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Where To Stay In Meteora Greece

Hotel Doupiani House Kastraki

Meteora Greece, Six Incredible Monasteries (70 min. in 4K)

Hotel phone: +30 2432 077555Elegant hotel with fantastic views. Double or triple rooms are offered all with traditional decor, many with mountain and Meteora-view balconies. The hotels beautiful common spaces include a lobby lounge and bar with fireplace, a garden patio with incredible views, and a charming breakfast room where an excellent buffet is served daily. Serene location on the village outskirts, a 10-minute walk to the heart of Kastraki.

Start By Visiting Great Meteoron Monastery And Varlaam In The Morning

Heres where the walking and hiking part kicks in. Skip St. Nikolaos and drive past the monastery by around 100 metres and park the car on the side of the road. This is where the trail begins to hike up to the Great Meteoron and Varlaam . The hike to Great Meteoron will take approximately 45 minutes and is mostly shaded, but the path is uneven and uphill. About 3/4 of the way through you will reach a fork in the road take the left path to head up to Great Meteoron.

The Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron is the largest and oldest monastery remaining in Meteora, founded in the 14th century by Saint Athanasios the Meteorite. Within the monastery youll find a museum and main church, but take some time soaking in the breathtaking views across Kalabaka from its courtyard.

Tour the Great Meteoron and after youre done there, walk a few steps over to Varlaam, the neighboring monastery. Founded in the 14th century, Vaarlam is the second-largest monastery in Meteora and was reputed to house the finger of St. John and the shoulder blade of St. Andrew. You can easily spend 30-40 minutes wandering around each monastery and exploring the chapels, courtyards, cellars and so on.

Once you have explored Varlaam, take the path on your left to walk back down to where you parked your car. Bonus points for buying a popsicle outside Varlaam to cool yourself off.

What Are The Best Places In Paros For Nightlife

Naoussa and Parikia are the places where you will find most of the bars and clubs, suitable for any taste in your nightlife. Paros, along with Mykonos and Ios are considered the most all-night party islands, so depending on your age you will definitely find the nightlife that you are looking for in Paros.

When I was in my early twenties the most trendy bar back then was Linardo Bar in Naoussa and I know that it is still working.

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How To Get Around In Meteora

You can book many alternative trips and tours once you get to Meteora if you dont want to rely on your own navigation skills to go from one monastery to the other on your own.

These organized tours take you to see the monasteries of Meteora Greece in a private car or minivan.

Some travelers choose to rent a car in the area, and its a great idea if you love adventure. Each monastery has a parking area close to the road, and its not hard to go from one monastery to the next by car.

Alternatively, its a good idea to rent a scooter in Kalambaka however, keep in mind that many tourists choose this option, so book in advance in order to find the kind of vehicle you want.

Some pilgrims choose to hike or walk from the sites. In this case, try to devote at least three full days to your trip to do it at a more relaxed pace.

Can You Visit Greece Now

METEORA GREECE MONASTERY :: How to visit, what to see

From March 15, 2022 you are no longer required to fill out a Passenger Locator Form prior to flying to Greece. If you have a valid EU Covid vaccination pass , you can simply show that and no additional negative test is required.

The vaccination certification needs to have been completed at least 14 days before arrival, and is valid for 9 months after the initial vaccination and for an unlimited time for travelers who have received a booster dose. If you are unvaccinated, you’ll need a negative PCR performed up to 72 hours before arrival, or a negative rapid antigen performed up to 24 hours before arrival.

Travelers from the United States, Canada, and Australia must have one of: A) Vaccination certificate which includes the full name of the traveler as written in their passport, type of vaccine given, and dates of innoculation or B) Proof of recovery issued within 14 days of a positive COVID test, valid for 180 days after or C) Negative PCR test up to 72 hours in advance, or a negative antigen test up to 24 hours in advance.

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We Got To The Monasteries At 9 Am In The Morning To Begin

We got to the monasteries at 9 AM in the morning to begin our day of sightseeing. The monasteries are all unique with unique relics to be found. We returned later that evening around 815 to watch the sunset. The sunset did not disappoint and we were able to drive to each of the monasteries again and take additional photos with different lighting. Amazing how different the monastery loo when all the crowds were gone. I highly recommend going in the evening to experience the quiet.

Where To Stay In Meteora And How To Visit The Monasteries

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One of our favorite places in all of Greece is Meteora, in Thessaly. The geological formation is in itself magnificent. Fortunately and once again thanks to the Greeks, the monasteries are equally beautiful. These isolated architectural masterpieces date back to the 14th century and offer unforgettable views. Interiors are equally impressive: medieval frescoes line walls and ceilings. Take note that Meteora is a sacred site, revered in Greece second only to Mount Athos in Khalkidhiki. So plan well where to stay in Meteora and enjoy your visit!


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Best Time To Visit Meteora

Time of year is one of the most important factors to consider when planning a trip to Meteora. Depending on how you choose to get around and how you like dealing with other tourists will inform when is the best time for you. Depending on preference, theres a case to be made for each season.

