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Where To Stay In Bryce Canyon Area

Where To Stay In Bryce Canyon National Park

Things to do at Bryce Canyon National Park (Where to Stay What to Expect)

During our West Coast trip, we could see that lodging within the National Parks is always scarce. Visitors who book at the last minute are often forced to stay at nearby locations.

Specifically, staying inside Bryce Canyon National Park is quite difficult since theres only one hotel. However, this is not a problem, as there are better options in the surroundings if youre looking for cheap hotels in Bryce Canyon.

Still, for those who want to stay in Bryce Canyon National Park, the Bryce Canyon Lodge is the only option.

Bryce Canyon Lodge

The only hotel in Bryce Canyon National Park has a warm and comfortable style. Its 114 rooms might seem like more than enough to accommodate all visitors. However, being located next to the Bryce Amphitheater, it fills up quite quickly.

From my point of view, the best option to stay in Bryce Canyon is in the town of Bryce . There, youll find more modern and affordable hotels connected to the main sights of the park by a free shuttle. Even though these accommodations are not inside the park, due to their location, they usually get booked quite quickly, so I recommend you book well in advance.

Sunrise At Sunrise Point

This Bryce Canyon National Park itinerary begins with an iconic sunrise view. Sunrise point is an obvious choice for sunrise, but you can catch great views from most of the northern rim. Watch the sun come up over the hoodoos, slowly lighting up the valley beneath you. If you get lucky, vibrant sunrises make the canyon look like its on fire. Theres no better way to wake up.

We like to make a coffee at camp before watching sunrises. Waking up to the smell of butane and ground coffee reminds me of when I was young. Wed wake up to that combination of smells and sip on hot chocolate while eating dry Quaker Oat squares. Whether its coffee or hot chocolate, I highly recommend getting something to sip on while you watch the sunrise I find that a hot bev gives you permission to start your day a little more slowly and gently. Once the sun has fully risen and your hot drink has warmed you from the inside out, get moving! Its hiking time.

Snowshoeing And Hiking In Bryce Canyon

One of the best ways to explore the park is to head out on one of the many amazing Bryce Canyon hikes. Snowshoeing and hiking in Bryce Canyon is an amazing way to get down into the hoodoos and experience the park. With several different hikes catering to all abilities, there are a lot of trails worth exploring. A few noteworthy winter trails include:

  • Queens Garden to Navajo Loop: 2.9 miles, 2-3 hours, easy to moderate
  • Fairlyand Loop: 7.8 miles plus 2 miles of road walking. 4-5 hours. Moderate to difficult
  • Peekaboo Loop Trail: 5.2 miles. 2-3 hours. Moderate.
  • Sunrise to Sunset Point: 1.1 miles. 30 minutes to an hour. Easy
  • Tower Bridge Trail: 3.5 miles. 1.5 to 2 hours. Easy to Moderate
  • Rim Trail: 7.5 miles. 3.5 to 5 hours. Easy to moderate.

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What To Pack For Bryce Canyon

Hiking Shoes & Socks

Did you know the #1 and #2 causes of injury at Bryce Canyon is bad choice of footwear. Be sure to wear hiking boots with good ankle support and ample traction. Sport-sandals & trainers are NOT safe hiking footwear. We use and always recommend our Merrell Moab hiking shoes or Oboz hiking shoes worn with Darn Tough socks.

Hydration and Food

The #5 cause of injury at Bryce is dehydration. Drink 1 quart / liter every 1-2 hours. Always carry water with you during all hiking activities. Refill stations at Bryce Canyon: Bryce Canyon Visitor Center, Sunset Point, Sunrise Point and Bryce Canyon Lodge. We use hydration packs or carry Hydroflask bottles in our packs. Also eat plenty of healthy snacks and food.

Remember its just as easy to become dehydrated in the cold as it is in the heat so carry plenty of water during the winter, and not just during the summer.

Sun Protection

Sunburns also lead to dehydration. Wear a sun hat, sunscreen and sunglasses to protect from the sun overhead and reflected UV light.

Utahs high elevation and dry air can be hard on your skin so we always carry lip balm with sunscreen and hydrating lotion toapply as needed when were out exploring the trails.


Bryce Canyon summers mean high temperatures, unrelenting sunlight, and low humidity. To keep cool, wear light colored, loose fitting clothing that does not absorb sunlight.

During the winter, be sure to wear layers and winter clothing to stay dry and warm.

Trail Closures In Bryce Canyon For Winter

Where to stay in Bryce Canyon? Hotels, accommodations and ...

There are a few seasonal trail closures to be aware of. First, the Wall Street Side of the Navajo Loop Trail is closed due to rockfall hazards. You can take the Two Bridges Side if you are doing a loop hike with Queens Garden or Peekaboo Trail.

The Rim Trail between Inspiration and Bryce Point closes each year due to snow cornices. The only way to access Bryce Point is by car.

Pro Tip: Always check with the National Parks Service for up-to-date conditions.

