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Where To Stay In Denali Alaska

Where To Stay In Denali Without A Car

Alaska Road Trip – Anchorage to Fairbanks Drive | Denali National Park – Things to Do

You can only take your private car as far as mile 15 of the Denali Park Road so if you were planning to go farther, you might not want to bring a car at all. Many, though not all, of the lodging options near the park entrance offer a shuttle to the park visitor center. And if you book tours, you can usually arrange a pickup either at your hotel or at the park visitor center. With that said, always double-check these details when finalizing your plans.

Trapper Creek Coolest Place To Stay In Denali

Trapper Creek is located south of Denali and its our pick for the coolest town in the region. This small village is ideally located at the intersection of Petersville Road and is spread out along the Parks Highway. It offers easy access to Denali National Park as well as to the stunning surrounding countryside.

Have your cameras ready throughout your stay in Trapper Creek, because this is the best place to capture exceptional photos of the towering mountain. Travel down Petersville Road, towards the recreation country in the foothills of the Alaska Range, and youll be rewarded with breathtaking views of this natural giant.

C Watts

Best Hotel In Talkeetna: Susitna River Lodging

This rustic hotel is our pick for where to stay in Talkeetna. It provides comfortable accommodations with four charming rooms and a range of great amenities. Guests can also enjoy features, like free wifi, luggage storage and an airport shuttle. Theres also a tour desk to help you plan the perfect holiday in Denali.

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Talkeetna Where To Stay In Denali On A Budget

Talkeetna is a small town located south of Denali National Park. It was founded in the early 20th century as a railroad town and is known for attracting miners, prospectors and adventurers from near and far.

The town is located at the confluence of three rivers. It has a lively and vibrant atmosphere, and theres plenty of fun to be had here. From parades and auctions to canoeing and beyond, Talkeetna is a town full of life.

Its also where youll find the best budget accommodations in Denali. The town boasts a good variety of campgrounds, cabins and hotels, as well as the only hostel in Denali, which offer comfortable and charming accommodations at a great price.

Best Hotel In Mckinley Park: Denali Park Village Mckinley Park

Camp Denali

Located in central McKinley Park, this three-star hotel is ideally located near Denali National Park. It is also close to great restaurants, bars, and nightlife attractions. This three-star hotel offers spacious and clean rooms with private bathrooms, hair dryers and coffee/tea facilities. Youll also enjoy free wifi, room service and an on-site restaurant.

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Best Hotel In Denali: Susitna River Lodging

This rustic hotel is our pick for the best hotel in Denali. It is located in quaint Talkeetna and provides comfortable accommodations with four charming rooms and a range of amenities. Guests can also enjoy features, like free wifi, luggage storage and an airport shuttle.

Denali National Park is a massive and expansive national park located in the state of Alaska. It covers more than six million acres of land and includes the highest mountain in North America, Denali .

A haven for hikers, climbers and outdoor adventurers, Denali is an incredible wilderness area. It attracts travellers from around the world to trek its network of trails, see its diverse wild landscapes, and to attempt to climb the magnificent mountain.

Although there are few places to stay within the park, the small towns and villages surrounding Denali are awash with accommodation options.

Healy is a town located nearly 20 kilometres north of the parks entrance. It is the closest town to the park and caters to tourists. Its where youll find restaurants and hotels, as well as tour guides, rental agencies and a golf course.

Travel south from here and youll arrive in McKinley Park. Set in the valley of the Nenana River, McKinley Park is located on the eastern edge of Denali. It offers easy access to the main visitor centre and is where youll find the best nightlife in the area.

Still not sure where to stay in Denali? Dont worry, weve got you covered!

Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge

This lodge is truly special and not just because it is located on the best salmon fishing river in Alaska. It has also been voted as Alaskas favorite lodge by the people who live in Alaska there is no better endorsement. This is no ordinary hotel. The secluded bungalow-style rooms with sun porches and wood stoves are as Alaska as it gets.

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A Note About Glitter Gulch

The area just outside the entrance to Denali National Park is known to locals as Glitter Gulch: a glitzy and crowded strip of road that is only open during tourist season. It includes the sort of souvenir shops you might find in a cruise ship port, restaurants, and the most visible lodging options as you come and go from the park.

If all you’re looking to do is sleep as close to the park entrance as possible or enjoy a quick meal as you come or go from the park, Glitter Gulch may be the ideal place. But if you’re looking for peace and quiet, the true Alaska feel or the best deals on lodgings, Glitter Gulch probably isn’t for you. If you’re shopping for Denali lodgings in the off-season, it’s not even an issue, because once the tour buses leave, Glitter Gulch closes for the tour season.

My Pick: A Goldenview Bnb

How to Choose your Denali Hotel

As the top-rated property in Anchorage for three years running, you cant go wrong with A Goldenview Bed & Breakfast.

