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Where To Stay In Evia Greece

Explore The Village With The Lost Whistle Language Of Greece

Evia island engulfed in flames as Greek wildfires cut a path of destruction for sixth day | ABC News

What if there was a language that only uses whistling for communication and conversation and no words? Well, guess what! It does, and it also exists in Greece.

Now pay notice: It is not merely about clear whistling sounds or signals, but an actual conversational whistle language!

Sometimes, by meeting people out of the blue and start talking with them, you may discover fantastic secret hidden gems of culture.

It was in such a first time meeting with a new friend from South Evia and the owner of South Evia Tours that revealed to us another Greek secret.

That village this secret is hidden in, is named Andia and is located in South Evia Greece, near Cape Cavo D Oro.

There is a whistle language used, which has a label by itself. It is called Sfyria.

The reason this was born? The locals say that they wanted to use a way to communicate in the countryside for long distances.

Others claim that it was used to alert people fast for incoming bandits.

Sound travels fast, especially in the wilderness and tops of Greek mountains, so there you are! They build a whole whistle conversational language!

The existence of the whistling language of Andia was discovered after an airplane accident that happened in the area in 1979. The pilot was missing, and search parties went to the city. There the locals offered their help, and they used the Sfyria whistling to communicate in the mountains. Hey, it was 1979, no mobiles then.

The locals even claim that they can whistle the names of people.

Apartments And Suites In Rovies

The charming island of Evia is the second largest in all of Greece. Situated opposite the east coast of mainland Greece, Evia is an island that is a delight to visit all year round.

There are so many beautiful places and popular spots in Evia that visitors will be truly spoilt for choice. One such destination is that of Rovies, located in the northern region of Evia.

It is here in Rovies that you will find the “Agnadi Hotel” from where we welcome you to Evia, and are proud to be able to offer you a wonderful selection of accommodation and rooms for your stay here.

The ” Agnadi Hotel ” is situated at the foot of a lovely green hill, right next to the sea. We are perfectly located for those looking for a relaxing stay in Evia.

View Our Gallery Surrounded by our beautiful garden, the hotel offers comfortable and quality accommodation in a very tranquil and quiet part of Rovies, with easy access to both the sea, and to neighbouring regions.

Evia is an island for all seasons, where colours and landscapes constantly change throughout the year. The “Agnadi Hotel” operates all year round, so whenever you are planning to travel to the island of Evia, you can be confident that we will be here, waiting to offer you our deepest and most sincere hospitality.

If you would like further information regarding our hotel and facilities, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

Agnadi Hotel – Facilities

Agnadi Hotel – Garden Area

Evia Fire Still Burning Uncontrolled On The Island

The large fire that broke out on Tuesday afternoon on the island of Evia, northeast of Athens, is still burning uncontrollably.

The major fire that broke out in the northern part of the island of Evia near the town of Limni was still burning unchecked on Wednesday morning.

Despite the efforts of strong fire-fighting forces through the night, the fire has not been extinguished yet and continues to engulf large areas.

Reinforcements from nearby regions have been sent to the island to help put out the blaze, as firefighters on Evia continue to do their best to save one of the most picturesque parts of the island.

Fanis Spanos, the Regional Governor of Central Greece, asked Athens on Tuesday night to declare a state of emergency for the area around Limni in northern Evia.

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Beaches South Of Evia

Traveling along the island of Evia, you immediately understand that you have reached the south when you meet more arid and barren stretches, different from the lush green of central-north Evia. The landscape in fact recalls the territory of the nearby Cyclades islands, barren and often drawn by Meltemi, who blows over this area of Greece between July and August. In fact, if you choose to visit the beaches of this corner of Evia you may have to deal with the Meltemi, which often blows hard and incessantly on the beach.

But if you love beaches of clear sand and shallow waters, you are in the right place: this point of Evia offers beaches that have nothing to envy to the beautiful white beaches of Naxos. Let’s see in which beaches to spend the days during a holiday in Evia.

Walk To Eretria And Visit The Archeological Museum


Eretria is a small port town south of Chalcis.

The town is known for its unpretentious relaxing atmosphere and the Archaeological Museum.

Located in the north of the village, the museum is considered one of the main attractions of the island.

It has a very rich collection of artifacts that tell incredible stories about the ancient history of the second largest Greek island.

Here you can see a wide variety of tools, jewelry, pottery, decoration and many others.

The most impressive, however, are definitely the marble sculptures.

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Enoria East Coast Of Evia

Where to stay:Little Stone VillaEvia is little visited by non-Greeks, and those who do come tend to stay in all inclusive resorts. The alternative is to stay in private villas. This example, in the tiny village of Enoria near the east coast of the island, revels in its isolation, but is well equipped and has a private pool and breathtaking views.+44 7939 174714,, 1,330, sleeps 6, no breakfast, FF

Where to eat:Vrahos Set on the small square of Steni this mountain taverna specialises in meat-based dishes, either from the oven or the grill. Mountain spring water emanates mysteriously from a tap in a nearby tree.+30 22280 51546

Don’t missThe road up the mountains to Steni from the east coast is spectacular, and do-able in a normal car even when not paved. The village itself is famed for its mountain air and spring water and is surrounded by hiking trails.

