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Where To Stay In Busan

Best Area To Stay In Busan: Yeongdo Island

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Who will love it: Photographers Maritime enthusiasts People who like to be close to the action, but not right in it People who like local/non-touristy neighborhoodsFamous sights on Yeongdo Island Samjin Eomuk Main Store: Headquarters of the famous Busan eomuk chain. There are several branches in Busan, but this one is the best! Taejongdae Resort Park: Busans most famous coastal park Korea National Maritime Museum All the sights of Nampo-dong are within walking distance

After doing tons of of research on where to stay in Busan, I decided not to stay in one of the popular tourist districts, but on one of the Busans islands instead. Let me explain.

Yeongdo is one of the largest islands in Busan, and lies just south of the city center and Busan Port. Ships sail around either side of the island to enter the port. The hotels Ill recommend below are all at the northern tip of the island, which is right across from, and directly facing Nampo-dong .

Because Busan is a port city, I felt like staying right on the port offered a quintessentially Busan experience. On the one hand, there were numerous boats docked in the harbor a mere few meters from the front door of my hotel. The neighborhood of my hotel was very local and there was even a nightly BBQ seafood market right beside my hotel on the harbor that no tourists ever go to.

Busan Is My Favorite Big City In Korea

Busan is my favorite big city in Korea. Wonderful beaches, quaint neighborhoods, cool cafes, good restaurants, fabulous parks with great views. It’s easy to get around with public transportation. My favorite spots were Huinyeoulgil and the coastal walk near it. You can check out Cafe Fira and a donkass place in the main drag – the name escapes me but it’s the only one so you’ll be able to find it. Taejongdae Park is fantastic and offers great views of the sea, especially at sunset. The best view of the harbor that is free you get from walking up to History Diorama. I enjoyed the monorail by 168 Stairs, too.

Best Hotel In Busan: Ark Blue Hotel Busan

The Ark Blue Hotel gets our vote for the best hotel in Busan. It is centrally located in Haeundae and is an excellent base for travellers looking to drink, dance and party. This hotel has 96 modern rooms with stylish décor. They also offer free wifi, valet parking and a laundry service.

Busan is a massive city.

It is located in southeastern South Korea and is the second most populous city after Seoul. Many South Korea visitors include Busan on their itineraries. An economic, cultural and educational centre, Busan is a dynamic and engaging city that enchants visitors with its rich history, beautiful beaches, energetic nightlife, and exquisite food.

This guide will explore the best places in Busan to stay based on what you want to do.

Nampo is located in the centre of the city. This lively and vibrant neighbourhood is home to shopping, restaurants, nightlife and more. Its where youll find the most popular and famous tourist attractions in the city, which is why its our number one choice for the best area in Busan to stay for your first visit.

Travel north from here and youll arrive in Seomyeon. One of the coolest places to stay in Busan, Seomyeon is where youll find the best street food and hottest hangouts.

On the eastern edge of the city is Haeundae, the best neighbourhood to stay in Busan for nightlife. This vivacious district is home to the best bars, clubs and pubs in Busan and offers a range of after-dark fun.

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Planning A Trip To Busan

Those of you looking to visit South Korea are probably as confused by all the changes as I was before I visited in May 2022. The Korean government has been as wishy-washy with their pandemic policies as those in most of the other heavily-touristed countries in Asia have been. But as of May 2022, if you want to vacation anywhere in Korea, you need to be ready to be strict with your mask wearing. As of May 2022, masks are still required in all public places, excluding the outdoors .

I found that there was a lot more paperwork to fill out than I remembered from previous visits. But Im also American and dont need to apply for a visa, so if youre already used to applying for a visa to visit most countries, then it may not seem like as much more to you. Here are the documents you need to take to Korea to visit as a tourist:

  • K-ETA OR Visa to visit Korea
  • Proof of negative Covid-19 test: this means either a PCR test taken less than 48 hours before departure from country of origin or a rapid test taken within 24 hours of departure. Results need to be in English or Korean this is not required for travelers 6 years of age or under.
  • Proof of Vaccination uploaded to their quarantine system, known as Q-Code . Travelers under 12 years of age are currently allowed in with just 2 shots .

Seomyeon Best Area To Stay In Busan To Experience Everything

Where to stay in Busan  best neighborhoods and hotels

If youve travelled to Busan to squeeze the most out of your trip, or are perhaps on an extended Seoul day trip, Seomyeon is the place to stay. Youll be near to the best and most popular attractions in Busan, while still being just a half-hour metro trip from Haeundae beach. This is one of the most popular areas to stay in Busan.

Seomyeon is a great place to stay if youre interested in exciting South Korean nightlife. Its common for clubs to have stages, international DJs and professional dancers to get everyone moving.

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When it comes to where is the best place to stay in Busan for those who like a night out then Seomyeon is the place!

