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Where To Stay In Monaco France

Where To Stay Monaco Monte

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My girlfriend and I want to spend two nights in Monaco in early august , I noticed things are a lot cheaper in Nice. can you stay on the water in Nice and still get to Monaco easily? or should I just look for a place in Monte-carlo

Getting from NIce to Monaco is easy, the hotels in Monaco are not that much more expensive than in Nice and it obviously saves on the transport costs. Monaco is actually not that expensive with some exceptions.

If Monaco is truly what you are going for, stay there. The time, cost and aggravation of trying to get back and forth a few times from Nice will far outweigh paying a few bucks extra to stay in Monaco. I was there in may and actually stayed at the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel which is just over the border back into France . It had a free shuttle that could get you to about the center of Monaco by the casino and from there you could easily take the buses for cheap to see anything. Except for my hotel, I kept my costs pretty well in check. Take a peek at my Go List for Monaco on a Sort Of Budget.

There is no place on the water in Nice!!! If your destinationn is Monte-Carlo just stay in A Monte-Carlo Hotel. A few suggestions: Monte-Carlo Bay Resort, Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel, Hotel Columbus, another option at the door of Monaco is The Marriott in Cap d’Ail .

If you are on budget, I would advise to try to find a hotel in Beausoleil with very decent prices at Nice level.

The Most Romantic Places To Stay In Monaco

  • The Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel is a stunning hotel in a listed, 1930s building complete with murals, romantic arches and a terracotta facade. These 40 rooms enjoy a private beach, as well as a large pool and lush gardens. The decor has been inspired by Matisse and Cocteau and the restaurant has a Michelin star.

Best Airbnb In Fontvieille: Luxury Seafront Apartment

Located within a premium residential complex in the most modern neighborhood of Monaco, this apartment comes with unbeatable sea views and is only a short walk away from the contemporary harbour!

The kitchen is sleek and well equipped, and the whole apartment comes with luxury fittings.

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Best Airbnb In Monaco

Whilst this would be a unique accommodation choice anywhere else in the world, sleeping aboard a yacht is far more common in Monaco!

This small boat is more affordable than towing your own along, giving you the chance to taste a little piece of local luxury. It comes with luxury fixtures and fittings.

Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo

Visit Them to Find Interesting Things to Do in Monaco ...

The Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo is located at the centre of Monaco and features Belle Epoque architecture. In keeping with the essence of this refined destination, the hotels beautiful guest rooms and suites have been designed by famous luxury interior designer Jacques Garcia. That said, its four restaurants are under the direction of some of the worlds most renowned chefs. As a result, guests get to enjoy top cuisines from around the world, including Japanese specialties such as Yoshi Sushi at its Joël Robuchon restaurant. The hotels fabulous Spa Metropole by Givenchy designed by architect Didier Gomez provides luxurious space for enjoyment and relaxation.

Check Availability & Prices

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How Can You Get Around Monaco For Cheap Work Those Leg Muscles

With an area of about 2km squared, Monaco is small and therefore very walkable.

This means no need to spend extra on special sightseeing tours or taxi rides. I mean, to save tired travellers from hilly Monacan terrain, there are even free public elevators that can get you up in a jiffy!

Another option of course is you can bus, which will set you back 5.50 for a 24h day pass.

A nice perk of this however is that the day pass includes access to Monacos boat bus which brings you from Quai Kennedy Digue Sud on a BOAT, so if boat ride in Monaco was on your bucket list, you can check that right off!

Visiting Monaco On A Tight Budget: Yes It Is Possible

Monaco: gorgeous, but not as expensive as you may think. Follow the advice below for a rip-off free experience!

No, Monaco is not as expensive as you may thinkSome of you may be contemplating a trip to Monaco in the near future but have this impression of the Principality as a place where you cannot get by with under 1.000 per day. Naturally, if you do have the desire to spend that amount, you can easily find hundreds of exotic ways of getting rid of large sums of money in a couple of minutes!

The good news is that Monaco is also a place where normal people, not just multi-millionaires, live and work, and that there are therefore plenty of ways for the common of mortals to have a wonderful sample of what the country can offer on a very reasonable budget. Follow the advice below and youll find that, contrary to popular belief, Monaco is much cheaper than most major cities in Europe on several different levels.

  • There are a couple of reasonable places in Monaco: just bear in mind though that theyre quite small and you need to book well in advance. Some examples are Hotel de Versailles and Hôtel de France, both located next to the Place dArmes market square and 5 minutes from the harbour: double rooms there cost between 70 and 100 depending on the period . You can find cheaper places elsewhere on the Riviera, but then again, youre staying in the heart of Monaco and there is no cumbersome public transport to travel on each day.

