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Where To Stay In Bariloche

Surroundings Of The City Are Its Strong Point Routes At

Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina in winter (coldest we’d been on world trip!)

Surroundings of the city are its strong point, routes at times are not the best signposted but they also serve to reach the natural surroundings. The gravel roads are not a good option but sometimes there are no better chances. Local people are friendly, they live off tourism, the gastronomy is rich but you have to know how to look for it, maybe a little expensive. The traffic is quite orderly. You have to rent a car to enjoy it better.To always return

More Travel Options In Bariloche

Whether you are traveling to Bariloche for a romantic getaway, business trip, golf, or a family vacation, Bariloche has great hotels which can fulfill all your needs.It’s important to select the right hotel, motel, or resorts based on your trip goals.When traveling, some amenities can be the decision-maker on your vacation, business trip, or family getaway.Imagine reserving a hotel for a business trip that doesn’t provide free Wi-fi for its guests.You can narrow down your hotel search and get everything you want by viewing accommodation types like motel, resort, inns, B& B, and lodge that provides amenities like pet-friendly, free breakfast, and gym or by different activities like golf, beach, ski, or casino.

Bariloche Hotels By Star Rating

Nido del Condor Hotel & Spa, Llao Llao Hotel & Resort Golf-Spa and Design Suites Bariloche are the top 3 luxury hotels near the Bariloche center.

What hotels are the closest to Bariloche center?

Hotel 7 Lagos, Hotel Aspen Ski and Terrazas Bariloche are the closest hotels conveniently located near the Bariloche center.

How much does a cheap hotel in Bariloche cost per night?

In the last year, a 2 star economy hotel in Bariloche has been as cheap as $209.67 per night.

How much does a 3 star average hotel in Bariloche cost per night?

The average room rate for a 3 star hotel in Bariloche have been as low as $180.89 per night.

How much is a hotel in Bariloche for this weekend?

How much does a luxury hotel in Bariloche cost per night?

Map With The Best Hotels In Bariloche

Check the location of all hotels in Bariloche mentioned in this post on the map above.Simply click on the arrow button on the top bar to access the map legend.

We hope the tips on where to stay in Bariloche have been helpful!Also find out how to choose the right travel insurance for Argentina!

Have a nice trip!

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Things To See And Do In City Centre:

  • Take a walk along Miter Street this is where you will find chocolate shops, tour agencies and souvenir stands amongst other retail delights
  • The Museum of Patagonia is an excellent exhibition dedicated to the history of the region, including the indigenous cultures
  • Head on a short trek up to Mirador Bahia Lopez this is where you will find some of the best views in the City Centre
  • Ms Turismo is a highly rated tour guide service that provides trips around the lakes, mountains and elsewhere in Patagonia
  • Many of the best restaurants are located close to Miter Street we recommend La Marca Patagonia for their well-priced and delectable local dishes

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Your Travel Guide To Bariloche Argentina: Where To Stay And What To Do

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Bariloche is full of dualities considered the gateway to Argentinian Patagonia, this magical land of lakes is equally enchanting in either summer or winter weather. Its famous vistas include both the high altitudes of the surrounding Andes and the low lakes in-between them. Much like Buenos Aires, Bariloche also has a distinctly European influence except instead of Parisian architecture youll find Swiss style chalets alongside many fondue and chocolate shops. In fact, Bariloche is considered the chocolate capital of the country. If your idea of the perfect vacation involves both breathtaking views and eating copious amounts of high quality food, then Bariloche is the perfect place for you.

Where to Stay

Rates are based on a one-night search for February 2018. Remember: Bariloche is south of the equator and experiences opposite seasons to the U.S.!

For solo travelers & the budget conscious 41 Below Hostel Starting at $26/Night

We would not recommend 41 Below for guests with wheelchairs.

For digital nomads Patagonian Style Cabin Starting at $42/Night

We don’t recommend this airbnb for wheelchair users. In addition it’s been noted that the bed may be small for any exceptionally tall guests.

For families “CABIN – PYRAMID” Starting at $49/Night

We don’t recommend this airbnb for wheelchair users.

A little something for everyone “Nuno’s Listings” Starting at $65/Night

For winter vacations Design Suites Bariloche Starting at $131/Night

What To Do

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Best Hotel In Bariloche: Charming Luxury Lodge

This sprawling five-star resort is certainly reserved for those willing to splurge but is worth every penny! Not only do they have a large spa on-site, they also provide free access to a local ski lounge and outdoor activity classes.

Rooms come with their own private spa facilities and large televisions.

Surrounded by the foothills of the Andes mountains and a series of lakes, Bariloche is often compared to villages in Switzerland. Indeed, with quaint cottages and abundant chocolate shops in the city centre, it can be hard to tell the two places apart!

It is also the second most visited ski destination in the world and the most important in South America.

Thankfully, not only does it have similar aesthetic charms to Switzerland it also has similar levels of safety! This makes it a great destination if you want a little break from some of the more notoriously dangerous cities in South America on your Argentina backpacking adventure.