Diving At Petalioi Islands

It is easy to find a good diving and snorkeling agency while walking around Chalcis.

This is not surprising, especially considering the fact that most of them are based or at least have their representatives in the city.

If you want to find a diving spot that is really worth a visit, however, you should head to the south of Evia and visit the island of Petalioi.

Surrounded by a few smaller and very beautiful islets, it offers limpid azure waters and rich diversity of marine creatures.

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Cross The Bridge Of Chalcis And Visit Karababa Castle

It is an exciting and recommended experience to cross the Bridge of Chalcis and to take a stroll on the other shore.

This way, you will be able to see the island of Evia from the mainland as well as to visit some of the great local landmarks.

One of them is the Karababa Fortress which is exceptionally well preserved, especially considering its old age.

It was built by the Ottomans in 1684 on the top of a not very high hill.

The view from the fortress, however, is wonderful.

Stay At The Telaithrion Project

Residents say nothing left after wildfires engulf Greeces Evia island FRANCE 24

High on northern Evias Telaithrion Mountain, amongst plain tree-forests, with an astonishing view, this project hopes to put in perspective that a self-sufficient, sustainable social structure based on true incentives and selfless giving, can exist.

A design by the non-profit organization Free & Real, applied on a 3-acre plot of land near the summit of Mount Telaithrion at 450 meters altitude.

It is currently transformed into a multipurpose site that will finally operate as a school for self-sufficiency/sustainability, as well as Greeces first replicable model of a low-tech and sustainable eco-community.

As a visitor there, you will have the chance to participate in this fantastic transformation while obtaining practical knowledge.

Seminars and workshops are organized regularly focusing on various topics including self-sufficiency, eco-building, natural farming, nutrition & health, traditional herbal soaps, remedies, beekeeping, and many more.

Roaming the nearby mountains for mushrooms, eating exquisite vegetarian meals straight from the projects gardens, or sleeping in all-comforts traditional Mongolian yurts, you will feel how the evolution of living in harmony with nature can be.

But most importantly, youll be a part of the process of creating a society of healthy living conditions and open-minded people, with a free spirit and real incentives, away from any isolation, artificial barriers, and pointless, noncreative or unmotivated labor.

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See The Colourful Pebbles At Pefki Beach

You may have heard of the notorious Pefki Beach in northern Evia Island.

The place is known for the small pebbles in different colors, including red, blue, yellow, green, orange and many others.

Of course, you shouldnât take from these pebbles as this could have a negative effect on the environment.

Instead, if you want to remember this place for a long time, you can take a number of extraordinary pictures.

Explore The Nightlife Of Chalcis

The capital city of Evia is known for its exciting and diverse nightlife.

Nightclubs, cafes and restaurants offer entertainment for anyone who loves to party even after midnight.

Some places are open only during the summer season, while others are open year-round.

Although in almost every town in Evia there is a place that is worth a visit, the diversity of Chalcis is the greatest.

Due to its great variety, the vibrant tourist city attracts many young people from across Europe.

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Kiteboard In North Evia Greece

The fantastic sport of Kitesurfing or Kiteboard is a new and fast-rising, very spectacular sport.

The kitesurfer can move on the sea, on a small board with extreme speed.

He can do impressive maneuvers, jumps and can tame the waves.

All these by using the power of a kite in the shape of paragliding chute.

The Kiteguru school who provided us with these fantastic photos, has its base at North Evia at the settlement of Pefki.

During wintertime, kite excursions are organized all over Greece as the aim of this team is to create communities of friends, who have kite sports as a preferred activity.

Seek for the Kitesguru station.

Dont Miss Agii Apostoli Beach

Visit These Favorite Beaches in Evia (Euboea)

One of the beaches you should not miss while on the island is called Agii Apostoli.

Several golden sandy beaches are located in the vicinity of the village of the same name, on the east coast.

The shallow turquoise waters are perfect for both swimming and snorkeling.

There are some small hotels and tourist villas in the village.

Here stay mostly people who want to stay close to the excellent beach and need some privacy at the same time.

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Monastery Ordered To Be Evacuated

On Wednesday morning the police ordered the evacuation of the monastery of Saint David near Damia. A total of 12 monks reside there, one of whom has mobility issues.

According to the Proto Thema news website, the monks have refused to abandon their monastery and asked for additional help.

In the meantime, the regional authorities of Central Greece have said that they are willing to make accommodation arrangements for the residents of Limni, Mantoudi, and Saint Anna, who have nowhere else to stay.

Monastery Of St David

Source: IM_Kakoulidi / Flickr

Just four kilometres from the Drimona Waterfall is a monastery established in 1540 by St David of Evia.

According to tradition, David hit a nearby rock near the stick and it started gushing holy water.

