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Where To Stay In Cinque Terre With Family

Best Bed And Breakfast In Monterosso: La Sirene

Vernazza, Italy: Cinque Terre’s Jewel

La Sirene is located in charming Monterosso. It offers clean and reasonably priced rooms just steps from the beach. It is well-situated for exploring the village and comes complete with a variety of features and amenities. Youll also enjoy breathtaking views and incredible sunsets. La Sirene is amongst the best places to stay Cinque Terre if you want to be near the beach.

Where To Stay In Cinque Terre: Best Hotels And Accommodation

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One of the most popular destinations in Italy, the five Cinque Terre villages are best experienced in the late afternoon and early morning after the day tripping crowds have left. You should definitely stay overnight to experience their breathtaking beauty.

In this guide we help you decide where to stay in Cinque Terre and give you our recommendations by budget and travel style. Book your Cinque Terre accommodation as early as you can in your trip planning as there is limited supply and the best places are snapped up quickly.

It is worth noting that most of the accommodation in the Cinque Terre is restricted to simple bed and breakfasts or private apartments and AirBnBs that often require a minimum 2 night stay. Hotels are generally small family run establishments.

There is a selection of the best Cinque Terre accommodation across all categories below.

What’s in this article

Best Places To Stay In Vernazza

Vernazza is a picture-perfect little town that you just have to see in Cinque Terre. By noon, its harbor with a small beach is crowded with tourists. Accommodation here is quite limited and most places are privately-owned. Vernazza is a good town to stay in Cinque Terre for those who like to be in the center of the action, but not ideal if you want a quieter vacation.

The central location of Vernazza makes it perfect for sightseeing in Cinque Terre. It has a train station, a boat harbor, and its located along the Cinque Terre hiking trail, pretty much in the middle between Monterosso and Corniglia. The beach is not huge, but if you want to go for a quick swim, its definitely possible. However, there are just a few quality accommodations in Vernazza.

Here are some of the best accommodation options in Vernazza:

  • Albergo Barbara. Located at the main square of Vernazza, right at the harbor, this is one of the best-rated accommodations at a prime location in Vernazza. However, please note that not all rooms have private bathrooms and some private bathrooms are located in the hall, so check well what you book. Some rooms have sea views. There is no air-conditioning and breakfast isnt included in the price.
  • MaDa Charm Apartment Terrace & Carugio. Their apartment with sea view would be my personal choice for a family stay in Vernazza. Great location, modern rooms with air-conditioning, and a little terrace with a spectacular view. Please note that the smaller studio has no views.

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How Best To Visit Cinque Terre With Kids In One Day Stress

Start your trip in la Spezia, which by the way is also a nice place to discover before or after your magical stress-free Cinque Terre with kids excursion.

The train to Monterosso departs from La Spezia Centrale Station. If you want this best day in Italy with kids to be stress-free and super enjoyable then do take the train and boat as the villages are not car accessible. The kids will love to spend time on the train and later on the boat and so will you. Trust me.

There is affordable off-street parking around the station just drive around until you find a place. Over the weekend and in the morning, you should have no problem at all to find a place. If you plan to visit during the week you might just have to drive around a bit longer to find a parking as the locals are using them as well for commuting to work.

The 22min train journey will pass through tunnels to each of the Cinque Terre villages. You do not see much of the villages from this journey, but in the sections between you will see the azure blue of the Ligurian Sea shimmering through.

Arriving In Porto Venere By Boat

Where to stay in Cinque Terre, Italy

You have now spent a good hour on the boat and hopefully enjoyed the beautiful cruise along the Italian Riviera coastline. Your best day in Italy might soon be at an end but never the less you still have the bonus visit of this itinerary Cinque Terre one day visit with kids before you. Portovenere is the lesser known medieval fishing village and mostly overlooked. It is situated just south of the Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera coastline. A charming village well worth the visit.

Already when the boat turns the corner and enters in to the harbour area you are in awe. Although very similar to the Cinque Terre villages we found Porto Venere less crowded and you do have a bit more space to actually walk around without standing on each others feet all the time.

Head up the hill from the ancient city gate through the narrow medieval streets lined with shops to the Doria castle and the picturesque church of San Pietro which is situated on a rocky promontory overlooking the sea.

Portovenere has so much to offer that it is well worth to spend the night here or if not definitely to pencil it in for a longer visit on your next trip to Italy and the Cinque Terre with kids.

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Good Accommodation Options In Corniglia

Locanda il Carugio Guesthouse 2 star hotel with clean, modern and pleasant rooms with balcony and garden. Beautiful mountain and sea views and fantastic shared outdoor areas too.

Arbanella lovely rooms in a good location in Corniglia, offering sweeping views over the iconic Cinque Terre landscapes: perfect especially if at ease with heights due to the nature of the views!

Understanding The Cinque Terre Villages

If you arent familiar, Cinque Terre is made up of 5 small villages or towns. These towns are Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore. Each town in Cinque Terre has a unique flavor and flair. Of course, you are going to want to visit all five of them during your time on the Ligurian Coast, but we recommend choosing 1-2 towns as your home base. Since they are so close together, choose 1-2 hotels in Cinque Terre and then explore the other neighboring towns on your own.

