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Where To Stay In Hofn

Accommodation In The East Fjords

Iceland Roadtrip | Golden Circle, Höfn and Vik

The East Fjords are one of the most remote parts of the country most of the settlements, nestled between verdant mountains and the beautiful coast, are just little farmsteads or churches. This makes driving up and down the peaks all the more beautiful, especially because the sparsity of humans has led to a surge in other life, such as reindeer, puffins and seals. It can make finding accommodation in the area, however, a bit challenging.

The easiest place to find somewhere to stay is the largest settlement of the East Fjords, Egilsstaðir. This lovely town is located right by Iceland’s largest forest, Hallormsstaðaskógur, and the beautiful lake Lagarfljót.

The Icelandair Hotel Hérað and Hotel Edda Egilsstaðir promise to provide you with everything you need at a reasonable price. The Lake Hotel is the most beautifully positioned accommodation in the town, and has deluxe rooms that overlook the Lagarfljót for an incredible view.

Those on a budget do not need to miss out of the great scenery the area has to offer, however. HI Hostel Berunes, is a green hostel with a campsite that can be found close to Djúpivogur, before reaching Egilsstaðir. On the other hand, HI Husey Hostel is just half an hour north of Egilsstaðir, and though basic in its amenities, is in a stunning, isolated coastal position, and is very affordable.

Movies Tv Shows Or Music Videos Filmed At Hfn

A few blockbuster movies have been shot close to Vík, including two James Bond movies at Jökulsárlón and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty but perhaps the most famous movie location in Vík is of a movie that never actually came out.

The Abandoned Viking Film Set right off the borders of Vík is a sight to behold. This incredible complete remake of a Viking village truly takes you back in time and gives you a chance to roam around in an authentic Viking village.

You can visit the area for 800 ISK and there is a small café on site.

The Viking Village was built in 2010 for what was supposed to be a big movie, called Vikingr, but with inefficient funds, the movie got put on hold. The director of the movie, Baltasar Kormákur, continues to pay the landowner to keep the village. He still hopes that the movie will be made.

Best Hostels In Vik Iceland

Vik Hostel One of the best places to stay in Vik if travelling on a budget, this hostel offers both dormitories and private single and twin rooms with a shared bathroom. A great buffet breakfast is included in the room rate and it is located in the centre of town.

The Barn Another fantastic option if youre wondering where to stay in Vik on a budget, this hostel also has a couple of different dormitory sizes as well as private rooms. It is located a few kilometres from the centre of town and has really clean and modern facilities.

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Future Accommodation In Iceland

The demand for accommodation in Iceland is ever-growing, and hotel chains and independent people are racing to keep up with demand. New options are opening regularly, both in Reykjavík and across the rest of the country.

It was mentioned earlier that luxury, 5-star hotels do not yet exist in Iceland. This, however, will not be the case in the years to come. Right by Reykjavík’s beautiful concert hall Harpa, a Marriott Hotel is under construction. This will be part of their ‘EDITION’ range, which specialises in sophistication and luxury, and will hopefully be complete in 2019. It is planned to have 250 rooms, a spa, restaurants and conference rooms.

The Blue Lagoon is also extending its accommodation options to include a luxury hotel with 74 new rooms. Considering the incredible location, and the fact that the Blue Lagoon itself is already the epitome of luxury, this promises to meet the needs of those expecting the highest quality lodgings possible. It is planned to be opened this year, in 2017.

All in all, Iceland has a wealth of high standard accommodation, to suit all travellers based on their tastes, budgets and needs. It is only getting better as the industry catches up with demand. Because of this, the whole of this magnificent country has become far more accessible, allowing you to reach and spend time in incredibly remote and awe-inspiring places.

Convenience Of Staying In Hotels Downtown

Where to Stay in Iceland

If you want to be centrally situated on your trip to Hofn, then stay at Old Airline Guesthouse, which is just 10 minutes’ walking distance to the city center. An option near the city center is Hofn Guesthouse next to Church of the Holy Family and St. Jean-Marie Vianney.

