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Where To Stay In Izmir

Where To Stay In Izmir

IZMIR: Top sites to see and visit! (and, how I found out I am an Amazon) – Turkey

If you’re a first time visitor to Izmir, you mightprefer a more touristy area, but if you’re a solo traveler, a localneighborhood could be more interesting. Some areas have lots of thingsto do within walking distance, but the hotels may be more expensive.To give you a starting point for your trip research, we looked at what people say about neighborhoods and places to stay in Izmir.

What’s the best area of Izmir to stay?

The top mentioned neighborhoods and areas that people talk about in and around Izmir are:

Here’s what Trippy members had to say:

“Bornova is a good residential area, too.” See More

  • Foca
  • What are some good hotels in Izmir?

    Depending on the neighborhood you choose, you may want toresearch hotels in the area. If you’d rather start with themost recommended hotels in Izmir, here’s a list toget you started.

    Here’s what Trippy members had to say about hotels:

    “I can recommend you to stay in Key Hotel !” See More

    Want to research more popular hotels in Izmir?Click the blue button below.

  • Best Western Hotel Konak
  • Where did you get these suggestions?

    Trippy is a great resource for planning your trip becauseyou get advice from real travelers. We suggested neighborhoods and hotels based on the recommendations of the Trippy community.This gives you a quick overview, but if you’re looking todo more research, here is a question that we used to find this information.

    Katie Simons from Los Angeles asked:

    What if I plan my trip around food?

    Cappadocia Where To Stay In Turkey For Couples

    The name Cappadocia does have a beautiful ring to it, doesnt it? Your romantic getaway in Turkey is already off to a good start! Cappadocia is a region in the center of Turkey. Its renowned for its unique rock formations in Monks Valley called fairy chimneys. Also, there are canyons to explore and great hiking to be had. So if your significant other happens to be an outdoor enthusiast you are in luck.

    There are also underground cities and cave churches, not to mention houses carved into rocks. Its recommended to find out where to stay in Cappadocia before you start your travels. If youre able to splurge a little, take a hot air balloon ride to really see all the beauty of this moon-like landscape that will leave you and your partner positively breathless!

    Bodrum Where To Party On The Beach In Turkey

    Bodrum is a beautiful beach town that is perfect for a relaxing holiday getaway. Its one of the best areas to stay in Turkey if youre looking to soak up some sun, and still save some bucks! Feeling like being a beach bum? Head to Bodrum.

    Nejdet Duzen

    Recline on the white sandy beaches in Bodrum like Yahsi, or strap on a snorkel and check out all the bright, colorful marine life! Or why not rent a jet ski or do some water sports on Gumbet Beach?

    If youre looking to party on the beach in Bodrum, then you are in luck! There are lots of excellent bars right on the shoreline, from Reef Beach Bar to the White House Bar to the Mandalin. There certainly are plentiful options that range from chic and classy to wild and raucous!

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    How To Go To Ephesus

    How far is Ephesus from Istanbul?Ephesus Day Trip from IstanbulIzmir Airport to EphesusIstanbul to EphesusIzmir to Ephesusprivate tourprivate Ephesus tour starting from Izmir airportday trips to Ephesusprivate airport transfers to Kusadasi and Selcuk town from Izmir AirportEphesus.Pamukkale

    Izmir Airport > Selcuk Train Schedule Selcuk > Izmir Airport Train Schedule

    Best Places To Stay In Izmir & The North Aegean

    10 Places to Visit in Ä°zmir

    While there are lots of great places to stay in Turkey along North Aegean, the best Turkish accommodation options is in Altinkum along the beautiful sandy beaches. However, if youre seeking a less beachy and more cultural experience, stay in Izmir.

    Spacious Townhouse

    Best Airbnb in Izmir & the North Aegean: Spacious Townhouse

    This private townhouse in Izmir comes with two bedrooms and one bathroom. There are a total of three beds inside, though! Its situated in a quiet residential area, just a few minutes walk away from the seafront. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby too.

    Best Guest House in Izmir & the North Aegean: Tas Konak

    This bed and breakfast styled hotel comes at a steal! And it is just 1.6 miles away from Altinkum Beach. Its a charming guest house that sits close to Dolphin Square and is known for whipping up huge, complimentary Turkish breakfasts for their guests! There is a swimming pool to enjoy as well, if you dont feel like walking to the seaside.

    Best Hotel in Izmir & the North Aegean: Club Hotel Sera

    The Club Hotel Sera is an all-inclusive resort that truly comes with all the bells and whistles! Sitting just a minute away from the Lara Halk Plaji beach in Izmir, you and your family will stay in luxury at this 5-star resort. There are also three on-site swimming pools to take advantage of! Why swim in just one when you can swim in three

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    Our Travel Budget In Izmir

    Since we left I have resumed our good old habits of going around the world and I scrupulously note all our expenses. In this way I will be able to give you detailed articles on the budgets by country. But as in Turkey it may well be that the budget varies quite a bit depending on the region but also on the season , I thought I would share with you live small budget summaries for each of our destinations.