While the city center is only 15 minutes away, the serene forest will make you feel like youre miles from civilization. Relax in the year-round hot tub spa or spend time on the 2,000 square foot deck to take in hillside views of Anchorage.

It was very foggy during our stay at the Bed & Breakfast, so you cant see the view in the photo above! But our stay was cozy and wonderful regardless.

Also, for hikers, the nearest trailheads are a few minutes away, so youll have plenty of opportunities to spend time out in nature.

We stayed at the Hotel Captain Cook on our first night in Anchorage and loved its location. Downtown Anchorage is incredibly walkable, and the Hotel Captain Cook was perfect for just that.

We walked around to our dinner spot and got to watch the sunset from our room!

The hotel is a bit outdated but the views are amazing and it has a fantastic location.

Talk about a stunning view!

Though we didnt stay at The Lakefront Anchorage because we simply didnt have enough time in Anchorage, I definitely plan to next time!

It is also one of the most updated hotels Ive found in Anchorage, with gorgeous interiors that match its exterior style. And with friendly staff and picturesque setting right by the airport, this hotel has it all!

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Where To Stay In Homer

One of the top vacation destinations in the state, this city is home to natural beauty, fine arts, and world-class fishing.

Located at the end of the Kenai Peninsula, Homer is the halibut fishing capital of the world. Because of this, many tourists come to try their luck at reeling in one of the monster-sized fish.

In addition to fishing, Homer is a premier spot for bear viewing, kayaking, and flightseeing.

The Homer Spit, partially pictured above, is lined with the cutest fishing shacks, restaurants, ice cream shops, stores, and more!

Its such a charming town, I highly recommend visiting! Even though it rained almost the whole time we were in Homer, it didnt detract from its charm!

My Pick: Hatcher Pass Lodge

We didnt stay here but we sure as heck made a detour to photograph these cabins! Are these the most charming little cabins youve ever seen? Because they are definitely that to me!

Though the interiors need updating, the views more than make up for it. Theres also yummy food at the lodges restaurant, and great hiking in the area.

So if youre a photographer or simply want a peaceful stay with an incredible view, Hatcher Pass Lodge is for you!

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Where To Stay In Valdez

Known for its astounding beauty and wide array of wildlife, Valdez is a local favorite.

One of the top reasons people travel to Valdez is the fishing. You can find huge halibut and almost every type of salmon imaginable.

In addition to extraordinary fishing, travelers can take their pick of skiing, whale watching, or glacier climbing. We got the photo above at the dreamy Valdez Glacier Lake, a must if youre in Valdez!

How To Visit Denali National Park

Denali National Park

You cannot access most of these Denali viewpoints by private cars. The Denali Park Road is restricted and the easiest way to visit the park is by booking a tour at the National Park Service Visitor Center. What better to experience the best views of Denali than to sit back on the bus ride and enjoy the mountain and wildlife viewing ? These tours come in two forms:

  • Day Trips Bus routes ranging from 3-8 hours that take you varying lengths into the park.
  • Multi-Day Trips Bus tickets that allow you to ride into the park on one bus, stay in the park overnight at a campground or at the Kantishna Lodge , and then ride out on another bus later. You will need a backcountry camping permit and to register with the Visitor Center before staying overnight in Denali National Park.

The most popular way to visit Denali National Park is to stay in the nearby town of Denali and do the 8-hour day tour into the park, but this will not get you all the way to Wonder Lake. The 8-hour tour makes it as far as Eielson Visitor Center on the best day. However, it may not make it that far depending on the number of animals you see and stops your driver makes.

To see the view from Wonder Lake, you will need to book accommodation at the Kantishna Roadhouse or Wonder Lake Campground .

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Full Service Backcountry Lodge In Historic Kantishna

Kantishna Roadhouse offers an all-inclusive once in a lifetime Alaskan travel experience. Located 90 miles into the pristine natural wonder of Denali National Park in a remote area where few are lucky enough to travel, you will find adventure, tranquility and an escape from every-day modern life. Your stay includes private bus transportation into the heart of Denali Park, deluxe log cabin accommodations, meals, a variety of daily activities, hiking opportunities, naturalist programs and the chance to observe wildlife and experience the breathtaking scenery of Denali Park up close and personal. Come and experience true Alaskan hospitality in this historic backcountry lodge.

Best Guesthouse In Talkeetna: Talkeetna Roadhouse

This comfortable guesthouse is ideally located in Talkeetna. There is a good selection of bars and restaurants nearby, and it is in close proximity to nature. This guesthouse has eight comfortable rooms outfitted with a range of amenities. Youll also enjoy free wifi, a library, and luggage storage.

