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Where To Stay In Mt Rainier National Park

Where To Stay In Olympic National Park

Visit Longmire: Gateway to Mount Rainier

If youve decided that Olympic National Park is the place for you, then youre going to need to find a place to stay in or around the park. If youre not keen on camping, then you will find that there are lots of accommodation options near the park entrance for you to choose from. If youre wondering where to stay, then have a look at these suggestions:

Olympic Lodge Located in Port Angeles, this is a perfect place to stay if youre looking a luxury accommodation option when exploring Olympic National Park. They have a number of plush rooms available, a beautiful location, a swimming pool and even a restaurant on site.

Emerald Valley Inn Situated in Port Angeles within easy access to the park entrance, this cosy inn makes for a fantastic base near Olympic National Park. They have a range of quaint rooms available, provide free parking for guests, and there is a restaurant on site.

Greenhouse Inn by the Bay Located in the town of Sequim, this convivial bed and breakfast is the perfect place to stay if youre looking for something cosy and comfortable near Olympic National Park. They have a number of lovely rooms available, an inviting garden to relax in and a great breakfast is included in the nightly rate.

Where To Stay At Mount Rainier National Park

There are quite a few options when it comes to where to stay at Mount Rainier. From campgrounds in the park, cabins and Airbnbs nearby, national park managed lodges, free campsites, and more, were covering quite a few options below, organized by region and type.Want to just do a day trip from Seattle? We are also including a few lodging options in Seattle as well! Make sure to check out our 3 Days in Seattleguide for things to do!

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What To Bring To Hike The Tolmie Peak Trail

  • Water: I would suggest at least 1.5 2 liters of water as the hike has a lot of uphill and part of the hike is exposed
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses: The trail is partially exposed and can be very sunny and hot. I personally love this sunscreen.
  • Hiking Shoes: You dont NEED hiking shoes but I always suggest hiking shoes for comfort, support and traction
  • Hiking Poles not needed but would be helpful! There are some steeper uphill parts when I wish I had my poles, but you can do the hike without the poles
  • Mosquito head net: Never in my life have I seen these, but we saw so many people with this head net on the trail! The mosquitoes are CRAZY on the Tolmie Peak hike in the summer and I got 5 bug bites on my face alone. I would definitely recommend this during the hike. If you want to be more protected, perhaps get the Mosquito suit to provide your body and arms.

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Things To Do At Mount Rainier National Park

View from Naches Peak Loop

With 5 areas of the park to explore, there are so many things to do at Mount Rainier, including both short hikes, longer hikes, and quick stops on the side of the road. Were listing all of our top suggestions below, sorted by region of the park, and with asterisks by our must-do options to help you in case youre having a hard time deciding. Make sure to keep scrolling to see some of our itinerary suggestions as well!We recommend checking AllTrails and the Washington Trails Association before your trip to see current trail conditions and reviews.

Copper Creek Inn Cabins And Restaurant

Guide to visiting Mt Rainier National Park, WA

This historic retreat is situated in Mt. Rainier, and is also a Puget Sound waterfront cottagedepending on location, of course. The Copper Creek Inn is known for its upscale woodland cabins and suites, a decadent on-site restaurant, and its proximity to two pristine destinations in Washington. One is two miles from the entrance of Mt. Rainier, while the other location serves as a waterfront vacation home on Puget Sound, just west of Olympia. Depending on what sort of getaway youre looking for, youll be able to indulge in an unforgettable experience at one of the best properties in the Northwest. For more information, visit


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Where To Stay Inside Mount Rainier National Park

Inside the park, you only have a few options. Well split them between hotels and lodges, which only exist in Paradise, and campgrounds, which are found in each region.

If youre not interested in camping and you want to stay near either Sunrise or Ohanapecosh, youll have to stay outside the park, which will add some travel time each day.

Hotels and Lodges Inside the Park

If you want to stay inside the park, which is definitely going to be the best experience in terms of travel time to and from your lodging to trailheads, you essentially only have two options in Mount Rainier National Park.

As is the case with most lodging inside national parks around the country, the park lodging at Mount Rainier National Park leaves something to be desired in terms of style and maintenance, especially when you consider the price youre paying.

Wed suggest looking at it a little differently. Instead of paying for all the modern amenities, youre paying for the ambiance and convenience of having all the beauty that Rainier has to offer right outside your front door. And, crucially, the ability to sleep an extra half hour and still make it to the trailhead earlier than most.

If youre looking for something a little more stylish and comfortable, we have options below this section in Ashford, Packwood, and along Highway 410 near Enumclaw / Crystal Mountain for you.

The Paradise Inn
The National Park Inn

Campgrounds Inside the Park

Cougar Rock Campground
White River Campground

Super Cute Cabin Near Mt Rainier

There are few places as charming as the Super Cute cabin near Mt. Rainier National Park. This cozy property is suitable for up to 3 guests in its 1 bedroom and 1 bath.

There is an outdoor shower, hot tub , and comfortable living space for a weekend away at Mt. Rainier NP. There is also a pull-out sofa bed. This is a great place for a couple that is alone or with one small child. It has wifi, heating, a kitchen, and more.

For the perfect Mt. Rainier trip, head to the Rainier Cabin with a hot tub, sauna, and wood stove. Perfect for up to two guests, it has one bedroom and one bath and a lot of privacy as it is nestled in the forest.

You will find the hot tub right out the back door and an infrared sauna that fits two people inside. The cabin is merely 5 minutes from the park and you will find many trails and unique things to explore in the area.

The bedroom has a queen-size bed. You will also find wifi, free parking, a fully-equipped kitchen, an indoor fireplace, and much more!

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Attractions Near The Paradise Inn

Step outside of the inns doors and youll immediately find yourself surrounded by breathtaking alpine scenery.

