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Where To Stay In Lodo Denver

Where To Stay In Denver On A Budget

Denver Neighborhoods: Downtown Denver

There are very few quality budget hotels in Denver, and those that do exist, are mostly outside the city center by Denver International Airport, which lies about 30 miles away. But you’ll find a few good budget choices in the vicinity of the downtown area. One option is the Mainstay Suites, which is just west of the city center and easily accessible to it. The property is new and quite clean, and rooms come with a kitchenette, which makes it a great choice for families. The staff is friendly and professional.

Outside the downtown area, but closer than the airport, La Quinta Inn & Suites Denver Gateway Park, in the residential Montbello neighborhood in northeast Denver, is another good-value option. The rooms are clean and well-appointed for the price bracket, and the included breakfast is better than average, with some hot selections.

Capitol Hill: Called Cap Hill By Locals

Before there were all of the hip, artsy neighborhoods, there was Cap Hill. The classic tree-lined streets are dotted with well-kept old mansions, many of which have become high-end apartment buildings. It possesses an authentic, quiet, neighborhood feel and youll find parks large and small scattered everywhere.

Pros and Cons of Staying in Cap Hill

PROS: If youre looking for authentic, lived-in Denver, this is your place. Its also really central, so its the perfect starting point for exploring the rest of the city.

CONS: It might lack the quantity of trendy bars and restaurants that other neighborhoods can boast, but it makes up for that in quality and a local vibe, making it possibly the best area to stay in Denver if you want to truly get a feel for the heart of this city, and have quick access to patches of grass for a lazy afternoon in the park.

What to Do in Cap Hill

  • Discover why Denver is called the Mile High City at the Colorado State Capitol Building. Look for the official marker of 5,280 feet above sea level when you reach the 15th step leading up to the entrance. The public are free to roam the halls during business hours, and you can book a tour to the top dome for a great view of the city.
  • Enjoy the famous Colorado sunshine with a trip to theDenver Botanic Gardens. During the summer months, theres an expansive patio overlooking a lily pond that serves high quality salads, sandwiches, and brick-oven pizzas. Fresh produce comes seasonally from their CSA farm.

Automotive Digital Marketing Channel Matrix Graphic

This digital marketing channel matrix shows options of where auto dealerships can focus their efforts.

Automotive Digital Marketing Channels Overview

Paid Advertising

  • Over-The-Top on Streaming Websites

Website Design & SEO

  • Well-Designed Site with Good SEO Content
  • Local SEO
  • Aggregator Websites
  • Online Reviews
  • Online Directories

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Developing Automotive Marketing Strategies

Tracking and understanding the customer journey should be the basis of your strategy. It is crucial to know as much and as many of your customers as possible before developing your campaign. A study by ACA Research found that the automotive customer journey typically lasts from 5-12 weeks following these stages:

#1 Develop a shopping list of vehicles and brands: 1-3 months prior to purchase #2 Shortlisting the targets: 4-7 weeks prior to purchase #3 Go for test drive: 2-3 weeks prior to purchase #4 Finalize choice of vehicle: 1-3 weeks prior to purchase

Majorels research, Online Car Sales: The Digital Customer Journey in the Automotive Industry, provided insightful information about the phases and contact channels that car buyers engage with. By incorporating both Majorels report along with the ACA researchs paper, we try to remodel the customer journey framework for automobile buyers for a pictorial view of how we can engage car buyers at different touchpoints along their purchase journey:

Googles research on the car-buying process also provides key insights into the touchpoints and interactions customers engage with through their purchase journey.

Best Area To Stay In Denver For Shopping

Denver Hot Spots and Tourist Attractions

Does your perfect Denver itinerary include shopping until you drop? Youre in luck, because theres plenty of options for shopping in Colorados capital city as well! Denver has everything from luxury high-end malls, to local boutiques, discount outlet malls, quirky shops, and more.

Unfortunately the best shopping areas are out of the Downtown core of the city. Therefore, having access to a rental car would surely come in handy. These are the best areas to stay in Denver to ensure you can maximize your shopping time.

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Awareness: The Customer Journey Begins Online

Industry players are shifting their gears to digital marketing strategies as consumers are utilizing multiple online platforms through their purchase. 95% of prospective buyers do their research online and twice as many begin their research online before visiting a dealer. Users are taking an active role in their purchase process today.

From the ACA research, we can also observe that users spend a bulk of the purchase journey in the early stages of the research and information gathering process thats mostly done online. Hence it is clear that online presence is essential for the initial stages of the customer journey. Therefore it is imperative for Automotive Marketers to invest in digital advertising strategies to aid in targeting and retargeting high intent audiences according to their purchase considerations. Incorporate these 5 ways to boost digital engagements in this stage.