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More Great Destinations For Camping And Hiking In The Southwest

Camping: If you are interested in camping in other areas of Utah, see our articles on Best Campgrounds near Zion National Park Capitol Reef National Park and Moab, including Arches and Canyonlands. Like Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef is at a high elevation. Zion and Moab offer a longer camping season due to their lower elevations. For destinations farther south, consider heading to Nevada to see and hike in Valley of Fire State Park or check out the best campgrounds near Las Vegas.

Hiking: Some of the best hiking in the United States is found in Utah. To save yourself some time figuring out which hikes you want to embark on, have a look at our list of Top Hikes in Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, and Top Hikes in Utah. This will give you a great overview of the best hiking in the state. For areas farther north and east, see our article on Hiking, Biking, and Things to do near Moab and Hikes and Walks in Arches National Park.

How To Travel To Bryce Canyon National Park

If youre flying to Bryce Canyon National Park for your stargazing trip, the most convenient airport is located in Las Vegas. It will be about a four-hour drive from Vegas to Bryce Canyon. From Vegas, take I-15 N to exit 95 towards US-89/Panguitch. From there its a few back highways, a right on UT-20 E, another right onto US-89 S, a left to stay on US-89 S, a left onto UT-12 E, and a right onto US-63 S, then voila, Bryce Canyon National Park!

If youre coming from the Moab area, take the scenic route. From Moab, take I-70 W and take the exit for UT-24 towards Hanksville and Capitol Reef. In Hanksville, turn right towards Capitol Reef. In Torrey, take the left turn for Scenic Byway 12. There should be signs from there. Google Maps may not offer this route, but putting in directions from Moab to Capitol Reef, then Capitol Reef to Bryce Canyon will bring it up.

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Bryce Canyon National Park: Best Places To Stay

One of the most spectacular national parks in the United States, Bryce Canyon National Park is a popular destination for travelers of all ages. Year after year, thousands of visitors come to enjoy the unique beauty of the parks red rocks.

Fortunately, there are plenty of places to stay, both within and outside of the park. From the historic lodge overlooking the canyon to the parks camping sites to budget hotels in the vicinity, there is something for everyone.

Here are the best places to stay in and near Bryce Canyon National Park.

Kristina D.C. Hoeppner / Flickr

How To Spend One Day In Bryce Canyon National Park: 11 Best Things To Do And Places To Visit

Exploring the Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park | Things to See & Tips for Maximizing Your Trip

There is no better place to spend one day immersed in nature in Southern Utah than Bryce Canyon National Park. Not the largest national park in the state, the region works perfectly for both short and extended trips. But if you have only one day to visit famous rock formations in Bryce Canyon National Park, quickly add these 11 overlooks, trails, and many other places to explore and admire to your itinerary.

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Bryce National Park North Campground

Also centrally located within the park and close to the trailheads at Sunset Point, Sunset Campground has a very similar setting to the North Campground, minus the hills. It’s also closer to the main road, but since this is only the park road, traffic is not a problem after sunset, when the tourists are done with their sightseeing.

This campground is generally open from April 15th to October 31st depending on the weather and conditions at the start and end of the season.

Reservations for the Sunset Campground and its 110 sites, are available on a six-month rolling basis from May 20th to October 15th.

Four loops are available, but some have restrictions. Loops A & B with 49 sites allow vehicles over 20 feet and generators from 8am to 8pm. Loops C & D with a total of 61 sites allow only vehicles under 20 feet, and generators are prohibited. Loops C & D are targeted at tent campers.

Kanab Ut Lodging When Visiting Bryce Canyon On A Budget

The town Kanab is located further south in Utah, near the state border to Arizona. The 78 miles and 1.5 hours from Kanab to Bryce Canyon makes it a rather long drive between the two. So the location is not as convenient as the previous Bryce Canyon lodging options inside the park and in Bryce Canyon City.

However, you often dont stay in Kanab only to visit Bryce Canyon. Kanab sits in a beautiful region with breathtaking natural attractions to visit both in Utah and on the Arizona side.

From Kanab you apart from Bryce Canyon also have Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend within 90 minutes. That makes the town a great base for exploring the region during a trip to Southwest USA.

Its also usually possible to find more competitive hotel rates in Kanab compared to if you stay nearer each natural wonder. Because of that Kanab is also a great option for where to stay when visiting Bryce Canyon on a budget.

In short, Kanab is a good option for Bryce Canyon lodging if you only plan to make Bryce as a day trip and want one single base for a bigger trip exploring the region. Or simply if you are on the hunt for cheaper Bryce Canyon hotel rates.

  • Driving distance: 78 mi / 126 km
  • Driving time: 1.5 h
  • Pick here for: A base for more places to see and budget-friendliness.

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Bryce Canyon City Coolest Place To Stay In Bryce Canyon

In addition to being the best place to stay in Bryce Canyon if youre visiting for the first time, Bryce Canyon City is far and away the coolest neighbourhood in town. Home to a series of horseshoe-shaped amphitheatres, spiralling spires and unique rock formations, Bryce Canyon City is a destination that will intrigue and delight visitors of all ages, styles and interests.

