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Where To Stay In Istanbul

Ili District And Beikta

Where to Stay in Istanbul?

Further from the tourist attractions of Istanbul, youll see the ili Districtand Beikta, which holds they very upscale Nianta. It might look very far apart, but for example, I stayed at Hotel W in Nianta and could walk to Taksim in about 30 minutes.

You could also try this feminine chic apartment or this stylish apartment.

You can go even further out. As you can see Hotel Raffles, who I visited for a spa treatment, is way out there. Next to Raffles is the newest mall in Istanbul, Zorlu Center, which is a high-end designer mall with delicious food court!

It took about 20 minutes via Uber to get from the Raffles back down near Galata to Kilic Ali Pasa Hamamni where I met a friend. Even further out in ili is Bebek, which is known for its pastel-colored Ottoman Empire restored homes.

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul At Sultanahmet

With the best location in Istanbul, the Four Seasons is a wonderful luxury property that caters to couples and families equally well inside a 1919 building. The rooftop terrace here offers 360-degree panoramic city views and should not be missed.

The hotel itself is an elegant affair with a distinct east-meets-west vibe to its stylish decor think local tiles and Venetian glass. Rooms are individually decorated, and very spacious and comfortable, with luxe bathrooms and comfy beds. Some have balconies.

Away from the rooms, you’ll find a restaurant, spa, sauna, gym, and laundry services. Parking is also available if you’re traveling with a car.

Best Hotel In Karaky: Novotel Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel

The Novotel Hostel is located in the central heart of Karaköy and couldnt be in a better position. Youll be close to lots of different attractions, great restaurants and nigthlife options. The massive breakfast budget you can enjoy for free every morning is the perfect start to a day of exploring Istanbul. With lots of different room options, this place can be more affordable, or you can go all out and treat yourself to a bit of luxury.

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Bonus: Angels Home Hotel

Angels Home Hotel offers individually decorated rooms with an amazing rooftop terrace. Enjoy the lovely view of the neighborhood while you enjoy a sip of your coffee.

Staff is available 24/7 which makes it convenient when you might need something at any time of the day. They also offer car and bike rentals if you wish. Or maybe you might want to join their tours.

Best Hotels In Taksim

The best area to stay in Istanbul

Hostel: Archeo is an atmospheric hostel with dormitories and private rooms. Dorms are kitted out with pod-style beds, and the private rooms are done up in a modern style. A delicious breakfast is served every day and there is a large cafe on site.

Budget Hotel: Mint Residence Taksim is a great budget place to stay in the city, with excellent reviews. Rooms are basic but are equipped with all you need, including an en-suite bathroom. Theres a small breakfast bar on-site, and its in a good location near Taksim Square. Heres some more information about Mint Residence Taksim.

Mid-Range Hotel: Pera Center Hotel and Spa is where I stayed on my first trip to Istanbul. Its a lovely little hotel, with a rooftop bar and restaurant, where complimentary Turkish breakfast is served. There is also a spa downstairs. The rooms are a little on the small side but comfy the only thing that might bother some about this hotel is that the bathrooms are only separated from the room by a glass screen. There are privacy curtains, but its a bit of an unusual set up. The staff are friendly and its great value.

Luxury Hotel: Pera Palace Hotel is a five-star property with huge rooms and large windows, washing the rooms with natural light. The beds are comfortable, and the rooms are kitted out with sofas and luxury bathrooms, some with roll top baths. There is an indoor swimming pool at the hotel, as well as a spa complete with a Turkish hammam.

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The Best Areas To Stay In Istanbul

The excellent value Hotel Ibrahim Pasha. On a quiet side street close to the Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque.

Although not Turkeys capital, Istanbul has been regarded as one of the worlds greatest cities for centuries. Still dotted with remnants of Roman and Greek empires and a Christian heritage, it uniquely straddles the divide between Europe and Asia and is also heavily influenced by the dominant Islam religion and its Middle Eastern links.

