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Where To Stay In Faro

Best Airbnb In Cidade Velha: Cute Private Room In House


Better reviews are almost impossible. This very popular and very affordable room, which is located in the city centre, is a real gem. Spacious, nicely designed and with your own bathroom, youll find everything you need. Free Netflix is also available. Shared spaces like the living area, kitchen and patio are great for spending the day if you dont want to go outside.

Where To Stay In Algarve: 10 Best Towns

Are you wondering where to stay in Algarve to enjoy a sun-splintered, authentic holiday experience along Portugals Atlantic coastline? There are several areas in Algarve to focus on if you want access to the stunning beaches, world-famous resorts, amazing restaurants, cute shops and beautiful sanctuaries that make this destination one of the most pampering and luxurious spots in all of Europe.

You can choose to spend your time here bathing under the shade of sea cliffs outside cozy fishing villages, splashing at a water park or praying among pilgrims at a Marian shrine. It seems that Algarve offers beach communities full of lovely views and architecture with remnants of Moorish influence for as far as the eye can see.

So many people from around the world come to Algarve for holidays because this stunning coastal region offers a soothing Mediterranean climate, a resort-like atmosphere and total safety. Its easy to assume that Algarve is only for the most elite travelers when you look around.

However, one of the reasons why this Portuguese holiday spot is so popular with global tourists is that it is much more affordable when compared to other European resort spots.

Where To Stay On The Algarve Coast In 2022

Before we begin comparing Faro, Portimão and Lagos, Id like to stress that these are my own opinions, and you might feel different about these cities once you get there.

Im going to be completely honest in my review because it might actually help someone who wants a more personal take on where to stay in the Algarve.

Another thing to notice is that Glenn and I visited the Algarve Coast in November, which means that we werent part of the busy tourist season. So all cities might have a different feel to them if you visit during peak season.

Now enough blabbering Lets get started! Here is my review of Faro, Portimão and Lagos. Hopefully itll help you in your decision-making on where to stay during your time on the Algarve Coast.

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Where To Stay In Faro

18th October 2019

Faro is located in the Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal famous for its beautiful beaches and exquisite cuisine. The historical city has distinctive and contrasting areas to explore, with the coastline to the south and the rolling hills and valleys to the north.

With a mild climate attracting migratory wildlife and warming the turquoise Mediterranean sea, this town is filled with a variety of tourist attractions to suit anyone, whether you wish to relax on the beach or take in some ancient Portuguese heritage.

With a wealth of natural beauty, historical influence, and luxury holiday resorts, its no surprise that top quality accommodation is very easy to find, so your stay in Faro matches the splendor surrounding you.

This article will help you find where to stay in Faro and the best place to stay in Faro for your kind of getaway.

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The Best Hotels In Old Town Faro

Where to Stay in Faro (2021): Best Hotels &  Accommodation

Best Budget Hotel in Old Town: Senhor Gigi

Senhor Gigi is a beautiful guest house just 300 yards away from the old town of Faro. Simple and contemporary, but with some authentic period features, it is a perfect budget stay for an affordable visit to this splendid city.

Click here for availability Senhor Gigi

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Old Town: Aqua Ria Boutique Hotel

Situated on the main shopping street of Faro, Aqua Ria Boutique Hotel offers comfortable accommodation right at the beating heart of Faro. With one of Faros excellent restaurants beneath it and excellent access to trains and buses, this is a convenient and trendy spot. Its a favorite amongst couples and one of the best places to stay in Faro.

Click here for availability Aqua Ria Boutique Hotel

Best Luxury Hotel in Old Town: A Casa dAmelie

These beautiful apartments at A Casa dAmelie are an option if youre considering a self-catered property when deciding where to stay in Faro. Delicately furnished, these apartments are a ten-minute walk from Faro Cathedral and also feature a bicycle hire service to make getting around the city that bit easier.

Click here for availability A Casa dAmelie

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Tavira Where To Stay In Algarve On A Budget

  • COOLEST Thing to Do in Tavira Relax on world-class beach Praia do Barril
  • BEST Place to Visit in Tavira Take a trip to Tavira Castle for a return to the days of Moorish rule

Tavira is a seaside town that gets lots of travelers without losing its own character. It carries a lot of Moorish influence that can be seen in the architecture and churches throughout the city.

This city is also the best choice when youre visiting Portugal on a budget because it offers cheaper accommodation, as well as lots of relatively free outdoor activities.

Tavira is also famous for its locally produced wine, so make sure to visit if youre interested in trying some of the available options.