    Exchange rate at the time of our stay: 1 = 6,8 TL

    Travel budget in Izmir:

    If we count excluding flights, it means that since we have been here, we have been spending 24 per day per person in Izmir. During our round the world trip we would certainly have spent much less . For the moment our apartment is relatively expensive but were happy with it because it is just very nice and comfortable to work too )

    Looking for an accomodation in Izmir? Check out the map below to find a list of all hotels and apartments. Adjust the filters with your budget, dates and desired type of accomodation to narrow down your selection.

    Stroll In The Bazaar District Keremalti Market

    The pedestrian centre of Izmir is really a stunning place! Stores everywhere, lots of people and especially smells and flavours coming from all sides. Weve been lost in this maze countless times. Every time we spotted a small coffee we never managed to find it the next time. So my best advice is: take a walk and if you see a coffee you like, sit down! You may never find it again.

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    Hotel Swisstel Byk Efes:

    If luxury five-star hotels are more for you then this is the place youve been waiting for! The Swissôtel Büyük Efes is a five-star hotel which is set in 12.000 m² of landscaped gardens and located in the heart of the citys commercial hub, overlooking the spectacular Kordon Promenade on Turkeys Aegean Sea. The Hotel is within walking distance from the Archaeological Museum, Commercial Centre and Izmir Cultural Park.

    There are over 13 different room types at this hotel all of which have a different price range, the cheapest room is the classic room city king which gives views of the city, the mid-priced room is the Swiss executive room which gives you access to the executive lounge and the most expensive room which is executive suite with sea view which give you plenty of room space, a jacuzzi, espresso machine and access to the executive lounge.

    Bodrum Where To Stay In Turkey On A Budget

    IZMIR’S stunning waterfront and promenade , top sites to see! Turkey

    Bodrum sits along the Mediterranean Sea of Turkeys coastline and is renowned for its crystal clear waters and plentiful beach activities including an underwater archaeology museum!

    If youre dying to figure out where to stay in Turkey to not break your precious piggy bank, head on over to Bodrum! There are a ton of affordable hotels, guesthouses, and Airbnbs. In fact, some of the cheapest hotels in Turkey are in Bodrum!

    Plus, you can always opt for not spending a dime by reclining on the beach all day. You dont have to pay a single admission ticket if you dont want to! However, if you do want to see a few things, I recommend heading over to St. Peters Castle or checking out the Bodrum Amphitheatre.

    Want to hear about some free things to do? How about checking out the Bradski Cove or wandering around the cobbled stone streets of Gumusluk? Or why not meander around the Palmaria and take a stroll under the palm trees!

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    Where Is The Best Area To Stay In Izmir For Couples

    The best area for couples to stay in is central Izmir, this is because theres plenty of things to see and do right in the heart of the city.Nearly all of the hotels we spoke about in this article are located in the centre of Izmir so you know that theres a good choice out there for you to stay.

    With plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, beaches, markets and tourist attractions to visit, theres not a chance youll be complaining youre bored.

    Asansr The Best View Of Izmir

    I give you the right answer, the name Asansör is derived from the French name: elevator . The reason? Well simply because it is actually an elevator that allows you to pass easily from one street to another without having to swallow the difference in height. The elevator is free and from the top you have one of the most beautiful views of the city!

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    First Steps In Turkey Our Impressions

    So lets be honest, Izmir is certainly not the most beautiful city in Turkey. There are relatively few tourist attractions that are really worth a visit, but despite that we enjoyed this first stop. Its really a smooth start to the journey for us. The city is quiet, the people are very friendly and the cuisine is divine.

    We really enjoyed strolling along the harbour and just watching the people and the fishermen and the grandpa who are gossiping under the trees.

    This week also marked the beginning of Ramadan. But to be honest, for the moment we have not yet really seen what it means in Turkey. As I told you at the beginning of this article, Izmir is a city that is very much oriented towards the West and here it seems that very few people do Ramadan. In any case, while walking the streets before and during Ramadan we noticed no difference in peoples habits the shops are all open, people are sitting at tables on the terraces, and people are having drinks on the docks. Our guide told us that he no longer knew many people who do Ramadan in Izmir, or at least not in a very strict way. He told us that many simply choose to give up something they like, or to limit the number of meals to 1 or 2 per day, but without necessarily being very strict about schedules.

    See you soon!

    Budget Accommodation Options In Izmir Turkey

    Reasons to Visit Izmir City in Turkey : Turkish Travel Blog

    My Happy Home Hostel A great option to stay in Izmir. This hostel is located in the Konak district and is a pet-friendly accommodation.

    Hotel Apart Alsancak A good value for the money property at the heart of historic Izmir. Some rooms have a kitchen, which can be quite useful for some guests during their stay in Izmir.

