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Where To Stay In Bavaria

Lovely Little Bavarian Town

Top 10 Places To Visit In Bavaria – 4K Travel Guide

Lovely little Bavarian town. Its exactly like what youd expect from The Sound of Music, or Heidi. Fields of flowers and cows, charming houses, friendly people. Füssen, the next town over, has a wonderful area of shopping and restaurants. You will need a car and get a small one, because parking is a challenge.

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Bavaria is not just rich in the economy but it is also abundant in its culture. While its population continues to increase over time , it is able to preserve its language, cuisine, architecture, and festivals. It is also home to some of the most beautiful towns and the grandest architectures in the world, including the Cathedral in Bamberg, Old Stone Bridge, Burghausen Castle, and many more! Embark on a cultural and historical adventure, and dont forget to brush up on some basic phrases in German before you go. While youre in it, might as well check out these lovely castle hotels in Bavaria, Germany. They will keep you in awe and give you all the more reason to explore this beautiful place.

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If youre looking for castles to stay in in Bavaria, Klostergasthof Raitenhaslach is for you. Set in a historic monastery, this hotel offers quiet rooms with Wi-Fi and a traditional Bavarian restaurant. There are plenty of options for breakfast and dining here at night is also exceptional with great authentic dishes prepared fresh daily. All rooms are spacious with comfy beds, satellite TV, and modern bathrooms to keep you accommodated in your stay. Guests are also allowed to use the day spa of the partner property and have free parking privileges. The hotel receives good reviews for their excellent service, comfortable and clean rooms, and friendly staff.

Gstehaus St Georg Weltenburg Abbey

Looking for a place to disconnect and feel the sense of calmness within yourself? In Bavaria, monasteries offer guests the meditative state they seek. Weltenburg Abbey is the oldest monastery in Bavaria that was founded in the year 600, and located along the breathtaking Danube Gorge, where 128-foot high cliffs stand and the Danube forms in a curvy narrow stretch. This is natural beauty at its greatest. For monks of the Benedictine order, hospitality has always been of great importance. Gästehaus St. Georg offers 57 rooms with a simple and comfortable design. Lets not forget to mention that within this monastery you will also find a restaurant with an idyllic beer garden and the opportunity to tour one of the oldest breweries in the world.

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Where To Stay In Bavaria

Hi all

I’m planning to visit Bavaria end of June, however not sure in which city I shall stay … Ideally I will be visiting neuschwanstein castle, romantic road, black forrest … Not sure if I shall stay in Munich itself and do day trips? Shall I stay in Fussen? Other city or town that you would recommend?!

We are a group of 4, early 30s, and this is our first trip to Bavaria .. We will be spending a total of 4 days.


The Black Forest is not in Bavaria but the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg .

Füssen/Neuschwanstein Castle is the end point of the Romantic Road. Black Forest is in Baden-Württemberg close to the French border. Something you could include if you travel from France to Bavaria or vice versa.

With just 2 days you don’t have much choice other than the options you posted. 4 days in Munich with day trips. Or to split the time between Munich and Füssen. I would go for the latter. But I know others on the forums for whom staying in a place with less 1 million inhabitants seems to impose severe nightmares.

There is anyway not any time to recommend further places. But what is the best will also depend from where and how you’ll travel to Bavaria and the same after your visit there. With this short time frame one should avoid any unnecessary detours.

Skiing At The Bavarian Alps

Top things to do in Bavaria in summer! Visit Eibsee Lake ...

Schneefernerhaus is the ultimate skiing destination for skiers. It is one of the best skiing spots in all of Europe and the highest skiing spot in Germany. Traverse the snow of the Bavarian Alps on skis for the ultimate adrenaline rush experience. But not only skiing, the Bavarian Alps offer some of the most exquisite hiking opportunities. You can also choose to enjoy tobogganing with friends and family, and hot air balloon rides that offer some of the most scenic and panoramic views of the Bavarian Alps and Bavaria.

