of this post you will be able to make a perfect choice. I have gathered in one place some of the most beautiful hotels, apartments, and villas from all the villages on the Italian riviera.

As someone who loves Italy, I can easily say the Amalfi Coast might be one of the most beautiful regions in the country.

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Salerno Is Where To Stay On The Amalfi Coast On A Budget

Much less widely known than places like Sorrento, Salerno is a beautiful little town on the Amalfi Coast that deserves a whole lot more attention! Like the other Amalfi Coast town, its got spectacular views, Italian charm, and amazing beaches, but since its less hyped than towns like Positano or Sorrento, its far less crowded and less expensive! The beaches in Salerno are also rather larger in comparison to ones in some of the more popular towns, though they might not be the touristy ones youd find on a postcard.

Along with great beaches, Salernolike Maiorialso boasts of a castle within its borders: Castello di Arechi, dating back to the 6th century. Another thing that makes Salerno such a hidden gem amongst other towns on the Amalfi Coast is that it is much cheaper than Sorrento, making it a great place to stay if youre on a budget! And to top it off, unlike other Amalfi Coast towns, Salerno is one the main train line from Rome, so you dont have to change trains anywhere on your way to the Amalfi Coast!

Upsides: Cheaper than Sorrento and other towns on the Amalfi Coast. Less touristy. Less crowded beaches. Easy train access.

Downsides: If you want to travel to places by ferry, it can be a long journey from Salerno . Salerno is a very local town, which makes it slightly difficult to find common souvenirs like postcards.

Best Hotels In Salerno

Affordable: Apartment Suite dei Principati

Check Rates:

Mid-Range: Hotel Bruman

Check Rates:

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Where To Stay On The Amalfi Coast: Amalfi Sorrento Positano Praiano Or Ravello

Chock full of charming, colorful villages and stupendous views, the Amalfi Coast is one of Italys most irresistible destinations. Its also an unmissable stop on a tour of Southern Italy. But with so many attractive options, it can be tough to decide exactly where to stay in the Amalfi Coast.

Fortunately, were here to break down the pros and cons of each so you can decide which town fits your holiday preferences and budget. And once youve decided, you can read about how to get from Rome to the Amalfi Coast.

Atrani Pretty Fishing Town With A Lovely Beach


Just a short walk along the coast from bustling Amalfi, the pace slows right down on the cobbled streets of Atrani. The smallest town in southern Italy, Atrani is the place to go for seaside breezes and respite from the crowds of the larger towns along the coast.

A fishing village with lots of charm, the town is built on cliff edges. Houses and hotels are perched high on the hills and from them a raggle taggle of cobbled streets wind their way down to the seafront. Along the way are rustic cafes and restaurants serving up the catch of the day.

Atrani has a sandy beach and its relaxed vibe means it is great for families and those detoxing from a fast paced reality at home.

If you want to do some sightseeing, Atrani is on the major SITA bus routes along the Amalfi Coast and ferry transfers are a 10 minute walk away in Amalfi.

Where to stay in Atrani

Most of the accommodation in Atrani are short term vacation rentals in traditional houses. To search available properties in Atrani

In contrast to this rustic and historic village, Palazzo Ferraioli has contemporary styled and air conditioned rooms most with sea views.

The hotel has an onsite spa and hammam and an outdoor sun terrace with panoramic views of the harbour and sea.

Just a few minutes from the small beach at Atrani, it is also an easy walk to the larger facilities in Amalfi. From there you can organize excursions along the coast > Click for more details

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Sorrento The Best Place To Stay On A Budget Or For A Longer Vacation

Sorrento is a great option for those looking for a bigger city, with great budget accommodation. It is easily reached by train, bus, or car from Naples, and you have plenty of options to get from Sorrento to Positano or any other village on the Amalfi Coast in less than 1 hour.

You will find plenty of apartment-style accommodation options, but outside of the city, you can also find beautiful villas for a larger family.

Another reason why you could choose to stay in Sorrento is the fact that you have plenty of activity options. Getting to Herculaneum, Vesuvius, but also to the islands of Capri or Ischia, is easy from Sorrento.

Beach lovers will have access to a few beaches in and around Sorrento, where they can relax and lay under the sun.

The best accommodation options in Sorrento

Set up high on the hills above Sorrento, peaceful and quiet. With fresh breakfast, breathtaking views, they provide a shuttle to/from the main city area to the villa every couple of hours.

Mount Vesuvius will greet you every morning and you will enjoy the traditional breakfast served on the terrace. Rooms have air conditioning and the host goes above and beyond to make you feel at home.

Great all Italian traditional food, beautiful pool with free of charge towels, incredible views, and a convenient free shuttle bus to the city center. This would be my choice no matter when I go for a vacation in Sorrento.

Pearl House

Maiori Is Where To Stay On The Amalfi Coast For Families

Once known as Reghinna Maior, this fishing town is both gorgeous and luxurious, and has amazing things to offer. One of the most notable things about Maiori is that it is the home of one of the largest beaches on the Amalfi Coast! An interesting trivia fact is that the beach increased in dimensions due to terrible floods in 1954, which destroyed the entire historic center! Another interesting destination point that makes Maiori stand out amongst other Amalfi Coast towns is the incredible Castle of San Nicola de Thoro-Plano, which dominates the landscape.

