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Where To Stay In Manzanillo Mexico

Hike To The Mirador Del Cerro De La Cruz Lookout Point

Manzanillo, Colima, Comala | WestJet Vacations

If you want to enjoy sweeping 360-degree views of Manzanillo, then I highly recommend this 15-minute hike that takes you to a beautiful lookout. Its sort of difficult to find if you dont know what youre looking for. .

We had a rental car, so we parked just outside of the entrance to the hike. However, you can also take a taxi here or take the bus to the Centro and then walk up to the entrance .

The path is pretty clearly marked as you climb up, with a few rocks spray-painted. For the most part, its obvious which part is the path and which isnt. It splits off as you work your way up, but all of the paths lead to the lookout point. Definitely wear sneakers .

Enjoying the beaches are without a doubt some of the best things to do in Manzanillo!

Where To Stay In Manzanillo Mexico

Manzanillo has a great selection of hotels and resorts for visitors to stay. The city sprawls along the shorefront, and most of the tourist accommodation is found overlooking the main, long beach along the main highway.

This can sometimes feel a little busy, and more hotels are popping up to the north, on the quieter Santiago Peninsula, which is located away from the main hustle and bustle of Manzanillo.

You can get some great deals in Manzanillo, as while the city is very touristy, it is nowhere near as popular as other better-known destinations in Mexico such as Cancun, and prices can be a considerably lower and much better value.

During our visit to Manzanillo, Mexico we were based at the Best Western Plus Luna Del Mar. This hotel is located right on the beach and in close proximity to several nice restaurants. It has spacious rooms and a nice outdoor pool.

We also had the pleasure of having breakfast at and touring the stunning Las Hadas By Brisas. If youre looking for a true vacation experience, this is the place you want to be in Manzanillo. The property is huge, with several pools and gorgeous rooms.

More Travel Options In Manzanillo

Whether you are traveling to Manzanillo for a romantic getaway, business trip, golf, or a family vacation, Manzanillo has great hotels which can fulfill all your needs.It’s important to select the right hotel, motel, or resorts based on your trip goals.When traveling, some amenities can be the decision-maker on your vacation, business trip, or family getaway.Imagine reserving a hotel for a business trip that doesn’t provide free Wi-fi for its guests.You can narrow down your hotel search and get everything you want by viewing accommodation types like motel, resort, inns, B& B, and lodge that provides amenities like pet-friendly, free breakfast, and gym or by different activities like golf, beach, ski, or casino.

Manzanillo Hotels By Star Rating

Portozul Hotel, Barceló Karmina All Inclusive and Las Hadas By Brisas are the top 3 luxury hotels near the Manzanillo center.

What hotels are the closest to Manzanillo center?

Hotel Plaza Tucanes, Zar Manzanillo and Hotel Marina Puerto Dorado – All Inclusive are the closest hotels conveniently located near the Manzanillo center.

How much does a cheap hotel in Manzanillo cost per night?

In the last year, a 2 star economy hotel in Manzanillo has been as cheap as $50.00 per night.

How much does a 3 star average hotel in Manzanillo cost per night?

The average room rate for a 3 star hotel in Manzanillo have been as low as $100.44 per night.

How much is a hotel in Manzanillo for this weekend?

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Which Beaches To Check Out

While the beaches are technically public almost everywhere, they are kind of claimed by hotels and establishments along most stretches. These establishments put out umbrellas, chairs, and tables and then charge you to use them. Some will include the chairs for free if you eat/drink – but not all. Best to inquire ahead of time if youre unsure.

Playa Santiago – Santiago Club – Oasis Beach Resort

  • No charge for the umbrellas and chairs as long as youre eating and/or drinking. Prices were substantially higher for everything, but it is a nice stretch of beach and the service was impeccable. Very gringo geared… And just a heads up, they will reinforce the eating/drinking thing if you want to even pass through the hotel to get to that section of the beach.

Playa Olas Altas – Hostal Olas Altas

  • No charge for the umbrellas and chairs as long as youre eating and/or drinking. These were the best margaritas we had the whole time. Huge, great, and definitely your moneys worth in booze and flavour. The snacks seemed decent but we didnt eat much, and the clientele were a mix of Mexican and foreign, with a low key beach vibe overall.

Playa La Audiencia – Olvin

Hang Out At One The Beach Clubs


If you are staying at a hotel or Airbnb that doesnt have beachfront access or you want to head to the beach for a day of ice cold drinks, good music, and other people to meet, these are great places to enjoy.

The number one beach club in Manzanillo is the Oasis Ocean Beach Club. They have a seriously great restaurant and they make killer cocktails.

While youre here, you can check out their jetski rentals, use their snorkeling equipment, take a yoga class, have a massage, or simply relax on one of their beach chairs and chill for the day.

The other popular beach club is Hostal Olas Altas. Yes, its a hostel, but its also one of the best beach bars and activity hubs in Manzanillo. They host monthly events, they have live music and DJs throughout the week. They have beachfront access and ice cold beers.

