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Where To Stay In Kotor

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Kotor Old Town Montenegro | Where To Stay In Kotor

If youre planning a trip to the Balkans, make sure to travel with a valid travel insurance policy. While we feel safe in Montenegro, you should be covered in case of an emergency. Travel insurance covers you in case of theft or an accident, which can save your trip if theres an incident.

For travel insurance, we use World Nomads. Ive been a happy customer of theirs for almost three years, and Ive never had an issue when making a claim. Im happy to refer them to anyone I meet.

Best Places To Stay In Montenegro: Lake Skadar

Speaking of Montenegro, it is easy to be repetitive in the description of so much enchanting natural beauty, but Lake Skadar is no exception.

The lake is located 2/3 in Montengro and 1/3 in Albania, and is the largest lake in southern Europe. Not yet part of the Unesco world heritage sites, but still declared a National park.

Many people choose to visit the lake in a day from Kotor, as it is just over 1 hour drive, but if you decide to stay here you will really have the opportunity to switch off and immerse yourself in nature in the few free moments from all the available activities in the area.

Things To See And Do In Risan

  • Let your jaw drop at the stunning Roman Mosaic Villa making sure to see all 5 mosaics
  • Stop by the Banja Monastery, which lies right along the coastline on the road from Risan to Perast
  • Enjoy the sunshine and go swimming or sunbathing on the pebble beach
  • Dine in style at Beach Bar El Cortez, located directly on the water so close the water almost touches your feet during dinner!
  • Experience a cozy ambiance and seafood delights at Stari Mlini

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Kotor Montenegro Was A Convenient Location

Kotor Old Town was very close to Tivat airport. In addition, we were in an ideal location to visit several tourist attractions in which we were interested. For example, we were a short boat ride from Perast and Our Lady of the Rocks in the Bay of Kotor. We were also ideally placed for our road trip to the north of Montenegro to see, among other things, Black Lake in Durmitor National Park and Tara Canyon, one of the deepest river canyons in the world.

For more information about our one day road trip to Black Lake in Durmitor National Park and Tara Canyon, please read Exploring Montenegro: A Breathtaking Road Trip.)

Download my personally crafted 4 day Montenegro travel guide with my hotel and restaurant recommendations, tours and activities that I enjoyed.

Places To Visit In Kotors Old Town:

Where to stay in Montenegro: Kotor or Budva?

#1 Kotor Old Town

The Stari Grad of Kotor is believed to have been settled as early as the Middle Ages. It is positioned in one of the most dramatic settings we have seen, with vast rocky mountains as a backdrop and the sparkling blue waters of Kotor Bay at the front, and surrounded by thick fortified walls.

No wonder it is on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List as it is one of the best-preserved medieval towns apparently in the Balkan countries. The Old Town which is triangular in shape is made up of narrow winding streets and alleyways with a palace, churches, squares and marketplaces. Kinda place where you can get lost easily, but who cares it is beautiful and there are little gems around each corner.

The Cathedral dates back to the 11th century and throughout its history, it has been reconstructed at various times due to the many earthquakes in the area. The Patron Saint of Kotor St Trypon remains are located in the Chapel.

Address: It is located in the centre of town at Trg Sv Tripuna

Opening Hours: April to October 9 am to 8 pm

Entrance Fee: Euros 3

St Nicholas Church Kotor

St Nicholas Church is the largest Orthodox Church in the Old Town built in 1909 constructed in the pseudo-Byzantine style.

Address: Trg Sv Luke

Enjoy a nice cold local beer after a morning of wandering around the narrow cobblestoned streets at the Mariner Pub. Grab a seat outside and watch the world go by.

Address: Stari Grad 340 Kotor

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See The Gate To Kotor & Climb The Fortress Wall

As I mentioned earlier, Kotors old town is surrounded by a thick fortress wall which is 4.5 km long. And that wall has three different gates. You can enter the Old town through one of those gates:

Sea gate this is the main entrance to the town. Most people enter through this gate. River gates located in the northern part of the town near the river Shkurda. You can enter through a beautiful arch bridge.Gurdich Gate near the Gurdich River in the southern part.

Walking through the gate is not really a major Kotor attraction. The fortress walls are interesting in that way that you can climb them and walk around the perimeter of Kotor at the level of the roofs. There are passages in several places and its not difficult to find them. Feel free just to walk along the wall and look for stairs. Theyll bring you to the top of the wall.

Dont Book Your Hostel Or Hotel In The Old Town

Dont book your hostel or hotel in the old town – you can’t fall asleep due to the partying and you can’t sleep in the morning due to the churchbells that start at 7 and keep on pounding. Book it outside of the Old Town. Otherwise very nice city, it’s so cool that the cats are everywhere and you can go to swim near the old town aswell, nice views and alot of interesting history.