The old building burnt down by the Ottomans during the Greek Revolution in the 1820s to punish the monks who had harboured insurgents, but was reconstructed in 1877. For non-pilgrims the monasterys location is half the magic, as its couched beneath the Xiron Oros and Kavalaris peaks.

St Davids is a functioning monastery, and if you make the trip in winter youll get a warm welcome from the monks with loukoumi and tea or coffee.

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Faqs About Hotels In Marmari

We hope that the answers to these questions will help you plan your trip

What are the most popular pet-friendly hotels in Marmari ?

Alternatively, find out Alykes with cribs, a Jacuzzi and bar. This 3-star accommodation costs 64US$ per night. For more pet-friendly accommodations go here.

What are the finest hotels in Marmari city center?

Choose your perfect hotel among 4 deals in Marmari city center. The best hotel in Marmari city center is Evia Hotel & Suites rated 8.4/10, offering medical service, restaurant and a swimming pool on site.

What are the best budget hotels in Marmari ?

Choose the best cheap hotel among 3 options in Marmari . Evia Hotel & Suites with a rating 8.4/10 is a good option set 1.4 miles from Agia Marina. At this 3-star hotel you can take advantage of medical service, restaurant and a swimming pool. Visitors mentioned an exceptional service. Also Alykes is a good choice with rating 7.8/10 at the cost of 64US$ per night. To see more cheap hotels go here.

What are the best romantic hotels in Marmari ?

What are the top family-friendly Marmari properties?

For those looking for a family accommodation, offers 3 deals to choose from. Thea Boutique Hotel : a family-hotel with diving, hiking and a play area for 73US$ per night. You also can book for about 61US$ per night. This kid-friendly property offers windsurfing, diving and restaurant on site. To find out family hotels go here.

Take Advantage Of The Thermal Springs

CTV’s Paul Workman in Greece: Widespread destruction on Evia island

If you are a fan of spa, you should definitely visit the tourist village of Edipsos in the northwestern part of Evia.

Its mineral water is thought to possess the ability to treat and improve a wide range of health conditions.

Since there are many springs here, not all of them have the same temperature.

The coldest is with a water temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, while the hottest is almost 90 degrees.

Also, do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the charm of the city and the beautiful nature in the area.

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Evia A Winter Destination

Evia is also a must-see destination for winter holidays in Greece. In addition to the spas of Edipsos , visits to archaeological sites and all the trekking and hiking activities described above, in Evia it is possible to spend a holiday in the snow.

Mount Dirfi , the highest on the island , is a winter attraction for many tourists who love mountaineering and mountain walks in winter . The snowy landscape is very suggestive, but the walks to the summit are not always so easy. Being the island exposed to the Aegean winds , during the ascent you are often forced to go back due to sudden changes in climatic conditions.

  • Watersport Porto Lafia,

How to get around Euboea or Evia, the second largest island in Greece? Narrow and long, it will take you about 5 hours and 30 minutes to travel it all from north to south, despite the fact that the kilometers are approximately 250. The hilly and mountainous reliefs prevent the roads from being straight, but if you are a lover of on the road we recommend this tour by car to enjoy the nature of the island. Moving by car remains the recommended option, but if you don’t have it , do not worry, on the KTEL company website you can check all bus departures from Chalkida .

Village Of Rovies Evacuated Residents Rescued From The Beach With Fishing Boats And Ferries

The village of Rovies in Evia has been evacuated due to the fire that broke out in the region on Tuesday, and residents and tourists have been ordered to rush to the beach near the village in order to be rescued.

Fishing boats, vessels of the Hellenic Coast Guard, and ferry boats alike have been saving those pushed to the beach by the fire near Rovies.

Those who fled the blaze will be brought to Aidipsos in Evia, which is far away from the massive fire.

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The Island Of Evia Greece

Evia is the second largest island of Greece after Crete, and has a lot to offer. It is excellent for driving around on, since there are many villages and interesting places worth visiting. Of course, there are nice beaches as well, and depending on where you stay, you can enjoy some real peace and quiet, or a hectic nightlife.

Evia can be visited both in the winter and the summer. It has a ski center which is very popular amongst the Greeks, as well as places for water-sports. The island that has the narrowest sea crossing to the coast of Central Greece opposite the straits of Euripos.

Until recently, traffic between the island and the mainland passed over the old draw-bridge, which opened to allow ships to pass. From this bridge can be observed the periodic tides through the straits. The island is now linked with the mainland by a high-level bridge that shortens considerably the journey. The following are the main sites worth seeing at Chalkida.

The Kanithos fortress on the Boeotian coast, on the summit of a hill covered with pine trees, the Roman aqueduct, the Historical Archive, the Municipal Library, a number of mansions, and the churches of Ayia Paraskevi , Agios Nikolaos, etc.The Archaeological Museum.

The Romans invaded in the 3rd and 2nd century BC, and Evia became a vassal to the mighty empire, just like the rest of Greece.

The war of Independence began in 1821, and the people of Evia were to fight hard against their oppressors.

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