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Where To Stay In Banos Ecuador

Visit The Waterfall And Baths In Town

Traveling Ecuador, Galapagos, Baños, and the Cotopaxi Volcano (Take the Waters)

Im not sure weve ever seen such an impressive waterfall so close into town. This is literally on the edge of Baños so its an easy, flat walk from the centro. The municipal baths next door are heated by the nearby volcano and contain high mineral content thats believed to have restorative health benefits. Entry to the pool is just a few dollars, but getting up close to the waterfall is free.

Where To Stay In Baos

As Baños is so popular with tourists and backpackers, there are plenty of budget hostels available and a lot of competition keeps prices low. Most of these are located in the centre but there are some good options further out. Be aware that rooms may be more expensive on holidays and weekends. Here are some of our top picks for the best hostels in Baños

Napolitano Apart & Hotel

This is one of the main places to stay in the very centre of Baños. Many of the best things to do and see are just a few minutes walk from here, such as Sebastian Acosta Park and Church of the Virgin of the Holy Water.

One of the main selling points of the Napolitano is the fact that it has a full service spa. There are only 15 rooms here and they have some great features like Tempur-Pedic beds and amazing showerheads.

Double and twin rooms start at $50, which is a terrific price for such a good hotel in a fantastic location in Baños.

The reviews left by previous guests paint the picture of a welcoming and friendly place. No real problems have been highlighted in them, although not everyone thinks that it is such good value for money.

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Check Out Rio Pastaza Gorge

This isnt just any gorge, this is the gorge that a priest didnt fall into! The story goes that one very early, foggy morning, a visiting priest was riding into town, but he was so drowsy that he just let his horse lead the way. When he arrived at church, the townspeople were surprised to see him. How did you get here? The bridge over the gorge is out!

This is one of the miracles that are portrayed in the basilica. You can see the remains of the bridge that fell, but far more impressive is the beautiful gorge itself. Banos is built along its edge, and the river is that same one that creates the stunning Pailon del Diablo waterfall nearby.

Shop At The Pedestrian Mall

What to See and Do in Baños, Ecuador

Not far from Banos cathedral, youll find a pedestrian mall with stalls selling crafts, silver jewelry, and touristy knick-knacks. Many of them are crammed so full of stuff it is almost overwhelming.

We saw one vendor sitting outside his shop, I guess because it didnt have enough room for him as well!

As you can see, this woman knits hats for a living. She was carrying on a conversation with her friend across the street, so focused that she didnt even notice Dan photographing her.

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Stuff Your Face With Local Food

Baños, Ecuador is home to a plethora of fantastic food options at all budget ranges. Heres our list of where to eat in Baños, Ecuador.

Eat at the Mercado in Baños

We love mercados in South America: theyre the cheapest place to buy groceries, always offer local produce and meats, and they typically have some fantastic cheap food options.

The mercado in Baños, Ecuador is no exception. Its situated directly across from the Supermarket, which makes comparing prices really easy .

In addition to produce and meat, half of the mercado is a huge cafeteria which is always filled with locals enjoying heaping plates of food.

Travel tip #1: always eat where the locals eat! Most of the stalls in the mercado offer a variation of the same set menu: soup, juice, a plate of rice, chorizo, salad, and llapingacho , or a segundo option, usually chicken or beef all for $2.50.

If you want to venture out from the set menu, there are also plentiful juice and batido stalls . Theres also a fantastic ceviche spot, which was some of the best ceviche we had in Ecuador, and cost only $2.

Even if you dont eat a meal at the mercado, at least stop in for a llapingacho. Theyre incredible.

Try the Almuerzo menu at any local restaurant

Cheap Almuerzo menus are common all over Ecuador, and Baños is no exception.

Our favorite spot near our hostel was next to the much more popular Ristorante Papardelle.

What I Loved About Sangay Spa Hotel Baos

There were a few things I thoroughly appreciated about my stay at Sanga Spa Hotel.

First, the staff were consistently friendly and attentive and went out of their way to make me and other guests feel welcome.

The hotels central location also cant be understated. We could easily walk anywhere we wanted to within the quaint Andean mountain town.

And, when we wanted to venture out to the larger city Ambato, which had a bit more to offer, it was only about an hour away by car.

Here are a few more touches I appreciated:

  • The rooms are spacious and designed with real volcanic stone.
  • The food at all of Sangay Spas on-property restaurants was delicious and well-presented.
  • The spa offers amazing massages, a private jacuzzi, hot tubs, two saunas and an outdoor pool with a view that looks out at a beautiful waterfall. I made great use of each of these features.

With all of the positive points above, it is clear to see why this is one of the best hotels to stay in Baños.