Real Marina Hotel & Spa

Hotels are not the only Faro accommodations that you can enjoy. If youre in for a different stay, try this Airbnb consisting of a bedroom thats equipped with a double bed and a shared bathroom. It is located on the ground floor of a building literally by the sea and has almost direct access to the wonderful Faro Beach. Here, up to two people will enjoy nice vacations in a comfy and quiet place featuring a rooftop terrace for sunny lunches with an amazing view. Furthermore, being close to the beach doesnât mean youâll be far from all the conveniences that are just around the corner of the place. If youâre looking for surf, windsurf canoeing, or simply pure relaxation by the sea this is the place for you!

Vassilya Room! Sand is 2 Steps away Faro, Portugal

Directly located on the dune, 2 kilometers away from the end of the beach and 30 meters from the Ocean, the Kasiaâs house offers to its guests, beautiful sea view from the upstairs bedroom from where youâll feel like at the edge of the world. Here youâll explore the island as after the little fishermans village is only empty dunes with natural vegetation where you can enjoy being alone. Far from the rush of Faro, the cozy house is nonetheless a 25-minute drive away from the city center and at a short distance from grocery stores and bars. This accommodation is definitely the one for those looking for calm and relaxing vacations in harmony with the surrounding nature.

The Kasias’ house

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Alameda Exclusive House $$$

This unique Faro hotel hostel hybrid can accommodate 56 guests in private rooms and hostel beds. Housed in a restored 17th century building near the historic centre of town. Inside the decor is cozy, modern and functional. There is a restaurant specialising in Mediterranean cuisine and a shared kitchen if youd prefer to prepare your own food. There is also a rooftop bar where you can sit and relax.

Best Areas To Stay In Faro Please

Best Places to Live in Portugal for Expats and Digital Nomads

Hi, we are two couples in our late 30s coming over to Faro in a fortnight and are wondering the best area to stay in please? We like drinks out in the sun people watching, and nice bars and restaurant?

Any advice would be great please?

Thanks 🙂

We have just stayed at eve senses

Right in the centre overlooking the marina

Lovely hotel if you get a marine view

Grest breakfast with fizz and a pianist

Rooftop pool and bar

Brilliant thanks Ill have a look now, I love fizz and a rooftop bar/pool :0D

Eve Senses is a fab hotel as UkDarcie says overlooking the Marina and in the centre of things. Well recommended.

Edited: 1 year ago

Thank you

Ive just looked and it looks fab but a bit on the expensive side at £650 for 5 nights when we will be out and about a lot of time.

But is this area around the marina where youd recommend?

Are you planning to stay in Faro, or would you be open to travelling a few miles to one of the resorts in the Algarve? If the latter, there are loads of additional options available to you.

Thanks Paul

We were thinking of staying in Faro, but definitely open to options if you know of any good areas. Or we could do 2 nights in one place and 3 in another

Hi Kai

I guess it depends on whether or not you would prefer to avoid the more touristy resorts. We love Alvor, which is about an hour from Faro, but it wouldnt have much in the way of sightseeing. Theres a great beach and a lovely boardwalk that runs along by the beach and the river estuary.

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Best Airbnb In Marina De Faro: Luxury Apartment With Great Value

With hotspots around every corner, this is definitely the right place you want to stay at when visiting Faro for the first time. If youre unsure about what to do or see during the day, reach out to your host and shell provide you with great recommendations. The Airbnb is cosy and welcoming, with big windows and bright rooms definitely a great home.

Faro Vs Lagos: Where Should You Stay

There is no denying that Portugal is a hotspot for holidaymakers, with the majority of travellers heading to the popular Algarve region of the country. The Algarve is where you will find some of Europes most beautiful beaches, glistening blue seas, restaurants serving delicious food and a wide variety of accommodation options. Simply, the Algarve has something for everyone.

Regardless of the type of holiday you are looking for, you will find that the Algarve ticks a lot of your boxes. It has great weather, a lot of local attractions and tonnes of day trips to enjoy. However, as the Algarve is a relatively large region, you will need to narrow down your options of where to stay. Otherwise, you could find yourself booking an apartment or hotel in the middle of nowhere. Though there are a lot of holiday areas in the Algarve, Faro and Lagos continue to be two of the most popular places. You will find a variety of tourists heading to Faro and Lagos every year, and this blog will explain why. Plus, we will help you decide on which area is best for you and your travelling companions.

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Why Stay In Lagos

  • Lagos is a great backpacker destination.
  • The city center is beautiful and full of shops and cafés.
  • A short stroll from the city center will take you to incredible beaches.
  • You can hike to Ponta da Piedade and experience all the cliff formations.
  • There are both Portuguese and international restaurants.
  • You have the opportunity to find very cheap places to eat.
  • Lagos has a great nightlife.
  • Its easy to meet other travelers.
  • There are several coffee bars which you can work in.
  • Lagos is full of beautiful graffiti artworks and has a modern, hip vibe to it.
  • There are many things to do such as kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding etc.