Situated in the countrys mountainous center, Meteora is considerably cooler than Greeces islands. That means it experiences milder summers than the south, so hiking around in the heat of summer isnt all that bad. Still, summer is peak season for Greece and its easy to understand how the small monasteries might become quite crowded. Alternatively, things can be very quiet for Meteora in winter with temperatures that can easily get below freezing. You may find also that its harder to find accommodation and places to eat as many businesses close for the off-season.

As is often true, shoulder season is a great time to come to Meteora. With more manageable tourist numbers, you wont feel crowded and should find the weather comfortable. Even better though is seeing the landscape of Meteora bursting with color, be it the blossoms of spring or the foliage of fall.

A Luxurious Escape To The Majestic Meteora

Two-day Trip to Delphi and Meteora from Athens, Greece
Enjoy a truly magical stay at this exclusive hotel.

Divani Meteora Hotel offers guests the opportunity to enjoy traditional Greek hospitality in a contemporary setting.

Our fully renovated hotel in Meteora is surrounded by immense natural beauty, encouraging outdoor enthusiasts to come and escape. The hotel offers a stunning locale from which, one can experience one of the natural wonders of the world, the religious rocks of Meteora, practically in front of their room window.

Immerse yourself in spacious and contemporary guestrooms

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How To Visit Meteora

Exploring Meteora is very easy. But, if you want to be more relaxed in your visit to Meteora, I recommend these tours in English -> Excursion to the monasteries during the day or the Sunset Tour

If you chose to go for a rental car, you have the possibility of visiting each single monastery in Meteora by driving along the 15km-long road that intertwines among the rocky pinnacles. Im talking about the road that starts from Kalambaka, passes through Kastraki and reaches each monastery, before reconnecting to the main road which leads to the city centre. I think this is definitely one of the best ways to visit Meteora.

As an alternative you could:

  • Use the buses: every day, there are 3 different buses which connect Kalambaka to the Great Meteoron Monastery. All of them stop at each car park .
  • Ride a bike or a rental scooter: if you opt for the bike, wellgood luck you sportspeople! If, instead, you decide to go for a rental scooter, this could be a great option unless the weather is bad. Id recommend going by bike only if you are accustomed to cycle for kilometres and kilometres and you may have set your mind on spending the majority of your journey cycling. Bear in mind that from one monastery to another there are hundreds of stairs that youll have to climb.
  • Take a taxi: the costs can vary. Id recommend informing yourselves on the fares once youre there.

Meteora Monasteries: How Many How Much Do They Cost Timetables And Regulations

Originally, the monks built a total of 24 monasteries. Of these 24 buildings, only 6 are still functioning and opened to the public.

All the monasteries but Agios Stefanos, are accessible thanks to a series of steps carved in the rock during the 1920s. You might think about these steps as being old and tricky to climb, but theyre actually not. I guess that as a consequence of a recent restoration, the steps are large, low and well-shaped so they dont present a threat for tourists and visitors.

The car parks are free and the entrance ticket to each monastery is 3 euros per person.

When I visited Meteora, I managed to see only two monasteries and in both of them I felt like I was in a heaven of peace and tranquillity. I also noticed that the paintings inside the chapels are still very bright and well-kept. Might it be because of a recent restoration to please tourists even more?

Inside the monasteries, the visitors are kindly asked to maintain an appropriate behaviour: taking photos is prohibited and women are allowed access only if their shoulders and knees are covered .

The monasteries which can be visited are:

  • Megalo Meteoro -> Great Meteora
  • Agios Stefanos
  • Agia Triada

As for what concerns the opening times, you can find detailed information on the website of Visit Meteora.

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Parikia The Capital Of Paros

All ferries arriving from neighboring islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos & Milos will arrive in the capital of Paros, Parikia. There are several daily ferry departures to the islands and Athens during the summer months, and the schedule varies during the off-season months.

Parikia is a vibrant small town on the island of Paros, and its streets can be mazelike as they creep around the bustling harbor. Its a superb place to be based if visiting the island for a short period of time because of its central location. There is a local bus that departs for towns and villages across the entire island, and it also makes a great base for those eager to explore the enchanting island of Antiparos.

The shopping in Parikia is fantastic with locally handcrafted goods available in abundance. This is a fantastic place to pick up bespoke shoes, linens, and other locally produced items. You can even have a pair of sandals made with local leather in a matter of minutes.

Foodies will delight in the remarkable restaurants serving locally caught fresh fish, or tavernas serving Greek staples such as Tzatziki, Gyros, and Souvlaki.

Parikia has a wide range of accommodations for all budget needs and for those wondering where to stay in Paros for ease of accessibility to beaches, restaurants, boutique shops, and bars, this is a great place to be based.