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Where To Eat In Bay Of Kotor

A week before we went to Montenegro I sent a few messages around asking, Where are the best restaurants in Montenegro? I even asked the Montenegro Tourist Board if there were any restaurants in the country that had a Michelin Star or were recommended by the Michelin Guide. They were extremely helpful on a Saturday afternoon and sent through about five top restaurants. Unfortunately, there are no restaurants in Montenegro with a Michelin Star but a handful of potential candidates. Two that stood out and were highly recommended were Catovica Mlini and Mudra Art Cuisine, so we booked a table at both.

Where To Stay In Kotor Tips Historic Accommodation

Kotor, Montenegro – Travel Around The World | Top best places to visit in Kotor

Depending on the type of vacation and your budget, you can find any option your heart desires. Rent a villa on the coast with a pool or private beach, an apartment, a hotel room, a room in a guest house or a bed in a hostel. We loved Kotor accommodation options, especially beachfront hotels that offer views of fjords.

Thus below, I am sharing a few of my favorite picks:

VARDAR HOTEL: A very beautiful hotel in the heart of Kotor on the main square. Grab a bite to eat at Galion Fish Restaurant. It has good food and a very nice view of the bay. Another win-win option is the restaurant at the Astoria hotel with an unusual interior and a panoramic terrace.

HOTEL R PALAZZO: a modern and relatively new hotel in Dobrota with absolutely unbeatable views. It features spacious rooms with a modern design, a gym, outdoor pool, sauna, and stunning views of Kotor Bay. Come to spend some quality time and get full relaxation.

APARTMENTS BOGDANOVIC: One of the most budget-friendly options in Dobrota. In this place, you get clean rooms and everything you may need for a comfortable stay. Even though the apartment is located a bit farther from Kotors old town, you can still easily reach it on foot. Each room features a balcony and the hotel has a garden.

STUDIOS BELVI APARTMENT: if you are looking to stay inside the walls of Old Town of Kotor, this is one of the nicest apartments to choose! It has everything you may need for a comfortable stay and offers great value for money.

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Lunch With A View Along The Harbour Front

As charming as the old town is, a nice lunch along the harbour front with sweeping views across the bay is also a pretty good idea! Escape the enclosed walls and looming buildings for a couple of hours and enjoy the breeze at the waters edge!

TIP!Galion is a nice Mediterranean restaurant to try, just a ten minute walk away.

Visit Two Famous Kotor Museums

A trip to Kotor would not be complete if not visiting its real pride two small museums. Both of these museums have interesting exhibitions and located in old buildings of the 18th century. Going to a museum is a cool thing to do in Kotor on a rainy day or when you are traveling with children. And these two museums are:

  • Cats Museum

The idea of creating an unusual cats museum, the second in Europe after Amsterdam, came to mind after the donation of thousands of cards with cats, medals, magazines, and books from the 17th century.

It is really small and the entrance fee is only 1 but it offers some interestingly weird facts about cats.

has a few collections from different eras. It presents the rich marine history of the Adriatic Sea coast and the Bay of Kotor. The museum is located in an old building, which used to be the Gergurin Palace .

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Best Airbnb In Kotor: Kotor Old Town Studio Apartment In Karampana Square

This Kotor Old Town Studio Apartment in Karampana Square is a rare find. Guests will rent the entire studio apartmentone bed and one bathroom.

We adore this modern and trendy apartment, complete with bright white walls and exposed wooden beams. Youll enjoy the high speed wifi and airconditioning when you need a break from the heat! Yes, we definitely stand by our words when we say that this AirBnB is one of the best places to stay in Kotor.

Boutique Hotel Astoria Check Rates Here

Where to stay in Montenegro: Kotor or Budva?

The 4-star Boutique Hotel Astoria is located in an actual Montenegrin palace: the 13th century Buca Palace which is part of the UNESCO-protected Kotor Old Town / Stari Grad. it enjoys a phenomenal location yet is peaceful and quiet .

Each room is luxuriously designed and individualized, combining traditional old stone elements that harken back to its days as a palace with tasteful modern design to create both a historic and youthful atmosphere. The furniture is unique and beautiful, and there is plenty of space to spread out, including a seating area and desk space so you never feel cramped.

The bathroom is roomy, with marble floors and a lot of space available on the counters perfect for ladies who love to spread out a bit when theyre getting ready! For a special stay, choose the junior suite with a sea view!

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Have Fun Paddle Boarding

Another activity in Kotor that becomes more and more popular is standup paddleboarding. Since the water in the bay is always calm, you can go paddling all year round. But of course, the best season for that is May through October.

SUP is a relatively new activity that became available around 3 years ago. Before that, you could explore the bay on a boat or yacht. So if you feel like getting out on the water in Kotor when the temperatures are high, dont miss a paddleboarding tour.

There are a few departure points but for each tour, the company picks you up at your location. One is a 3-hour tour that starts in Kostanjica and another one a 4-hour paddling tour of Boka Bay.

Admire The Epic Scenery

This may be obvious, but the first thing that has to be mentioned is the scenery! Kotor has some of the best and most spectacular landscape I have ever witnessed, the whole area is truly breathtaking and it takes a bit of getting used to!