Its a really fun place to hang out, especially if you are traveling solo or with some friends and you want to meet more people while youre in Manzanillo.

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The People Of Manzanillo Are Guarded And Smile Less Then

The people of Manzanillo are guarded and smile less then other places until you break through and smile yourself. Affordable food, great beach views and cleaner then lots of other places we have spent time in.

  • From $118.08 per night8.3Very Good615 reviews

    Once you got passed the check in point everything was excellent service. We had a real bad experience at first and thought things were going to be bad. But like I said everything changed once we got passed the check in point. The waiters were excellent specially Jesus Garcia and his captain they have a great team at the restaurants and bars. Food was great one thing to keep in mind they have a different level of service the color of your bracelet will determine top shelf or room service etc.

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  • From $88 per night8.3Very Good26 reviews

    We are Americans that have retired in Mexico and enjoy going to different beach towns. This was an excellent choice and we will definitely return. The location cant be beat. The town of manzanillo is very hot and humid this time of year but Once you got on the patio/pool and could feel that ocean breeze the heat and humidity disappeared. The room is oceanfront, water in pool and ocean was like bath water. A/C was freezing. Room was clean with fresh paint . Delicious dinner on the beach. Tasty free breakfast ordering off menu. Dont leave without getting a massage by the pool. 50 minutes for 350p

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First Time In Manzanillo And Found It Very Enjoyable With A

First time in Manzanillo and found it very enjoyable with a good swimming beach for all ages and a beautiful setting. We stayed in a condo in Puerto las Hadas which was such a beautiful location above the port of Manzanillo. Great pool for doing lengths, good restaurant and lots of friendly people. Would return for sure.

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Staying In City Center

A wide range of sights and restaurants are situated in the central part of Manzanillo. So if you prefer outdoor activities, choose hotels nearby. There are , and in the heart of the city. These objects have a rating above 7.6.

in the center of Manzanillo is an excellent option. This hotel offers a beachfront.

Tesoro Manzanillo All Inclusive

Manzanillo Mexico

Address: Seccion Audiencia L-1 Peninsula de SantiagoAccommodates: 3

Treat your family to luxury at Las Hadas by Brisas, a five-star beachfront resort with spectacular ocean views. The property has an indoor pool for all ages and a childrens playground to entertain the little tykes. If you love sports, the resort has a wide range of recreational activities on offer for an additional charge. These include windsurfing, diving, and golf. Then, rest and relax in spacious family rooms before bringing the young ones to the kids club.

There are babysitting and child services provided with extra charges, so parents can enjoy a relaxing session at the spa or refreshing soaks in the adults-only outdoor pool.

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Go To El Tortugario Ecologico

If you enjoy supporting organizations that are helping preserve the local wildlife, youll love what they are doing at El Tortugario Ecologico.

This nature reserve is located about 20 minutes south of Manzanillo in the town of Cuyutlan . The best option is to rent a car or hire a driver for the day so that you dont have to worry about the bus timetable.

You can learn more about what the sanctuary are doing to help the turtles in this area to survive and thrive as well as learn about how you can visit on their website here.

Vista Playa De Oro Manzanillo

Address: Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid 15.5Accommodates: 3

This three-star resort near Miramar Beach has spacious family rooms and suites. They come with complimentary toiletries in the private bathroom and wardrobes to store extra luggage. Have a great time swimming in the outdoor pool with a shallow end. Kids will love playing at the childrens playground, while parents can indulge in recreational activities such as off-site snorkelling and fishing for an additional charge.

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Local Tours & Activities

Mexperience offers access to local tours and activities at and around Mexicos beach locations. Tours and activities are organized and run by well-established, professional and fully-insured operators. You can search for tours by location or category and make reservations online or by telephone. Buying tours in advance is more convenient and secure, and your spaces on the tour are guaranteed.

Where To Stay In Manzanillo

Manzanillo, Mexico

If you’re a first time visitor to Manzanillo, you mightprefer a more touristy area, but if you’re a solo traveler, a localneighborhood could be more interesting. Some areas have lots of thingsto do within walking distance, but the hotels may be more expensive.To give you a starting point for your trip research, we looked at one area you might want to check out.

What’s the best area of Manzanillo to stay?

One of the top mentioned areas that people talk about in Manzanillo is

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Colima State Day Trips

We ended up doing a day trip to check out the city of Colima and the nearby attractions. While we werent blown away by the actual city of Colima, we did enjoy the La Campana ruins which date back to 1500 BCE. They arent as impressive as the ruins in the Yucatan, so make sure you visit Chichen Itza, which is one of the most popular things to do in Playa del Carmen.

The plaza in the city of Colima is very pretty, and you could also visit the nearby Colima volcano and the town of Comala.

If you havent seen other cities of Mexico , then you will probably enjoy the architecture of Colima. But for us, weve seen some incredible Mexican villages and cities and felt underwhelmed by Colima City.