Now that Ive listed why you should stay in Lagos during your trip to Algarve, I again want to be honest about a couple of things that Glenn and I didnt like about Lagos: You can expect a bit more hassle from tour operators in this city. For example, its not possible to rent a kayak alone in this area of Algarve, however, you can go paddle boarding alone for some reason? This means you have to buy a kayak tour. Also, there are no cheap supermarkets in the city center, so you have to walk out of the center to find a Pingo Doce or Lidl.

The Best Hotels Near Faros Lethes Theater

The BEST Place to Stay in the Algarve for Couples

Best Budget Hotel near Faros Lethes Theater: Happy House

Just 200 yards from the Lethes Theater, Happy House is an affordable and extremely well-situated guest house, with simple yet well-equipped rooms and a shared kitchen and terrace. There is a restaurant downstairs, bike hire and airport shuttle are available, and the city center is within walking distance, which is very convenient when considering where to stay in Faro.

Click here for availability Happy House

Best Mid-Range Hotel near Faros Lethes Theater: Main Street Apartments

The clue is in the name: Main Street Apartments is right in the center of Faro, with stunning views over the city from the terrace in each unit. With air-conditioning and WiFi, all attractions of Faro are close by. These apartments are perfect for getting away and having your own space, with the option for a fridge, oven, and stovetop available.

Click here for availability Main Street Apartments

Best Luxury Hotel near Faros Lethes Theater: Downtown Pool House

If youre after luxury when looking for where to stay in Faro, look no further than the Downtown Pool House, a three-bedroom holiday home complete with a pool and patio for stunning views. In a central location, this property is one of the best places to stay in Faro, with easy access to the Marina and Faro Old Town.

Click here for availability Downtown Pool House

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Places To Stay In Faro Portugal

1.& nbspWhich accommodations in Faro are good for families?

Faro is a great destination for memorable family vacations. To make sure you find accommodations in Faro that are good for families, we recommend booking a stay in the Island House or in a lovely home with a view in Culatra Island.

2.& nbspWhich accommodations in Faro have a spa?

There are a handful of accommodations in Faro that have a spa. For the best accommodations in Faro that have a spa, we recommend booking a stay in Real Marina Hotel & Spa and Hotel Quinta do Lago.

3.& nbspWhich accommodations in Faro have a pool?

Not all accommodations in Faro offer a pool. To guarantee a stay in accommodations in Faro that have a pool, check out Hotel Quinta do Lago and Real Marina Hotel and Spa.

A Small Cozy City With Friendly Locals And Many Different

A small cozy city with friendly locals and many different restaurants. A good choice for a few days to eat seafood and visit the islands on a boat trip. A very good bus connection from the airport. The only thing that I didn’t like and found very disturbing is the smell of urine on almost every street which got worse because of the hot weather. Not sure what it was – human beings or a dogs…

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My Favorite Place To Stay In The Algarve

If I was lucky enough to return tomorrow, then where would I stay on the Algarve Coast? Faro, Portimão or Lagos?

Definitely LAGOS! If you hadnt noticed

We ended up spending 5 full days in Lagos, and we had such a great time! We actually had the opportunity to meet other backpackers in out-of-season November, which meant we could go out and have a few drinks with other people than just each other

There were just so many things to do in Lagos, and I understand why its one of the most popular places to stay in Algarve.

Also, Lagos isnt just for backpackers. You can easily enjoy a long stay in this Algarve city with children or as a couple. There is something for every kind of traveler in Lagos!

Facts About Staying In Faro

Where to Stay in Algarve, Portugal: Best Areas to Stay in Algarve
  • What are the best hotels in Faro?

    One of the most popular hotels in Faro is Best Western Hotel Dom Bernardo, which has been reviewed by 2,457 users and currently has a rating of 8.2/10. Other top-rated locations include Hotel 3K Faro Aeroporto and Hotel Monaco, which have received 8.0/10 and 7.7/10 ratings from our users, respectively.

  • What is a good hotel near Cidade Velha?

    A good hotel close to Cidade Velha is Best Western Hotel Dom Bernardo .

  • What is a good hotel in Faro near Praia de Faro?

    Hotel Aeromar is the most recommended hotel near Praia de Faro on HotelsCombined .

  • Is there a good hotel near Faro City Centre?

    If youre visiting Faro City Centre then the nearby Best Western Hotel Dom Bernardo is a popular hotel with HotelsCombined users .

  • How much do hotels in Faro cost?

    $115/night is the average price of a hotel in Faro, based on HotelsCombined searches over the last 3 days. For 4-star hotels in Faro, the average price found is $124/night, and for 5-star hotels the average price is $517/night.

  • How much is a cheap hotel in Faro?

    HotelsCombined searches in the last 3 days suggest cheap Faro hotels have prices starting from as low as $55/night, depending on the popularity of your requested dates.

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