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    Things To See And Do In Fontvieille:

    Louis II Stadium is the only sports arena in the country and is home to Monacos national football team

    Musee Naval de Monaco is housed within a boat in the harbour and has exhibits dedicated to the small nations naval history

    Princess Grace Botanical Garden, dedicated to the late Grace Kelly, is a beautiful walk along the Monegasque coastline

    For a more budget-friendly coastal walk, take the short trip across the border to Cap dAil and enjoy the Mala Beach Coastal path

    Eglise Saint-Nicolas is a beautiful, though fairly modern, church that allows you to discover the main religion of the city

    Les Perles de Monte Carlo boasts a gorgeous location right at the edge of the harbour with an equally delightful menu for you to choose from

    Best Hotel In Fontvieille: Riviera Marriott Hotel La Porte De Monaco

    French Riviera: Monaco – Rick Steves Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

    Just across the border in Cap dAil, the Riviera Marriott is only a short walk away from Fontvieille and is perfect for those that want a touch of luxury without paying the premium charged for staying within the city limits!

    It comes with balconies, a large pool and daily breakfast buffets.

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    Things To See And Do In Monaco

    Head to the Princely Palace to learn about the nations unique political system and admire the gorgeous architecture

    Wander along the winding, yet romantic, streets of the city and shop at the local boutiques and international luxury brands

    The Oceanographic Museum is the perfect place to learn about Monacos seafaring history as well as discover life under the Mediterranean

    The Saint Martin Gardens wind along the coast, giving you unbeatable views of the city and the surrounding coastline

    Whilst in the gardens, head to La Terrasse Restaurant where you can discover the strong Italian influence on local cuisine

    For budget travellers, Arrow Burger offers typical American cuisine dont be fooled by the reasonable prices, the food is still great quality

    Final Thoughts On Where To Stay In Monaco

    With mesmerising panoramas across the Mediterranean, high class nightlife and entertainment venues, and a decades-long reputation for luxury its no wonder that Monaco is such a popular holiday destination for those wanting to sample the high life!

    That being said, there are still plenty of options for backpackers wanting to explore one of the worlds smallest countries.

    For the best neighborhood, we are going to go with Monaco-Ville! Not as intense as Monte Carlo, it is well connected with every other neighborhood on this list and is a great starting point for those visiting the country for the first time.

    That being said, choosing a nearby town outside of the country itself is also a good option for those sticking to a strict budget.

    We hope this guide has helped you narrow down your options whilst planning your upcoming trip to this coastal gem!

    Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

    And dont forget to take out Travel Insurance for your trip! I have been using World Nomads for some time now and made a few claims over the years. Theyre easy to use, professional and relatively affordable. They may also let you buy or extend a policy once youve started your trip and are already abroad which is super handy.

    Getting an estimate from World Nomads is simple just click the button or image below, fill out the necessary info, and youre on your way!

    Do you own an awesome hostel, hotel or apartment? Want to be featured in our list? Email to find out how.

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    The Iconic Monte Carlo

    One of the most famous attractions in Monaco is the Monte Carlo Casino, probably the most luxurious casino in the world although funnily enough, it is illegal for locals to gamble here.

    And while it would cost a pretty penny to gamble here, and even a whopping 17 euros to step inside, wistfully admiring from the outside is free as is perusing the casinos atrium.

    Even for non-gamblers, a visit to this iconic place is a must. After all, its said that the architecture here inspired Ian Flemings work for Casino Royale, AKA the first ever James Bond novel.

    NOTE: If you do choose to enter, a strict no shorts and no flip flops dress code is observed.

    Finding Hostels And Prices

    Where to Stay in Monaco Cost of Travel

    What hostel booking sites are best to use?

    There is several hostel booking sites, such as, and While every platform has its pros and cons, there is a universal truth you as a traveler should be aware of: Not a single booking site can always offer the best prices.

    This is where comes in. You can compare all major booking portals with one click.

    For you as a traveler, is the best booking site to actually save money.

    How much are hostels in Monaco?

    Prices always vary, depending on various factors. Weekends tend to be more expensive, same goes for special holidays. Please also take into account local vaction time.

    You can search for exacty hostel prices in Monaco here on Pick your destination and pick a date. The system will track down the prices to give an idea of what budget and prices you can expect.

    When to book hostels?

    If you want to stay at the best hostels, it is a good idea to have your hostel booked around 1 month before you travel. For the regular hostels, booking one week before should be okay. Yet again, this always depends.

    We dedicated a full article to the topic of when to book hostels.

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    For A Grand Dame Hotel

    • The Hôtel de Paris is iconic and gorgeous, a five-star beauty with incredible ocean views and indulgent, very Parisian design. The restaurant has three Michelin stars, youre right next to the Monte Carlo casino and the decor is classic plush.
    • The Hotel Metropole offers the kind of decadence Monte Carlo is known for, marble floors, chandeliers, multiple Michelin-starred restaurants, abundant floral displays and a general Belle Époque era opulence. Its romantic as well as beautiful.

    What Hotels In Monaco And Surroundings Have Nice Views

    Hôtel Le Roquebrune, Port Palace and Hotel Miramar have received great reviews from travellers in Monaco and Surroundings regarding the views from their hotel rooms.

