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Where To Stay In Finland

Popular Day Trips & Tours To See The Northern Lights

Finland Tour Video | TOP 10 Places to Visit in FINLAND !!

If you prefer to visit a new place with a guide or as part of the tour, you can still see the northern lights! Here are some of the coolest tour options in Finland:

You can also find other tours by searching Google, if none of these seem perfect for you .

Do you have other questions about seeing the northern lights in Finland? Let us know in the comments!

The Best Time Of Year To See The Northern Lights In Finland

While it would be great to see the northern lights year-round in Finland, part of what makes the experience special is that you can only experience it during certain parts of the year. As you can see from the above photo, theres a clear season where you can see the aurora but its not limited only to winter. Read on to learn about the different seasons in Finland and your chances of seeing the aurora in each.

Lapland Finland Hotels Review 10 Best Place To Stay In Lapland Finland

Determining where to stay when traveling to Lapland Finland is not as simple as traveling to other European cities. With an area as large as a whole country and tourist attractions and places to visit located scattered and quite far from each other, so finding a convenient place to stay here is not easy at all. Thus, I wrote this article to help you choose a suitable accommodation to stay when visiting Lapland Finland on your own! So, where to stay in Lapland Finland, where to stay in Lapland for northern lights ? Lets check out our Lapland Finland hotels and Lapland Finland accommodation review to find out where is the best place to stay in Lapland Finland as well as best areas to stay in Lapland Finland).

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Best Private Room In Kamppi: Cute Bedroom In City Center

There arent any hostels in the area, but this private room offers a great budget-friendly alternative if you want to be close to bars and nightlife. Youll have access to a shared kitchen and laundry facilities, as well as wifi and a workspace. The property is within easy walking distance of shops, attractions, and public transport connections.

Art & Design Villas Anttolanhovi Mikkeli

Where to stay in Helsinki

Overlooking Lake Saimaa, the Art & Design Hillside Villas at Anttolanhovi wellness village make for an elegant, comfortable stay in the lap of nature. Imagined by native architect Timo Leiviskä, each of these unique semi-detached structures combines trendy Finnish design with modern amenities, while blending seemingly into the surrounding landscape.

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Levi N Sky Luxury Villa

This winter, forget about the French Alps or the mighty Italian Dolomites. The welcoming ski resort of Levi in Finnish Lapland is packed with great restaurants and winter activities for the whole family.

While here, stay at Levi n Sky Luxury Villa, a luxury hilltop chalet surrounded by eerie snow-covered trees and stylishly decorated with hand-picked designer furnishings. Catch a movie in the TV lounge, soothe your muscles in the sleek sauna, or relax by the fireplace in the large outdoor Jacuzzi, beneath the Aurora Borealis.

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Ruoholahti Where To Stay In Helsinki For Culture

South of downtown, this is a newer area built in the 1990s along the sea where a cargo port once stood. The district originally comprised several islands, but the channels have been filled to create more land for building. The Cable Factory, in a former Nokia cable factory, is a fun destination for anyone visiting Helsinki.

The building houses performance venues, galleries, museums and the halls host concerts and festivals. Many tech companies are moving into this area, so the vibe is young and trendy, making it a great place to stay in Helsinki.

The Best Ice Hotels In Finland

10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Finland | The Happiest Place in the World

To immerse yourself truly inside the Lapland landscape, think about staying in a snow or ice hotel. Finland is home to a number of them, so youll only have to take your pick for your ultimate stay in the Finnish Lapland countryside.

Or perhaps youve come with the idea of staying in an ice hotel already and youre wondering which is the best. Weve compiled the best hotels and resorts and the best reasons to go for this unusual accommodation while visiting Finland. Read below to discover more.

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Downtown/kluuvi Where To Stay In Helsinki For Nightlife

For most travelers visiting Helsinki for a short time, or for the first time, the city centre, or Kluuvi, is the best part of Helsinki to stay in. Staying in the city centre puts you in walking distance of the most popular Helsinki attractions and the train station. Direct bus service to Helsinki airport makes it easy to stay in the city centre and still catch your flight.

The main street running through downtown Helsinki is Aleksanterinkatu, which is pedestrian-only on the weekends, and a great place to hang out. Youll find shopping, dining and entertainment all along Aleksanterinkatu street. If you want to know where to stay in Helsinki for nightlife, downtown is the answer. There are many nightclubs downtown, most of which dont open until 10p.m. and club-goers party until the wee hour of 4 a.m.