A small town of just a few hundred people, Bryce Canyon City is bursting with opportunities for adventure. Whether you want to explore on foot, rent horses and head out on an ATV, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the amazing sights and sounds of Bryce Canyon City.

Bryce National Park Ut Stay With Bryce On Your Doorstep

The Ultimate Guide to Bryce Canyon National Park ...

The option that keeps you nearest all the action that Bryce National Park has to offer is to stay within the park itself. And there is only one Bryce Canyon lodging opportunity available within the park, the Lodge at Bryce Canyon.

Staying at the Bryce Canyon lodge inside the park has a great upside. If you stay inside Bryce Canyon National Park you spend your whole Bryce trip exploring the park. Then you dont need to use your sparse time to get between your Bryce Canyon accommodation and the park.

But with the great Bryce Canyon lodging location comes a premium price. So if youre after cheaper Bryce Canyon hotels or simply better value you should look into the other options for where to stay near Bryce National Park.

As there only is one lodging option within Bryce National Park it also books up quickly. So make sure that you book as early as you can for your stay in Bryce Canyon NP.

In conclusion, if you base yourself within the park you get all the park action right at your doorstep. However, for a bigger selection of Bryce Canyon hotels and dining options you should look into the other options for where to stay near Bryce Canyon National Park.

  • Driving distance: 0 mi
  • Pick here for: Bryce lodging within the park.

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Where To Stay Near Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce, Utah is the town just outside of the national park. There are two main places to stay here. Rubys Inn, which has been around since the beginning of tourism at Bryce Canyon, and the Best Western Plus across the road.

We stayed at the Best Western Plus during our last trip to Bryce Canyon and had a great stay. The rooms were large and we had two Queen beds and a view over the property. We were able to be properly fueled up for our hikes with the breakfast buffet, and when we had to leave early, they gave us boxes so we could take our breakfasts to go. Theres also a gym and a hot tub .

One Day In Bryce Canyon National Park Itinerary: Top 11 Things To Do And Places To Visit

World-famous for its pointed hoodoos, Bryce Canyon National Park has been a crown jewel of Southern Utah since February 1928. Yet even long before it become a national park, the area had stirred up interest with its unique rock formations. Lined up along a cliff edge and inside a large canyon that if often referred to as the Bryce Amphitheater, these peculiar pillars remind of an army guarding the colorful abyss from any possible enemies.

While somewhat similar irregular columns of rocks exist in different parts of the world, Bryce Canyon National Park has taken on the responsibility and pleasure of housing the largest concentration of the hoodoos on earth.

Nestled at 8,000 feet above sea level, the odd rock formations are a sight to behold. Needless to say, they are present in every activity you engage in while spending one day in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Yet although dominating the show, the hoodoos allow enough space for many other supporting actors to shine. Approximately 60 miles of winding trails, evergreen trees, and almost perpetual snow fill your day with different sites Bryce Canyon National Park has to offer.

Ready to see them? Then lets make a perfect itinerary for one day in Bryce Canyon National Park.

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If You Are In A Hurry

Here are the best places for where to stay in Bryce Canyon with the best hotels from luxury to budget. They all have good reviews and a great location near Bryce Canyon National Park!


Rubys Inn

Best affordable accommodation in the center

Here is a map about where to stay in Bryce Canyon with the 3 best areas I will be talking about in this travel guide so you can easily understand their location:

Best Airbnb In Bryce Canyon: Quaint Home In Prime Location

Bryce Canyon National Park Travel Guide I Expedia

Start exploring the canyons and parks just around the corner from this home. Within about 8 miles you can get to all the local attractions such as Bryce Canyon National Park and Kodachrome State Park. To top it off, its perfectly cozy for the solo travelers and couples traveling together alike.

With 2 rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a washer and dryer for those clothes like are most likely going to get filthy from climbing, trekking, and visiting the beautiful waterfalls.

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Tropic West Of Bryce Canyon

Tropic is a tiny town famous because Wanda Day, drummer and founder of the 4 Non Blondes, who died of a drug overdose in 1997, is buried here. To get there, one must keep heading west on SR-12 after the junction with Bryce. Like the nearby town of Cannonville, Tropic is strategic both for visiting Bryce Canyon and Kodachrome Basin State Park.

Bryce Canyon Log Cabins

Located 15 minutes from the park, Bryce Canyon Log Cabins has a number of quaint wooden cabins that are perfect for anyone who wants to spend a night in a typical Utah setting. Next to the lovely wood-scented cabins is the barbecue area.

When To Visit Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is a park that you can visit anytime of year. While summers are certainly the most popular time to visit, I prefer visiting Bryce Canyon during shoulder seasons. Autumn is a particularly nice time in the park, with brisk mornings, warm afternoons, and fewer crowds.

The summertime can be brutal with the heat, so if you decide to visit then, make sure you wear sunscreen and bring plenty of water, as there isnt a ton of shade in this national park.

In the wintertime, snow covers the hoodoos, resulting in spectacular orange and white views. The roads can be icy and very slippery, so make sure you carry tire chains in your car.

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