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Where To Stay In Drake Bay

How To Get To Drake Bay By Boat

Costa Rica – Drake Bay – Beautiful place to hike

The boat taxi from Sierpe is by far the most common way to get to Drake Bay. Sierpe is a small riverside town situated on the edge of a giant mangrove forest at the foot of the Osa Peninsula. The Sierpe River runs through this mangrove forest and spills out into the Pacific Ocean, giving you access to the long coast of the Osa Peninsula.

The town of Sierpe is easy to get to. Youll take the Costanera Sur, Costa Ricas main highway up and down the Pacific Coast, until you get to Palmar Norte. Here, youll take a right onto route 2, and then a subsequent right onto route 223. Follow this all the way into Sierpe.

Here are the distances to Sierpe from various points of interest in Costa Rica:

  • From San Jose: about 4 hours

  • From Quepos/Manuel Antonio: about an hour and 45 minutes

  • From Uvita: just under an hour

There are two boats that leave from Sierpe for Drake Bay Daily.

  • The first leaves at 11:30 am and costs $15 USD per person or 9,000 colones

  • The second leaves at 4 pm and costs $20 USD per person or 12,000 colones


The boat ride: Its a one-hour scenic trip, first along the mangroves of the Sierpe River. Eventually, the river empties out into the Pacific Ocean and its a bumpy ride along the coast of the Osa Peninsula before arriving at the main beach on Drake Bay.

Our experience on the Drake Bay boat taxi

We plugged in La Perla del Sur into our GPS and off we went! We gave ourselves an arrival time 20 minutes before the 4 pm boat left .


The boat

Drake Bay Is Perfect For Couples & Family Vacations

The coast of the bay is home to some of the most luxurious and nature-friendly hotels in Costa Rica, making Drake Bay the perfect place to enjoy as a couple or with your family since it offers an array of activities that will please everybody.

If you want to enjoy a cultural experience, the town of Agujitas also offers diverse lodging options and the opportunity to discover the real rural Costa Rica. This town is home to over a thousand inhabitants scattered in a big landscape of farms and protected land, which was connected to the electrical grid of the country only in 2004.

At Agujitas you can find a handful of restaurants, bars and shops, and a number of tourist services and attractions. Other nearby towns, like El Progreso, have joined this venture and also offer the opportunity to enjoy a rustic and culturally enriching experience surrounded by nature.

Drake Bay is an absolute jewel that must be protected and we work with hotel partners who share this viewpoint!

How To Get To Drake Bay

The town of Agujitas is the hub for all the hotels and attractions in Drake Bay. You can reach the town by land, water, and air, and all of these means of transportation offer a fair amount of adventure.

Two different airlines fly several times a day to Drake Bays airstrip, which is located a few kilometers away of Agujitas in the town of El Progreso. Once you land, a taxi will take you to Agujitas crossing a river on the way. During the rainy season you might have to transfer to a big truck to cross the rivers.

The most common way to reach Drake Bay is via Sierpe river. You first reach the town by the same name by land and then take an hour boat ride through the magnificent mangroves of Sierpe river and then along the Pacific coastline of the Osa Peninsula. Most of the lodges at Drake Bay can arrange this transfer for you.

Another way to reach the town of Sierpe is flying into the Palmar Sur airport and then taking a cab to Sierpe.

Since the beginning of the century, there is a plan to build an international airport in Palmar Sur, hoping to cater all the tourists that come to Costa Rica with the intention of visiting the South Pacific region of Costa Rica. Environmental studies for the airport were presented in 2013, but no further steps have been taken since. A lot of people oppose the construction, because, even though the airport could help improve the economy in this region, increased visitors could also have a strong impact on the fragile ecosystem in the area.

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Hang Out On The Beach

While the beaches of Corcovado are hard to beat in terms of their picturesque beauty, the main public beach of Drake Bay still has its charm!

We hung out on the beach for a bit after we got back from our Corcovado tour. They key is to get away from the main area where all the boats come in and out. If you walk down the beach just a little bit further in each direction, youll have your own slice of paradise all to yourself.

Just use caution. As with most beaches along the Pacific, there can be strong waves and riptides.

Best Hotels & Ecolodges In Drake Bay Costa Rica

Our Stay in Drake Bay  No Map Required

Located near the northern tip of the Osa Peninsula, Drake Bay is one of the wildest, most remote places in Costa Rica. Nearly all visitors arrive by plane or boat, and once youre here youre largely disconnected from the modern world. Which, of course, is exactly the point.

Lying between stunning Corcovado National Park to the south and gorgeous Isla de Caño to the east, Drake Bay is an eco-travelers paradise. Although the tiny village is humble and unassuming, the surrounding coastline does not lack for luxury. In fact, Drake Bay is home to some of the top ecolodges in the country, some of which charge upwards of $1,000 a night. But Drake Bay is also home to several excellent mid-range hotels and some good budget options.

