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Where To Stay In Lake Bled Slovenia

Travel Safety Tips For Lake Bled

Lake Bled Travel Guide | Day Trip from Ljubljana, Slovenia

All you gotta do now is pack your swimming stuff and get ready for fun and adventure!

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Organized Tours To Bled Area

If you prefer to be transferred there, not worrying about driving a car and such then an organized tour is the best solution for you.

These tours are cost-effective. We tried two of them from the same website, and the same tour company served them.

Their price per person was just fine, covering transportation and a specific number of entrance fees, along with a couple of really knowledgeable certified tour guides.

Here are some ideas:

The Best Things To Do In Lake Bled

Visit Bled Island

Bled Island is the centerpiece of Lake Bled. To get here, you will have to get out on the waterand this is one of the best experiences to have at Lake Bled.

Bled Island

For those feeling adventurous, you can rent a rowboat and paddle out to the island. Tim happily volunteered to be our rower. Meanwhile, Tyler, Kara, and I got to sit back and enjoy the view.

Once at Bled Island, we were instructed to dock our rowboat on the far side of the island . Tie up your boat and then take your time exploring the island.

There are several shops located around the lake that will rent paddleboats by the hour. We rented our rowboat from a small shop called Pletna B& B . It costs 20 per hour to rent a rowboat.

You dont need prior experience to do this, but the boats can feel wobbly and unstable at first. It takes roughly 15 minutes to row from shore to the island. But its also great exercise. Plus, whoever rows the boat gets an extra piece of Bled Cream Cake!

Our entire round trip visit to Bled Island took about one hour. For Tim and I, this was our favorite experience at Lake Bled.

If you just want to sit back and enjoy the ride, you can hire a pletna. These larger boats hold up to twenty people. Expect to pay about 12 per person.

Most pletnas dock at the 99 steps leading to the Assumption of Mary Church.

Ring the Wishing Bell

So, does it work? Well, I cant tell you what I wished foryoull just have to come visit Lake Bled and give it a try!

Bled Castle

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Walking Around Lake Bled

Lake Bled is actually quite small as far as lakes goes. There is a walking trail that completely encircles the lake and takes around 1.5 hours to complete. I highly recommend doing this when you first get here so you have a view of Lake Bled from all angles. You can see which view of Bled Island is your favorite and go back there to take your photos and have your drinks.

Lots of viewpoints along the walk!

Plenty of people walk their dogs or go on their morning run around the lake. Cant think of a better view to do this in!

Walking past the Grand Hotel Toplice

Your walk will also take you through the main town of Bled. This town is located on the Eastern side of Lake Bled. Unless youre staying here, I dont think you need to spend much time in the city as its a bit commercialized for me. There are much more beautiful areas of the lake!

Where To Stay In Lake Bled Slovenia The Best Hotels For Your Holiday

Destination of the Year: Bled Slovenia


Lake Bled is one of Slovenias top destinations and its easy to see why.

The beautiful lake town is the gem of the Julian Alps, one of Slovenias most beautiful regions. Despite being privy to all the hype of Lake Bled , it still managed to surprise us at every turn. Everything was picture-perfect from the ducks swimming serenely, to the traditional wooden boats plying back and forth the island, the beautiful Baroque church standing majestically, and the leafy boardwalk inviting us to relax and enjoy the stunning views.

And the beauty doesnt end there. A few short drives from Bled brings you past smooth countryside roads to majestic falls, a scenic ravine, and breathtaking viewpoints all around the Julian Alps.

Theres definitely a lot to see and do, eat and experience, and enjoy in Lake Bled. While a day trip from Ljubljana will bring you to the must-sees and the highlights, a holiday in Lake Bled is all about slow and lazy mornings by the lake, exciting outdoor adventures in the afternoon, and superb food and wine in the evenings.

Stay at least 2 or 3 days in Bled and discover more of the Julian Alps. Heres where to stay in Lake Bled.

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Best Hostel For Digital Nomads In Lake Bled Castle House 1004 Bled

  • $
  • Sundeck
  • Cafe

Set in the old part o town close to the castle, staying at this best hostel for digital nomads in Lake Bled means comfortable beds, clean surroundings, a relaxing vibe, and a big old sundeck where you can tap away on your laptop with mountain views. Dreamy.

They have a focus on treating peeps with kindness, which is something we can definitely get behind, and they really want to create a stress-free environment so you can enjoy your trip. Stress-free is great if you need to do a spot of remote working, too.

The 10 Closest Hotels To Lake Bled

  • 50 mi from Lake Bled
  • Hotels
  • 50 mi from Lake Bled

Like saving money?29.1 miles25.2 miles0.5 miles0.4 miles29.8 miles43.9 miles17.2 miles11.9 miles17.3 miles0.4 miles41.6 miles39.5 miles0.4 miles0.4 miles0.4 miles0.4 miles17.3 miles17.2 miles24.2 miles0.8 miles30.3 miles17.4 miles32.8 miles34.2 miles34.5 miles34.6 miles34.2 miles46.4 miles47.1 miles45.0 miles

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Jazz Hostel & Apartments

The capital doesnât claim all the hostels in Slovenia there are also a few hostels in Bled. This is one of those hostels near Lake Bled. Much more like a cheap hotel than a traditional hostel, it is run by a local couple who can give you tons of information on things to see and do. Set in the middle of the great outdoors, this is ideal for anyone who wants to be surrounded by nature and explore on foot.