With fifteen million residents spread across three peninsulas, Istanbul can look and feel daunting, especially for first-time visitors, but it is remarkably compact and pleasingly easy to get around. The very efficient and cheap public transport system includes metro, trams, buses, ferries, funiculars , and cable cars all accessible on one easy-to-buy electronic card.

The older part of the city along the southern peninsula is generally called Fatih, the site of old Constantinople. For tourists, Fatih can be divided into two distinct areas. In the very atmospheric and historic region of Sultanahmet, most hotels are within walking distance of four of the citys major attractions: the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace, and Grand Bazaar. Sirkeci is more modern but particularly convenient: close enough to Sultanahmet to explore on foot and to metro stations and ferry terminals to explore the rest of the city.

Hotels In Beikta Istanbul

Many hotels in Beikta offer views of the Bosphorus. Some of the top 5-star hotels in Istanbul are also located here more than in Sultanahmet.

Ciragan Palace Kempinski: Super luxury hotel in what used to be an Ottoman palace, right by the Bosphorus with a swimming pool, spas and fantastic views.

W Istanbul: A modern, sleek hotel with a cool atmosphere and very good service.

AC Istanbul Macka: A nice 4-star hotel in a great location and modern rooms.

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Why Stay In Princes’ Islands

Each island has its own quirks and attractions and it’s a wonderful way to meet locals as you stroll the fishing villages and hike up to the ruins and castles that litter most of the islands.

Cars aren’t allowed on the islands to you’ll be able to get around by walking or catching a fayton, a traditional mode of transport which is essentially a horse-drawn carriage.

If you’re looking for a green retreat and a tranquil way to spend your city break where you can also catch incredible views across to the main city, then this is a perfect choice.

Where To Stay In Istanbul For 2022

Where to stay in Istanbul vacation Safe places Guide (2020)

Guide To What’s Inside

  • Beyoglu
  • If youre planning a trip to Turkey, then you may well be pondering where to stay in Istanbul. This city of over 15 million inhabitants has a range of neighborhoods, and its worth spending a little time when choosing the ideal area to suit your plans.

    Often seen as the gateway to the East, Istanbul is by far Turkeys most populous city. Although it isnt the capital that honor belongs to Ankara. Located by the Bosphorus Strait, the city is commonly referred to as the place where Europe and Asia meet both geographically and culturally.

    The Old City is home to various historical monuments that reflect the empires formerly ruling this part of Turkey. In the past, wealthy civilizations, including the Romans, ancient Greeks, Ottomans, and Byzantines, have all had a hand in shaping this vital city. This cultural diversity makes the city rich in terms of its architecture, cuisine, and culture.

    Due to this rich and complex history, Istanbul is packed with all kinds of intriguing architecture. The city is a cultural melting pot and, as such, features ancient Greek and Roman structures, Ottoman mosques and Turkish baths, as well as Italianate and Byzantine churches.

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    Karakoy The Coolest Neighborhood In Istanbul

    Karakoy has the best area nightlife in this city of well over 10 million people. It lies on the waterside and used to be among the most crucial ports of Istanbul. The neighborhood had run down until 2012 when it began to evolve into a nightlife hot spot.

    Today these historical facades are bought and renovated into chic cafes, boutiques, and restaurants, a process that has been ongoing since the early 2010s.

    This reputation draws in both tourists and locals who come on weekends to check out the rising popularity. This little district on the Golden Horn mouth is now called the coolest neighborhood in the city.

    The area offers many unique shops, trendy restaurants, chic hotels, and a wide range of vendors in a stylish neighborhood. The location is perfect to take in incredible views of surrounding Istanbul. It does not make for budget friendly accommodation though.

    There are a number of activities to do and things to see in Karakoy. SALT is a one-time Ottoman bank constructed of marble and with a stunning glass ceiling. There is an art gallery, a library, museum, cafe, and shop within that allows visitors to easily spend an afternoon in the magnificent structure.

    After this endeavor, travelers can partake of a rejuvenating bath in the Kilic Ali Pasa Hamam. This luxury bath dates back to the 1500s, still works, and features a unique minimalistic interior. Viennese coffee is on offer in Karabatak, the best loved cafe in the area.