Best Area To Stay In Denver For Nightlife

For a smaller city, the nightlife scene in Denver is strong. Between nationally-known dance clubs, an impressive lineup of craft breweries, and some killer rooftop bars, youre sure to have a good time! But if youre unfamiliar with the Denver area, you could wind up staying too far away from the nightlife hot spots in the city. Which means time and money wasted on transportation.

And thats no bueno! Booking accommodations in these neighborhoods will ensure youre closest to the nighttime action.

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Build Trust With Customer Reviews

I will never forget leasing my first car. I went for the reliable, affordable, and decent-looking Honda Accord, but I was terrified at making this decision. I spent months doing research, calling local dealerships, considering whether leasing or buying a used car was the better route to go. At the end of day, I decided where to look in person by reading customer reviews on Yelp and Google.

The point of this anecdote is this: Reviews are probably the most effective automotive marketing strategy there is. As an automotive marketer you need to not only ensure you have GOOD reviews, but you need to go above and beyond to ensure these glowing reviews are everywhere they can possibly be. Yelp, Google, social networks, your own websiteensure you are covering all your bases! You can also take things a step further by creating customer success stories and videos with your most valued customers, and use these in various places, like paid social ads, your website, or your newsletter.

When it comes to automotive marketing, there is no better way to instill trust than to let your customers speak for you!

Right Fit Marketing For Every Shop

DENVER: Top 5 Places to Stay in Denver, Colorado (Hotels & Resorts!)

RPM has everything under the hood to drive more customers to your shop. We tune each part of the program to optimize results and help you achieve your goals at your ideal budget. Regardless of the level you choose, youll get all the parts that make up an effective digital marketing program, including a powerful website with custom content, pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization, and social media. Just like your engine, you need to be running on all cylinders with RPM!



Want a higher car count? Pay-per-click with Autoshop Solutions gets the phone ringing with the most bang for your buck! You only pay for these ads when someone actually clicks on them, so these are a great way to stay in control of your marketing budget and drive more traffic. PPC ads show up on search engines and social media platforms, boosting brand awareness and online traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization

97% of consumers search for local businesses on search engines like Google. Our SEO team makes sure your shop is found organically as much as possible from these online searches and provides potential customers the necessary information to contact your shop. Our SEO team makes sure your shop gets phone calls and appointments organically from these online searches.

Social Media

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Central Park / Stapleton

Central Park, previously known as Stapleton, is a neighborhood located 6 mi east of downtown Denver.

This area occupies the former site of the decommissioned Stapleton International Airport, officially closed in 1995.

Central Park is the largest residential neighborhood within the city and has a diverse architectural makeup.

While this area is largely residential and suburban, staying here does offer some perks.

Accommodation options in Central Park are plentiful as many former airport hotels remained open even after the closure of Stapleton Intl. Also, hotels tend to be cheaper and offer great quality.

For a bit of fun, make sure to visit Stanley Marketplace, a shopping center and hipster hangout with multiple eateries, retailers, and businesses.

Central Park / Stapleton is connected to downtown Denver by the Central Park commuter rail and bus station. This transit center offers direct connections to Union Station and the Denver International Airport .

Why is this a recommended area to stay in Denver:

  • Hipster area

Coolest Neighborhoods In Denver

Denver is one of Americas most up and coming cities. A great sports town, an improving restaurant scene, and arguably the brewery capital of the USA, Denver is absolutely one of Americas best kept secrets.

But Denver is a large city, and some of the neighborhoods dont offer much to visitors which is exactly why we wrote this epic guide for where to stay in Denver!

With the help of this guide, youll be able to book a hotel with confidence and ease

Knowing where to stay in Denver is super important so lets jump right into it!

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Uptown Best Place To Stay In Denver For Families

One of the oldest residential districts and best areas to stay in Denver, Uptown is a neighbourhood renowned for its historic architecture, charming shops and its quaint and relaxed vibe.

Located north of Capitol Hill, Uptown is the ideal neighbourhood for families visiting Denver. Not only is it home to a great variety of all-ages activities but this area of the city is also well-connected and can easily be explored on foot.

With Uptown youll find great attractions including the Denver Zoo, the Museum of Nature and Science and sprawling City Park.

Uptown is also home to 17th Avenue, the main thoroughfare lined with great shops, charming cafes, delicious diners and buzzing bars.

Compel Shoppers To Come Into Your Store With Unique Offers

LoDo, Denver, Colorado: Best Places to Live in U.S.

Why should I buy a car with you versus the automotive dealership down the streetor one thats more conveniently located or better priced? A crucial part of your automotive marketing strategy is convincing your prospects to choose you over your competition.

If there are not any obvious reasons, like having the lowest prices or the best reviews, brainstorm some unique incentives and offers you can provide to prospects. For example, you could offer all new car buyers a 5% discount or perhaps free oil changes for the first two years. Incentives are also great for creating a sense of urgency to spur people to buy with you before they miss out on a special limited-time offer.