Its also fairly small though because it is spread along the lake it is worth considering transport options in advance.

The City Centre is a natural starting point and the perfect choice for first-time visitors that want to experience a bit of everything Bariloche has to offer! A little bit cheaper than the ski areas in the city, the main street running through the City Centre is where you will find the famous chocolate shops and souvenirs.

Things To See And Do In Playa Bonita

  • Arum-Co Buceo not only offer regular boat tours on the lake, they also offer water sports activities and basic equipment hire for more advanced users
  • If you want to splurge on the ultimate Patagonia experience, hop on board a helicopter tour of the lakes and mountains with Helitronador
  • K8 offer bike rental services on the edge of town a great way to explore the surrounding area and even travel as far as the city centre
  • Keen for a spot of golf? Llao Llao Golf is located close to the beach, offering a beautifully landscaped 18 hole course with views over the neighborhood
  • Though a little upmarket, Stag is absolutely worth it if youre willing to splurge on mouthwatering Argentinian cuisine on the lakefront

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City Guide: Discover The Best Of San Carlos De Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is one of the most famous spots in Argentina. It lies to the east of the Patagonian Steppe plains, at the foot of the Andes. The city is beautifully located in the middle of stunning lakes and majestic mountains. It became a renowned ski resort and a perfect place for hiking. The city is called American Switzerland due to its numerous lakes. Bariloche has a number of beautiful sandy beaches such as Playa Bonita and Villa Tacul. Central Bariloche is packed with various shops, restaurants, nightclubs and cafeterias where you can try one the finest chocolate in the world.

Tourists flock to Bariloche irrespective of the season. Hotels in Bariloche are in abundance and are located in different parts of the city. To save your money, book a hotel in Bariloche with On the website you can find the best deals, the most cost-effective options and all the information relevant to ensure your perfect stay in this beautiful city.

There are a great number of things to see and do in Bariloche. The main attractions include:

– Cathedral Nuestra Senora del Nahuel Huapi, built in neo-gothic style

– Clock Tower, where you can see a parade of figures at 12 and 6 pm

– Civic Center, the central area of Barilochi where you can see the City Council, the Patagonia Museum and other important spots

– Nahuel Huapi National Park, where you can take a stroll along the beautiful lakes

– Chapel of the Immaculate, built in 1905

Llao Llao Resort Golf

Argentina: 10 Shocks of Visiting Argentina

Address: Av. Bustillo Km 25Accommodates: 2

The Gran Hotel Panamericano is a charming hotel in the countryside, a short distance from the center of Bariloche. Travelers here will find an aesthetic that is set up to give them a true mountain lodge feel, conveyed through a rustic but polished flair. The hotel has 56 rooms broken up into three separate suites, with an emphasis on rooms for couples. Each room is equipped with central heating, high-speed internet access and each is also served by 24-hour room service.

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Find the best travel deals for your next holiday

The town of Bariloche, Argentina, is a serene spot, located right at the foothills of the Andes Mountains and on the southern edge of Nahuel Haupi Lake. For many years, this town in the Patagonia region has been a refuge for visitors, dating back to the indigenous Mapuche and Poya people. Today, its grown into a palatial getaway for those who want to truly bask in the natural splendor that evokes images of the Swiss Alps but contains a traditional flavor that can only be found in Argentina. Heres a number of places for travelers to stay, that will bring out the best of their visit to Bariloche.

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The Llao Llao Hotel & Resort is one of the oldest hospitality structures in this area, dating back to 1939 and surviving a catastrophic fire a year later as well as being closed for 15 years. Through it all, it has maintained a reputation as being an elite hotel, that allows guests to fully experience the wonders of Patagonia.

Villa Huinid Hotel Pioneros

This hotel, not to be confused with the Villa Huinid Hotel Bustillo, offers up an affordable accommodation that puts you right on Lago Nahuel Huapi. The lake-facing side of the hotel has been cleared to give you unencumbered views of the glacial gem.

Youll also find a clean indoor pool on the backside of the hotel. This hotel is all about value. You get a clean room with plenty of space, colorful linens and a comfortable bed in the heart of the Argentinean Patagonia. Villa Huinid features a friendly lakeside bar and a spacious dining room where an included buffet breakfast.

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City Centre Where To Stay In Bariloche For Your First Time

Located right on the waterfront, the City Centre is the heart of the city and the ideal destination for your first time in Patagonia! The views from this area are nothing short of incredible with stunning lakes on one side and the Andean foothills on the other.

It is also the retail hub of the city, with many of the best shops located along the main street.

Aside from the natural beauty and shopping, the City Centre offers some interesting cultural attractions! The unique architecture, reminiscent of Swiss Alpine buildings, is an attraction in itself, and there are also some interesting museums and galleries showcasing the history and culture of Bariloche.

