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Where To Stay In Ghent

Enjoy A Drink Or Meal At Vrijdagmarkt

10 reasons to visit Ghent, Belgium’s best kept secret.

Vrijdagmarkt translates to Friday Market. You may have guessed by this title that market stalls have been hosted here each Friday since the 12th century. What a tradition! Today its a bustling meeting point for locals and visitors alike and market stalls are held on Friday mornings and Saturday afternoons.

Admire the buildings in the square and see if you can find one of the skinniest buildings in Ghent! Vrijdagmarkt has a buzzing atmosphere especially in late afternoon with cute Belgian pubs and restaurants in abundance. Keep an eye out for Tavern Dulle Griet, a famed café that serves more than 350 Belgian beers, the largest collection in Ghent!

What to eat? Be sure to try a traditional Flemish dish, waterzooi. This delicious meal originated in Ghent and is a Belgian delicacy!COST: Free

Which brings me to

Admire St Nicholas Church

Your day trip to Ghent is getting close to the end. Head to St. Nicholas Church and step inside to admire it. If youre lucky enough, like I was, you might even catch an organ concert.

If not, just admire the churchs architecture. This is the last tourist attraction on my one-day itinerary of Ghent. There are many other places to discover but youll need more than a day to visit them all.

Things To Know Before Visiting Ghent

There are a few things you should know that will make your Ghent day trip more enjoyable.

  • beware of cyclists Ghent is a bike-friendly city but the cyclists are not so friendly. Make sure to double check when crossing the street.
  • try Cuberdon or Ghent Noses these sweet treats are specific to Belgium. They are made of candy gum and filled with soft flavored filling. The outside is hard whereas the inside is gelatinous. Theyre delicious and you have to try them!
  • tipping is not necessary most restaurants will include the service tax in their bill
  • buy your souvenirs outside of the city center souvenir shops located further from the city center are more affordable

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Get Lost In The Patershol

This charming area located close to the Gravensteen Castle is a throwback to Ghents medieval origins and is the perfect place to explore the narrow streets, grab a beer or a meal in a cozy restaurant and imagine what life in Ghent was like in ages past. Home now to independent stores, eateries and cafes, discover how this old part of Ghent has been repurposed for modern day living, whilst maintaining its old character.

Explore Ghent On Foot

Where to Stay in Ghent (Areas + Favourite Hotels 2021) in ...

Be sure to pack your walking shoes when you visit Ghent. I chose to venture out each day without a map, the city is easily managed and intuitively designed to make finding your way effortless. You will find many sweets along the way which make for guilt-free snacking while you walk. I loved Hoogpoort where you can find Graffiti Street, an alley block filled with street art that changes daily as local artists add their marks here. Visiting the Holy Food Market in Sint-Jacobs was a nice experience and a yummy spot for a snack and people watching.

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Best Airbnb In Ghent: Charming Old Center Apartment

When you stay in Ghent, you want the perfect mix of history and modern life, and thats exactly what youll get with this apartment. Its a great choice when youre deciding where to stay in Ghent for nightlife or for easy access to the citys best eats!

The 18th-century apartment is suitable for 2 people and has been newly renovated so it contains everything youll need for a comfortable stay.

Tell Us About Local Dishes What Kind Of Food Should People Try Here In Ghent

Fred: We have the same food as the French. In fact, what is known as the French Cuisine is, in fact, Flemish. That said, you really have to eat fries with mayonnaise and stew gravy . Other local specialties include: eels in green sauce , the creamy fish or chicken soup , or the beef or pork stew , which is best with a beer.

Ann: Gestreken mastellen , cuberdons , frietjes , and Gentse waterzooi .

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Ghent: The Other Venice Of The North

This is the nickname of the Flemish city. Indeed, with the Lys and the Scheldt River drawing its map, with its cobbled streets, Ghent has something that could put the cities of Antwerp or Bruges to shame, with both of which it forms the tourist trio par excellence to visit in Belgium.

What will surely not escape you when you stroll through the historic heart of Ghent is the profusion of colors and architectural styles that punctuate itscenterand which will delight fine works enthusiasts.

For those looking for tranquility and relaxation, day or night, Ghent also reserves beautiful spaces to stroll along the canals, in alleys and shopping squares, or even on the terrace, for an evening dedicated to tasting Belgian recipes loved by Ghents residents. Stop at a restaurant and taste the typical national dishes !

Visit Saint Bavos Cathedral

Things to do in Ghent, Belgium | Travel with family | Ghent Travel Guide

This is the oldest parish church in the city of Ghent and a must-see. Take your time to admire the churchs exterior and then head inside. Youll be impressed by the architecture.

The Baroque high altar, the black and red marble, and the Gothic chandelier are just a few of the pieces youll find inside. The most famous art piece inside the cathedral is The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb. Its considered to be Van Eycks masterpiece and one of the most important pieces of early Northern Renaissance.