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    Best Hostel In Turkey Second Home Hostel Istanbul

    Whats better than a hostel that is close to absolutely all the top tourist sites while also having chill vibes and lots of planned activities for guests like tours and pizza dinners? How about being affordable on top of it all? In one of the best cities to stay in Turkey, the Second Home Hostel in Istanbul sure doesnt disappoint!

    The Best Hotels In Izmir For Every Budget: Where To Stay In Izmir Turkey

    If youre looking for the best hotels in Izmir, Turkey, a laid-back city on the countrys Western shore, here are our favourites. Whether youre on a tight budget, have a little more to spend, or want to splash out on all the little luxuries, weve found the best apartments, hostels, and hotels in Izmir for you. We would happily stay at any of these places ourselves!*

    If youre travelling Europe, dont miss our guide to the very best Europe travel tips!

    All prices are approximate and current as of Feb 2017. Ratings come from

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    Explore And Find Your Best Apartments B& bs And Others

    Fi Homes Adults Only is an affordable apartment for families situated next to Ahmet Pristina City Archive & Museum, with room rates from 32US$. If you’re looking for a homey place to stay, consider Hotel 1460 Alsancak B& B apartment, situated beside Akbank Izmir Sanat Galerisi. At Ramada Hotel & Suites Kemalpasa Izmir, families can take advantage of free self-parking, a Jacuzzi and a patio. Izmir Palas Hotel is an elegant resort hotel set less than a 20-minute walk from Cumhuriyet Museum.

    Average Weather During October In Izmir Turkey


    The average minimum temperature in Izmir in October is 14.0°C . The amount of rain in October is normal with an average of 40mm . You can expect very pleasant temperatures during the day. The average maximum daytime temperature lies around 23.0°C . If you enjoy looking at a blue sky and love the sun than this is a great time to go to Izmir with 239 hours of sun. October is known as one of the best months to visit Izmir. So what to wear in October? Bring a rain jacket just in case since it will be raining a few days during this period. Also bring your shorts or a skirt because it can be very warm or even hot. With a water temperature of around 20.0°C , this is a great month to swim so bring your swimwear.No idea where to travel to this year? We now have a tool which suggests which destination suits your ideal climate conditions. Find out where to go with our weather planner.For other monthly average weather and what to do in October look at the numbers below.

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    Top Things To Do In Izmir

    As Turkeys third largest city, Izmir has a lot going for it within the city limits. Whether you want to enjoy a Turkish coffee by the sea, or explore historical ruins, this city offers a little of something for everyone. Izmir is noticeably more laid-back than its northern neighbor Istanbul, where slowing down and enjoying life is key. Its also a pretty liberal city in terms of religious beliefs, and its quite common to see women wearing tank tops and shorts, and men wearing t-shirts and shorts. Here are the best things to do in Izmir that should be on your itinerary.

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    Oglakcioglu Park Boutique Hotel:

    Were kicking things off with the Oglakcioglu Park boutique Hotel which is a four-star hotel situated in a central location, meaning you wont be far from all the action. If you want to get a bus into the next city then youre only a five-minute walk from the Basmane Station and a 20-minute car journey from the Izmir Bus Terminal.

    If you fancy doing an activity thats within a 20-minute taxi ride from the hotel then how about visiting the Culture Park or Izmir Bay?

    When booking this boutique hotel in Izmir, youll get to choose from a range of three different rooms which include 45 standard rooms, two superior and two suite rooms. All standard rooms come with all the usual you would expect in a hotel plus the added luxuries of a minibar and slippers. Suite rooms and superior rooms come with the same except they offer a luxury bathroom with a hot tub bath and bigger room space. Superior rooms also offer a more luxurious feel.

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    Wyndham Grand Zmir Zdilek

    Address: Inciralti Caddesi No:67 BalcovaAccommodates: 2

    Müstakil ev tadında, keyifli bir loft daire Balçova, İzmir, Turkey5reviews Entire apartment2 Beds2 Bedrooms1 Bathrooms

    Top guest reviews

    atilla is a very good host and was very reactive

    atilla was a wonderful host he was always prompt with anything we needed

    but the best of this house is its host

    KarÅıyaka is a perfect neighborhood to reside in if youâre a sea lover. It has a charming coastline with beautiful beaches that are ideal locations to visit during your free time. Games such as football and volleyball are famous in this neighborhood. Watch a sports match in a local stadium and create fun memories while interacting with the locals. If youâre not a sports fanatic, go shopping in the regionâs prime shopping centers. Aside from that, the area is an educational and cultural hub.

    Park Inn By Radisson Izmir

    Izmir Travel Guide

    Hotel phone: +90 232 404 4242With its square, black, and glass design this hotel has personality plus. The staff is particularly friendly, the guest lounge and bar are funky, the pool is inviting, and the rooftop bar and restaurant offer fabulous sea views and ocean breeze. Rooms feature arty wall decorations, brightly-colored chairs, and even an illuminated ring around the bed-head. As well as rates more affordable than the much larger competitors nearby, the major drawcard is the location: just steps from the bayside promenade lined with parks, squares, and cafés, yet also within the city center.

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