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Things To Do In Nampo

Gamcheon Culture Village /// free entrance /// 9am-5pm or 6pmProbably the most popular spot for photos in all of Busan, GMC as its called has become known as the Cinque Terre of South Korea. The calming blue houses look right out over the ocean, and are actually still peoples homes. So while its always fun to wander around and stop in the cafes, its also important to stay respectful of the fact that this is a neighborhood in addition to a fount of Korean culture & beauty.

Huinnyeoul Culture Village . I love it for how much closer to the ocean it is, with seaside views for miles on a day with the right weather. But again, be respectful of the fact that people still live there!

Busan Tower /// 6000-8000 entrance /// 10am-11pmIf youre gonna have a tower, make it a big one. Busan Tower is one of three observatories in the city, and is one of the most beautiful ones Ive ever seen. All lit up at night, the tower shines out over the garden and Buddhist temple sitting below it. Even though it does cost money to enter the observation deck and look out over the city, it is definitely worth it for the birds-eye view.

Interesting Things To Do Around Busan

Taejongdae /// free entrance /// 5am-12am Of all the things to do in Busan, this is undoubtedly one of my favorites. Part-resort and part-park, Taejongdae has become famous for its beautiful views and, er, colorful train. The temples are accessible with a half-hour to an hours walk, but even right around the entrance you can hike down and bit and reach the shore. If you want to go further, however, wait for a train to the lighthouse and observatory, and maybe grab a drink at the cafe while you wait. Basically no matter where you go on the grounds, youre gonna find a great view. Note that while its free to enter the grounds, you still need to pay for parking and any transportation you use to get around the grounds.

Gwangalli Beach /// free entrance /// 9am-6pm Im not going to pretend that Gwanggalli is much less crowded than Haeundae, but it is said to be cleaner & quieter, and its of equal size & beauty to Haeundae Beach. What it doesnt have in tourist traps, its has in tranquility and quality Busan cuisine, making it much more popular with locals. Note that beaches are only open for swimming from June to August.

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Best Time To Visit Busan

Everywhere in Korea, people are pretty much unanimous that April and October are the best months to visit weather-wise. However, Id endorse April, May, June, September, and October as the best times to visit Busan .

Its different for each month, but in the early spring you find the cherry blossoms and late spring brings the rest of the flowers and simply beautiful weather. The early- and mid-fall is best for cooling temperatures and fewer crowds, as well as beautiful fall leaves. If you come in very late August or early September, you may even be able to catch a beach day after all the kids are back in schools depending on how well you coordinate your Busan trip with the governments open beach times.

Near Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Ultimate BUSAN Day Trip Travel Guide – How to Travel Busan South Korea

Who should stay hereOnly those who want to catch the sunrise at Haedong Yonggungsa temple

The incredible coastal temple Haedong Yonggungsa is quickly becoming one of the most popular sights in Busan. However, its quite out of the way, as you have to go even further than Haeundae on the subway to the terminal station, Jangsan, then take a bus or taxi from there. See here for my complete guide to Busans famous temple by the sea.

The temple is sometimes known as the Sunrise Temple because people flock here on New Years Day to welcome the first sunrise of the year. Its also a great experience to see the magical sunrise here on any day of the year.

When I was planning my trip, I wondered how on earth I would get all the way out there from the city center early enough to catch the sunrise , without spending a fortune on a cab. The only way that made sense was to stay overnight nearby. Therefore, I only recommend staying in this area if you want to catch the sunrise at Haedong Yonggungsa like I did. Otherwise, it wouldnt make any sense to stay way out there while touring Busan.

There is actually a beach just south of Haedong Yonggunsa called Songjeong Beach, and there are some accommodation choices there, but even that wasnt quite close enough to Haedong Yonggunsa for me .

I never travel without a guidebook! I recommend these:

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Best Luxury Hotel In Haeundae: Park Hyatt Busan

The Park Hyatt Busan is a relaxing and refreshing oasis located at the heart of Busans entertainment district. It is a short walk to the beach, and there are plenty of bars, restaurants, clubs and cafes nearby. It has a great variety of wellness features, including a swimming pool, sauna and on-site spa.

View on HotelsCombined View on

Best Area To Stay In Busan: Ananti Cove In Gijang

Best for a luxury private resort vacation

If you long for an uninterrupted holiday surrounded in pristine nature, nothing makes more sense than staying at Ananti Cove.

Ananti Cove is a luxury resort town in Gijang-gun along the Northeast coast of Busan. The private resort is surrounded by 600 acres of forest and facing the Osiria coast. This seafront is where you can catch the earliest sunrise in Busan.

Lets say you do not want to deal with the crowds in Haeundae. You would not mind paying extra forprivacy and luxury amenities while enjoying a peaceful vacation with the breathtaking seaside view. Then, Ananti Cove is Busans answer to your dream vacation.