Christmas in Munich is a truly unique and spectacular experience. Some of the best Christmas experiences of Munich include: Traditional Christmas Markets, the Tollwood Winter Festival, the Munich Ice Magic and Christmas Village. The Traditional Christmas Market is an amazing seasonal market where one can buy wine, infamous gingerbread and wonderful handmade wooden crafts, toys and ornaments. Tollwood Winter Festival is an amazing festival that celebrates food and music.

Another fun experience would be ice skating at Munichs largest open air ice skating rink, the Munich Ice Magic. Last but not the least, the Christmas Village of Munich that is located at it Royal Residence every Christmas, showcases amazing carols, a life-sized nativity scene, traditional artisans, carousels and a chance to meet the German Santa Claus, Nikolaus.

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Quiet Place Under The Castles

Quiet place under the castles. Close to Fussen… free parking right before bridge to Fussen to the right.Visiting castles: be early.Bavarian hotel rooms: rarely air-conditioned. Be aware at booking hotel rooms in the hot summer!Great beer at Schloss Schwangau Brauerei.Visiting Bavaria, cattle country….don’t be surprised by the smell.

Where To Stay In Bavaria Upper Bavaria Or Lower Bavaria

Me and my family plan to go to Germany on 24Dec -28Dec, We plan to stay in Bavaria, but im abit confuse about Bavaria, what is your commendation hotel to stay, is it upper Bavaria better to stay or Lower Bavaria? How long and how far is the distance between them?

many thanks

Lower Bavaria/Niederbayern is the region northeast from Munich with towns such as Deggendorf, Passau, Landshut, Upper Bavaria/Oberbayern is the region around Munich und includes much of the Bavarian Alps.

> How long and how far is the distance between them?

At the border between both regions: zero

I visit Oberbayern about three times every year and stay in Prien am Chiemsee, which is a nice resort town on a lake. It is one hour south of Munich and one hour north of Salzburg . If you look south from Prien, you see the beginning of the alps going into Austria.

It is in the small town with restaurants, etc. nearby . It is a 12 or 15 minute walk down to the lake, with more restaurants along the way and by the lake.

I just returned a few days ago, after another visit.

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Enjoy The Medieval City Of Volkach

Franconia is Bavarias wine country located just a couple of hours outside Nuremberg. Located in Northern Bavaria, it is a picturesque destination that promotes quiet and romantic getaways for couples searching for delicious food and peaceful retreats.

Volkach is the town we based ourselves in and it is a lovely place that escaped allied bombings. With

Passau And The Danube

Visit Munich – The DON’Ts of Visiting Munich, Germany

Passau lies on the Austrian frontier at the junction of the Danube and the River Inn and is famous for its flat-roofed, 17th-century, Italian-style houses linked by flying buttresses. Other highlights of the Old Town, widely regarded as one of the most picture-perfect townscapes in Europe, include the Oberhaus fortress, the , and the charming stepped lanes leading down to the two rivers.

In the Domplatz, surrounded by old canons’ houses, stands the Cathedral of St. Stephen, known for its massive organ, the largest church organ in Europe and second largest in the world. The cathedral’s Late Gothic east end dates from 1407 and the superb Baroque nave was added in 1678. Also of interest is Residenzplatz, with its old homes, and the New Bishop’s Palace built in 1772, home to the Cathedral Treasury and the Diocesan Museum.

The most fascinating museum, especially for visitors who admire fine glass work or Jugendstil design, is the Glasmuseum Passau, which displays the world’s largest collection of Bohemian glass. The collection, which represents work from 1650 to 1950, features more than 1,000 Loetz pieces, including those shown at the 1900 Paris Exposition. Passau is the starting point for Danube River cruises, both short day excursions and longer trips to Vienna, Budapest, and the Black Sea.

