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Where To Stay In Cabo Pulmo

Testimonialprepare To Be Blown Away

WHY you NEED to visit Cabo Pulmo NOW!

…You walk through the gate guarded by the Bandito and stand in the midst of the garden filled with exotic succulents, birds, lizards, and other natural wonders. Yes, the website pictures are all truethe colors, the furniture, the paintingsit was all there. You will LOVE this place…from the hospitality of the local hosts to the DVD collection to the very curious hummingbirds, this place is for sure, a slice of paradise. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!”

Trish C., Santa Barbara, California

Cabo Pulmo National Park: The Complete Guide

Cabo Pulmo is a 17,571 acre Marine Protected Area and national park in Baja California Sur. Visitors travel here to enjoy warm, crystal clear water, long stretches of sandy beach, and coral reefs that provide outstanding scuba diving and snorkeling. Its also home to the only coral reef in the Sea of Cortez. The park became a reality due to the initiative and effort of the local community in coordination with scientists, academics, civil organizations, and the government to protect the natural area. The maritime environment has made a great recovery and is now a safe refuge for migratory species such as sharks, humpback whales, sea turtles, and whale sharks.

Although it is quite close to the tourist destination of Los Cabos, Cabo Pulmo feels like a completely different world, far from the large-scale resorts and touristy shops and nightclubs. The tiny community of Cabo Pulmo has just over 100 inhabitants, mostly living off the grid, with solar power providing their electricity. There are a few restaurants and small hotels in town and a few dive/snorkel companies along the beach, but otherwise little tourist infrastructure.

Staying In Todos Santos

Halfway between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos is a beautiful colonial town with sensitively restored, centuries-old architecture. Its population is a lively mix of Mexicans and artistically-inclined expats, reflected in the relatively low-key vibe and a clutch of offbeat art galleries. Palm-fringed Plaza Todos Santos aside, attractions include the local cultural center and the white-sand beaches, though they tend to be better for surfing than for swimming. Todos Santos also features an excellent dining scene and some fine boutique hotels.

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Swming At Medano Beach

If youre looking for a place where you can have a safe beach day with your whole family, visit Medano Beach, also known as Playa el Médano. This is considered one of the citys main beaches. That also makes it one of the most crowded.

Playa el Médano has white soft sand, crystal clear water, one of the most popular swimmable beaches in all of Los Cabo. There are also a variety of nearby restaurants and bars if you want to grab a meal or a drink.

While you wont have a very private or intimate day at the beach, you can rest easy. The beach stretches from the harbor to Villa del Palmar. It is large enough that you should still feel like you have enough space for yourself.

Whats even better? Since this is one of the most popular beach areas, there are plenty of lifeguards. You dont have to worry about the likelihood of anything bad happening.

That means you can just relax and unwind, whether on the sand or in the water. Or even while doing one of the water activities available in the area, like swimming, snorkeling, jet-skiing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

This beach has something for everyone and is a must-visit for travelers of all ages.

Travel Trends That Will Define 2022

Cabo Pulmo Mexico Vacations

Looking ahead.As governments across the world loosen coronavirus restrictions, the travel industry hopes this will be the year that travel comes roaring back. Here is what to expect:

Air travel.Many more passengers are expected to fly compared to last year. Youll still need to check the latest entry requirements, and wear a mask for now. But more destinations will be within reach as countries reopen to tourists.

Lodging.During the pandemic, many travelers discovered the privacy offered by rental residences. Hotels hope to compete again by offering stylish extended-stay properties, sustainable options, rooftop bars and co-working spaces.

Rental cars.Travelers can expect higher prices, and older cars with high mileage, since companies still havent been able to expand their fleets. Seeking an alternative? Car-sharing platforms might be a more affordable option.

Cruises.Despite a bumpy start to the year, thanks to Omicrons surge, demand for cruises remains high. Luxury expedition voyages are particularly appealing right now, because they typically sail on smaller ships and steer away from crowded destinations.