Note that the resort is in a remote location away from other Busan attractions except Haedong Yonggungsa Temple and Lotte Premium Outlet Mall, and is hard to reach via public transport. I can see that as a drawback, but its also a big plus if you want to avoid the crowd.

At this all-in-one resort town, you will most likely use restaurants, cafes, and other high-end amenities. If you decide Ananti Cove as your destination, account these in your budget in addition to the hotel lodging.

I moved it down the list because of its remote location and overall cost, but not for the experience.

Top Things to Do near Ananti Cove

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Budget Place To Stay In Nampo

What I love: The quirky decor creates a playful, stylish feel

Best for: Backpackers and solo travelers looking for safe and central Busan accommodation

If youre searching for where to stay in Busan on a budget, K 79 Guesthouseis for you. And if youre a young solo traveler, even better as it offers beds in single-sex dorm rooms.

With plenty of light, airy spaces, and shared communal rooms including a kitchen, laundry, and lounge, its the perfect accommodation for backpackers in Busan. Plus, the price also includes a simple yet delicious breakfast to get your day started the right way.

Guests will appreciate the Korean feel of the property, which has delightful, quirky touches like hanging egg chairs or seats shaped like dice, textured wood-effect flooring and faux foliage or flowers draped across the ceilings.

The local market is right beside the K 79 Hotel and the station is also nearby.

Busan Is A Great City With Many Things To Do As A Tourist

Where to stay in Busan, South Korea

Busan is a great city with many things to do as a tourist. The nightlife in Seomyeon is very much alive and similar to that in Hongdae, Seoul. There are also beaches with many cafes nearby. You can also visit Gamcheon Cultural village which lets you connect better with the Korean culture. I thought Busan was a very lively city with its own charm.

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Luxury Accommodation In Seomyeon: Lotte Hotel Busan

What I love: Direct access to Seomyeon Subway Station

Best for: Couples or small families wanting generously sized accommodation

Lotte Hotelis the best place to stay in Busan if you want to explore this lively part of town from dawn till dusk.

But with all the incredible amenities on offer, you may not way to leave! Im talking a movie theater, a fitness center, a sauna, and both indoor and outdoor pools. There is also an elegant lounge bar, plus restaurants specializing in Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine.

The grand rooms are generously sized and come equipped with luxury toiletries, and the softest, coziest blankets made from genuine goose down.

Best Hotel In Gwangalli: Dawn Beach Hotel

The Dawn Beach Hotel is an excellent option for Busan accommodation if youre on a budget because it provides a comfortable setting at a great price. Rooms have modern décor, private bathrooms, air conditioning and bottled water. Guests can also enjoy dining at the on-site restaurants.

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Where To Stay In Busan: Kyungsung

If you are looking for a non-touristy place to stay in Busan then Kyungsung, named after the local university, might be the place for you.

Here you will find lots of students and expats. Its also a good place to shop, especially if you love vintage and boutique shops.

The presence of the students and expats have attracted many bars and affordable restaurants and Kyungsung has become a popular nighttime destination.

While it is not particularly well located for any tourist attractions its about 30 minutes by either bus or subway to get to Gwangalli Beach.

How to get here by public transport? Subway line 2 stops at Kyungsung University

Pros and cons

  • Opportunities to mingle with locals and expats
  • Affordable restaurants and good nightlife
  • No sights or touristic attractions nearby except for Gwangali beach which is still 30 minutes away

Staying in Kyungsung is a good choice for those who want to stay off the beaten path and are looking for affordable restaurants and love to meet locals and expats.

Hotels in Kyungsung

Dae Yeon Le idea Hotel

The Dae Yeon Le idea Hotel lies close to the subway station. Clean rooms with a huge bath and shower. There are lots of shops and restaurants nearby.

Excellent location

Where To Stay In Busan: Explore Korea’s Cool Coastal City

How you can spend 3 days in Busan | Watch before visiting Busan!

Koreas second-largest city, Busan, is a feast for the senses: imagine streets perfumed with incense, teeny local restaurants serving mouthwatering spicy pork dumplings, neon-lit shopping centres and misty mountains overlooking windswept shores. You can spend the morning hiking to a temple-topped mountain, be back downtown for lunch of succulent king crab at Jagalchi Market, and end the day with some duty-free shopping right at your hotel. Whether youre interested in picking up luxury goodies at the worlds biggest department store or just want to relax on Gwangalli Beach, this citys got you covered.

When it comes to hotels, youll find cool and comfy spaces from the buzzing city centre to the serene mountains and the sandy shoreline, making accommodation in Busan as diverse as the city itself. Chill out in outdoor spas overlooking the East Sea, or set your little ones free in indoor play zones where they can zoom around in kid-sized BMWs. Foodies can explore tantalising Korean specialties â including Busan signatures like hearty dwaeji gukbap and hwe iguksu â alongside Western and Eastern favourites on the citys hotel menus before retiring for an evening of drinks on your private balcony.

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