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Walk Through The Great Butchers Hall

One of the more unique spots to incorporate into your Ghent sightseeing, pop your head into the Ghent market hall, which is an old Guild Hall where you will see hams hanging from the rafters of the roof! It operated as Ghents main meat market from medieval times to the late 19th century. Nowadays, however, the hall contains a cafe and some craft shops.

Should I Stay In Ghent Or Bruges

Ghent is a university town and has all the trappings of such: plenty of nightlife and plenty of town events catering to the student crowd. Bruges also has nightlife, of course, and sees its share of young travelers and backpackers, but Ghent definitely has more of a college town feel.

Where to stay in Bruges?

  • The best area to stay in Bruges. The best area to stay in Bruges is the Historic Old Town. Its an excellent location for sightseeing, restaurants and Christmas markets. Youd be at a walking distance to all attractions, including the Market Square and the City Hall. Most of the good restaurants are here, too.

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Take A Walk On Graslei And Korenlei

These two parallel pedestrian streets are a must-see when in Ghent. The beautiful facades are reflected into the Leie river. The houses facades hide hidden symbols.

If you look carefully on Korenlei Street, youll see two swans heading opposite directions on one of the facades. This symbolizes that this house used to be a brothel. When face to face, the swans form a heart but when they are turned away from each other, this is a sign of a House of Pleasure.

Across the street, on Graslei, youll find the smallest house in Ghent. With a narrow facade and only two windows, this house is very intriguing. I cant imagine somebody living in such a small space.

Day 1 Weekend Guide To Ghent Belgium

Where to Stay in Ghent

Canal Cruise A leisurely ride along the Leie is a good way to familiarize the city. Along with other travelers, it will give you a good impression on your first day.

St. Michaels BridgeThe overwhelming cityscape from this vantage point is incomparable. Youll see the view of the 3 towers along with the Old Fish Market, Graslei and Korenlei, back of Het Pand St. Michaels Church.

Visit the 3 Famous Towers Get lost in the rich-filled history of three medieval towers that overlook the old city center of Ghent, Belgium Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Saint Bavos Cathedral and the Belfry of Ghent

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List Of Restaurants That You Can Try While In Ghent Belgium

Serves French, Belgian and European Cuisines. Great place to experience local Belgian dishes.

Operating hours: 6:30 PM 9:30 PM and 2:00 PM 2:00 PM Address: Ottogracht 10, Ghent 9000, Belgium

Serves Italian, Pizza, Mediterranean and European. If you are craving Italian dishes then this is the place for you.

Operating hours: 12:00 PM 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM 10:00 PM Address: Oudburg 56, Ghent 9000, Belgium

Serves various authentic Thai dishes and also vegan-friendly.

Operating hours: 6:00 PM 10:00 PM ,12:00 PM 2:00 PM , 12:00 PM 2:00 PM Address: Donkersteeg 23, Ghent 9000, Belgium

These are the places you can stay in, restaurants you can visit, and things you can do in case youre planning to have a weekend trip to Ghent, Belgium. Not only you will experience the best of Belgium, but you can also have a memorable and comfortable trip. Not convince? Book a flight and prepare for a blast as you visit this European country.

Visit St Bavos Cathedral & Its Famous Ghent Alter Piece

Saint Bavos Cathedral is an imposing Gothic construct that is home to the famous Ghent Altarpiece by Jan Van Eyck The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb. One of the most important pieces of artwork ever to have been produced, it was painted in the 15th century and is composed of 18 separate panels.

While the alter piece is an absolute Ghent must see, dont come merely to see this masterpiece however, as the whole cathedral is very impressive. They also had a rather large construction of the entire story of the nativity in place of a crib on display when we visited at Christmas-time.

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Hotels In City Centre

NH Belfort is one of the best places to stay in Ghent for families. Location is more than perfect, just opposite the historic City Hall. This is less than a 5min walk to the cathedral, Belfry and Graslei harbour for boat trips. Quiet, spacious rooms with comfortable beds.Why book opposite the City Hall, underground parking, extensive and fresh breakfast

Marvel At The Beauty Of St Bavos Cathedral

Ghent City Tour | Visit Ghent Town | Visit Belgium | RoamerRealm

This historic 11th century icon of Ghent was a major factor in my decision to visit. Charles V was baptised there!

This is where youll find The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb. The significance of this alterpiece is definitely reason to visit as it was painted by the great masters Hubert and Jan van Eyck around 1432. Unfortunately the Just Judges panel was stolen in 1934 and is yet to be found.

You can take a closer look and find out more about the Ghent Alterpiece here.COST: Adults 4

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Benefits Of Staying In Ghent Historic City Centre

  • Youll be in the heart of medieval Ghent and explore the city on foot.
  • If youre visiting the city in December, dont miss the Ghent Christmas Market.
  • The best places to see the city from above are the Belfry Tower and Gravensteen Castle.
  • A visit to Gravensteen Castle is a must, but dont miss the less known Castle of Gerald the Devil.
  • Another must-see attraction is the famous altarpiece Adoration of the Mystic Lamb in St Bavos Cathedral.
  • Take a stroll along the Graslei and Korenlei quays, the most picturesque part of the city.

