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Where To Stay In Grindelwald Switzerland

Matten Bei Interlaken Where To Stay In Interlaken On A Budget

Things to Do in Grindelwald, Switzerland 4k

Matten bei Interlaken is a small town directly next to the main city. Youll get to experience the feel of a small Swiss village, and be surrounded by some of the best chocolate in the world!

Because its slightly out of the centre of Interlaken, Matten is home to slightly cheaper accommodation and dining options. Switzerland isnt cheap, but staying in Matten will help you make the most of your travel budget.

What Is The Jungfrau Region

Before diving into each town, I thought it may be beneficial to actually show you where the Jungfrau Region is.

The Jungfrau is actually part of the larger Bernese Oberland region which makes up a large part of the mountain ranges in central Switzerland. The Jungfrau expands from Grindelwald in the east to Murren in the west with Wengen right in between the two.

The way the towns are situated in the Jungfrau can be better explained by looking at the second map below. Starting on the right-hand side , is the town of Murren.

Directly to the left of that is the valley town of Lauterbrunnen .

After Lauterbrunnen comes Wengen, which sits in the middle of the Jungfrau, followed by the valley town of Grindelwald on the far-left hand side of the map.

Lastly you also have Interlaken, which is actually outside of the mountain area and is based between the two lakes of Thun and Brienz.

So, to recap you have Murren , Lauterbrunnen , Wengen , Grindelwald , and Interlaken at the base of the Jungfrau.

A map of the Bernese Oberland Region with the Jungfrau squared off

A close up look into the Jungfrau

Grindelwald Best Area In Interlaken For Families

Grindelwald is a scenic village directly facing the the imposing Eiger. Its a great place to stay if you are coming to Interlaken with kids, as there are many thrilling activities around for everyone in the family.

Its a bit quieter and more laid-back than the center of Interlaken, but close enough so you can make the most of your time there.

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Final Thoughts On Where To Stay In Interlaken

With plenty of hiking trails, great skiing facilities and many outdoor activities, youll never get bored in Interlaken. No matter what budget youre on, theres something for everyone to discover in this beautiful region.

If youre still unsure where to stay in Interlaken, you cant go wrong with Balmers Hostel. With its friendly atmosphere and attractive price tag, you really cant go wrong.

For something more upmarket, the Hotel Alphorn creates an authentic stay in the heart of the region.

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Grindelwald First Tissot Cliffwalk

Grindelwald, Switzerland

If you didnt do the First Cliffwalk by Tissot already, now is the time. Sunset is a beautiful time to be out on this steel walkway that reaches 45 metres out over the valley plunging 2000 meters to the depths below. This heartpounding walk is one of the top attractions in all of Grindelwald and is not to be missed. The great thing about staying overnight at First is that you wont have to fight the crowds on the walkway. You start along the catwalk clinging to the side of the mountain and then walk up the circling spiral out to the platform leading out to the abyss. It is truly a spectacle.

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Afternoon: Glacier Canyon Grindelwald Gletscherschlucht

After checking into our room, we drove up to the Gletscherschlucht to explore. You can also catch bus 122 from Grindelwald directly to Gletscherschlucht. Glacier Canyon is located only 5 minutes from downtown Grindelwald.

Gletscherschlucht is one of the coolest attractions in Grindelwald and you dont want to miss seeing it. Take a walk through a series of tunnels, walkways, and rocky outcrops as the Lütschine River roars through the 250 million-year-old canyon. This 870-meter long path is an extraordinary walk through high cliffs stretching up from the canyon floor.

There is also a 170 square meter spiderweb trampoline where you can bounce above the rushing water and stair directly down the centre of the canyon.

If you want to be truly adventurous, there is a gorge swing where you can leap off the 300-meter high cliff plunging into the canyon below. For more information on Glacier Canyon visit the Grindelwald website.

Where To Stay In Jungfrau A Quick Guide To Finding Your Ideal Base

Here are quick recommendations to help you choose where to stay in Jungfrau.

  • If you want to explore as much of Jungfrau as possible, stay in Lauterbrunnen. Most of Jungfraus essential sights, like Jungfraujoch and Schilthorn, can only be reached by a series of train and cable car rides. Lauterbrunnen is the most central and convenient base for getting to these sights as well as to other exciting places like Interlaken and Grindelwald. Youll also get to enjoy gorgeous hiking trails, tremendous waterfalls, and stunning scenery right outside your hotel.
  • If youre keen on soaking up the charm of a quiet mountaintop Swiss village, stay in Wengen or Mürren. These car-free mountain villages are perfect for you if youre looking forward to a relaxed stay in a charming, traditional Swiss village with spectacular views. Wengen is closer to Jungfraujoch while Mürren is closer to Birg and Schilthorn, but both have convenient connections to the rest of the region. These villages are also perfect for skiing holidays.
  • If youre in Jungfrau to hike, ski, and be active, stay in Grindelwald. Its the ideal base for hiking and biking during the summer, for skiing and snowboarding during the winter, and for visiting Grindelwald First and Jungfraujoch year-round. Its also much livelier with an extensive selection of shops and restaurants plus an exciting nightlife scene.
  • Plan your trip to Jungfrau with this handy PDF guide.

