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Where To Stay In Guadeloupe Caribbean

Club Med La Caravelle

Guadeloupe (travel-documentary from the season “Caribbean Moments”)

I had the opportunity to visit Club Med La Caravelle with a day pass, and it was pretty easy to see why Id love to stay there. Its an all-inclusive resort with delicious food , a spectacular beach, tons of sports and activities, and so much more. The rooms look so clean and comfortable, and the staff are super friendly. We also loved the drinks the mojitos are delicious! Read more reviews of the Club Med La Caravelle to see what fellow travelers think of this resort.

La Creole Beach Hotel & Spa

In Le Gosier, La Creole Beach Hotel & Spa offers four star luxury amidst a tropical setting. In the middle of tropical gardens close to the beach, you can enjoy sea or garden views from your room. Theres a swimming pool, an on site restaurant, and access to numerous cafes and bars in nearby Le Gosier. The location is perfect for those wanting to experience the island, yet youll have the perfect place to return to at the end of your adventurous days. Book your stay at La Creole Beach Hotel and read more reviews written by fellow travelers who have stayed there.

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Water Activities In Guadeloupe

Beyond snorkeling and scuba diving, there are so many opportunities to try unique water sports in Guadeloupe. They are among the best things to do in Guadeloupe. Spending time in the water on a kayak, boat, or board are some of the best reasons to visit Guadeloupe. Here are some new activities to try in Guadeloupe, French Caribbean.

  • Kayaking: Embark on a glass bottom kayak tour through the waters of Le Gosier for the chance to view wildlife in these crystal clear waters.
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding:Take a SUP tour through the mangroves of Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin
  • Sailing: One of the best things to do in Guadeloupe is to go sailing, whether youre drifting on the waters of a sunset cruise or booking an eight day catamaran adventure.
  • Surfing: Whether youre a beginner or seasoned surfer, Guadeloupe is a great place to practice this exhilarating sport! Youll find some of the best beginner surfing spots at Le Helleux, Le Souffleur, and Bananier Beach. For experienced surfers, check out La Chapelle, Damencourt, Petit-Havre, or La Bouelle.
  • Kitesurfing: There are several schools to try kitesurfing in Guadeloupe. Visit Guadeloupe between December and June if youd like to go kitesurfing. Some of the best sites are around Grande-Terre.

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During My Stay I Did Horse Riding Trip And Dolphin Discovery

During my stay I did horse riding trip and dolphin discovery and it was definitely so much fun. Punta Cana is nice and clean around resorts, but when you actually get out, the place is kind of dirty and very poor . Beaches are beautiful and the water is nice. Only thing what makes the stay a bit uncomfortable is that people constantly expect tips for absolutely everything. Otherwise they are also very friendly and helpful. While you are there you must try traditional Dominican drink called Mamajuana!

Guadeloupe Has Lovely Beaches

Best Hotels in Guadeloupe: Where to Stay in Guadeloupe ...

The beaches are small but varied and scenic. Malendure had volcanic black sand, some smaller islands have pink Grand-Terres seemed mostly yellow.

We did a coastal drive along Grand-Terre, stopping for a beachside lunch in stylish Saint-Francois before taking in the crashing waves and scenic rocks at Pointe de Chateau.

We then headed to Saint-Annes very popular PlageCaravelle.

Its skinny stretch of sand is interspersed with palm trees and shrubs that give it a castaway island feel and obscure all the people sunbathing and swimming just a few feet away.

The water is calm and vendors sell inexpensive pocket pies and donuts. We parked in someones backyard for 2.50 and it was money well spent.

We also took wave runners from our hotel to Islet Gosier one day.

Locals tie up hammocks and barbecue while tourists eat at the very casual outdoor restaurant .

More castaway-island beaches ring an interior full of bent-over trees made for climbing. The island is about the size of a city block so kids cant get lost if they wander off on their own.

Once you learn to avoid the sea urchins you can snorkel here as well.

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Where To Stay In Guadeloupe Quick Research

Guadeloupe consists mainly of two areas Basse Terre and Grande Terre. The first one is mostly covered with jungle and vary natural spots. Grande Terre is more comfortable for living with better infrastructure.

Below I propose a few hotels of my choice in places I think are the best to stay in. If youre looking for some more detailed information about the Guadeloupe cities, check out my post about where exactly to stay in Guadeloupe.

Lets Start By The 1st Question: When Is The Best Period To Travel In Guadeloupe Islands

To answer this question, you should take in account 2 things.

The first one will be the season. We have two major seasons:

  • The high season in Guadeloupe is from december to april

Its a perfect season to travel in Guadeloupe. Firstly, the climate is supposed to be sunnier, warmer and without hurricanes. Moreover, during this period you will leave the winter season in Europe, USA, Canada to enjoy a temperature of 28°C at least. This season is also the high tourist season so all the restaurants, hotels, bars, activities will be open. However, this season is also the most expensive and the most crowded one. You will probably join more people on the beach, in the hotels, in the restaurants.