    Guests staying in Monaco and Surroundings also spoke highly of the views from the rooms at Hotel Miramar, Hotel de charme Regency and Hôtel Restaurant Les Deux Frères.

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    Things To See And Do In In La Condamine

    Stade Nautique Ranier II is a large sporting venue that also occasionally opens up to the public as an outdoor swimming pool

    Swim the Riviera are a small tour company based in the heart of La Condamine that offer safe, guided swimming excursions of the surrounding seas

    Place dArmes is the main market in the city, offering you a more authentic alternative to the luxury shopping in the tourist strips

    Rando Dans Monaco is another fantastic small tour company they specialise in laid-back walking tours with small groups

    For an upmarket meal that is nevertheless family-friendly, we recommend heading to La Brasserie du Mystic

    For those travelling without children, La Rascasse is an excellent bar right on the waterfront with surprisingly affordable prices

    Discover The Top Monaco Places To Stay


    At just over two square kilometres, Monaco is wonderfully compact so where you stay is not necessarily the most important aspect of your holiday. Whether you are looking for a luxury city break, the full Monte-Carlo casino experience or a beach and spa holiday, you will find that Monaco caters for all with its vibrant centre, historic quarter and beach front resorts.

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    The Most Romantic Hotels In Monte Carlo

    • The Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel is a stunning hotel in a listed 1930s building complete with murals, romantic arches and a terracotta facade. The 40 rooms have their own private beach, as well as a large pool and lush gardens. The decor has been inspired by Matisse and Cocteau and the restaurant has a Michelin star.

    Stade Nautique Rainier Iii

    And while , there are a great deal of free things to do in Monaco, other great activities can be really inexpensive!

    For example, we spent the latter half of our afternoon at the Stade Nautique Rainier III, an awesome public pool we found right by the marina in La Condamine.

    For a couple of euros, we got access to the pool and chair rentals for the day.

    This Olympic sized swimming pool is heated , and in the winter, even becomes a skating rink.

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    Best Places To Stay In Monaco

    As you can presume, a hotel in Monaco can be quite expensive. If you desire to enjoy the glamour of a stay in Monaco there a lot of options available. Either Monte Carlo and Monaco Ville are good areas to stay.

    However, if you want to visit the Principality, but you budget is reduced, you dont need to stay in Monaco. A good option is to go to Monaco for a day trip, during your stay in Nice.

    Right behind the Princes Palace of Monaco, there is a street towards the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. After reach the front of the Museum, with a beautiful view of Monacos Port, you can follow the signs to the Fort Antoine. Behind the fort, there is an artificial beach, called summer open-air theatre. Is a local place, to enjoy a summer day. You can also swim in the cold water of the Mediterranean sea.

    Best Hostel For Backpackers Monte Carlo: Forum Hotel

    Monaco France

    Our top pick for backpackers in Monaco, this three-star hotel is surprisingly well priced given its lavish location! Rooms are fully air-conditioned and come with high-speed WiFi access, safes and soundproofing.

    There is an excellent restaurant on-site that serves Mediterranean cuisine, as well as a small bar where you can mingle with other guests.

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    Old Town And The Princes Palace Of Monaco

    Monaco is divided into four districts: Monaco-Ville, La Condamine, Monte Carlo and Fontvieille.

    Each district has its charms, but as a first time visitor, the area you should prioritize is definitely Monaco-Ville, particularly the Old Town, which is home to a variety of Monacos most important attractions, including the Princes Palace of Monaco.

    Plus, golden pedestrianized alleyways make this area an absolute dream to explore. Have I mentioned that drooling while taking photos is completely free?

    If youre able to, feel free to time your visit for the Changing of the Guards, which is a free spectacle that you can admire from the Palace Square daily at 11:55am.

    NOTE: You can also opt for a tour of the interior if you want a closer look.

    Where To Stay In Monte Carlo

    Best Air BnB in Monte Carlo Tinas Air BnB

    Tinas Air BnB is the best Air BnB in Monte Carlo

    Furnished perfectly, this studio apartment has all the essential amenities you need for a cushy Monaco getaway. For starters, it has a fridge, coffee, microwave, shampoo, soap, and a whole lot more.

    And, youll love its convenient location since its a 2-minute stroll away from the famed Monaco Casino. Theres also a full-packed supermarket where you may stock up on our everyday needs in Monaco.

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    I Hope You Enjoyed This Guide To Monaco On A Budget

    At the end of the day, Monaco is a lovely place and you should take the time to see it, regardless of what your budget is.

    The first time I visited, I was a frumpy little high schooler on an organized school tour. Even then, I remember being blown away by the colour of the water and the endless display of yachts!

    It was truly like something out of a postcard. I felt the same way when I revisited years later.

    Maybe one day Ill be making enough of the big bucks to call Monaco home?

    HA just kidding Id be better off attempting to marry rich. Wish me luck!

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