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    Where To Stay In Mrren

    BudgetHotel Alpenblick Murren is a good value-for-money boutique hotel that offers clean and spacious rooms. Breakfast is outstanding with plenty of delicious homemade food. However, note that there is no lift in this four-storey hotel.

    Mid RangeHotel Eiger is a wonderful hotel that offers pretty rooms and great service. The spacious rooms have comfy beds, plush chairs, mini bar and the necessary amenities. The restaurant serves delicious food. There is even a pool and sauna in the hotel. It is in a perfect location just beside the cable car station.

    Best Hikes In Grindelwald Switzerland For Families

    GRINDELWALD SWITZERLAND Travel Walking Tour Best Places to visit in Switzerland

    Grindelwald has some of the best hiking in Switzerland, popular with both tourists and locals. Although Grindelwald is a nice base for exploring the whole Jungfrau region, if you are only staying a day or two, I suggest choosing hikes that can be accessed directly from Grindelwald, maximizing your mountain time.

    So here are our favorite hikes in Grindelwald, with varying difficulty from an easy stroll for all ages and abilities to a challenging all day trek, more suitable for experienced hikers and teens. I hope you find something you like!

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    Ski Schools In Grindelwald

    With many ski schools and instructors to choose between, there really is something for everybody.

    Weve partnered with SkiBro, New Generation and Oxygène and highly recommend their services. All of our partners offer fantastic lessons for all ability levels.

    to book your ski lessons with our recommended suppliers.

    If youre traveling during a peak week be sure to book these well in advance.

    Other Grindelwald Winter Activities

    Other fun activities to try in Grindelwald include curling, night sledding, snowshoeing and hiking. The First Flyer zipline and Tissot Cliff Walk are also open in winter.

    If youre feeling really adventurous, why not hike to Faulhorn and then take a 15-kilometre sled ride back to Grindelwald on Big Pintenfritz, Europes longest sled track.

    With the weather in Grindelwald being so icy and snowy during winter, you could turn your hand to ice climbing. Adventurers will enjoy the thrill of pulling themselves up the sheer wall of ice, using specialist equipment to test their skill.

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    Afternoon: Hike The Eiger Trail

    After you have had your fill of the altitude, make your way back down to Eigergletscher Train Station to begin the most iconic hike in Grindelwald, the Eiger Trail.

    The Eiger Trail begins at Eigergletscher Train Station and ends in Alpigen and takes about two hours to hike. This mostly downhill hike offers jaw-dropping views of the Lauterbrunnen Valley as you follow the North Face of the Eiger Mountain. This massive wall is a popular spot for rock climbers so if you look closely, you may see someone scaling the wall.

    Interlaken Ost Where To Stay In Interlaken Your First Visit

    Grindelwald Church, Switzerland

    Interlaken Ost is the eastern area of the city of Interlaken. Its where the main railway station is located, making it an ideal location for travelers looking to explore the region.

    From Interlaken Ost its easy to access Lake Brienz, which boasts incredible turquoise glacier waters. Youll also be close to ski lifts and hiking trails!

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    Why Stay In Lauterbrunnen

    Similar to Wengen, Lauterbrunnen is popular with tourists who want to experience living in a true Swiss village.

    This charming village is surrounded by towering rock precipices. I was impressed by the scale of these magnificent rock walls and their beautiful waterfalls.

    The accommodations in Lauterbrunnen are also cheaper than those in Wengen.

    However, I decided to stay in Wengen instead because it is perched high up on the side of the valley, while Lauterbrunnen is located at the bottom of the same valley.

    Therefore, Lauterbrunnen sits in the shadow of the valley and receives less light. The views from Lauterbrunnen are also not as fantastic due to its lower elevation.

    Unlike Wengen, Lauterbrunnen is not a traffic-free village. When I was walking around Lauterbrunnen, I saw several cars travelling on the main road. However, it is still relatively peaceful compared to large resort towns like Interlaken and Grindelwald.

    Lauterbrunnen is a more convenient location than Wengen for getting to First and Schilthorn. That said, it is just a 15-minute train ride from Wengen so this isnt really a major factor.

    Where To Stay : Interlaken Vs Grindelwald

    I am a group of 6 from Malaysia and we will in Switzerland on 21/4 – 26/4, and move to Amsterdam on 27/4 on BaselParis-Amsterdam route. Here is our itinerary

    21/4 Arrive in Zurich @ 1.30 pm. Take train direct to Lucern

    22/4 Buy Lucern Day pass. Sightseeing Lucern + Lake Cruise

    23/4 Buy 4 days Swiss Pass. Day trip to Mt Rigi. Then take train to Interlaken OR Grindelwald.

    24/4 Day Trip to

    25/4 Day Trip to Zermatt

    26/4 Take train to Basel. Sightseeing Basel

    27/4 Train Basel to Amsterdam via Paris route

    Question is, where best to be used as our base ? Interlaken or Grindelwald ? Based on my readings in TA, Grindelwad seems a nicer place. But day trips to Zermat and later to Basel seems to be easier from Interlaken.