    Best Areas To Stay In Istanbul

    Istanbul can be overwhelming, especially to a first-time visitor. Its many landmarks make it essential to plan in advance, especially if you have limited time. The smaller European side is where everyone should look first when making those plans. Here is so helpful in learning more about the important areas of the City, including an Asian alternative.

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    The areas that are covered here are often just parts of a larger district. Fatih on the European side is a large area. If you asked for directions to Fatih, you may be told you are already in Fatih but you could be well away from the destination you seek. The better-known smaller neighborhood names within Fatih are those that are discussed here.

    Best Places to Stay in Istanbul Map

    To see more detail of where to stay in Istanbul map,

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    Eyup An Authentic Turkish Neighborhood Close To The New Airport

    If you come from Yorkshire in England, eyupmeans how are you?, its a common greeting. In Istanbul, it is a prominent district on the European side. It stretches north from close to the Bosphorus to meet the Black Sea Coast north west of Sariyer. The new airport in Istanbul is in an area of Istanbul yet to develop but Eyup Sultan, its official name, is close.

    It is an important area for Muslims, historically and still today. It gets its name from the Ottoman, Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. Its 15th Century mosque attracts many pilgrims, both Turkish and from overseas. That has changed the atmosphere of a former industrial area to a thriving trading district.

    There is gondola transport between the Golden Horn and the Black Sea coastline and it is well patronized. There is plenty of accommodation available in Eyup, mostly in the south of the area rather than on the Black Sea Coast.

    Eyup does not receive as much attention as most other parts of Istanbuls European side but it may see the next neighborhood to grow quickly, albeit it is more conservative than todays popular tourist bases.

    Stay in Eyup if you are interested in Islam and its history, your preference is to be away from the bustle of Istanbul, you want an authentic Turkish neighborhood close to the new airport.

    There are plenty of museums in Sariyer while the fortress built in the 15th Century, Rumelihisari, is now a popular concert venue.

    Where To Stay In Istanbul Taksim Or Sultanahmet

    Must Read

    When wondering where to stay in Istanbul Taksim or Sultanahmet, youll have to take into account your budget and tastes. Taksim is better for people who want a good value place and somewhere with a neighbourhood atmosphere. Sultanahmet is the proper old city of Istanbul, and is close to the main tourist attractions, but is also quite a lot more expensive and touristy.

    You might want to stay in Sultanahmet during your first trip, or if youre just in Istanbul for a layover, and Taksim if youve already been to Istanbul before or are here for a more extended stay.

    Whichever one you end up staying in, Im sure youll have a great time in Istanbul!

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    Where To Stay In Istanbul: Best Neighborhoods & Hotels

    Last updated on March 6, 2021 in Hotels, Turkey

    Istanbul is a big, beguiling giant of a city, where millions of people live, work and play among its many varied neighborhoods. What was the center of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, the ancient city was once known as Constantinople.

    For first-timers, Istanbul can be a confusing place its the only city in the world to straddle two continents. With one foot in Europe and the other in Asia, Istanbul is a whirling, metropolitan city with a lively mix of culture, people and traditions.

    Beyoglu/taksim And Hotel Recommendations

    Now, while I truly love the area, I wouldnt willingly stay here. The reason is simple: it will take a lot of time to get to Sultanahmet, which can be tiresome to do every day. Yes, there are many tourist attractions around Taksim, but the main ones are in Sultanahmet.

    If you stay close to Taksim Square, you will have to take the funicular first down the hill, then take the tram to get to Sultanahmet.

    If you stay somewhere in the area of Galata Tower, you will have to take it on foot to get to the tram or take the train at Sishane subway . For me, this is too much, and despite it being a nice area, I wouldnt opt for it.

    Still, if you want to stay in the area, below are some hotel recommendations: all of them are close to Taksim Square, as it is easier to get to Sultanahmet from there.

    Or just check all hotels in the Taksim area.