  • The low season is from may to november

The weather is a little bit more unstable. That means that you can face more rainy, cloudy days. But, keep in mind that Guadeloupe is a tropical island and you will always enjoy warm weather and sunny days. Besides, during this period, you will benefit from low prices. The flight ticket, the accommodation and the activities will be more affordable. To finish, the islands will host less visitors, that means the opportunity to enjoy the beaches, the rivers, the waterfalls alone.

I think may and june mix the benefits of the two seasons: great weather and more affordable prices.

You should also consider the events, festivals taking place during your holidays period.

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With The Caribbean Region Book Flights To Guadeloupe Via:

  • Air Antilles: DominicaCanefield, DominicaDouglas-Charles, Fort-de-France, Saint Barthélemy, St. Maarten , St. Martin , San Juan, Santo DomingoLa Isabela, Santo DomingoLas Américas
  • Air Caraïbes: Fort-de-France, St. Maarten , St. Martin , Santo Domingo-Las Américas
  • Air France: Port-au-Prince
  • Servicios Aéreos Profesionales: Punta Cana
  • Winair: Dominica-Douglas-Charles

Cheap Hotels In Guadeloupe With Great Vibes

Discovering Guadeloupe Islands With Brittnie

Fredo Hostel | Morne-à-lEau

This colorful hostel is definitely a place offering a great atmosphere for open-minded people. Besides the rooms, shared and individual, they provide fine activities and relax areas such as chill places, bar, barbecue area, swimming pool, small gym, and ping-pong table.

Moreover, Fredo is also a surf school which can make your Guadeloupe holidays much more fantastic. They have great reviews from other students and offer surf courses for both children and adults.

Butterfly Hostel | Saint-François

Another colorful place on the Guadeloupe map. The hostel is located in the center of Saint-François, not far away from great beach Raisins Clairs. It is also a good starting point to take a bus to Pointe des Châteaux with picturesque hiking trails.

The place provides shared rooms, spacious relaxing areas, a well-equipped kitchen and a private swimming pool. Everything that a young traveler needs to the fullness of happiness.

Rivière Caz | Lamentin

This peaceful place offers individual rooms equipped with a small kitchen and private bathroom in a quiet neighborhood. The rooms are spacious and light providing a lot of privacy for a small price.

Rivière Caz is perfect for budget travelers who dont feel comfortable in crowded hostels. The rooms are located next to the river and are surrounded by deep forests. Contact with nature and relaxed mind included in the price!

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How To Get Around Guadeloupe

There is a bus service around the islands, run by a company called Karulis. Most routes start and end in Pointe-à-Pitre and connect out to the main locations including the airport. Timetables can be found on their website, but beware services are limited on weekends.

If youre limited on time or want to explore some of the smaller places its easiest to hire a car theres a mix of big name and local car hire firms at the airport. Roads are generally pretty good around the islands, though they can be hilly on Basse-Terre.

If you want to visit the other islands, ferries run to Les Saintes from Point-à-Pitre, Trois Rivières and Basse Terre, to Marie Galante from Point-à-Pitre and Saint François, and to La Désirade from Saint François. The journey takes 2540 minutes and costs 2545 return.

Visit Protected Nature Reserves

The Guadeloupe archipelago is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve because it has one of the highest rates of biodiversity in the world. It has 300 species of trees, 270 varieties of ferns, and 90 types of orchids. There are also 11 different mammals, 28 bird species, 11 species of bats, and its indigenous bird, the Black Woodpecker.

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Les Iles De Petite Terre

Les Iles de Petite Terre is a gem in Guadeloupe that you can reach by ferry boat or private excursion. They are two small uninhabited islands southeast of Grande-Terre, and its the perfect day trip in Guadeloupe. You can walk around the islands, visiting a lighthouse and spotting numerous iguanas. You can also go snorkeling around the islands to witness colorful fish, turtles, and small sharks.

Things To Do In Guadeloupe: Where France Meets The Caribbean

Where to Stay in Guadeloupe

Boulangeries selling croissants next to market stalls selling tropical fruit. Boules players on the beach next to stands selling homemade coconut sorbet. Guadeloupe is a real hybrid a picture-postcard Caribbean island with a Gallic twist. Its actually an overseas department governed by France, so youll hear French spoken and spend euros. But theres a spicy side to the island too, with Creole dishes, an annual spring carnival and plenty of rum.

This France-meets-the-Caribbean feel makes it a favourite with French visitors. But beyond France its not that well known until BBC TV series Death in Paradise starting using it as a filming location, which is how I first heard of it. So I headed to the island to spend a week exploring its two different sides to discover the best things to do in Guadeloupe.