Destinations.Cities are officially back: Travelers are eager to dive into the sights, bites and sounds of a metropolis like Parisor New York. For a more relaxing time, some resorts in the U.S. are pioneering an almost all-inclusive model that takes the guesswork out of planning a vacation.

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How To Get To Cabo Pulmo

There is no public transportation to get to Cabo Pulmo.

Therefore renting a car is the only option available, if you can get a 4 wheel drive its even better.

If you look at the map there are two roads from Los Cabos, one looks very appealing as it looks like a coastal road and even 40km shorter than the other, but I was told by locals that its very rough and dirty and not recommendable at all. it will take you forever to get there.

The other one is coming through Santiago on the internal road.

See the map here below.

Its about 100 KM from Los Cabos and the last 15 or so are on a dirt road, but very much doable.

Make sure you fill your tank and have a spare tire before getting there.

Best Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is located at the intersection of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez , on the Los Cabos region, the southern tip of the Baja California Sur Peninsula in northwest Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas, along with Los Cabos Corridor, and San José del Cabo are the main tourists resorts in the Los Cabos region.

Cabo is famous for its five-star resorts, whale watching, authentic Mexican food, fresh seafood, championship golf courses, nightlife, and iconic attractions such as the Arco de San Lucas and Mount Solmar.

Peak vacation season is around the corner, which means tons of fun in the sun. If youre on the hunt for a trip that includes sandy beaches, rich culture, and memories to last a lifetime, Cabo San Lucas is the place for you! Its a popular travel spot for a reason, after all!

However, even if youre set on going to this Mexican paradise, you might not know what to add to your must-do itinerary. No need to worry! By the time youre done with this article, youll learn all about the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas!

Before heading to this beautiful tourist resort, I suggest booking accommodation, check out this where to Stay in Cabo San Lucas to have a better understanding of the best areas to stay in Cabo San Lucas.

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Cabo Pulmo Marine Park Rules

Among all the oceans only 1% is part of a protected territory and Cabo Pulmo is one of the privileged elite.

Since then they have seen a significant improvement in the health and growth of the marine life, corals and fishes alike.

But that means restrictions and rules that we visitors and locals alike need to observe, such as:

  • no fishing permitted
  • all scuba divers must have certification from known associations on an international level. During scuba diving, it is only permitted to conduct recreational tours with the objective of observation of marine life, and always under the supervision of a certified guide or instructor certified by recognized organizations
  • it is prohibited to get closer to reef than 2.5 meters, use gloves or carry knives.

For more regulations please refer to the park official page.

Enjoy The Beach And Snorkeling From The Shore

World’s Best Diving & Resorts: Cabo Pulmo Resort

The beautiful protected area is also a spectacular place to visit for those who just want to relax and enjoy the sun and pristine waters without necessarily doing any outdoor activity.

You must have your own car though, and even better if you have a 4 wheel drive.

There are two lovely beaches right past Cabo Pulmo that you would love to explore.

One is Los Frailes. Its just 9 km south, but its a dirt road that requires slow and careful driving.

Unfortunately, I didnt make it there because right before the bay there is a steep and very bumpy stretch of road that didnt allow me to push through.

After three trials I just gave up because I was afraid to break the car.

So I turned around and stopped at El Arbolito

Its a protected bay where you are allowed to camp for a small fee, or you can just enjoy the beach, have a swim and relax.

There is also a nice trail that you can walk along the bay and then swim back while snorkeling.

You are allowed to snorkel just for 30 minutes one time per day in every snorkeling spot.


  • 60 MXN per person for camping
  • 40MXN per person to hang out on the beach for the day
  • 60 MXN mandatory life vest for 4hours
  • 700 MXN snorkeling tour
  • Restaurant service only available from Easter week through October.

I didnt have the time to enjoy it and the weather wasnt very much appealing either, as you can see from the picture. But I hope you will.