Rooms are dormitory-style, have four beds included , and are spotless and spacious. Large lockers are provided for your belongings, while there are two shared bathrooms for the rooms. The kitchen is clean, large, and well-equipped, so you can quickly rustle up a meal for your breakfast or dinner on site.

Climb The Mala Osojnica

Lake Bled, Slovenia: Natural Beauty

A popular, albeit strenuous, walk is to the viewpoint on Mala Osojnica.

This walk starts at the pretty western side of Lake Bled . The steep climb through a forest rewards you with a stunning view of the lake, castle, island and the distant peaks of Karavanke mountains.

It should take you around an hour to get there and back. Sturdy shoes are recommended.

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Lake Bled And Bohinj: 1

After your 1-3 days in Ljubljana and day trip to Predjama, you can also spend 1-3 days in Lake Bled and its lesser-known counterpart, Lake Bohinj.

These two lakes are possible as a very quick day trip from Ljubljana if you are short on time, but youll want to wake up early! If you need to do these as a day trip, do it with the tour below so you can be sure to see both.

You cant miss out on Lake Bled as part of your Slovenia itinerary. Its just over an hours bus ride from Ljubljana. There are lots of activities to do, and you can take a tour of the lake and castle too. And it is by far one of the most gorgeous, jaw-dropping places I have ever been to. Ill let the photos do that talking on that one!

After Bled, we have Lake Bohinj a much, much lesser known but equally flipping GORGEOUS lake. Its only a 40 minute bus away from Bled too, and is nestled comfortably right in the dramatic Julian Alps in Triglav National Park.

Unlike Bled, you can swim anywhere in Bohinj, and there are sunbathers scattered around the entire thing. Its much bigger, too, with a 12km circumference to Bleds just over 5. Its very popular for skiing in the winter too! You can also rent bikes until about 6pm. More on Bohinj below.

Ljubljana To Lake Bled

A drive from Ljubljana to Lake Bled via A2/E61 hardly takes 50 minutes. You can park your car near the lake at Preernova Cesta for 5 Euros per day. Plan to reach early as parking spaces fill out fast during peak season.

Please dont forget to buy a Vignette to drive the Slovenian highways.

Read our Guide to Renting a Car in Europe

A bus from Ljubljana bus station to Bled costs 12 Euros roundtrip and takes around 1 hour 15 minutes. A bus stops at both the bus stations in Bled Union Bled and Main Bus Station. Lake Bled is a few hundred meters downhill from both the bus stations. Click here to check the bus schedule

A train from Ljubljana train station has frequent train connections to Bled Lesce train station from where youll have to take a taxi or local bus to reach the town center which is more than 4 km away.

Bled Jezero train station only has limited trains per day from Ljubljana. It is 3 km away from the town center.

A train journey costs 14 Euros roundtrip.

If DIY isnt your thing, try taking guided day-tours. We have tried and loved Viator.

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Top Choice: Nature Hotel Lukanc

Just 2 kilometers from the center of Bled Town, Nature Hotel Lukanc is budget-friendly yet easily accessible by foot or car to the lake . Because its just a bit outside of the town, its much quieter than the rest of Bled, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy Slovenias best asset: its pristine nature. The hotel has its own restaurant, so you wont even need to go into town for dinner unless youd like to. You can also relax on the terrace and access the communal garden, which are both lovely places to relax and get away from it all in the summer.

Some units have their own balconies with beautiful views over the town of Bled, while still enjoying rural surroundings and plenty of greenery. The rooms are a little dated in terms of furnishings but they have everything you need, including extra-large beds, plenty of bedside tables, and big wardrobes so that you have plenty of room for your clothing should you choose to unpack and stay a few days. Desk space and TV is also provided, as well as a kettle for each room.

»» Check out reviews, prices, and availability here ««

Recommended Area: Bled Town Centre

Bled, Slovenia All You Need To Know

The centre of Bled is located on the eastern shore of the lake.

This area is the liveliest part of town and gathers most of the shops, restaurants, cafes and bars in the city, making it an excellent area to stay in Bled if you are looking to socialize and be close to everything.

In this area, some local and intercity buses stop.

The centre is a great area to stay in Bled as it is equidistant from places of interest like Straza Hill or the Castle.

In the stores in the area, it is possible to book tours of the lake and the Vintgar gorge.

In the evening, the terraces overlooking the lake come to life, and it is possible to have a beer or dine against the impressive backdrop of the lake and the castle.

The centre, being the most urbanized area, also has a good number of accommodation options, making it possible to find cheaper rates than you would expect in areas like Straza or the castle.