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    Beyolu Where To Stay In Istanbul For Nightlife

    Across the Golden Horn is the more modern area of Istanbul, including the neighborhood of Beyolu. This area is also home to several Istanbul attractions, including the Galata Tower, Dolmabahçe and some of the citys best restaurants and bars. Taksim Square is the main square of Beyolu, with the famous Istiklal Street leading from the square to Galata Tower.

    The cobblestone pedestrianized street sees more than three million people each day, who visit the restaurants, cafes, bars and movie theaters. With Taksim Square, Beyolu is the entertainment hub of Istanbul, so if you are looking for nightlife, this is a good option for you. Its the Ties Square of Istanbul, and home of many parades and festivals. There are many Istanbul hotels in Beyolu, and lots of good choices for budget travelers.

    Hotel Chains In Central Istanbul

    The best places to stay in Istanbul!

    There is a wide range of well-known hotel chains in Istanbul with different kind of accommodation options. Most of the international chain hotels in Istanbul serve 24 hours and but’s also possible to find a chain hotel with bed & breakfast only for low budget guests. Chain hotels are more popular and preferred because of that people already know what they kind of standards and services they should expect, judging from their previous experiences.

    Holiday Inn Hotels, Ramada Hotels, Radisson Hotels, Ibis Hotels, Swiss Hotels, Kempinski Hotels, Shangri-La Hotels, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Crown Plaza Hotels, Wyndham Hotels, DoubleTree by Hilton, Marriot Hotels, Novotel, Best Western, W Hotels are only some of the chain hotels in Istanbul. We suggest you to check their location/price performance, if you can’t decide where to stay in Istanbul.

    Four Seasons Hotels in Istanbul.

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    Best Hostel In Beyoglu: Jumba Hostel

    This hostel is the perfect home away from home for budget travellers in Istanbul. Run by three sisters, Jumba Hostel is stylish, cool and impossibly chic.

    Comprised of private and dorm-style accommodations, the rooms are spotless and comfortable, and the hostel has a cosy common room. Enjoy free coffee, tea and a personal touch at this Beyoglu hostel.

    Kadikoy Popular With Wealthy Locals

    Kadikoy is an up and coming official city district within Istanbul. It lies on the Asian side in the city. Kadikoy is found at the very southern end of the Bosphorus Strait where it opens up to the Sea of Marmara.

    In the ancient world, this neighborhood was its own town called Chalcedon before the founding of Byzantium. The area even played host to several important Ecumenical Church Councils during the 400s.

    Todays Kadikoy is among the most rapidly expanding districts in Istanbul, as it has been over the past 25 years. It boasts a downtown of upscale shopping complete with high-end shops, entertainment, and fine dining.

    This makes it highly popular with locals who are wealthy. Waterside promenades line the district featuring both yacht clubs and marinas, adding eye appeal to the area.


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    Sili & Nisantasi An Upscale District Of Istanbul

    East of Besiktas, Sisli is just two miles away from Taksim Square. It has no frontage onto the Bosphorus but the water is not far away. Sariyer on the Black Sea is just to the north.

    Years ago, this district was countryside used for hunting and agriculture but in the later years of the Ottoman Empire, it became a middle class residential district. Its wide avenues are evidence of the impact that French culture made during its development.

    It was an area that was important for traders and home to many foreign peoples including Greeks, Armenians and those from the Balkans. The Hilton set the trend by building its hotel in 1950 and other quality hotels have followed its lead.

    Many of the splendid large buildings that were formerly home to the wealthy are now used for offices, banks, and cheaper accommodation after the wealthy moved further out from the City Center. There are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants, many in the narrow streets off the wide avenues.

    Macka and Nisantasi are two of four neighborhoods within Sisli where you will find good accommodation.

    One of the things that is missed on just a short break in Istanbul is the Military Museum, many centuries of history. There is a regular performance by the Ottoman Band within the museum. Sisli also has mosques, good shopping malls, a cathedral and other museums. If your base is Sisli, you may decide that a day of your holiday should be spent in your immediate vicinity.

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