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Where To Stay In Denali National Park Alaska

Where to Stay in Denali National Park Alaska

Few wilderness areas are as pristine, yet as accessible, as 6-million-acre Denali National Park and Preserve. In 2017, more than 640,000 visitors flocked to Denali National Park to enjoy everything from horseback riding to helicopter flightseeing, backcountry camping and, along the single road that runs into the park, the most scenic bus ride you’ll ever experience. Although some of those visits are day trips, that still leaves a lot of bodies looking for a place to sleep in or near the park. As with most travel choices, choosing where to stay in Denali National Park depends on your personal priorities.

Where To Stay In Sitka

ALASKA TINY HOUSE Tour – Where to stay in Denali

This thriving island town sits between the mountains and the ocean. Cultural influences from the Russian, American, and Tlingit settlers remain in Sitka today.

Art is everywhere and the marine wildlife is abundant. Whether you are a lover of museums or the outdoors, youll fall in love with Sitkas charm all the same.

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Healy Where To Stay In Denali First Time

Healy is a small town located at the northwestern edge of Denali. It is situated nearly 20 kilometres north of the parks entrance and is the largest town in the region. Catering to tourists, Healy is where youll find a good selection of restaurants and hotels, as well as tuck shops and outposts where you can stock up for your excursions into the park.

This is our pick for where to stay if youre visiting Denali for the first time. Not only is it in close proximity to the park, but from Healy, you can explore further into the Alaskan wilderness. Its also set along the mighty Nenana River where you can enjoy a rousing day of whitewater rafting.

Best Hotel In Trapper Creek: Trapper Creek Inn & Rv Park

The Trapper Creek Inn & RV Park offers comfortable accommodations in central Trapper Creek. This property is conveniently located for exploring Denali, the Alaskan countryside and nearby Talkeetna. Rooms are outfitted with comfortable and custom furnishings as well as plenty of amenities to ensure a great stay.

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Getting To Denali National Park Without A Car

Despite its well-developed tourism infrastructure, there’s no commuter service to speak of between Denali National Park and the nearby communities: small Healy, about 11 miles away tiny Cantwell, some 30 miles away and Fairbanks, 120 miles to the north. Because of this, having your own wheels is the most convenient way of getting to and from Denali.

But you do have a few public transportation options of a sort to choose from. The first and grandest is the Alaska Railroad’s seasonal Denali Star train route, which runs passenger train service from Anchorage to Fairbanks, passing through Wasilla, Talkeetna and Denali National Park along the way. Passenger service on this train isn’t cheap, but it is a fine and scenic way of getting to and from Denali, and most hotels offer free shuttle service from the train depot.

If you’re visiting Denali as part of a land excursion on a cruise line, they’ll take care of every aspect of your transportation which usually means transportation on the train or in a dedicated motor coach that’ll take you straight to your hotel. And, finally, if you plan ahead, you can book your own motor coach transportation with a company like The Park Connection or Denali Transportation.


Final Thoughts On Where To Stay In Denali

17 of the Best Places to Visit in Alaska

Denali National Park is a spectacular and unique destination for travellers. Home to the tallest mountain in North America, Denali is a haven for hikers, climbers and outdoor adventures. The Park is surrounded by distinct small towns that are packed with interesting attractions and burst with history and charm. With so much to see and do, there really is something for everyone in and around Denali.

Just to recap the Talkeetna Hostel International is our pick for the best budget accommodations in Denali. It offers panoramic views and comes complete with a rustic back yard with a campfire, grill and hammock.

Our recommendation for the best hotel is Susitna River Lodging thanks to its location, range of amenities, and rustic and charming rooms.

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Rv Parks Near Denali National Park

In addition to the Riley Creek Campground and Savage River Campground inside Denali National Park, both of which are open to RVs, you’ll also find a smattering of private RV parks and campgrounds located up and down the Parks Highway. These include the Denali Rainbow Village RV Park and Motel, the Denali RV Park and Motel, and Midnight Sun RV and Campground, all of which are fairly close to the park entrance or, head south to Cantwell, about 30 miles away, for the Cantwell RV Park.

Budget Accommodations Near Denali

Despite all the hustle and bustle near its entrance, Denali National Park is in an isolated part of the state especially if you’re not used to Alaska-size wide-open spaces. The nearest city of any size is Fairbanks, 120 miles to the north. There are no hostels to speak of, and, while you can definitely save some money by sleeping in the nearby communities of Healy or Cantwell , accommodations still come at a seasonal premium.

That means that for budget travelers the most affordable options are to camp in established campgrounds or rent a rustic cabin. The most affordable cabins offer you the security of four walls, a roof and a genuine bed, but that’s about it some of them won’t have electricity or running water. You will have access to showers and potable water of some sort in most cabins and campgrounds, but you’ll usually have to trek to a central shower building for access.

Groceries available within the park are limited to roughly what you’d find at a local corner store like a 7-11. You’ll find somewhat more variety in Healy, but at a premium. So if you don’t want to eat in hotels or at the handful of tasty restaurants near the park entrance, the best way to save money is to stock up in Wasilla, Talkeetna or Fairbanks and bring your own provisions in a cooler.


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