Best Areas To Stay In Helsinki

Although Helsinki has a small city centre, there are a number of cool neighbourhoods which make for great places to get to know the city. Each has their own unique character and atmosphere. There are two island districts: Suomenlinna and Lauttasaari. Suomenlinna is not only home to the UNESCO fort, but also houses 800 residents and other amenities. Lauttasaari is peaceful and picturesque and has lots of coffee shops as well as outdoor activities.

Closer to the city centre, and most popular areas for tourists are Helsinki City Centre, Punavuori, and Vallila. The City Centre is home to most of the top attractions and is a good idea for first time travellers to the city. Punavuori is part of Helsinkis design district and is great for shopping. However, accommodation here is generally more expensive than other parts of town. Vallila is a good option if youre considering actually moving to Helsinki, as property prices are lower than other parts of the city.

In our guide, well be specifically focusing on the two best areas to stay in Helsinki: Kallio and Kamppi.

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Glass Igloo Prices In Finland

In the peak season, the price of igloos in Finland will be high in all the resorts. Since it is a different style of accommodation, the facility and services will differ. In a lot of hotels, the price is a reflection of the service and the unique experience they offer.

It is an opportunity to explore the beautiful and ever-changing nature and the light conditions in the stunning place. It is difficult to get a cheap deal in the igloos because the demand is high.

But it is worth it. It is an experience like no other and will change the way you think about nature. You can also take a sight seeing tour and soak in the beauty of this destination.

Things To See And Do In City Center

24 Best places to visit in Finland!
  • Book tours out into the countryside.
  • Head up to Santa Claus Village for the day.
  • Visit the Arktikum, the Science Museum of Rovaniemi.
  • See the Northern Lights from beside the river.
  • Explore the local shops and restaurants.
  • Go skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, or basically find somewhere you can do any winter sport you enjoy.

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The Levin Iglut Hotel

The Levin Iglut is located next to some of Finland’s most pristine wilderness where one can see the rugged landscapes and the northern sky. Being 10 kilometers out of the local town means that the hotel is ideally situated to enjoy the convenience of the town. At the same time, the hotel does not have any of its light pollutions that would obstruct the view of the northern sky.

The hotel service offered at Levin Igulet is comprehensive. The hotel also boasts an onsite restaurant. They offer delicious meals as one enjoys the magnificent fell landscapes 0r the Northern Lights. Their restaurant is called Restaurant Utsu and is built similarly to the igloos. The restaurant’s second-floor walls and roof are made entirely of glass.

  • Restaurant: Enjoy The Crackle Of A Log Fire Or The Northern Lights On The Second Floor

Downstairs offers a completely different sort of vibe. Enjoy the warm glow of a log fire and hear its crackling in the long dark northern winter. According to their website, their kitchen has been praised as “the best in Lapland.”

The hotel also boasts the luxuriously equipped Northern Lights House with its own sauna and a private terrace with a hot tub. Saunas are a must in Finland. The very word “sauna” in English is a loan word from Finish and they are to be found everywhere in the country.

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Santas Igloos Arctic Circle


While you can stay at Santas Igloos Arctic Circle throughout the year, most visitors come to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights from August to April. But of course, theres no guarantees with Mother Nature. She may decide not to turn on the lights during your visit. The first time that my family visited Lapland, we only saw them once for about 20 minutes the second time, the lights were visible for longer, but they werent as bright.

Heres how this resort is set up for families. There are two adjoining igloos, inspired by traditional Lappish huts. In the first igloo, you have a double bed in the glass-topped portion and a twin bed in the alcove plus a bathroom. That igloo connects to a second igloo where theres bedding for another two people plus a bathroom and sauna. Breakfast is included as is an Aurora alarm. Basically, if the Northern Lights appear while youre sleeping, you can be alerted so that you dont miss a sighting. The rate starts at about $600/night during low season but jumps to about $1000/night during the holidays. Unlike some other igloo properties, theres no minimum night stay.

KidTripster Tip: Rovaniemi has some excellent restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. I recommend both Roka Kitchen and Wine Bar and Arctic Restaurant .

KidTripster Tip: If youre visiting other areas in Lapland, check out Santas Hotels other properties, including more igloos.