*Note, many people use and recommend Danitours as a great way of seeing the recommended sites in the state of Colima. With a proper guide, youre likely to find more hidden gems of the region than we did independently.

Would I Recommend Manzanillo

The million dollar question – and one I got asked by each of my coworkers! Its a valid question. And heres my wishy-washy answer:

If youre looking for an unexciting, cheap, low-key beach vacation and youre not a fussy sort – then for the price, ya, I would definitely recommend Manzanillo. We intentionally went there to do very little but sit by the water or sit on a balcony staring at the water…and thats exactly what we got.

However if youre fussy, nervous, like a bit of upper crustiness in your holiday, or are looking for things to do and see, then this probably isnt the place for you. Puerto Vallarta is not much more expensive and has more variety and things to do!

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Getting To Manzanillo Mexico

Getting to Manzanillo is incredibly easy to do.

There is an international airport in Manzanillo called Playa de Oro International Airport . You can fly directly here from LAX as well as from Mexico City, making it an easy place to get connecting flights to.

You can also get direct buses with ETN Buses from Barra de Navidad, Guadalajara, Guadalajara Airport, and Colima.

If you fly into Puerto Vallarta, a slightly better-connected airport, you can take a Primera Plus bus from downtown Puerto Vallarta to Manzanillo.

If youve never taken a bus before in Mexico, be sure to check out my article that breaks down everything you need to know about taking the bus in Mexico.

Of course, renting a car in Mexico is always an option and a good one if you are only spending a short time in Manzanillo and want to enjoy all of the best things to do in Manzanillo while youre there!

Both the Manzanillo Airport and the Puerto Vallarta Airport have major car rental counters like Hertz, National, and Enterprise.

Centro Ecologico De Cuyutlan El Tortugaro

Manzanillo tours and excursions | WestJet Vacations

Another little gem in Manzanillo is the Turtle Center at Cuyutlan. This turtle rehabilitation and release center oversee the beach where hundreds of sea turtles come to lay their eggs. Providing a controlled area, they ensure that many of the eggs are able to hatch.

They are closely monitored to ensure survival before being released to enter the sea. If youre lucky, there will be babies to release during your visit.

Other than learning about the turtles and possibly having the opportunity to release some babies, you can take boat trips through the mangrove forest. This a neat experience to see wildlife and get a closer look at the wild side of Manzanillo.

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Take A Day Trip To Barra De Navidad

While I was actually based in Barra de Navidad and taking day trips to Manzanillo, its easily done in reverse, too.

If you are staying in Manzanillo, one of the best day trips is to rent a car or take the ACP bus to Barra de Navidad and Melaque. They are twin towns in the same bay .

You can read my full guide to Barra de Navidad here with tips on what to do, where to eat, and where to stay if you want to stay a night or two in this sleepy little Mexican beach town.

Planning Your Stay In Manzanillo

Whether it’s your first visit or Manzanillo is a favorite travel destination, get ready to explore all that Manzanillo has to offer and find the perfect temporary home base with help from IHG. Compare the best hotels in Manzanillo by reading through 0 reviews from verified hotel guests. When you book your room with IHG, you’re assured a great deal and lowest rate with our Best Price Guarantee. We boast 1 hotels in Manzanillo, Mexico, all with a distinctive flair and a variety of amenities, and you can conveniently narrow down your choices and book your room directly with us.No matter if you’re travelling to Manzanillo to attend a conference, unwind on vacation, or enjoy a romantic weekend getaway, we have you covered. And if your travels take you to another part of the world, you’ll find an IHG accommodation that meets your needs. From hotels in the heart of it all to luxury accommodations off the beaten path, IHG offers great hotel deals in Manzanillo and throughout the world.

Enter your travel dates to view the best offers on hotel accommodations, and use our advanced search features to find the hotels with the amenities you desire. When you stay as an IHG Rewards Club member, you also enjoy free in-hotel Internet access. Some of our hotels boast indoor swimming pools, while others offer hot breakfast, in-room kitchens, and spa services. We make it easy to book the perfect hotel for your trip.

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Things To Do In Manzanillo: Walk Along The Malecon

The Malecon, or boardwalk, is a recently redone part of the Centro area that takes you along the shore near the port of Manzanillo. It has several different statues and different pieces of art along the way. Its home to the colorful Manzanillo sign as well as the enormous blue sailfish, one of the iconic symbols of Manzanillo.

If you are staying in the hotel zone, I recommend taking the #1 bus down the main strip of Manzanillo and hopping off right here. Grab a to-go coffe from the truly lovely people at Coffee Cafe .

From here you can walk towards the water and then turn left and follow the path to a small lighthouse. You can get a really nice view of the Centro from here.

Then retrace your steps until you see a paved road about 100 yards from the lighthouse. Walk down this path which eventually turns into the Malecon. Youll pass a cute little beach with beach soccer games and volleyball nets that are busy with locals on the weekends.

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