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Where To Stay In Maui With Family

Honua Kai Resort And Spa Maui

Where to Stay on Maui, Hawaii: Wailea vs Kaanapali | How to Pick the Place Right for You

Hotel amenities couldnt get any better with Honua Kai Resorts premium condominium complex.

This resort houses not only spa rooms but also individually owned units that are vacation rental homes. This is where we usually stay on Maui with kids and you can read my Honua Kai Resort review HERE.

Your vacation is bound to get more exciting with the huge guest rooms, private lanais, modern kitchen, and all the other amenities and features.

The owners of the individual units provide their own set of amenities and decor, so you get the best of everything here.

The resort is blessed with endless beachfront grounds. Your kids can have a ball of a time in the hot tubs and multiple connecting pools here, the best way for kids to make the most of the fun water here.

For couples, there is the option of the adults only pool, but that is about the only availability for solace.

If you are particularly an Eco-conscious vacationer, then Honua Kai Resort is an ideal option for you.

Their cafes and the main restaurant only source local produce. Even the spas here particularly focus on a product line that is purely Hawaiian organic in nature and sourced purely from the islands.

The daily resort charges and the steep prices may tend to fluctuate, but this is among the highly recommended Maui family resorts and one of the best places to stay in Maui for families.

Where Not To Stay On Maui

Keep in mind: Be sure to do your research when it comes to both budget hotels and short-term rentals. Mold is a known issue on Maui at large and unless you are staying at an upper-end hotel its something to be aware of. Be sure to read detailed reviews of past travelers and pay close attention to make sure the place you book is clean. Also, be cautious of inexpensive places in Wailuku or Kahului, as there are a few rough neighborhoods in these areas. Just do your due diligence and read the reviews. If you are really on a budget, I would suggest going for a well-known hostel.

Other than that, Maui is generally very safe. Because of its diverse terrain and cultural experiences, its more about getting what you want out of where you stay. We hope our above descriptions help you narrow it down!

Experience An Authentic Lau With Old Lhain Lau

Old Lhain Lau is an authentic Hawaiian lau experience for all ages that’s held at sunset. When you arrive, youll receive a fresh flower lei greeting along with Hawaiian cultural demonstrations. Through the evening, youll enjoy a 5-course dinner with a variety of lau food, along with tropical drinks. Youll experience an incredible journey through the history of Hawaii and her people, expressed through music and hula in an award-winning production. Though its pricey, this lau is a one-of-a-kind experience that you will never forget. Reservations are required in advance, as this popular event sells out virtually every night.

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Is Wailea Or Kaanapali Better

Drilling further down on the question of south versus west Maui, many people ask specifically if Wailea or Kaanapali is better. The answer is that it depends.

Wailea has a quieter, more high-end atmosphere than Kaanapali, as the resorts are nicer and perhaps spread a little further apart for the most part. You can walk between most of them. For instance, Four Seasons Maui is next door to Grand Wailea.

The decision also comes down to budget. If you want nice places to stay that are less expensive yet lots of fun, try Kaanapali. The beach is bigger and Whalers Village serves as a small beachfront hub of shopping and dining.

Luxury Resorts In Wailea

Where to Stay in Maui: The Best Hotels and Resorts in Maui ...

Okay, this is where the nit picky starts. Wailea is well known for its luxury resorts, but of the 6 or so resorts in Wailea, I would consider only two of them to be truly LUXURY resorts. That is 100% not to say that the others arent absolutely FABULOUS. But if youre stayed at true luxury hotels, you know that theres a standard of service and amenities that places like the Four Seasons, St Regis or Ritz Carlton are known for that not all high end resorts match. And its not that they arent as nice or the service isnt as good. Its more that theyre not even designed to compete with these types of properties. The best way I can think to explain it to you is with an example. At a high end resort, you might check in at a kiosk at the pool where theyll get you a wristband and hand you some towels and then youre off to pick your spot and set up for the day. And theyll probably have a waitstaff doing food and drink service that comes by your chairs somewhat frequently to see if youd like to order something. Not a bad way to spend the day.

So on that note, here are the two resorts in Wailea that I would consider to be luxury resorts:

The Four Seasons Maui & the Andaz Maui

Both of these resorts are phenomenal beachfront properties with impressive pools, dining, spas, shopping, recreation, etc. Read my full review of my stay at the Four Seasons Maui here.

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The 16 Best Hotels For Kids In Maui That All Ages Love

  • Tanner Wilkes

Its not always easy to plan an ideal vacation thats still family-friendly, but if you choose Maui as your next holiday destination, youll be glad to know there are many wonderful places to stay even with a baby or with a toddler.

Wondering where to stay in Maui with kids that age 5+?

There are many places to choose from that offer great childrens programs. The hotels that dont have programs like these make up for it with other fantastic amenities.

And now, lets get to it, shall we?

Heres my choice for the 16 best hotels in Maui for families and why each of them are a great choice for you and your loved ones.

Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort

Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort provides a family-friendly environment along with free Wi-Fi and no additional resort fees. Studios include generous kitchenettes and washer/dryers. One- and 2-bedroom villas have full kitchens, washer/dryers, and private lanais . There are multiple dining and restaurant options on-site, plus a market. Youll find 2 heated pools, both with ocean views and whirlpool spas. One pool is for quiet relaxation, with free-flowing waterfalls and lagoons. The second pool offers a lively and energetic atmosphere with a waterslide. An additional childrens pool playspace is great for little ones.

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Grand Wailea Resort Maui

The Grand Wailea Resort in Maui boasts of a larger than your imagination pool complex in addition to a veritable water park.

Among the best Maui resorts for kids, this is the best choice as it has four waterslides, a river pool just made for you to laze away, whitewater rapids, rope swings, and a kids pool with a man-made volcano with a water elevator.

This feature of this family resort makes a unique class singularly for the Grand Wailea, especially where entertainment for the kids is concerned.

The attraction does not end here there is a twenty thousand square foot big kids camp, all complete with a play station room, a video arcade, and a movie theater as well. Plus, its just steps away from Wailea Beach.

Once you stay here, we cannot guarantee you will ever be able to get back to normal life. Its seriously one of the best Hawaii resorts for kids.

What Area Should You Stay In Maui

Where to Stay on Maui with Kids | Condo Tour Travel Day | Wild Tales of…Vlogmas 2021
  • Which Of These Places To Stay On Maui Are Perfect For You?
  • When you choose where to stay in Maui, its good to know what kind of experience you are looking for. The island of Maui is divided into six main regions. The main regions of Maui are West Maui, South Maui, Central Maui, North Shore, Upcountry, and East Maui.

    Scattered throughout the regions of Maui are the incredible towns and villages that make this island such an incredible destination. However, certain areas such as West Maui and South Maui are more easily accessible and contain many of the most popular places to stay on Maui. In addition, towns such as Kihei and Lahaina are top-rated among those visiting Maui with kids.

    For those who want to explore the famous Road to Hana, East Maui offers quaint villages and incredible black sand beaches. While many visitors to Central Maui tend to enjoy more off-the-beaten-path destinations such as Iao State Park.

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    Boutique Resorts In Wailea

    Hotel Wailea

    While Wailea is fine, fine, fineit definitely has a big time resort feel. But if you like a more intimate hotel experience without sacrificing the luxury, you are going to LOVE the Hotel Wailea. Its not right on the beach, but its actually nestled into the foothills of Haleakala so along with a more peaceful respite, you also get VIEWS. Its the only adults only hotel on Maui so if youre honeymooning or just looking for a more intimate getaway, its perfect.

    And just because its not on the beach doesnt mean its short on amenities. Hop in a private luxury shuttle and youll be at Wailea Beach where the hotel has chairs and umbrellas setup for guests. The pool area at the hotel is divine and the restaurant is regularly touted as one of the most romantic restaurants on Maui. If you want a more individualized experience at a more design-centric property, this is the spot for you.

    Where to Book the Hotel Wailea: Book directly with the Hotel Wailea, read reviews and price compare on TripAdvisor, book with Expedia, book with

    Youve Found The Place Now Plan The Trip

    Finding a vacation rental for a large group is no easy task. But now that the hard work is done, wrap up your trip planning with one of our done for you itineraries.

    These done for you days will take you around to the best spots on excursion days, so you can make the most of your valuable vacation time. We include beaches, restaurants, hiking spots, and more to make sure you have wonderful days out.

    Just wanted to thank you for the awesome itinerary you have put together. We just got back from our 10 day Maui trip & it was such a great help to my family. We saw and experienced so much. Thank you for putting all of this fantastic travel information out there! For this travel research nerd, I sure do appreciate it!

    Erica Gellerman

    I’m the co-founder, with my husband Jordan, of The Hawaii Vacation Guide. We live on Maui with our toddler Henry and our sweet but quirky dog Hattie. I am a planner! I love to plan island-hopping adventures, days out on Maui, and everything in-between. I spend a lot of my time on our SUP and my favorite time of year in Hawai’i is whale season!

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    The Best Areas To Stay In Maui

    Year after year Maui remains one of the worlds best island destinations. Of course, Mauis long white sand beaches and clear skies are the main draws, but the island is also home to a waterfall-studded rainforest in the east and a parched, mountainous desert in the west. At the heart of the island is Haleakala, the worlds largest dormant volcano with panoramic sunrise and sunset views and a crater larger than Manhattan. Known as the House of the Sun, Haleakala is the point from which the demigod Maui lassoed the sun to lengthen the day. Travelers to Maui can enjoy its tropical ecosystem with big wave surfing, coral reef snorkeling, volcano hiking, waterfall swimming, and winter whale watching. The gastronomic scene here focuses on fresh, locally sourced fish and produce with a mix of Hawaiian, Polynesian, and pan-Asian flavors served up in roadside shacks, down-home diners, and haute-cuisine restaurants. Large, luxury resorts are the predominant beachfront accommodation type here, though boutique hotels, cozy B & amp Bs, affordable hotels, and youth hostels are scattered around the island to suit any budget.