Please let me know in the comments below.

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Delight In The Beachside Landscape Of Cabo Pulmo

The beaches and other outdoor surroundings create an inviting atmosphere in Cabo Pulmo. Well known for its camping, snorkeling and coral reefs, this relaxing city won’t disappoint. If you need more space to accommodate a family vacation or friends trip, rental homes often come with separate dining areas and spacious living rooms.

Playa Del Amor And Playa Del Divorcio

If you want a more secluded day at the shore, Playa de Amore and Playa Divorcio are for you.

Playa de Amore and Playa Divorcio are located near El Arco de Cabo San Lucas.

Since taking a boat is the easiest way to get there, the crowds are much lower at these beaches compared to Medano.

Both of these beaches are legendary in the area. However, youll still enjoy yourself even without knowing the lore behind them.

Playa Del Amor is a calm beach where you can take a swim and a leisurely walk. You can even try out some safe snorkeling and underwater exploring.

Playa Del Divorcio, on the other hand, is dangers afoot. Divorce beach is breathtaking and treacherous, just a short walk away from Lovers beach.

You take a nice long walk along the shore, but any swimming should be done with care. The current here is stronger and prone to rip-tides. Since its a less famous beach, there are fewer and sometimes no lifeguards.

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Visit El Arco De Cabo San Lucas And Lands End

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, also known as Lands End, is the perfect attraction for nature lovers and water lovers alike.

This natural arch in Lands End, Cabo, is known around the world. Its located at the tip of Mexicos Baja California Peninsula, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez.

However, getting to this awesome limestone rock formation might not be as simple as making a last-minute decision to visit. Its not accessible from the mainland. That means you need to go on the water.

Unless youre an Olympic-level athlete, swimming isnt recommended. Even if it doesnt seem like that far of a trek, you dont want to put yourself in any danger.

Luckily, plenty of water-taxi and other boat services are available to you. Book one as soon as you know that you want to head out to the arc to guarantee the most available times to visit.

Enjoy the boat ride, and make sure you have plenty of memory in your phone or camera for pictures so you can make your friends at home jealous.

Marina Cabo San Lucas

Baja Bungalows  Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

A Cabo trip isnt complete without a trip to the Marina neighborhood.

As the name would have you guess, this is a boating neighborhood. The docks with luxury yachts and vessels offer you hours of picturesque walking and exploring that will feel like youre in a painting.

You also wont have any trouble finding quaint and delicious places to eat in the area. There are countless bars, restaurants, and shops, including Puerto Paraiso shopping and the Luxury Avenue shopping complex.

Marina Boardwalk between Baja Cantina and the Cultural Pavilion is an avenue for the Circuito Cultural from October through July every Saturday, and in August and September once a month.

However, thats not all. Being right on the water, you have access to tons of premier activities you might want to check off your to-do list.

Book an excursion to swim with dolphins, head out on a whale watching tour, glass-bottom boat tours to The Arch, or a water taxi to Lovers Beach and Medano Beach. Whatever water adventures your heart desires, you wont have any problem finding a way to do it in Marina.

The only drawback to heading to Marina is narrowing down what you want to do!

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Whale Watching In Cabo Pulmo

Differently from snorkeling, whale-watching is an activity that you can only do a few months of the year, from January through the end of March, sometimes stretching up to the beginning of April.

Along the coast of Cabo Pulmo you can easily spot humpback whales flipping and dancing, most of the time with their newly born.

If you are lucky they even come close to your boat.

If you wish to go snorkeling as well and you dont have much time you can easily skip this tour and just go snorkeling because you will still be able to spot them anyway, while on the boat.

However, if you wish to just photograph the whales and only that, you should better just go on a whale-watching trip.

Faqs When Booking At Bungalows Cabo Pulmo

  • Where is Bungalows Cabo Pulmo located?