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Watch The Sunset Behind Tungurahua Volcano While On A Swing

After spending a bit of time in the southern part of the valley, it’s time to go to the other side for a stunning sunset at the Las Antenas Viewpoint .

This is also a secret swing place I mentioned earlier with a better view of the Tungurahua volcano and you can even see Chimborazo volcano on the horizon from here.

There are at least 2 swings on this side of the valley around this viewpoint and it has an unobstructed view of both Baños city and the volcanoes around it. Although keep in mind that the swings aren’t equipped with any safety measures like you experienced at the La Casa del Arbol since it’s not as well-known hence why you can swing at your own leisure without having to line up.

To get to the viewpoint in time for the sunset, I would recommend you get a taxi to the viewpoint from Baños. It should take about 30 minutes to drive up the hill and should cost no more than 20 USD for a round-trip.

Banos Ecuador Travelers Guide Where To Stay And What To Do

Ecuador – Baños & The Amazon (Part 1)

Wondering what to do in Banos, Ecuador? The town is hopping and the entire area is filled with adventure and fun activities. It also has a number of hot pools from natural Ecuador hot springs and steam baths and massage services for the perfect relaxing experience. I spent two months exploring Banos and fell in love with the area and the community. Here are a few suggestions on how to really get the best out of this amazing town. I think visiting the jungle, this town and doing a Galapagos Islands cruise vacation are a few of the best ways to see this amazing country.

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Where To Go Next

Quito: Experience the first ever UNESCO World Heritage site and wander through the impressive Old City. As the city is the second highest capital in the world, there are plenty of amazing viewpoints around to take the perfect travel snaps. Dont miss out on the chance to grab some cheesy empanadas on La Ronda.

Tena: Head to the Napo province and experience rafting on some of Ecuadors best rivers. Tena is a great jungle town in which to relax in for a few days or even to organise a trip into the surrounding rainforest. With a big expat population, Tena is a great place to get your fill of western food and especially pizza!

Riobamba: Climb up Ecuadors highest volcano Chimborazo and see how the altitude affects you! There is also a large indigenous population living in Riobamba so it is a great place to perfect your haggling skills at the local markets.

Where To Stay In Banos

There’s no shortage of accommodation in Baños. The hostel scene is very strong, but even those looking for a more luxurious experience will find perfect hotels here.

We stayed close to the town’s center and within walking distance of the bus terminal, which was very convenient.

We’ve handpicked the best three hotels in Baños for every type of traveler.

Feel free to get inspired and make a reservation for your upcoming trip.

Budget | Hostal D’Mathias – We stayed in this nice and clean hostel close to the bus station and city center, and it was great value for money.

Mid-range | Selina Baños – If you like light interiors and modernly furnished rooms, you are going to love it in Selina. The central locations and great vibe are the main selling points here.

Luxury | Sangay Spa Hotel – Nice modern and clean rooms, good amenities, buffet breakfast is included, and the hotel has one of the best locations in the town right next to the Cascada de la Virgen.

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And Theyre Giving It Away

Okay, okay. The giveaway isnt just for me. Ill give you a chance to win la casa verde yourself. When I first heard about the giveaway, I was suspicious. Why are the owners giving it away? Can they not sell it? Whats wrong with the place?

Nothings wrong with the place. Its a very popular eco guest house with 11 rooms that are often full in advance. Theyre not in debt, and the place is profitable. Its currently leased to a couple who manages the place , and it still turns a profit for the owners. So if you win la casa verde and arent interested in moving to Ecuador and managing a guesthouse, you could lease it to on-site managers and own/manage it from abroad if you wished. .

The owners of la casa verde are originally from New Zealand, and want to spend more time with their families back home. Theyve simply decided its time to move on.

And although they could have simply sold the place, they like to do things unconventionally. Theyre also launching an e-book called Back to Earth, and theyre using this giveaway to launch this new career. . So, when you buy a $29 raffle ticket to win la casa verde, youre actually buying a copy of Back to Earth, and receiving a free raffle ticket. You can buy as many books as you wish and the more you buy, the better a deal you get. I got five tickets for $129.

You can read more about the fine print in their terms and conditions and FAQs on their giveaway site Win the Lifestyle.

Aldea Real Eco Friendly

Waterfall in Banos, Ecuador

The hotel is 5 minutes by car from the center of the city of Baños de Agua Santa, in a safe and quiet area, with a very family atmosphere. Whats great about this place is its proximity to nature as its not in the city. Waking up with the sight of the sunrise is definitely one of a kind experience you wont like to miss in Baños.

The hotel has a 24-hour reception, a variety of natural gardens, a barbecue area, and a tourist information desk. In the surroundings, you can practice different activities, such as hiking. Plus, there is free parking available for all visitors.