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Cost Of Travelling In Helsinki

Northern Europe is one of the most expensive parts of the world to travel, and Helsinki is no exception. Expect average costs for even budget travellers to be above $100 when taking into account accommodation, food, and activities. Its possible to reduce these costs by preparing your own meals and staying in budget accommodation like hostels.

Helsinki City Centre Where To Stay In Helsinki For Your First Visit

Best Things To Do In Finland | Visit Finland

The City Centre of Helsinki is quite compact and can be easily explored on foot. The main sight of the area is probably the Helsinki Cathedral, which has become an unofficial symbol of the city over the years.

Several museums are also located in the Helsinki City Centre. The Ateneum Art Museum has the largest collection of art and paintings in Finland while the Helsinki City Museum retraces the history of the city from within a series of old buildings.

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Guidelines In A Nutshell

  • You can enter Finland from all countries if you have received a full course of an approved COVID-19 vaccine while taking into account the provisions on the entry of foreign nationals into Finland, e.g. visa requirements. You will not be subject to any other obligations under the Communicable Diseases Act.
  • You can travel from EU and Schengen countries to Finland, but you must first check your obligations under the Communicable Diseases Act , for example with regard to COVID-19 testing.
  • If you have not received a full course of an approved COVID-19 vaccine and are arriving from outside the EU or Schengen area, check the restrictions on travel to Finland from the country in question on the Border Guard website. If travel is possible, i.e. you are coming from a country on the EUs green list from which entry into Finland is allowed, or you have an essential reason to travel, check your obligations under the Communicable Diseases Act . In addition, some of the countries on the EU green list are exempted from these obligations.
  • Please be aware that just because you are allowed to Finland, that does not mean you are automatically exempted from the obligation to be tested for COVID-19, for example.

    Arctic Snow Hotel And Glass Igloos

    Beautifully made from ice and snow, this concept snow hotel will take your breath away with its beauty. This Finland igloo hotel is one of the prominent glass igloos and offers unique rooms built on the snow with shared bathrooms and sleeping bags.

    Some rooms have glass ceilings and also feature wake-up services for when the flares for Northern Lights go up. You will enjoy a thrilling atmosphere here which is complemented by the snow and ice restaurant and bar.

    It also has a log restaurant and a fireplace in addition to traditional saunas. This hotel offers an enchanting experience and is a must-do when you are visiting Finland.

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    Other Ice Hotels In Scandinavia

    You may be interested in visiting Finlands neighbours, Sweden or Norway as well. Its good to note that they both also offer the chance to stay, or visit, ice hotels. These are the:

    We hope youre now prepared for your upcoming stay in an ice hotel in Finland.

    And if this has inspired you to book your stay in such a unique hotel, get in touch with our Scandinavian experts. They are located nearby in Sweden and know the region inside out.

    You could also consider our classic Lapland holiday packages. Whether you have special requests about adding nights to your tour or fun winter excursions, dont hesitate to ask.

    Your travel consultant will do their best to plan your ideal winter wonderland trip.

    Where To Stay In Rovaniemi Finland

    15 Best Places to Visit in Finland

    Where to stay in Rovaniemi, Finland? Looking for the best family-friendly hotels in Rovaniemi? Our guide to the best places to stay in Rovaniemi has you covered!

    Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, Finland is one of the best places to visit in Europe with kids because its Santas official home. Grown-ups love it too because its known for Northern Lightssightings. The citys also a starting point for Arctic tours in Finland.

    With so much to see and do in and around Rovaniemi, there is umpteen number of good hotels in Rovaniemi to suit every kind of travel style and budget. Read on to find the best areas to stay in Rovaniemi and the best Rovaniemi hotels by the area.

    This article includes affiliate links to the products we earnestly love and recommend, meaning at no extra cost to you, we might make a teeny-weeny commission if you click on the link and decide to buy something. The money will be used to sustain this little cozy blog we call our virtual home.

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    Best Hotel In Santa Claus Village: Santas Igloo Arctic Circle

    You cant pass up the chance to stay in a modern version of an igloo while youre visiting Santas Village. Whether youre trying to decide where to stay in Rovaniemi for one night or for a longer visit, this is a not to be missed experience.

    The hotel is within walking distance of local landmarks, including Santas village, and has 32 rooms with all the essentials. Breakfast is offered every morning and theres a lounge bar where you can enjoy a drink at the end of the day.

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