If you’re a first-time visitor to Hofn, you might opt for a stay in the center near Church of the Holy Family and St. Jean-Marie Vianney, at Hotel Edda Hofn or Hofn Inn Guesthouse. Choose a hotel next to Vatnajokull Glacier, such as Hotel Hofn and Guesthouse Dyngja that has a variety of facilities, including free self-parking, a golf course and a patio.

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Best Hotels In Hofn Iceland

Höfn Guesthouse A great budget option located in the centre of Hofn, this guesthouse offers private rooms with a shared bathroom. There are some basic communal kitchen facilities and guests have the option to purchase breakfast at the hotel.

Apotek Guesthouse This highly rated guest house offers a range of clean and modern private rooms. It is well located in the centre of town and is quite closely to a supermarket.

Old Airline Guesthouse A modern hotel located right on the harbour, they offer double rooms with shared bathroom access. Guests are able to also use kitchen and laundry facilities. Breakfast is included in the daily rate.

Skýjaborg Apartments This is one of the bestplaces to stay in Hofn if you want the convenience of having your own studio apartment. The apartments are modern and comfortable and some can accommodate couples and larger families.

Not quite what youre looking for?

When embarking on a road trip through Iceland, one of the most important things to do is to book your accommodation in advance, particularly in the busy summer months. Luckily if youre travelling along the South Coast, there are some fantastic places to stay in Vik, Hofn or nearJokulsarlon.

Are you wondering where to stay in Vik? Or are you looking for hotels near Jokulsarlon and Hofn? Let us know in the comments below!

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More Travel Options In Hofn

Whether you are traveling to Hofn for a romantic getaway, business trip, golf, or a family vacation, Hofn has great hotels which can fulfill all your needs.It’s important to select the right hotel, motel, or resorts based on your trip goals.When traveling, some amenities can be the decision-maker on your vacation, business trip, or family getaway.Imagine reserving a hotel for a business trip that doesn’t provide free Wi-fi for its guests.You can narrow down your hotel search and get everything you want by viewing accommodation types like motel, resort, inns, B& B, and lodge that provides amenities like pet-friendly, free breakfast, and gym or by different activities like golf, beach, ski, or casino.

Hofn Hotels by Amenities

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Best Hotels Near Jokulsarlon Iceland

Skyrhúsid Guest House Located about a ten-minute drive from the Glacier Lagoon, this guesthouse is about as close as you can stay to Jokulsarlon! Rooms are basic and clean, with the option to get book larger rooms that can accommodate families. There is a restaurant that serves lunch and dinner but guests need to travel a few hundred metres to another restaurant for breakfast.

Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon This modern and comfortable hotel, located between Skatafell National Park and the Glacier Lagoon is one of the best places to stay near Jokulsarlon. Rooms are spacious and guests have access to a sauna and breakfast that can be included in the room rate.

Guesthouse Skálafell A family run guest house located on a farm just off the Ring Road, it is the perfect hotel near the Glacier Lagoon to base yourself when exploring and give yourself a chance of seeing the Northern Lights . A fabulous breakfast is included in the daily rate.

Kálfafellsstadur Bed & Breakfast This hotel is located about a twenty-minute drive from the Glacier Lagoon and is a fantastic option if you are wondering where to stay near Jokulsarlon while travelling on a budget. There are a range of single and twin rooms with shared bathroom access and a great breakfast included in the price.

Annual Events And Festivals At Hofn

Ice Caves, Plane Crashes, & Bieber’s Canyon – Iceland Road Trip Guide (Ep 3)

Humarhátíð The Lobster Festival

Once a year, late June, the capital of Lobster takes its trademark to another level with an all-over festival. It has been held for many years now and has quickly become known as one of the best Icelandic festivals! Find out more about Höfns Lobster Festival.Sjómannadagurinn The Sailor Day

The first Sunday in June is a big celebrating all around Iceland. This is one of the oldest traditions still held in Iceland in order to celebrate the bravery and hard work of our sailors. Head to the harbor for a parade, candy floss, musical acts and much more.