    What Part Of Maui Is Best For Families

    9 Best Hotels in Maui, Hawaii on the Beach (2021): Luxury ...

    There are two main areas families generally stay on Maui: Wailea or Kaanapali. Both areas have great weather, snorkeling, and beaches. Deciding what part of the island is right for your family comes down to budget, proximity to activities, and vibe.

    Stay in Kaanapali if youre looking for a lively atmosphere, more kid-friendly restaurants, and a number of three and four star resort options. Stay in Wailea if you want a slightly quieter atmosphere, huge resorts , and five-star accommodations.

    Still not sure what part of Maui is best for your family? We go into depth on Kaanapali vs Wailea in this article.

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    Where To Stay In Maui For Family Honeymoon And Couples On A Budget In A Nutshell

  • Suggested activities in Maui:
  • a trip to Maui should always include a helicopter flight over Maui and Molokai. The birds eye view is absolutely priceless
  • for the best sunset, you should book a Sailing Cruise with Champagne
  • Connection within the Hawaiian Islands: Maui is very well connected with all the main Hawaiian Islands as Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island with multiple daily flights at a very good price if booked well in advance.
  • Napili Kai Beach Resort

    The Napili Kai Beach Resort is located on Napili Bay, which is ten acres of beachfront ground. You are offered a package from the 11 buildings featuring plantation-style here.

    There are a total of 163 suites and guestrooms here with full kitchens in some of the rooms. The atmosphere is not as luxurious as the other upscale resorts here, but it is low-key and relaxing.

    If you are a snorkeling lover, then you will love staying at this resort with its large expanse of beaches and four big pools.

    While your kids may not get any kids activities in particular here, there are, however, plentiful old-fashioned activities for some family fun.

    You must, however, take special note of the fact that this is generally a quieter resort and more suited to families with older kids and planning a lazy, restful holiday.

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    Sheraton Maui Resort And Spa

    There is nothing that can beat the prime location of Sheraton Maui Resort, placed on the Kaanapali Beach with the stunning Black Rock landmark views.

    This resort takes complete advantage of its prime location and is nothing short of mega and upscale in its establishment.

    You get to avail the best of the ocean views in front of most of the 508 guest rooms present here. The rooms, too, are contemporary and sleek, making them a comfortable and luxurious space for your stay.

    The expansive Sheraton Maui Resort is spread across 23 acres, features the most modern fitness room, a wonderful spa, a stunning river, and a huge lagoon pool as well as five restaurants to cater to all taste buds.

    This is definitely one of the best resorts in Maui for families.

    If you want to experience the best snorkeling in Maui, you can do that right here from the beach end.

    Is A Vacation Rental Or Hotel Better For Families On Maui

    Where to Stay in Hawaii: Hotels vs Vacation Rentals (What is best in Hawaii?)

    Lets get this out of the way first: staying at a resort on Maui with kids is going to be expensive. In 2019 the cost of a hotel was around 10% more than the cost of a vacation rental.

    The average cost of a hotel room in November 2019 was $205 per night while the average cost of a vacation rental was $180 per night. And thats not considering that most resorts come with a per-day fee, which can range from $30 $70, and youll be spending a lot more eating out.

    That aside, theres a reason more people stay at resorts when they visit Maui. According to travel data from the Hawaii Tourism Authority, in November 2019, 44% of visitors stayed in hotels only and 13% stayed in vacation rentals only when visiting .

    Why do more people stay at resorts on Maui?

    Depending on the resort, the amenities for kids can be fantastic. Water slides, lazy rivers, hula lessons, star gazing, and kids eat free. Plus daily housekeeping and kids clubs can make it a relaxing vacation for parents as well as the kids. For the extra cost of staying at a hotel, lets make sure youre picking the best resort for your family.

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    Plenty Of Activities To Keep Little Ones Busy

    Studios and villas at the Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort offer families up to 1,230 square feet of space to spread out, with in-room washers and dryers and a fully equipped kitchen to prepare everybodys favorite meals in a relaxed environment or share breakfast on a private lanai.

    Parents can relax while keiki play at the Westin Family Kids Club, a childcare option for youngsters ages 5 to 12, which includes activities like animal expeditions, creating an ocean in a bottle, experiencing life under the sea, learning about Hawaiian cultural practices like lei making, and arts and crafts, with lunch and a snack included.

    There are plenty of other activities around the resort for the whole family to enjoy, from feeding fish in the koi pond, to candy lei making, a tie-dye creation station, soap making, henna tattoos, and a hula hoop contest.

    Of course, the most popular family activity on Maui is hitting the beach, and with the waves breaking just a few feet away, there are plenty of opportunities to get wet. Build castles or bury your legs in a mermaid tail in the white sands of famous Kaanapali Beach, splash in the shore break, or don a mask and snorkel to swim with colorful reef fish. At the end of the day, watching the sun set over the Pacific makes the perfect family photo-op.

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