Playa Bonita Best Neighborhood In Bariloche For Families

Cabins and lodges in Bariloche, where to stay [Go Patagonic ]

Playa Bonita is calmer in atmosphere than the City Centre but this doesnt mean its lacking in things to do! Named after the gorgeous pebble beach in the area, Playa Bonita has a family atmosphere that draws visitors not just from abroad but from nearby towns.

There are plenty of fantastic activities, including regular excursions on the lake.

Even if you arent visiting as a family group, Playa Bonita is an excellent option during the summer months. Many of the locals opt to spend time here to unwind, and it truly becomes a hub of life during the warmer weather.

The water is cold year-round, so be sure to bring an appropriate wetsuit before taking part in activities!

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Luxury And Boutique Accommodation In San Carlos De Bariloche

Dazzler Hotel Bariloche is a stylish 4-star property that is within walking distance of Civic Center Bariloche. Design Suites Bariloche is a stylish 4-star boutique hotel that is famous for its atmosphere. Selina Bariloche offers an outdoor swimming pool, a sauna and a Jacuzzi as well as an unbeatable comfort of a chain hotel.

Where To Stay In Downtown Bariloche

For most travelers, the best place to stay in Barilocheis downtown, especially close to the Civic Center and Lake Nahuel Huapi .

The streets very close to the Civic Center and the Lake are flat.However, just a few blocks away from these places means a steep climb, which ends up yielding beautiful views.

Staying in the center of Bariloche guarantees easy access on foot to the best restaurants, the main shops and the travel agencies and other services that travelers use.

Therefore, those looking for entertainment and varied servicesshould stay in downtown Bariloche.

Only two seasons deserve attention. of the year, winter and summer.During these periods, many Argentinian students participate in excursions to Bariloche.

It is worth avoiding the hotels that receive students, after all, many teenagers together tend to be quite noisy.

Regarding hotels in center of Bariloche, most of them lack luxury or modernity , but there are hotels with good maintenance, adequate location and good services.

There are accommodations in the center for various budgets, including hostels, inns and apartments .

  • Positive points: shops and services hotels for all budgets location.
  • Negative points: hotels with classic decor noise at times.
  • Good for: no car budget travelers limited time available.

Check out our suggestions for hostels below, followed by the list of the best hotels in downtown Bariloche:

Best hostels in downtown Bariloche

Penthouse Accommodation 1004

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What Not To Miss

  • Bariloche’s alpine inspired architecture with many swiss style chalets in the south American resort.
  • If you can’t get enough of the snow, why not try some skiing in the southern hemisphere this winter.
  • If you would like to explore in the South American summer, Bariloche is great for hiking, biking, and fishing

The best places to stay in Bariloche are very busy during peak periods . So if you’re planning a visit, get organised and book well ahead.

Hotels In Bariloche On Avenida Bustillo

Patagonia Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Peninsula Petit

For travelers with a rental car, the large Avenida Bustillo is a good alternative on where to stay in Bariloche.

This avenue borders Lake Nahuel Huapi, with more modern and sophisticated hotels, as well as excellent restaurants.

Staying near the lake on Avenida Bustillo is suitable for couples who seek tranquility, as well as families who prefer top quality hotels and peace, escaping the hustle and bustle of downtown.

It is worth mentioning that Avenida Bustillo is very large, with good hotels less than 10 kilometers from the center and others. further away, more than 20 kilometers away.

Below are our suggestions for the best value for money nearby hotels.Access to Avenida Bustillo and Lake Nahuel Huapi:

At Villa Los Coihues, on the shores of Lake Gutierrez, there are also some accommodations, such as: the much-praised Indomito Hostel, with bed in dormitory from US$ 20 per night and Hosteria El Condado, with a double room from US$55.

Although we show the option of where to stay in Bariloche near Cerro Catedral, we believe that the center and the Avenida Bustillo has the best value for money hotels.

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Lakefront Cabins And Lodges In Bariloche

The lake is one of the great protagonists of Bariloche and nothing better than sleeping on its shores or overlooking the Nahuel Huapi. We recommend five cabins in Bariloche in front of the lake that you will love.

Cabañas Chesa Engadina are located very close to the Bariloche city center. Built in cypress wood and carved stone, its location is privileged on the shores of the lake. They have a fully equipped kitchen including small appliances with electric kettle and toaster, a fireplace to sit around in winter and even a security alarm.

Puerto Pireo cabins are located next to Campanario Hill and are ideal for couples and families as well. Elegantly , they feature large windows with fabulous views of Nahuel Huapi Lake. The complex has a heated swimming pool with a retractable roof that can be closed in winter and open-air in summer.

Cabañas Las Marias Del Nahuel are located in front of the lake and near Otto Hill. It offers cabins for 2 to 6 people and panoramic views of the lake that will surely take your breath away. It also has a beautiful park to sit and contemplate the surroundings. Its solarium with heated jacuzzi facing the lake is one of the great protagonists for those who want to relax.

¿Staying 3 days in Bariloche? Check here a suggested itinerary.

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