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Accommodation In Akureyri And North Iceland

If travelling through the north of Iceland, there is one place which is centrally located with a wealth of options for accommodation: Akureyri. Called ‘the Capital of the North’, this town is by far the largest settlement outside of the nations south-west, with a population of nearly 20,000 people. By Icelands standards, it is a metropolis.

Those seeking a luxurious stay will not be disappointed. The Lava Apartments Hotel is located in a beautiful building downtown and has newly refurbished its rooms to make them more welcoming, modern, and chic. Sæluhús is also an upmarket accommodation, providing houses with hot tubs and beautiful studio apartments to suit families, couples, and solo travellers.

On the other end of the scale are some very affordable, and very pleasant, hostels. Akureyri Backpackers and HI Akureyri Youth Hostel are both centrally located, reasonably priced, and very welcoming.

As with Reykjavík, the rest of this article could be used to detail all the options in between the higher and lower ends of the market. There are many other guesthouses, hotels, and even cottages available, as well as several nearby campsites. With a little planning, it should be no trouble to find a place to stay in the capital of the north.

Fortunately for him, he was offered a free stay at Hotel Sigló when the locals found out about his mistake, a credit to the helpful nature of Siglufjörður’s inhabitants.

How To Get To Hofn

Hofn in Hornafirdi can easily be reached by car or plane in good weather as Höfn is one of the few places found around Iceland housing its own domestic airport.

Driving from Reykjavík to Höfn will take about 6 hours without any stops but as there is so much to see on the way we cant recommend it in one go. From Reykjavík, you will follow Ring Road 1 through the towns of Hveragerði, Selfoss, Hella, and Hvolsvölur.

Go past the waterfall pair of Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss, past the airplane wreckage at Sólheimasandur, the town of Vík and Reynisfjara Black Sand beach. Onwards you will drive through the black sand of Mýrdalur and in and out of the village, Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

Further along, you will be greeted with glacial views, Skaftafell National Park and Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. After having driven along the South Coast for about five and a half hours you will reach Höfn!

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Best Hotels Near Vik Iceland

Volcano Hotel Located about a fifteen-minute drive from Vik and on the way from Skogafoss just off the Ring Road, this charming hotel offers a range of comfortable private rooms which are suitable for couples or if travelling with children. A fantastic breakfast is included in the daily rate.

Sólheimahjáleiga Guesthouse Located around twenty minutes from Vik, this guesthouse is located on a farm making it perfect for travellers who want to enjoy the countryside. This hotel is also located just off the Ring Road and offers guests simple clean rooms with a delicious breakfast. Guests also have access to a shared kitchen and lounge.

UMI Hotel A highly rated hotel, located about 40 kilometres from Vik, it is located close to Eyjafjallajökull , giving guests fantastic views of the area. There are a range of clean and comfortable rooms available with breakfast also included.

Ásólfsskáli Cottage Located about 50km from Vik but close to Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, this cottage is perfect for families or larger groups who want to beat the crowds at the famous waterfall while still being able to drive to Vik in less than an hour.

Accommodation On The Golden Circle & The South Coast


The Golden Circle is an almost essential excursion for all travellers to Iceland. Its three incredible locations – the Geysir Geothermal Area, Gullfoss Waterfall, and Þingvellir National Park – are the nations most popular sites alongside the Blue Lagoon.

Many visitors plan a full day exploring these areas, before setting off on the rest of their travels. Many hotels and hostels, therefore, have cropped up so those exploring the country can use the Golden Circle as a springboard from which to leave the west, without needing to return to Reykjavík for the night.

Many of these hotels are right beside the locations themselves. At Geysir, for example, you can stay at Hotel Litli Geysir the Geysir Cottages can also be booked from May to October. In 2018, there will be a four-star hotel here as well.