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Best Places To Visit In Bavaria Germany

Bavaria is the southern German region with a culture all of its own. In fact, many of Bavarias traditions and much of its cuisine are often conflated with Germany as a whole beer halls, bratwurst, and that typical Bavarian architecture that makes everything feel as though its from a fairytale.

And in some ways with its lofty mystical mountains, lush green valleys studded with forests, serene mirror-like lakes as big as seas, crumbling ruins, and still-standing castles Bavaria really is like a fairytale. From its sublime nature to its charming medieval towns and villages, theres almost no end to the best places in Bavaria you could be visiting on a trip to Germany.

Unique Places To Stay While Exploring Beautiful Bavaria

Bavaria is calling! Leave your stress behind and explore these five unique overnight finds in Bavaria when exploring the best of Germany. Bavaria proves to be the perfect travel destination for a truly restorative holiday that creates space for self-reflection and self-discovery. No wonder that even a small break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is often seen as a new form of luxury. Focus on peace, tranquility, slowing down and relaxation while in Bavaria.

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Suitable Small Village/town To Stay In Bavaria

We are in the planning stages of our next trip to Europe. One of the things my wife and I want to do is stay for about a week in a small village in Bavaria, and then explore in all directions on day trips by car. We would like to experience village life in a place that is not too tourist orientated. We would also like the village/town to be within easy reach of an autobahn to make our exploring during the day easier. Am I asking too much? Or is there some pretty little Bavarian village that would be just ideal?

Rule of thumb: the deeper a town is in a valley into the Alps, the nicer the scenery, but less good the access to other places.

If it comes to nice small villages the choice is nearly endless.


In first place mentioned here, because their English pages are really good.

Bad Windsheim, Neustadt an der Aisch, and Iphofen are attractive, smaller, less touristy towns with proximity to Nuremberg, Würzburg, Bamberg, and Rothenburg. The “Beer Road” and “Csstle Road” transverse this region when you tire of the Autobahn biking between breweries, made possible by network of paths, is popular and probably the healthiest way to enjoy the Beer Road.

I’ll just throw in some more:

Landsberg am Lech

We stayed in Fussen at Hotel Christine but we were only there for about 3 days. It is close to the castles and a wonderful little Barvarian town and there are place to eat in Fussen.

My suggestion would be Ramsau . Some of the places nearby or daytrips could be:

Worners Schloss Weingut & Wellness

Top things to do in Bavaria in summer! Visit Eibsee Lake, go to the ...

This 13th century castle is an eye candy set above the high grounds of Wernberg-Köblitz. Get mesmerized as you experience a collision of colours, themes, and eras in every corner. All rooms are designed for comfort and are tastefully furnished and features four-poster beds. Nearby, you can explore the hiking trails of the Upper Palatinate countryside and try the Schwanhof golf course. Dont worry about the rainy days. Theres a vaulted sauna area where you can relax or treat yourself to a soothing massage. The hotel also has a Kastell restaurant, a romantic wine cellar, and a Burglounge bar to suit a wide range of taste.

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Take The Rail To Germanys Highest Peak

Take the Cogwheel train up to Germanys Highest Peak, the Zugsptize. There are many hiking trails to explore, so you can make a day of it and go hiking high in the Alps all around the area. There is even a trail that connects the Alspix to Zugzpitze.

You can also take another gondola to Hochalmbahn on a different part of the mountain to enjoy a leisurely downhill walk for 30 minutes before you hop on the last gondola that takes you back to the parking lot.

The 3 Best Areas To Stay In Munich For Every Style And Budget

Here are 3 neighborhoods in Munich that will make a perfect home base for your time exploring Munich.

Altstadt: Best Neighborhood for First Timers

Aldstadt, literally meaning old town, really is the center of Munich and offers incredible architecture, cobbled streets, with the New Town Hall, and outstanding shopping.

In the reconstruction in the 1950s and 60s after WWII, when most other German cities embraced modern architecture, Munich rebuilt Altstadt very much as it had been, a living fairytale.