There are FIVE villages in the area. Cinque means 5. Terre means village. So essentially this area translates to the five villages. We were oblivious to this fact for a long time but now that we know it makes so much sense and is so simple! We hope you can learn something if you didnt know this fact either!

Whether you are spending 10 days in Italy, have a little more time like 2 weeks, or are renting a car and planning an Italy road trip, you are going to want to know the breakdown to help you choose exactly which Cinque Terre village is right for you. Or perhaps, you will decide to stay outside of the villages, as we often do!

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Unique Luxury Hotels In Cinque Terre

Is money not a problem? Have you always wanted your own apartment in Cinque Terre? Or sleep on a boat? How about a historic tower? These options are unique accommodations in Cinque Terre. They dont come cheap and you have to book quickly, but they are worth the splurge!

Terra Prima Suite Riomaggiore: Luxury modern apartment at the top of Riomaggiore. Luxury features, balcony, sauna, and spa bath and amazing views. Private parking is included in the price. Be quick and book here.

Muin a Ventu Historical Tower in Vernazza: Cute adorable apartment rooms inside a historic tower. Amazing views over Vernazza and the Ligurian coast, the fully equipped apartments are a unique accommodation in Cinque Terre. They sell out rapidly, so book quickly here.

La Torretta Lodge in Manarola: Do you want to stay inside a medieval tower but with modern-day facilities like a king-size bed, hot tub, and sun deck? This luxury hotel in Manarola is a perfect fit for you. For prices and availability, check this link.

La Casa del Gigante in Monterosso al Mare: There is an iconic dramatic building at the far end of the Monterosso beach. That is the Case del Gigante . Amazing views across the beach, these luxury rooms are full of character but modern. Check for prices here.

Where To Stay In Cinque Terre With Kids

Cinque Terre, Italy: Manarola and Riomaggiore

With five Cinque Terre villages to choose from, finding the right place to stay is a bit more work than usual.

We chose to stay in Monterosso al Mare with our kids. It has superior train connections, has an excellent playground and has a nice long stretch of beach. Monterosso isnt as charming as the other Cinque Terre towns, but we chose it for better train connectivity, grocery stores and its great playground.

We rented a two-bedroom vacation home rental at the northern end of Monterosso al Mare. We chose to stay at a vacation home rental as we enjoy the family-friendly amenities like separate bedrooms, a kitchen and laundry facilities.

There are plenty of kid-friendly Cinque Terre vacation home rentals to choose from.

If hotels are more your style, we personally use and recommend using as their Top Picks for Families search filter makes it easy to find good family-friendly accommodation.

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Best Village In Cinque Terre

I visited Cinque Terre for the first time over 25 years ago.

All the five villages have now become actual towns, with plenty of accommodation choice, great restaurants for any budget, events and organised experiences.

It has been a pleasant change since 25 years ago, without globalizing too much this destination.

In fact, locals still live in Cinque Terre as they used to do 25 years ago .

This is a map of the area with the best towns to stay in Cinque Terre

And if you have some spare time, I would add another destination, well overlooked by the mass but so easy to reach and as beautiful: the colourful Portovenere, a jewel that should deserve at least a day trip from the Cinque Terre.

The towns are so close to each other that make more sense to book a place for the entire stay than moving accommodation from town to town.

And if you are planning to visit Tuscany, then you should read the guide I wrote on on the full region, including suggested itineraries, with or without a car.

Cinque Terre For Families // Getting There

The easiest way to get to the Cinque Terre is by train. We came from Milan and were able to make the trip in a little under 3 hours. You can find fairly direct routes from Florence as well that only require one train change in La Spezia. Buy your tickets in advance on Rail Europes website.

Tip: Though I havent personally experienced it, Ive heard that the longer you wait to book, the more train ticket prices go up in Italy. So just one more reason to purchase tickets well in advance!

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Where To Stay In Cinque Terre For You

  • THE Best Place to Stay in Cinque Terre: Vernazza
  • Best Place to Stay in Cinque Terre for the Beach: Monterosso
  • Where to Stay in Cinque Terre for Hikers : Manarola
  • Best Place to Stay in Cinque Terre for Nightlife: Riomaggiore
  • Best Calm Place to Stay in Cinque Terre : Corniglia
  • Best Place to Stay in Cinque Terre without the crowds : Levanto
  • Where to Stay in Cinque Terre for Cheap: La Spezia

So there you have it, the answer to Where to stay in the Cinque Terre National Park?. If you want more info about each village including photos, best hotels and pros & cons, keep reading below!

Monterosso Al Mare Accommodation

Hands Down, THIS is Where You Should Stay in Cinque Terre ...

B& B Il Parco: A traditional Bed and Breakfast style accommodation in Monterosso. These rooms have baroque features and luxurious bathrooms. The accommodation has an outdoor pool with amazing views of the village and the sea. And obviously an excellent breakfast! Book direct via this link.