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A Very Picturesque Old City

A very picturesque old city. We felt very safe and the people were warm and friendly… not aggressive like other Caribbean islands were people swamp you to sell their merchandise or services. FOOD! There were so many great choices… We would highly recommend Punto de Vista Restaurant and Bar and Casa Cortes ChocoBar

Travel To Guadeloupe During A Festival

There are festivals and events in Guadeloupe all year long, so you can always plan your visit around the festivities. Here are a few festivals in Guadeloupe to base your itinerary around:

  • Carnival: The vibrant and energetic Carnival celebrations in Guadeloupe take place for three months, from January to March. Youll witness a dazzling rainbow of colors in the Carnival parades.
  • Tour Cycliste de la Guadeloupe: This cycling competition takes place in August every year, and you can watch from various points all over the island.
  • La Toussaint, Festival of Dead and Lights: In October, the citizens of Guadeloupe visit cemeteries to celebrate those that theyve lost. There is a light show at the Morne a lEau cemetery, famous for its black and white checkered patterns.
  • Festival Terre de Blues: In June, there are numerous concerts in this jazz and blues festival at the Murat Castle in Marie Galante.

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Hike To The Chutes Du Carbet

Another of the highlights of the National Park is the Carbet falls with three waterfalls at different heights . The tallest is fall number one at 125 metres high, followed by number two at 110m and number three at 20m. The second falls are the easiest to get to via a 25-minutes walk each way along a flat path. The only downside is that a landslide after the 2004 earthquake means you cant get very close up to them.

To reach the other two falls youll need to be prepared, with hiking boots, wet weather gear and a decent level of fitness as the paths are a lot rockier and steeper. The hike takes around 1 hour 45 minutes each way to reach the first fall and two hours to get to the third.

Where To Stay And What To Do In Guadeloupe

48 hours in… GUADELOUPE, FRENCH CARIBBEAN! Travel Guide

Lush scenery, stunning accommodations, breathtaking views, rich history and culturethis is Guadeloupe.

A place teeming with natural beauty, Guadeloupe is five destinations in one. Made up of the islands Grande-Terre, Basse-Terre, Marie-Galante, Les Saintes and La Désirade, the French Caribbean region has so much to offer every type of traveler.

Whether youre up for adventure travel, just want to relax on the beach or immerse yourself in a location steeped with a strong past, Guadeloupe has you covered.

When asked what separates Guadeloupe from other islands in the Caribbean, Michel Kozminski, Trade Production Assistant for Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board told TravelPulse:

Not only are the Guadeloupe Islands a slice of France in the Caribbean, but the variety of landscapes makes our culturally rich destination a truly unique one. It definitely is a premiere island-hopping destination ideal for family fun, adventure seekers and foodies.

How to Get There

Norwegian is the ideal way to arrive in Guadeloupe.

The worlds best low-cost long-haul airline flies non-stop into Pointe-à-Pitre from JFK in New York and FLL in Florida . These flights are seasonal and are from $79 one-way.

Where to Stay

What to Do

Some travelers just want to stay on their resort the whole time. To each their own.

However, Id implore you to get out and discover the islands around you.

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Gustavia Town Is A Compact Attractive U

Gustavia town is a compact, attractive U-shaped cocoon for luxury yachts and high-style boutiques. Good eating options, fun bars. Wherever you stay on the island, you’ll want to spend a day or a couple of nights in “town”. Parking can be tight. Few buildings of architectural note, but there’s no sleaze or scruffiness here.

Guadeloupe Has Local Resorts

Aside from a *Club Med, we didnt really see brand name mega resorts on Gaudeloupe, and I think this is a good thing.

Club Med is also the only true all-inclusive, but you can expect the hotels to include breakfast with your room and many will offer full board as an option.

Our resort, *La Creole Beach had pool, beach, good restaurants, live music at night, a water-sports desk and an excellent kids club. But it had only a few hundred rooms, a local feel and real charm.

An ample breakfast buffet is included in the room rate, and you can choose an all-inclusive meal option, which Europeans prefer. We opted for breakfast only because like to explore the local dining scene and most of the restaurants we happened upon were pretty reasonable.

At the Ti-Moun kids club there were usually 6-10 kids and 3 adults. A big friendly counselor with dreadlocks always greeted my daughter by name.

One day the kids colored sand with paint and did art with it on another they made crocodiles with lanyards and beads. She also got to play Uno in French with the other kids.

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Its Perfectly Imperfect And If You Embrace That Youll Never Want To Leave

Photo: Heli G/Shutterstock

In the fancy French Caribbean, Guadeloupe is still the rough, rugged little brother. Its the Oakland to bougie Martiniques San Francisco and celeb-soaked St. Barths Napa Valley. Thats not to say its rundown or dingy, but its not filled with luxury resorts, inaccessible fine-dining restaurants, and private-jet-loads of the super-rich. It has stunning beaches and lush jungles, but it also has traffic and smells like car exhaust in the cities. Youll see litter on the roads and run-down apartment buildings by the sparkling blue water.

Service is generally terrible everywhere, meticulously combining island languor with a French haughtiness. A curt, We dont have that, seems to be waiters preferred response to anything you order.

But this is what gives Guadeloupe its charm.

As the seventh-largest Caribbean territory by population, its very much a place that feels real, but safe at the same time. Youll never get the impression the island was set up for tourists, and your experience is more one of dropping in on another culture than being pampered on a tropical island. Its not perfect, and thats why its so beautiful. If youre not expecting a seamless, mass-produced vacation, youll want to stay weeks longer than youd planned.

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