If youre looking for more than great beaches and restaurants on your search for where to stay on the Amalfi Coast, Maiori is probably your best option! Beyond the amazing castle, which is open to the public, you can take a trip down to see some catacombs in Santa Maria Olearia. Another added bonus of Maiori is that the town of Minori is only a few kilometers away. Maiori is an easy town to get around on foot in, which helps make it ideal when traveling with kids, and the large beach and historic landmarks make it a great choice of where to stay on the Amalfi Coast for all ages!

Upsides: A lovely, large beach. Castle and other historic landmarks open to the public. Easy to get around on foot. A very local atmosphere.

Downsides: Very far south. Its an hour to get to Positano. Not the best hotel options.

Best Hotels In Maiori

Affordable: Residence Due Torri

Check Rates:

Mid-Range: Hotel Club Due Torri

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Best Villa In Praiano: Stunning 2

You mightve seen great views in the previous properties, but this one tops it all. Technically not the cheapest place, the private villa makes it up with unrestricted views of the blue water, a BBQ on your private balcony and super spacious, bright rooms. Perfect for a group of friends, the Airbnb sleeps up to 6 people at a time. Youre connected with the public transport system within two minutes of walking, but if you brought your own car, theres a garage available as well.

The Amalfi Coast Travel Tips

10 Ultimate Things to Do Along the Amalfi Coast

The travel tips below will help you make the most out of your trip.

  • The best time to visit The Amalfi Coast is during the Summer, and in particular July which promises both hot temperatures as well as the least rainfall of any month of the year.
  • Remember to get your FREE travel insurance quote from WorldNomads to receive fully comprehensive support when it comes to unforeseen travel complications.
  • You can stay at many of the picturesque towns along the Amalfi Coast, however, we recommend Positano, both for its beautiful landscapes and ease of getting around.
  • One of our best tips is booking your accommodation well in advance, as this region can be very popular which drives up prices closer to the time of your visit.
  • Make use of public transport, which not only is cheap, however, is also a lot safer as a lot of the roads are situated on steep mountain edges as well as having immediate bends.
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    Rooms And Suites Of Your Dreams

    Classic Italian interiors, quintessentially Mediterranean architecture and the style of the villas of Amalfi: all of Hotel Santa Caterina’s rooms are spacious and filled with light, with floors in hand painted majolica, marble bathrooms, and balconies with view over the sea of Amalfi or the garden.

    Salerno For Those Visiting The Amalfi Coast On A Budget

    Located on the eastern edge of the region is the town of Salerno. Marking the end of the region, Salerno is the largest town in the region, and the best place to stay on the Amalfi Coast on a budget because of its great variety of accommodation options and prices.

    Not only is this a more affordable place to stay on the coast especially when compared to Sorrento its also most ideal area of theAmalfi Coast for those without a car. Its connected to the main train line and easy to get to from the other towns.

    A lively port town, Salerno is home to a number of great tourist attractions. From the charming Old Town to the massive Duomo, its easy to get lost in the history and culture of this quaint seaside town. Enjoy lounging on the beach and exploring the sights in this southern Italian village.

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    Cetara Rustic Seaside Vibes

    One of the last towns on the Amalfi Coast drive before you reach Salerno, Cetara is a traditional fishing village without pretense.

    Each night the local fishermen set out into the Tyrrhenian Sea in search of the anchovies that Cetara is famous for as they have done for generations.

    The town hugs a small cove with a pretty sheltered beach. White washed houses gaze over the scene and lemon groves scent the air.

    When it is time to eat, Cetara is also well known for its restaurants featuring the local delicacy colatura the juice of salted anchovies. It is best served as a sauce for spaghetti. Delicious!

    Where to stay in Cetara

    La Corte dei Naviganti B& B is typical of the type of accommodation offered in Cetara. Simple rooms and generous hospitality are what you can expect if you book a stay there.

    For a list of similar properties, or apartments and villas in the area

    Praiano: Quiet On The Coast

    AMALFI COAST, ITALY: 5 Perfect Towns for Home Base to Explore Amalfi | Amalfi Coast Travel Guide

    Praiano was favourite summer retreat for Roman patricians and Medieval dukes, who filled the picturesque position with striking monuments. Even today, the town is dominated by the 17th century Church of San Gennaro, with its Baroque facade. The humbler churches are also delightful, with the 12th century Church of San Luca Evangelista housing beautiful Renaissance paintings, and the the Church of San Giovanni Battista featuring a marvelous majolica tiled floor from the 12th century. A large part of Praianos economy still comes from fishing, so visitors are guaranteed some exceptional seafood dishes, such as lobster spaghetti.

    Praiano is overlooked by many tourists, especially those coming by cruise ship, so is less crowded than other towns even though its just 15-20 minutes from Positano . An added perk of Praianos relative obscurity is that accommodation is much cheaper than Positano, and you still get the benefits of a pretty coastal town, great views, and two great beaches. Praianos perfect if youre looking to get the Amalfi Coast experience on a budget and dont necessarily need to visit other towns. Being off the main tourist track also makes Praiano particularly problematic to reach by public transport. If you dont want to lug your luggage onto a mix of trains and busses, a door-to-door transfer from Rome to Praiano with Daytrip will save you stress. And let you stop to see Pompeii or other sights on the way!


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