All this does come at a price literally Altstadt is not the cheapest option, and its probably not best for the authentic Bavarian experience either, but it is conveniently located for many top tourist attractions and is the center of luxury, so you certainly wont feel like youre missing anything!

Things to Do and See in Altstadt

Where to start? Pretty much everything in Altstadt is worth seeing so here are just a few highlights:

Best Places to Stay in Altstadt

Top-Rated Budget Hotel: Müller Inn

With just nine rooms, you will need to book early if you want to enjoy this hotels charms. Müller Inn has no pretensions. There are no en suite bathrooms in some rooms, for example, which you can book at a lower rate and are a great budget option for staying in Central Munich. What you get is a quiet, clean, and well cared for room and a beautiful breakfast in the center of the city at a reasonable price. Plus, its just a 10-15 minute stroll from Marienplatz.

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Kings House On Schachen

The Royal Mountain Cabin or The Kings House on Schachen is along the Bavarian Alps and was built by the famous Fairytale King, Ludwig II of Bavaria, creator of Neuschwanstein Castle . King Ludwig was an innovator and was regarded as a person way beyond his time. He built several palaces and castles during his reign in the late 1800s. The mountain cabin seems rather simple and modest. But appearances can be deceptive: While the bedchamber and work room are furnished with simple oak furniture, the actual splendor of this wooden construction is revealed in the upper floor: A spiral staircase takes visitors step by step into the Turkish Hall and transports them to an Oriental kingdom: gilded walls, a fountain in the middle of the room, colorful windows, peacock feathers. Stars sparkle on the ceiling, which is dominated by a huge, golden chandelier. With his hunting lodge on the Schachen, Ludwig II created a unique contrast: an Oriental dream world in the heart of the Bavarian Alps. At present, the former servants quarter is a restaurant and offer simple accommodation for hikers or visitors looking to stay overnight.

Faqs When Booking A Hotel In Bavaria

The Top Place to Visit in Germany!! (Bavarian Alps is breathtaking)
  • Are hotels in Bavaria safe during the coronavirus crisis?

    Hotels are safe environments for travelers as long as they properly implement sanitary measures in response to coronavirus . However, we recommend getting in touch with the local authorities regarding safety procedures for hotels in Bavaria. For more advice, please view our information page on what to know about coronavirus and travel.

  • What is the most popular destination in Bavaria?

    Based on KAYAK hotel searches, the most popular destination is Munich . The next most popular destinations are Nuremberg and Garmisch-Partenkirchen . Searches for hotels in Füssen are also popular.

  • How much is a cheap hotel in Bavaria?

    KAYAK users have found double rooms in Bavaria for as cheap as $17 in the last 3 days. The average price is $146.

  • How much is a hotel in Bavaria for tonight?

    In the last 72 hours, users have found Bavaria hotels for tonight for as low as $50 . Users have also found 3-star hotels from $56 and 4-star+ hotels from $86 .

  • How much is a hotel in Bavaria for this weekend?

    In the last 72 hours, users have found Bavaria hotels for this weekend for as low as $27 per night. Users have also found 3-star hotels from $38 and 4-star+ hotels from $64 .

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Gstehaus Weingut Am Stein

The Franconia region in Northern Bavaria is known for its delicious wines. Stepping into Weingut am Stein is a paradise for wine lovers, offering visitors the opportunity to walk the vineyard grounds, taste test, visit the cellar and learn all about their Franconian wine. The beautiful estate offers a guesthouse apartment that lets visitors experience first-hand and in depth the everyday life at the vineyard. Looking out over the rooftops of Würzburg, the Weingut am Stein guesthouse nestles amongst the vineyards like a monolith of limestone. The guesthouse apartment offers three lovingly appointed rooms, an open living dining room and a bathroom. The estate even offers culinary courses and a restaurant where guests can experience the full range of cuisine, art and wine.

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