Where Is Bruges France

Where to stay in Bruges?

  • The best area to stay in Bruges. The best area to stay in Bruges is the Historic Old Town. Its an excellent location for sightseeing, restaurants and Christmas markets. Youd be at a walking distance to all attractions, including the Market Square and the City Hall. Most of the good restaurants are here, too.

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Cross St Michaels Bridge

If you want to see the best view in Ghent, head to St. Michaels Bridge. From this bridge youll be able to see all three medieval towers the towers of St. Nicholas Church, the Ghent Belfry, and St. Bavos Cathedral.

While on the bridge, take a few minutes to admire the views and shoot some photos. Also, if youre patient enough youll see boats full of tourists passing right beneath the bridge, making their way on the canals.

St. Michaels Bridge is one of the most romantic places in Ghent. It offers spectacular views both during the day and night. Wherever you look, there is something spectacular to see.

Stay In Ghent Visit Bruges

Where to Stay in Ghent (Best Area and Places 2020)

It seems like there is more affordable, charming accommodation in Ghent than in Bruges, so I’m thinking of booking three days in Ghent and going to Bruges for a day trip. Is this feasible by train?

Brussels, Ghent, Bruges and Ostend are all along the same rail line with frequent trains.

That is an excellent idea.

There are several trains per hour. Trip takes about 1/2 hour.

Last train back to Gent leaves Brugge at 23h36.

Gent has a much more lively atmosphere.

Check out timetables and fares on .

Gent has a much more lively atmosphere.

Check out timetables and fares on .

When are you coming?

Note please that from Sat 15 till Mon 24th July the city is having its annual festival with street concerts, performances, dance parties, exhibitions, etc. and thousands of visitors.

Book your lodgings in time, especially budget lodgings get booked pretty quick.

You won’t be bored: neither during the day, nor during the night!

We’re going in mid August. I do notice that things are already booking up even for August. I’m looking forward to the Belgium part of our trip probably the most. Even the B& B decor is more interesting and appealing than in Germany or the Netherlands.

Hello Twistleton, i am going to Ghent for 3days, which hotel did you stay in , was it worth the price????

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Which Is The Best Area To Stay In Ghent

The city of Ghent is often overlooked for the more touristic city of Bruges, but that is a big mistake. Ghent has the unique combination of impressive history and hip university atmosphere. The city is filled with grand historic buildings and beautiful pieces of art. Also known for its sustainable food, youll never go hungry in Ghent. Whether vegetarian, vegan, or good old basic Belgian fries, Ghent is a true haven for foodies. And when the sun sets, the city truly comes alive. As a UNESCO City of Music, Ghent is filled with opera houses and culture houses, but also countless bars and concerts clubs. Be prepared for a night of fun.

The best area to stay in Ghent is without a doubt the historic city centre. It is a combination of everything: history, culture, food, and shopping. All the main attractions are located here or only a short walk away. You can admire the beautiful architecture of the historical buildings or have a picnic on the cobblestones of the Graslei or the Korenlei right next to the water and do some people-watching. If you want, you could even rent your own boat and cruise around the city centre.

B& B Hotel Gent CentrumVoldersstraat 17
ibis Gent Centrum St. Baafs KathedraalLimburgstraat 2
197 – 229& dollar

On the map, which shows the most convenient area to stay in Ghent, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.

Best Hostel In Prinsenhof: Guesthouse Poortackere

If youre looking for comfort, convenience, and a good price, this hostel is definitely for you. Its close to the city center, in one of the best areas to stay in Ghent if you want convenience and peace and quiet at the same time.

Located in a centuries-old, neo-gothic building, this hostel is an oasis of calm. You can sleep in monastery cells to get the full experience and enjoy the common spaces with your fellow travelers.

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Most Popular Hotel In Ghent

In a hurry? Looking for a good hotel with a fantastic location for your city break?

Then check out NH Belfort its the most popular hotel.

NH Belfort has an unbeatable location, right next to the historic City Hall. Restaurants, boat tours, attractions, everything is within walking distance. Plus, there is private underground parking on site.Why book opposite the City Hall, underground parking, extensive and fresh breakfast

What To Do During A Weekend In Ghent

Visit Ghent – What to See & Do in Gent, Belgium

Although you can visit Ghent on a day trip from Antwerp or Bruges, to really experience the city, you should spend at least a weekend in Ghent. During my last visit, we got ourselves 48 hours Ghent City Cards. We had free entrance to many sights in Ghent and could use public transport as much as we wanted with them. Getting the city cards is definitely something Id recommend to you for your weekend in Ghent.

*TIP: You can read more about the Ghent City Card on a link here.

My favourite way of exploring the new cities is just by strolling around and taking it slowly. And Ghents historic centre, being a pedestrian zone, is perfect for doing that. However, there are some sights you shouldnt miss during your weekend in Ghent.

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