Check out the deal below for $1,000 for college graduates. What a great incentive to bring new car buyers in at a time when they are likely searching for their post-college vehicle.

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Vehicle Shoppers Are Already Online

The best place to find car shoppers is online. Digital marketing makes sure your dealership can be discovered multiple times during the research and shopping process. Whether they search on your website, see your listings on an aggregate site, or click an ad on Google, digital marketing engages undecided buyers. It presents your dealership as a solution to their vehicle problem.

Car shoppers are already online. Is your dealership there to greet them? Find out what the automotive digital marketing experts at J & L Marketing can do to drive more customers to your dealership.

Getting More Auto Shoppers To The Website

CarClicks is an inbound marketing program that attracts the interested auto shopper and lands them on the dealership website. More than 85% of all new car dealerships utilize Google AdWords to drive traffic to their site. AdWords is an effective tactic to get prospective shoppers to the website however, the cost for effective keywords/shoppers are getting more expensive. CarClicks costs are locked in with no management fees.

Knowledgeable dealers know the way to increase showroom traffic is to dramatically increase and drive more serious auto shoppers to their dealership website. Before the phone will ring or the door will swing, 9 out of 10 buyers will need to visit the website. CarClicks performance-based marketing will drive more conquest auto shoppers to your website that will provide more exposure to your inventory and dealerships.

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Dam Software That Puts Your Digital Marketing Strategies To Work

Automotive marketerswhether manufacturers or dealersface unique content compliance challenges. Aprimo can help you ensure every type of content you createsocial media posts, ads, case studies, promotional materials, and moreis ready for internal approval, meets all compliance requirements, and is aligned with industry regulations. With improved content marketing operations, you keep better track of marketing materials across their lifecycle.

  • Better customer experience through centralized enterprise content management
  • Streamlined ability to market your products and services at speed and at scale
  • Improved business processes and document management
  • Stronger adherence to industry marketing rules and regulations
  • Compliance with marketing laws and regulations around claims, Regulation M, comparison advertising, and more

Our software helps automotive content marketers put their strategies into action, and your approved content into the hands of your target audience.

Balance Marketing Agility with Compliance at the Speed of Digital

Think you cant have compliant AND agile marketing? Think again! With Aprimo, you can use a repeatable, auditable process to expedite content development so you can populate channels quickly.

Collaborate with Agencies and Suppliers with a Compliant Automotive Marketing Solution

Mitigate Financial Risk and Improve Reputation Management

Where Is The Best Area To Stay In Denver

The Curtis Hotel in Downtown Denver, Colorado

At the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is a great starting point for ski and snowboarding trips. The city is perched a mile above sea level, earning it the nickname of The Mile High City. Stroll around the picturesque Denver Botanic Gardens or head out to the scenic Mount Evans for some hiking. This is not just a base for outdoor adventure sports though its also a thriving metropolis with plenty of cultural attractions. Take your pick from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Denver Art Museum or the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art. Or, why not see the Colorado Rockies play at the Coors Field stadium?

The best area to stay in Denver is the Downtown area. This district is the main financial and commercial centre in Denver, so youll have a wealth of amenities at your doorstep. Youll be close to some excellent shopping at the 16th Street Mall, as well as major attractions like the Coors Field. In this area, youll also be close to the Lower Downtown area, or LoDo, where youll find a fantastic range of dining options, as well as some great shops, boutiques and galleries. This is the citys oldest neighbourhood where youll spot some 19th century buildings. Getting around is easy with a light rail service and buses.

On the map, which shows the most convenient area to stay in Denver, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.

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Autoalert Provides Marketing Personalization Transparency And Consistency For Your Dealership With Campaigns That Include Emails Personalized

Omnichannel delivery of real offers for a seamless, consistent customer experience wherever touchpoints occur

High flexibility, including the ability to adjust your marketing delivery options as well as run your own campaigns

Option to integrate with digital retailing to take your marketing to the next level

Integration with the in-store experience for an uninterrupted customer experience

Auto Dealership Marketing Trends To Watch:

  • Virtual Reality on Websites: Consumers will be able to visit dealership websites and view semi-virtual reality videos of a showroom, sitting inside a new car, or even taking a test drive from the point of view of the driver.
  • Chatbots: These tools are increasingly showing up on sales-focused websites, including those of auto dealers. They represent the first baby steps in AI. Chatbots can quickly and easily engage with website users. Chatbots can answer user questions or provide information based on their actions on the website. These efforts can move those users toward engaging with a dealership sales agent or visiting the dealership. Chatbots ability to engage with prospective customers will continue to develop.
  • Other Artificial Intelligence: Integrating AI into websites and other applications will allow automotive marketers to reach customers at the right moment with an individualized marketing message. AI will help dealerships target their marketing with the right collateral, to the right customers, through the right channels.

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