What makes this a great area to stay in Bled, Slovenia

  • Great hotels
  • Great value for the price
  • Near the attractions

Hand-picked Hotels in This Area

Hand-picked Hotels in This Area

  • Our Top Pick

    Apartments Violeta occupy a recently built family house, and it is located on the street below the historic castle of Bled. It offers free Wi-Fi and free parking.

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The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Lake Bled Slovenia

The Blog » Travels » Europe » Slovenia » The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Lake Bled, Slovenia

There exists fewer places more picturesque and just so damn cute on planet Earth than Lake Bled. Take my word, Ive visited many countries, and many lakes for that matter but this tiny little lake in northeast Slovenia trumps all others in terms of sheer cuteness. Sure Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is visually breathtaking as it is surrounded by volcanoes but Lake Bled with its perfect little island in the middle is the stuff fantasy novels are based off of. In fact, Lake Bled is the setting for the Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian.

That view cant be beatgoodness

I came here as part of my week long road trip along Slovenia which exceeded every expectation I had. If youre visiting Slovenia or even Ljubljana for a few days , or a greater itinerary around the Balkans, it is a an absolute must to visit Lake Bled. Theres no debate about it unfortunately. I spent 3 days around Bled and this guide will tell you everything you need to know to about this little slice of European paradise.

Lake Bled during a sunset

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  • Salzburg To Lake Bled

    Bled is 240 kilometres or a 2.5 hour drive from Salzburg, Austria. There is a train connection between Salzburg and Lake Bled but it requires two transfers and can be very time consuming. Similarly you would have to change busses in Ljubljana so the best way to travel from Salzburg to Lake Bled really is by car

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    Ring A Wishing Bell At Bled Island Church

    The rustic baroque church, the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary, aka Church of Mary the Queen, aka Our Lady of the Lake, aka Cerkev Marijinega Vnebovzetja on a teeny-weeny tear-shaped Bled island is famous for its wishing bell.

    During the battle between the Christians and pagan religion followers, the medieval temple of the ancient Slavic Goddess iva was destroyed to be replaced by a Catholic church.

    The church was built and rebuilt in the 15th and 17th centuries to its current form with a bell tower.

    Hike up the 99 steps or 78 steps to reach the church to make a wish and say it loud pulling the rope hanging from the ceiling 3 times to ring the wishing bell.

    The legend goes that a widow named Poliksena exchanged her jewels to buy a bell for the chapel in the loving memory of her husband but as luck would have it, the boat carrying the people aboard and the bell sunk in the lake due to an intense storm.

    Distressed, Poliksena donated everything to the church and moved to Rome. The pope of the Vatican sent his blessings along with a new bell to the church.

    The legend also has it that you can still hear the ringing of the bell sunk in the Lake Bled.

    The entry fee for St. Marys Church and the Bell Tower is 6 Euros per adult and 1 Euro per child up to 14 years of age. It allows you to climb the bell tower for some gorgeous views over Bled Lake.

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    Luxurious Grand Hotel Toplice

    Lake Bled, Treasure of Slovenia | Lake Bled Travel Vlog 2021

    Grand Hotel Topliceis one of the five star hotels in Slovenia, located on the eastern shore of Lake Bled. If you ever wondered where to stay in Bled near the lake, then this hotel is one of the most luxurious answers.

    The hotel was founded in 1850, when it was named Hotel Luisenbad. In 1919 it was renamed to Grand hotel Toplice. Inside the hotel there are 87 rooms and apartments, of which 33 are luxuriously furnished and one is adapted for the disabled. The hotel also has:

    • two restaurants,
    • a lobby and
    • an outdoor pool.

    Within the hotel you can find an outdoor restaurant, which also accepts external guests who want to taste hotels first-class food.

    As for curiosity we can say that Grand Hotel Toplice was in the past also visited by world famous names such as Josip Broz Tito, the Iron Lady Madeleine Albright, English musician Paul McCartney, former first lady Laura Bush and many others.

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    Nice Small Lake Sorounded By Hills

    Nice small lake sorounded by hills. The water quality wa fine and we had several good swimming in the lake. We even could swim to the island in the lake. Unfortunately the bakery there did not serve swimmers with icecream whch is wierd. The small city is tidy with several restaurant and bar options. It easy easy to bike around a lake to visit few restaurants.

    Where To Stay In Lake Bled When Looking For Glamping Places

    Ecological glamping places represent the best choice for accommodation in nature near Lake Bled, where on the other hand, glamping offers a great amount of comfort and luxury. Glamping huts also stand along the shore of Lake Bled. This place offers twelve glamping houses, where only two people can stay in one wooden hut. However, they also offer family glamping, where wooden huts include kitchen, bathroom and additional beds for children.

    Glamping huts for two guests are available between April 1st and October 15th. Glamping huts are made of organic wood, more precisely from larch wood. Inside the hut there are two comfortable beds and beddings made out of natural fabrics. In front of the glamping hut you will have a set of wooden deck chairs and a wooden table. There is also a wooden hot tub available, where you can enjoy in romantic evenings under the starry sky.

    Proud recepient of a TripAdvisor 2019 Certificate of ExcellenceThank you all for great reviews!

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