= Recommended

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Drake Bay Resort Is An Award

Just 30 minutes from Corcovado National Park, the hotel is located in Drake Bay one of the most beautiful bays in Costa Rica. Blessed with a great spot, the hotel has a stunning view of the bay and is surrounded by a forest teeming with life. In fact, playful white-face monkeys often times visit the grounds. Other visitors include coati, anteaters, agoutis, macaws, toucans, common black hawk and many other birds and mammals.

Take A Snorkeling Trip To Cano Island

Besides Corcovado, one of the most popular things to do in Drake Bay is to take a tour out to Cano Island. This island, located just about 10 miles off the coast, is known as one of the best places in Costa Rica for snorkeling and diving. Most tours from Drake Bay to Cano Island are half day tours that will take you to two different snorkeling spots and then stop at Playa San Josecito for lunch before returning to Drake bay. You have the chance to see things like sea turtles , rays, sharks, and tons of tropical fish.

There are lots of tour operators that you can arrange this with, and your hotel or lodge may even offer tours as well. They will cost you somewhere around $80 to $90 USD.

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The Best Hotels In Drake Bay According To Travellers

Rated by travellers, for travellers like you. We don’t just pull in the cheapest hotel prices from across the internet. We also gather independent reviews and ratings from thousands of guests, to help you make the right choice.

Travellers who recently visited Drake Bay rated , , and the best in terms of location, amenities and customer service.

Looking for that extra special stay? You can also use dozens more filters to find hotels with swimming pools, bars, restaurants and more.

Is Drake Bay/corcovado Worth Visiting

Drake Bay Costa Rica – everything you need to know

Without a doubt, Drake Bay should be on everybodys Costa Rican itinerary.

The wildlife in Corcovado National Park is the main reason why most visitors come to Drake Bay, but you cant help but fall in love with the town at the same time. Most visitors will arrive by boat, meaning youll get to see it in its full glory.

Your first glimpse of Drake Bay will be kilometers of dark golden sand stretching along the coastline, backed by palm trees and quaint lodges in the hillside.

Its hard to describe why, but as soon as you step off the boat, you feel like youve arrived somewhere special.

Maybe its the vibrant orange sunsets that grace the sky every evening? Or that you can just be sitting on the beach and see whales and dolphins swim past?

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Top 13 Things To Do In Drake Bay

Leaving from…

Without a doubt, Drake Bay should be on everybodys Costa Rican itinerary.

The wildlife in Corcovado National Park is the main reason why most visitors come to Drake Bay, but you cant help but fall in love with the town at the same time. Most visitors will arrive by boat, meaning youll get to see it in its full glory.

Your first glimpse of Drake Bay will be kilometers of dark golden sand stretching along the coastline, backed by palm trees and quaint lodges in the hillside.

Its hard to describe why, but as soon as you step off the boat, you feel like youve arrived somewhere special.

Stay The Night In Corcovado National Park

If the day tour of Corcovado National Park isnt enough for you, then you can actually spend the night at the rangers station within the park.

Instead of just 1 hike through the park, with the overnight tour youll get to go on 3 hikes.

As the sun sets, youll get to see another side of the park as the nocturnal creatures awake. Enjoy the evening sitting on the stations deck, watching and listening to the jungle around you.

The sleeping arrangements are very modest open-air bunk beds with mosquito nets. If you dont get much sleep, remember its a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The 2 days costs $335 per person, including all of your meals. You can send a reservation request to Pacheco Tours to book the overnight stay at the Sirena Station.

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Drake Bay Canopy Adventure

Not all animals live on the jungle floor. Youll need to get in and amongst the trees if you want to see the animals that have made the jungle canopy their home.

Drake Bay Canopy Adventure has thought of this and created a tour that makes you feel like youre tarzan.

The tour consists of 9 platforms, 6 ziplines, one of which is over 100 meters long, observation walkways and last but not least: a 25 meter rappel down to the edge of a stream where wildlife hangs out.

As well as being an exhilarating adventure, youll also be accompanied with a guide who will be pointing out the surrounding wildlife.

The tour lasts around 2.5-3 hours and costs from $45 per person. You can make a reservation via The Original Canopy Tours website.

Float Down The River In Rio Claro All The Way To The Beach

Drake Bay: What You Need to Know For the Perfect Jungle ...

The floating tour has become a popular thing to do in Drake Bay. You essentially put on a life jacket, sit back and just let the river current take you all the way down to the ocean. Its extremely peaceful and incredibly fun to do as a group.

Besides it being a really fun activity, you will also have a chance to spot a variety of wildlife like sloths, lizards, monkeys and birds.

The floating tour with Pacheco Tours lasts for approximately 5-6 hours and costs $65.