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Other Sites And Excursions

How To Visit the Meteora Monasteries

The 6 monasteries are undoubtedly the stars of the area. However, you have loads of interesting things to see and do on around Meteora. Take the local road that begins in Kastraki village. You will pass two large rocks to the east and reach the small chapel of Panaghia and the Hermit Caves of Saint Nicholas Badovas. To the north of Kastraki and St Nikolaos Monastery lies the late 14th century Ypapanti Monastery. Unlike the mentioned 6, it was built entirely inside a large rock cavity. The city of Trikala is just 20 km from Kalambaka. Go for the day and visit its ancient sanctuary, Byzantine fortress, authentic old town, mosque, and the museum inside a former Turkish bath.

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Top Places To Stay In Meteora

As Kalambaka is the place to stay in Meteora, its brimming with darling hostels, hotels, and Airbnb that have plenty of charm. Built to retain the historic nature of the city, youll find a mix of rustic and modern accommodation options. These ones below will all make you swoon!

Escape to Meteora

Best Airbnb in Meteora Escape to Meteora

Sneak away to this beautiful Airbnb in Meteora in the center of Kalambaka, enclosed by the Meteora rock formations themselves. With this rental, you will have the entire apartment all to yourself! Its a beautiful blend of old meets new, so you can enjoy the traditional style with modern amenities.

Best Hostel in Meteora Meteora Central Hostel

Meteora Central Hostel is located in the heart of town, in Kalambaka. It was actually recently opened even though the house was built in 1950. You will love the brick and stone walls and beautiful wood floors. The furniture and furnishings are all brand new and are definitely up to snuff! There is also a small green backyard outside that is perfect for doing some morning yoga, or just for enjoying a cup of tea.

Best Hotel in Meteora Mythos Guesthouse

The Mythos Guesthouse is a great choice in Meteora if you dont want to break the bank but still want a central, quiet, clean, and charming location. Its great value for your money! The rooms have a lovely little balcony that offers a great side view of the rock formations.

Where To Stay In Meteora

If you plan on staying in the region for a night or more, youre going to want to choose somewhere that gives you access not only to the sights of Meteora but also to restaurants and the like.

Essentially, your choice of locations comes down to just two areas, the town of Kalambaka and the neighboring village of Kastraki. Each sit at one end of the main monasteries of Meteora, so you can drive or walk from either. Its also worth noting that its only about 2 kilometers from the center of one to the other, so its easy to get between the two when needed.

As the larger of the two, Kalambaka has more accommodation and restaurants, and is where both the bus and train arrive. Kastraki, on the other hand is a small village with a quaint atmosphere. Youll still find quite a few restaurants here and plenty of accommodation options, but you will have to make your way over from the bus or train station in Kalambaka.

Below are some of our favorite accommodation options around Meteora:

Tsikeli Hotel A beautiful boutique hotel in Kastraki, this recently renovated three-star hotel has style in spades, not to mention views of the epic surrounding scenery. Located in a quiet part of Kastraki, its still not far from the heart of the village and is a nice mid-range option.

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Meteora Monasteries Full Guide: How To Get Where To Stay & Where To Eat

When you visit Greece there is one place you shouldnt miss, the Meteora Monasteries. Situated in the prefecture of Thessaly, Meteora is a place of unique beauty. It is also one of the most important religious complexes in Greece. As you approach the town of Kalambaka, the nearest big town near Meteora, you will see a complex of giant sandstone rock pillars that climb up into the sky. On top of them, you will spot the famous Meteora monasteries.

Let me tell you a few historical facts about the monasteries of Meteora. In the 9th century AD, a group of monks moved into the area and lived in caves on top of the rock pillars. They were after complete solitude. During the 11th and 12th centuries AD, a monastic state has been created in the area. By the 14th century, there were over 20 monasteries in Meteora. Now only 6 monasteries have survived and are all open to the public.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means that should you click on certain links, and then subsequently purchase a product, I will receive a small commission.

Santorini Where To Stay In Greece For Couples

METEORA | Greece | Travel Guide

When you think of the Greek islands, chances are youre picturing Santorini. The picturesque white and blue houses that blanket the hillsides are to die for. I mean really they are drool-worthy! When you are needing a hefty dose of romance in your relationship, couples should book the next ticket to Santorini.

This magical island is not just filled with Instagram-heaven architecture, but with winding roads, ancient ruins, red beaches, and black-sand beaches. If youre feeling adventurous, head out to the Santorini Caldera on the boat, and walk along a volcanic crater!

When it comes to places to stay in Greece, you cant really find more expensive Greece accommodation options than in Santorini. Yet, Ive been there on two separate trips without breaking the bank. Staying in downtown Fira is the way to go, but it can cost a pretty penny! Dont worry, Ive got your budget finely guide, friends.

Cyclades Hotel

Santorini is a bigger island than you might guess, but its all well connected with public transportation. Buses run many times a day, and tickets are reasonably priced, so dont fear staying too close or too far away from your favorite sites. These Greek accommodation options below are sure to help you and your beloved make a thousand memories

Best Airbnb in Santorini Santorini Seclusion

Best Hostel in Santorini Fira Backpackers Place

Best Hotel in Santorini Cyclades Hotel

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