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Places To Stay In Baos

You want to know where to stay in Baños? Looking for a place to stay in Baños? If you are looking for good places to stay in Baños: We give personal selected travel advice for Baños. The best places to stay at

Our travel advice for Baños: On this site you will find our hotel recommendations for Baños. Because of our travel experiences we are happy to share our tips with you so that you hopefully will find your perfect places to stay in Baños! Therefore find below our places to stay in Baños, our travel advice for Baños:

La Posada del Arte in Baños

As a result of our experience, we recommend the La Posada del Arte to stay in Baños.

Offering a restaurant, La Posada del Arte is located in Baños, just 900 metres from the towns main transport terminal. It boasts an on-site tour desk and a shared terrace with hammocks.

The actual price range is around 38 USD.

The Adress is:

How To Get To Baos From Guayaquil Latacunga Or Cuenca

The bus to Baños from Latacunga or Guayaquil will first stop in either Ambato or Riobamba, and then connect to Baños you may need to switch buses or buy two tickets if the route is not direct.

For each location, there is no need to book in advance. Just take a taxi to the main bus station and look for signs to Baños, Riobamba, or Ambato. Ask at each ticket counter to see which one is leaving soonest.

  • The bus from Guayaquil to Baños will take about 5.5 hours and cost around $7.
  • The bus from Latacunga to Baños takes around 2 hours and costs under $5.
  • The bus from Cuenca to Baños takes around 7.5 hours and costs about $10. There is also direct bus from Cuenca to Baños on Amazonas which will take about 6 hours and cost around $10.

From anywhere else in Ecuador: If you dont see a direct bus to Baños at the bus station, look instead for buses heading to Ambato, which is the nearest city.

De-board there and take one of the frequent buses to Baños, only an hour away. You can also look for buses to Riobamba and connect from there to Baños.

  • Ecuador Travel Tip: As a rule of thumb, Ecuador buses typically cost around $1-2 per hour. So a 2 hour bus ride will be around $3-4, and a 6-hour bus ride will be around $10.

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Best Hostel For Amenities Selina Banos

From $9 for a dorm

Claiming to be a haven for backpackers and nomads, Selina Banos has redefined what an Ecuadorian hostel is.

Not only is it a place to rest your head at night, but it is a place to call home for as long as you stay.

We have chosen it as the best for its amenities, including co-working space, daily classes , a touring agency for everyday adventures, a pool table, rooftop terrace with spectacular views, bar, cafe, and more!

The hostel is organized, and the staff is extra friendly from the tour desk to the bar. Selina Banos is more than just a hostel, and we love it!

Check Out Local Market

Baños, Ecuador – Living on $30 a day

As we traveled long-term around South America, we could not afford to shop on every interesting market as we would simply not be able to fit everything in our backpacks.

Which is a shame because Ecuador actually has many amazing market towns.

Close to the main square is a street full of stalls, where local people sell handicrafts, and it is a place where to buy a souvenir.

If you are looking for more market towns in Ecuador, we have a few more tips for you.

One of the most popular market towns is Otavalo. It is actually so popular that it is one of the best day trips from Quito.

And if local markets are something you like, make sure to visit Latacunga, villages close to Quilotoa Loop, or even Baños.

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Things To Do In Baos Ecuador

There are a TON of amazing things to do in Baños, from adventure sports to relaxation to stuffing your face. Weve covered all of those, of course!

Baños offers a ton of adventure sports and activities, including horseback riding, mountain biking, rock climbing, paragliding, 4×4 rentals, multi-day jungle treks, and bungee jumping. You can take a day trip to the Amazon jungle with a tour like this one!

Honestly, during our week in Baños we only tried a small selection of what the town has to offer. Heres our guide to the best things to do in Baños!

Accommodation In City Center

Many sights and restaurants are situated in the central part of Baños. So if you prefer outdoor activities, choose residences nearby. There are , , and in the heart of the city. These objects have a rating above 8.6.

in the center of Baños is an excellent option. This hotel offers a garden, sun terrace, massage.

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How To Get To Baos Ecuador

Ecuador is a small country, and getting around it is quite easy and inexpensive. The only way to get to Baños is by bus, but you can bus from multiple locations around Ecuador.

The bus station in Baños is near the center of town and is walking distance to most hotels and hostels or you can take a cheap $1 taxi from the bus station to your destination.

So Much To Do In And Around This Town

What to See and Do in Baños, Ecuador

So much to do in and around this town. The weekends are pretty noisy with restaurants and bars downtown with loud music. But during the week it seems very quiet. Biking down to the waterfalls is a nice way to see the outskirts of the town and experience the tourist attractions. A nice hike up Sendero La Virgen made for an amazing view of the town. The thermal pools of La Virgen are great to experience right after 6pm, when the the pools have been emptied, cleaned and refilled.

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