The day includes:

  • A 1.5 hour hike through primary forest to a waterfall
  • Swimming in the waterfall
  • 1.5 hour floating down the river to Rio Claro beach
  • Lunch in Drake Bay

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Visiting Drake Bay Costa Rica

Drake Bay is one of the most secluded and peaceful places in Costa Rica. The legend says that Sir Francis Drake, aka Pirate Drake, the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe, enjoyed its secret corners and calmer waters, and maybe even buried some of his pirated treasures in this area.

Truth be told, no gold treasure has ever been found here, but once you come to Drake Bay you know right away why a 16th Century adventurer would have made this corner of the world a preferred stop. Other treasures are being protected and kept a secret herethe kind that provides us with rest, peace, and natural wonders!

Just like the rest of the peninsula, Drake Bay is home to amazing and dense biodiversity. At any point, you can have magical encounters like a troop of squirrel monkeys playing in the trees around your room, an inquisitive crested owl looking down into the trail you are hiking, or a colorful wave of all sized hermit crabs surrounding you at the beach as you sunbathe.

Location #: Town Centre Close To The Main Beach Restaurants And Shops

The majority of the homestays and hostels are situated within the main town. This is where a lot of the tours around Drake Bay start from and where youll get to integrate with the locals more.

Everything in the town is within walking distance, so no matter where your accommodation is, you wont be far from restaurants and a supermarket.

Still, a lot of the accommodations are set up on the hill, so be prepared to get your legs working.

Our favourite place to stay is Casita Happy Feet, owned by the amazing Corcovado tour guide, Javier. Rooms cost just $30 a night and include a superb breakfast.

PRO-TIP: If youre arriving by boat, wed recommend contacting your hotel in advance and asking if they could pick you up from the beach.

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Beautiful Beach And Surrounding Area

Beautiful beach and surrounding area. The large dark sand beach is not very busy and has plenty of space for everyone. There are a lot of activities to do around here Hiking, scuba diving, whale and dolphin watching, etc. There is a long hiking trail that takes you across the whole north side of the peninsula which is nice. When I was there I saw an amazing group of scarlet Macaw birds flying around right on the beach. Beautiful animals.

Location #: Coastal Resorts Tranquillity And Seclusion Surrounded By Nature

Caño Island Snorkeling – Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Whilst the majority of accommodations are centred around the main town, there are a number of resorts scattered along the coastline.

Youre able to walk to the town from most of these places via the coastal path, but this can be a long walk.

Most of the time, these resorts will provide all of your meals, so you wont need to leave the resort apart from when youre doing a tour. Most of the tours will also come to pick you up from your resort.

Private rooms start from around $20, whilst some resorts can cost over $200 a night.

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Final Tips For Visiting Drake Bay

  • Drake Bay is definitely for the more adventurous at heart. Its a remote destination with little infrastructure, a small selection of cafes and markets, and bumpy dirt roads.

  • Make sure to bring enough cash. Many places only accept cash and there are no banks or ATMs in the town. Places that do accept card will likely charge a 13% VAT tax, so if you want to save some money and avoid this extra fee, its just helpful to have the cash with you.

  • The restaurants and cafes in Drake Bay are open air, and they serve good food for a pretty good price. We got two full dinners with a beer for under $20 USD.

A main road through Drake Bay and one of the few grocery stores in town.

We want to hear from you! Let us know anything else you need to know about how to visit Drake Bay and we will do our best to help you out!

Have you been to Drake Bay? What was your favorite part?

More About The Humpback Whales Of Costa Rica

Before swimming thousands of miles to Costa Ricas tropical waters, the Humpback Whales feed on plankton and krill in their cold water feeding grounds. They do not feed once they arrive here as these are birthing and breeding grounds, so they are either having babies or making babies. Females give birth to one calf who nurses exclusively for the first six months. During this time, the mother can lose as much as a third of her own body weight. We can see their bones by the time they leave here for the feeding grounds.

The Humpback Whales from the Northern Hemisphere are generally smaller than the Humpbacks arriving from the Southern Hemisphere. The Northern Humpback Whales can reach 15 meters in length and weigh up to 40 tons. The Southern Humpback Whales can grow to 18 meters and up to 50 tons!

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When Planning Your Stay In Drake Bay

What we hear most often from travelers coming to Drake Bay, besides how breathtakingly beautiful it is, is that they wish they had stayed longer. The Osa Peninsula is the most beautiful and wild part of Costa Rica and is where you will see the most pristine nature and wildlife.Plan accordingly!

Finding Cheap Hotels In Drake Bay

Drake Bay Getaway Resort

Currently the average price of a hotel in Drake Bay is £ 43, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a better deal.

We price check with 270 hotel brands and booking sites, so you don’t have to search each one individually. Then we sort by price, meaning you can find the cheapest time to bag the perfect hotel at the best price, in seconds.

Found a hotel you like, but not ready to book straight away? Sign up for hotel Price Alerts and we’ll tell you as soon as rates rise or fall. Then you can decide whether to book – or not.

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