    Bungalows Cabo Pulmo is located at Acceso Principal A La Playa, 0.1 miles from the center of Cabo Pulmo. Cabo Pulmo Dive Center is the closest landmark to Bungalows Cabo Pulmo.

  • When is check-in time and check-out time at Bungalows Cabo Pulmo?

    Check-in time is 3:00 PM and check-out time is 12:00 PM at Bungalows Cabo Pulmo.

  • Does Bungalows Cabo Pulmo offer free Wi-Fi?

    Yes, Bungalows Cabo Pulmo offers free Wi-Fi.

  • Does Bungalows Cabo Pulmo offer free parking?

    Yes, Bungalows Cabo Pulmo offers free parking.

  • Does Bungalows Cabo Pulmo offer free airport shuttle service?

    No, Bungalows Cabo Pulmo does not offer free airport shuttle service.

  • How far is Bungalows Cabo Pulmo from the airport?

    Bungalows Cabo Pulmo is 27.1 miles from San José del Cabo Los Cabos. Bungalows Cabo Pulmo is 73.6 miles from La Paz Leon.

  • Does Bungalows Cabo Pulmo have a pool?

    No, Bungalows Cabo Pulmo does not have a pool onsite.

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A Little History Of Cabo Pulmo

A few generations ago, Cabo Pulmo was a tiny fishing village whose community was dedicated to fishing pearls and fishes and turtles to eat.

Eventually, the fish started to become scarce meanwhile researches from the local university was warning about the fragility of the underwater ecosystem which was slowly starting to deteriorate. At the same time, tourists started to hear about this pristine destination and its beautiful coral reef and tourism started to flourish.

In 1995 the marine reserve was created, to protect the area from overfishing, and 10 years later, UNESCO recognized the area as World Heritage Site. In 2008 it was also designated a Ramsar wetland of international importance, just like the other 145 Ramsar sites in Mexico, among which the Anillo de los Cenotes and Rio Lagartos.

Cabo Zipline At Wild Canyon

The Most MAGICAL Place in Los Cabos – Cabo Pulmo, Baja California Sur

Thrill-seekers and outdoor lovers wont have to look any further on their Cabo Spring break vacation.

Taking a zipline tour will offer you the opportunity to see Cabo from a different point of you. Literally!

Gliding through the air while taking in the breathtaking vistas will combine the areas natural beauty with a boost of adrenaline.

There are multiple different ziplining opportunities you can choose from depending on which views youd like to see while youre flying down the lines.

You will find the Monster Ziplines of La Baja, and Bungee Bomber in Wild Canyon. Monster Ziplines have eight zip-lines, including the longest, most adrenaline-rush zip line in Baja with 815 meters, and speeds up to 90 km/h.

Wild Canyon is located at El Tule along the Tourist Corridor, easily accessible from Cabo San Lucas.

While this may not be an activity for everyone, ziplining is a safe but thrilling experience that is great if you want to experience something a little different.

Keep in mind agencies will likely have age, height, and weight requirements to participate.

Check with your operator before you book to make sure everyone in your group will be able to enjoy the adventure.

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Snorkel At Santa Maria Bay

For the person looking to do some underwater exploration, snorkeling at Santa Maria Bay is the activity for you.

Santa Maria Bay, also known as Playa Santa Maria by locals, is located along the Tourist Corridor in Los Cabos, a short drive from Cabo.

Snorkeling here is particularly great for beginners. This Blue Flag beach has crystal clear and calm water, its safe for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Its location is both a pro and a con for snorkeling at Santa Maria Bay. Its secluded compared to some other Cabo beaches.

On the bright side, that means that there will be fewer crowds if you dont enjoy being around huge amounts of people.

However, that also means you cant easily access the bay except by boat. Its not a long boat ride away, just a half-hour. However, that does mean that you might want to book a trip early, so youre guaranteed to get to the bay when you want to.

You can even book a trip with a tour company to take all the stress out of planning for your snorkeling adventure.

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