La Serra Sul Mare: Located just outside Monterosso, these rooms are spacious and offer amazing sea views! The accommodation offers excellent breakfast and free parking. Perfect for people who look for a quiet place to stay. Find prices and availability here.

Tramonto sul Mare: These bright and colorful apartments brighten your mood immediately! Located right at the beach, the sea view is amazing, the rooms are light and colorful and have a fully fitted kitchen. But be very very quick, the apartments sell out fast! See more details here.

Monterosso al Mare has many more places to stay. Find out more here.

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Where To Stay In Cinque Terre With Family

The Cinque Terre towns, from North to South, are:

  • Monterosso
  • Manarola
  • Riomaggiore

In our Cinque Terre hotel guide here, we explained why Manarola, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare are the three most popular places to stay for hotels.

But if youre visiting the area as a family or need room for a group, Airbnb can be much more convenient than booking a hotel. Although truthfully, Cinque Terre doesnt have any typical hotels theyre all converted apartments and bed & breakfast type accommodation.

Best Monterosso Al Mare Hotels

Monterosso al Mare is one of the bigger towns of Cinque Terre, offering a large choice of quality hotels and accommodations for all group sizes and budgets.

Furthermore, its also the least hilly of all Cinque Terre towns and the only town with a white-sand beach. As I already said before, Monterosso is also one of the towns that are easier to reach by car.

Monterosso is the most northerly of the five Cinque Terre towns and you can get here by train or by boat. Its also the starting point of the famous Cinque Terre hiking trail.

There are many more accommodation options in Monterosso al Mare than in any other town of Cinque Terre. It was really tough to make a selection, so I only picked hotels that have really good reviews and offer something special. Here are some of the very best Monterosso al Mare hotels:

  • Hotel Porto Roca. Probably one of the nicest hotels in Cinque Terre, this 4* hotel in Monterosso truly has it all. Stunning location on the cliffs, spectacular views, and even a swimming pool. Located a bit outside of Monterosso, the hotel offers free transfer to and from Monterosso train station or car parking on arrival and departure, so no need to worry about carrying your luggage up the hill. There are rooms for up to 4 people and some of them have sea views.

Apart from hotels, there are many other accommodation options in Monterosso al Mare. Here are just a few apartments and a B& B that I think deserve a separate mention:

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Alternatives & Suggestions In The Cinque Terre With Kids

Hike from Monterosso to Vernazza If you visit off-season and have time to do some hiking and your kids are seasoned hikers, then I would definitely suggest to make the two hours hike starting from Monterosso al Mare to Vernazza. There are some steep steps involved and if it is a hot day you need to ensure to take plenty of water. But the path is amazing and offers beautiful views. The best part has to be when you approach Vernazza and the 1stview down to the harbour. Again, a super iconic photo-shot seen many times on the web. Well now it can also be your photo that can be featured. Note that for all hiking you need a hiking permit which you can buy at the beginning of the path.

Hike from Vernazza to Corniglia this part has slightly a shorter walking time at only 90 minutes and has some very impressive sections. The trail is more open compared to the 1sthike so be prepared on a hot day. The hike offers breathtaking views along the Italian Riviera coastline whilst the vegetation mixes olive trees with vineyards. A hike in the Cinque Terre with kids you will certainly remember for years to come.

Stop at Corniglia by train In the morning when youre taking the train to Monterosso you might want to stop at Corniglia as the boat will not stop there.

There are a fair set of stairs bringing you up to the romantic village of Corniglia. Just check the train time to Monterosso and ensure not to miss the connections with the boat later on.

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Manarola Is Where To Stay In Cinque Terre For The Best Views

CINQUE TERRE, ITALY: 5 Most Beautiful Towns to Visit in Cinque Terre | Cinque Terre Travel Guide

Manarola is one of the most well-known towns in Italy. Although you may not know it by name, chances are you have seen it in a painting, postcard, or photograph somewhere in your life.

If you are looking for where to stay in Cinque Terre that is picture-perfect, then choosing a hotel in Manarola will be the best option for you. Manarola is known for its wine production and the way the buildings are built as if they were sliding down off the cliff that hugs a cute inlet.

Unlike Riomaggiore, Manarola has fewer shops and bars and nightlife so if you are looking for a quieter experience, this is where to stay in Cinque Terre for you. This village books up fast so you should make your reservation as early as possible if this is the hotel you want to stay at during your visit!

If you are looking for the best views that dont require lots of hiking, choose Manarola when searching for your Cinque Terre hotels. There is a wonderfully easy loop that takes you from the town along the Ligurian Coast so you can experience a scenic and peaceful walk. Manarola is one of the best places to stay for photographers and nature lovers due to its proximity to postcard-worthy views.

Upsides: Picture-perfect village. Good location in the center of Cinque Terre. Quaint and authentic Italian feel. Easy hiking and easy to walk around.

Downsides: Fewer nightlife and bar options. Hotels book up quickly so you must book well in advance.

Best Manarola Vacation Rentals By Price

Ivory House

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