In every direction from Kotors old town theres imposing mountains and in the centre a huge expanse of serenely still water. You will find yourself endlessly sitting on terraces and staring into the far distance, not to mention taking dozens of pictures!

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Things To Do In Kotor

The Kotor City Walls were built in the 9th century to protect the city from pirates and invaders. The short but steep climb up to St John’s Fortress is worth the effort, with spectacular views over the city, the harbour and the shimmering Adriatic Sea.

Get lost in the medieval old town, which is criss-crossed with cobbled streets and alleys. The neighbourhood is dotted with centuries-old churches, including the magnificent St Tryphons Cathedral consecrated in the 1100s. Step inside to admire the soaring vaulted ceilings and beautiful Byzantine frescoes. Dive into the citys seafaring heritage at the Maritime Museum of Montenegro. The museum occupies three storeys of an 18th-century palace and showcases naval uniforms, maritime-themed art and model ships.

Walking around the streets of Kotor, youll notice an abundance of friendly cats. The city is famous for its felines and most gift shops stock cat-themed souvenirs. Find out more about the furry residents at the Cats Museum, with your admission fee used to care for the kitties. Its filled with cat-themed art, jewellery, lithographs and souvenirs.

Cool off in the calm, crystal-clear water at Kotor Beach. A short stroll from the old town, the beach is fringed by pebble sand and treats you to beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. If you prefer sandy beaches, head down the coast to Budva.

Best Hostel In Prcanj: Apartments Cirkovic

Kotor Montenegro (travel guide) – Best Places to Visit in Kotor, Montenegro

While there are no hostels in Prcanj, Hostelworld features the Apartments Cirkovic as an excellent budget-friendly option for Kotor travelers. These apartments normally cost around less than 12 euros a night, making it where to stay in Kotor on a budget.

Consider staying in Prcanj for some peace, calm, and quiet. Not to mention much-appreciated privacy! The apartments face a small beach and beach bar, which is just a mere 50 meters from the apartment.

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Where To Stay In Kotor Bay

Where To Stay In Kotor Bay, Montenegro?

Depending on what you plan to do while in Kotor, the best place to stay in Kotor Bay will differ. Theres not just the town of Kotor, but Perast, Tivat, and more. Here are a few of the best hotels in Kotor Bay grouped by towns.

The best area to stay in Kotor is in the Old Town, where youll be within walking distance of all the major attractions, but if youre driving, then a stay at the distant Kotor Bay villas and hotels will be great too.

  • Best neighborhood in Kotor for families? Take the kids to Risan
  • The best area to stay in Kotor for nightlife? Party on in Kotor Old Town
  • Where to stay in Kotor for first-timers? Look at Dobrota
  • The Coolest place to stay in Kotor? That has to be Perast
  • Where to stay in Kotor on a tight budget? Find cheap accommodation in Prcanj

Hotel Bokeljski Dvori Check Rates Here

The lovely little coastal Hotel Bokeljski Dvori is all about views, views, views. The name Bokeljski Dvori roughly translates to Boka Palace, Boka being the local name of the Bay of Kotor. It feels exactly that!

Note that its a bit outside of Kotor, about halfway between Kotor and Pranj, but its just a 10-minute taxi or short bike ride from the Old Town. It is, however, close to a lovely strip of almost-sandy beach, a rarity in Montenegro where it tends to be more pebble beaches.

Many of the rooms have private balconies with gorgeous panoramic views of the Bay of Kotor. There is a restaurant specializing in freshly-caught Adriatic seafood, which you can enjoy on the terrace, and the view at night when the sea glitters in the light from the town is spectacular.

The hotel can organize car or bike rentals, as well as prepare packed lunches for days when youre planning to be active enjoying all that Montenegro has to offer.

The rooms are small but equipped with the necessities youd need for a short stay, providing amenities such as a seating area, desk area for working, a luggage rack, and a wardrobe.

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Rent A Bike And Ride Around

Frankly speaking, it will take a lot of time to ride around the Bay of Kotor. But you dont really need to go that far. What I suggest doing, if you enjoy biking, is to rent a bike and go through Dobrota to Perast or even Risan, or in opposite direction to Donji Stoliv. Youll pass by many beaches , cute cafes, beautiful villas, and gardens.

Each ride is very scenic and offers plenty of opportunities for photos. If you go to Donji Stoliv and feel hungry, stop at Bokeski Gusti restaurant to try their seafood. Portions are big, everything is very delicious and the view of the bay and mountains is spectacular.

There is an outside rental shop near the Port of Kotor where you can rent a bike for about 15 euros per day per person. In exchange, they ask you to leave a drivers license or passport. Other options would be to rent a bike in advance through a trusted company or go on a cycling Kotor Bay adventure group tour.

TIP: The stretch of the road between Dobrota and Perast doesnt have any biking path or shoulder. Youd need to share it with vehicles. So most likely you wont be comfortable biking with kids. Also, it goes uphill. On a hot summer day it may be better to start as early as possible and have water with you.

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