A little down the road, closer to the waterfall, is the cosy, competitively priced Hotel Gullfoss. Hotel Borealis, meanwhile, located right beside Þingvellir National Park, has several different types of accommodation to choose from, with standard rooms, two-bedroom bungalows, and spacious, three-bedroom villas.

The little towns and settlements that dot the West of Iceland also have plenty of options when it comes to places to stay. The quaint town of Selfoss, for example, has the four-star Hotel Selfoss, with a luxurious spa and quality restaurant, for those with a higher budget. The HI Hostel Selfoss, meanwhile, is comfortable and pleasant while being simpler and cheaper.

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Where To Eat At Hfn

  • Otto Matur og Drykkur Yummy Seafood and Scandinavian cuisine, the best rated Hofn Restaurant on TripAdvisor!
  • Jón Ríki This delicious home-cooked meals and brewery bar is well worth the visit. Has been in the business for long and is here to stay!
  • Pakkhus Restaurant Famous for their langoustine and Icelandic cuisine. Taste the catch of the day cooked by the experts!
  • Humarhofnin These Seafood pros never fail! One of the best-rated restaurants in the region, loved by travelers as well as locals.
  • Ishusid Pizzeria Restaurant in the mood for good pizza? This great little Pizzeria will surely not disappoint!
  • Hafnarbudin Good price for good food. Local dishes with some influence from the typical American diner. Excellent fish and chips!
  • Z Bistro Local Seafood par excellence and a surprisingly good breakfast buffet.
  • Kaffi Hornid This bar/café is a fantastic stop to make for a quick cup or a drink but if you are going for the food this place will not lack in deliverance, an amazing place for any occasion. Go for a reindeer burger or a lobster pizza.
  • Are Hotels And Guesthouses In Iceland Open To Travelers During Covid

    Iceland has a wealth of hotels and guesthouses open to tourists, particularly now that all the national restrictions, such as maximum capacities and mask mandates, have been lifted. The country is fast on its way to normalcy, with around 400,000 vaccines administered for a population of 350,000 as of the end of June 2021, and many accommodations are hoping to fill their rooms and suites once more with eager travelers.

    To get to Iceland without having to worry about quarantine or proving negative test results is becoming ever easier. If you are vaccinated, immune due to antibodies from a past infection, or from one of several approved countries, you simply need to fill in a pre-registration form before arrival.

    In spite of Icelandic hotels and guesthouses no longer being bound to strict restrictions, all will be cleaned thoroughly between uses to ensure that the country can continue its journey towards completely overcoming the virus.

    You can read about the current COVID-19 status in Iceland, the detailed border policy, and our friendly cancellation policy on our comprehensive COVID-19 information page.

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    Brn Og Auka Rm Herbergi

    Barn sem er yngra en 6 ára dvelur án greiðslu þegar notað er rúm sem er þegar til staðar á herberginu.

    Hægt er aðóska eftir barnarúmi fyrir smábörn og án endurgjalds.

    Aukarúm er í boði gegn gjaldi.

    Hámarksfjöldi aukarúma / barnarúma í herbergi er 1 og er aðeins í boði inn á DBL / TWIN og SUP herbergi.

    ** Það er ekki mögulegt að hafa aukarúm í TRPL herbergi eða SGL herbergi. **

    Places To Stay In Hofn Iceland

    How to Spend 14 Days in Iceland – A Road Trip Itinerary

    If you are unable to find accommodation right next to Jokulsarlon then another good option is to find a place to stay in Hofn. Hofn is located about an hours drive from the Glacier Lagoon and is located right on the harbour with a population of approximately 2,000 people.

    There are a couple of museums in town as well as a few restaurants and a supermarket that make it a great base for exploring South-East Iceland. There are even regular flights from Reykjavik to a nearby airport making it incredibly convienant to base yourself here.

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