    I have booked accomodation in both Interlaken and Grindelwald via and need to decide fast so that I can cancel one of them


    You are reading the prices using Half Fare Card . With that you don’t need to add a Swiss Pass. Booking Luzern Hotel using their own websites may qualify you with a TellPass for those days.

    HFC offers a higher discount to than SwissPass. End of April is end of ski Season in the mountains. Snow melt time and maintenance time for most facilities. Plan B would be visiting Bern and Basel.

    There is no free Tellpass – – in April. This is only available during winter season.

    I would warmly recommend

    – to study the Top Questions about Switzerland for a lot of basic information including public transport

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    From Wengen To Grindelwald

    Lastly if staying in Wengen or Grindelwald and want to get to one another, you will need to make two train transfers to get there. You will first go from Wengen to Lauterbrunnen, then transfer trains to Zweilutschinen, and head to Grindelwald from there.

    Time: 65 MinutesCost: 15.80 CHF

    Alternatively, you could go via Kleine Scheidegg but that would be a more expensive route and would only receive a discount if you have a Swiss Travel Pass.

    So, what did we learn from this well it may not be the most convenient to get between the towns but it is all very well connected at the end of the day. There are some longer potential routes out there so just be prepared when going about your days.

    How Do I Get From Grindelwald To Jungfraujoch

    GRINDELWALD Switzerland Video 4K Ultra HD one of the best places to visit in Switzerland

    There are two options open to those wishing to travel from Grindelwald to the peak of Jungfraujoch. Visitors can take a 90-minute train trip, or since late 2020 have been able to catch a cable car to Eiger Glacier station before boarding a train there bound for Jungfraujoch.

    Its best to buy tickets for this trip in advance as it is an incredibly popular route. You can read more about this in the Jungfraujoch excursion section.

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    Summer And Snow Holidays In Grindelwald

    The summer season in Grindelwald is as equally popular as the winter season, and often the same crowd shows up in the resort during the summer. It is now time to take advantage of what this super active resort has to offer during the summer. You will be spoiled for choice if you are a hiker as the region offers over 300 kilometres of hiking trails. The varied landscape allows you to venture out on some of Europe’s highest altitude hikes, but if you happen to feel less adventurous, there are easier trails for you to enjoy. One of the easiest hikes allows you to take in the spectacular views towards the Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch.

    Grindelwald can offer you some spectacular walks, and towards the end of the village lies Glacier Gorge. You don’t have to be an experienced hiker to complete the trail, and it is well worth taking a day to explore the gorge. It is a fantastic area of natural beauty taking your over man made bridges and tunnels. One of the best reasons to visit the ski resort of Grindelwald during the summer time.

    All in all, the Swiss holiday resort of Grindelwald is both the perfect winter and summer holiday destination. Once you have experienced a stay in this family friendly Swiss village, you are bound to want to come back. The truth, it has so much to offer you can’t fit it all in during one visit. As it is easy to get to, it is the perfect location for both summer and winter short breaks.

    Day 4 Mannlichen Hike And Harder Kulm Interlaken

    After a quiet nights sleep at Berggastaus First, it is time for day 4 in Grindelwald. First thing in the morning, make your way out to Bachalpsee again but this time for sunrise. We suggest staying the night here because Bachalpsee is an extraordinary view and youll want multiple chances to see it. Being in the mountains, the weather can be unpredictable, so its a good idea to give yourself two chances. We have been three times and only had good weather once.

    Besides, it is a very busy climb, so if you hike to it at sunrise, you will have it all to yourself free from crowds. After your hike back, enjoy a delicious breakfast included in your stay before taking the gondola back down. You now have about two hours to get to your next hike.

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    From Murren To Grindelwald

    If going to Grindelwald from Murren you will first use one of the two options to get down to Lauterbrunnen mentioned above and then hop on a train to Grindelwald with a transfer at Zweilutschinen.

    If going from Grindelwald to Murren well then just hop on the train first to Lauterbrunnen and then choose one of the two options to get you to on top of the valley to Murren.

    Time: 70 Minutes / 73 Minutes Cost: 20.20 CHF / 24.60 CHF

    Search For The Grindelwald Cows

    Grindelwald, Switzerland

    We have hiked this trail twice in our lives and both times weve been treated to seeing the cute Grindelwald Cows that hang out on the mountain in the summer months. When hiking the trail, listen for the cowbells echoing through the valley and you just may come across a herd basking in the sun. They are friendly and photogenic so dont be afraid to stop for a picture.

    Continue walking to Alpigen where youll take the train back to Grindelwald.

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    Day 3 Grindelwald First

    Day 3 is a day you will never forget taking you to one of the premier scenic lookouts in all of Grindelwald. . Today you will check out of your hotel in Grindelwald, store your extra luggage at the hotel, and make your way to the First Gondola located in the heart of the village. Grindelwald-First is your ticket to adventure in Grindelwald. Read our full guide to The Complete Guide to Grindelwald-First in Switzerland

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