Paradise, which got its name after James Longmires daughter-in-law Martha exclaimed oh, what a paradise! when first seeing the area, is home to glorious meadows of wildflowers and jaw-dropping views.

This is the start of the ultra-popular Skyline Trail Loop, a 5.5-mile circuit through alpine meadows, across slopes, past cascades and waterfalls.

The vistas are sensational, wildlife encounters common. It is the best hike in Mount Rainier National Park.

If youre looking for a quick stroll, hike the paved 0.5-mile section of the Skyline Trail to stunning Myrtle Falls. Alternatively, another excellent trail in the Paradise area is the Reflection Lakes Loop.

You can find lots more information about lodging in and around Mount Rainier National Park on the parks website.

Have You Ever Stayed At One of These Great Accommodations in Mount Rainier National Park? Share Your National Parks Experience Below!

Different Regions Of Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park | Day trip from Seattle, WA

Mount Rainier National Park is approximately 369 square miles in size and is made up of 5 developed areas to explore. Each area is home to tons of great hikes, visitor centers, and views. Below is insight into each area, including where they are located, some highlights of the area, and important things to know before visiting.We will also be breaking down future sections of this guide by region to make it easier for planning!

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A Quick Primer On Mount Rainiers Geography

Before we can talk about where you should stay, we need to talk about Mount Rainiers geography.

Mount Rainier National Park covers 369 square miles in southwestern Washington, which means it certainly isnt the biggest national park in the country, but its sizable enough that the logistics matter.

For our purposes here, there are four parts of the park that you should know about.

Heres a map to help you visualize.

The biggest issue with Rainier is that the two most interesting and exciting areas Paradise and Sunrise are basically on opposite sides of the Mountain, which means that it takes a full 90 minutes to drive between them.

This is why it matters where you stay when you visit Mount Rainier.

Alexanders Lodge At Mt Rainier

Alexanders Lodge has served visitors and locals alike since its opening in 1912which means that not only do they understand good hospitality, they also know all of the best hidden gems to visit while youre in the area. The property features on-site staff, a hiking trail and pond, rooms that boast as much character as they do complete coziness, WiFi, and a breakfast basket thats delivered straight to your room each morningto keep in line with COVID restrictions, of course. For more information, visit

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Where To Stay In Mount Rainier National Park

ByAllison WilliamsWithCharlotte AustinJuly 19, 2012Published in the issue ofSeattle Met

Under a Roof

National Park InnOpen year-round and snow free before almost anything else in the park, Longmire serves as a kind of home base for Mount Rainier operations. Most of the 25 hotel rooms are small and have shared bathrooms, but theres elbow room on a chair-lined front porch, the perfect place to eat ice cream and view the mountain. mtrainierguestservices.comLONGMIRE

Paradise InnRecent renovations have spruced up the circa-1916 hotel, but its true charms are the unchanged stone fireplaces on both ends of the massive great room. Under the steep roofall the better to shake the record snowfallare dormer windows, snug rooms, and thick wooden beams. mtrainierguestservices.comPARADISE

Alta Crystal ResortThe family that runs this hotel northwest of the mountain is more than hospitable, its involved. Like put–marshmallows-on-your-smore-stick-at-the-evening-campfire involved. A heated outdoor pool and hot tub sit near the front of the property, while an isolated honeymoon cabin is discretely tucked into the woods. altacrystalresort.comNEAR CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN

Wellspring SpaThe best log cabins on this woody compound have a full kitchen, a Jacuzzi tub, feather beds, and fireplaces made of massive river rocks another has a private Zen garden. Outdoor hot tubs also dot the property. wellspringspa.comAshford

Best Time To Visit Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington  Travel Explore Enjoy

The summer and early fall is the best time to visit Mount Rainier National Park. This is when all of the roads will be open and many hiking trails will be free of snow. During the summer months, the weather is also the warmest and driest of the year.

The wildflowers typically bloom from mid-July through mid-August. If you want to see Mount Rainier during the peak blooming season, plan your visit for early August.

In the spring and fall, the weather is damp and chilly. During the winter months, massive amounts of snow can fall in the park. It is not unusual for Paradise to get over 50 feet of snow each winter.

During the winter months, you can visit Paradise and go snow shoeing, sledding, skiing, and snowboarding. Snowmobiling is permitted in the southwest corner of the park.

In early fall, several main roads close in the park and dont reopen to mid to late-spring, cutting off access to some of the best places to visit in Mount Rainier.

Road Closures in Mount Rainier National Park

Here are the opening and closing dates for the roads in the park:

  • Stevens Canyon Road: open during the summer and early fall
  • Sunrise Road: opens in late June or early July and closes in late September or early October
  • Chinook Pass and Cayuse Pass: Chinook Pass and Cayuse Pass are generally open from Memorial Day through mid-November, depending on snowfall

For updates on road status, visit the National Park Service website.

Bench Lake

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Cozy Forest House With Sauna And Hot Tub

This cozy forest house comes equipped with all of the things to make you feel like youve escaped the city for a luxury Mt. Rainier getaway. The cabin hosts up to 6 guests in its two bedrooms and one bath.

Cabana del Osos is surrounded by the forest on three sides and you can hear the sounds of a creek in the distance. It truly is a relaxing getaway from the city.

You will find a 6-person cedar hot tub, a 6-person cedar sauna, wooden stove, BBQ area, fire pit, breakfast bar, and more. Pets are allowed with a surcharge of $25.

One bedroom has a queen-size bed and a bunk bed while the other has a king-size bed in it. It also hs heating and air-conditioning, as well as an indoor fireplace.

This cozy A-frame cabin near Mt. Rainier is a fantastic value for your money and a wonderful place for up to 8 guests. It has three bedrooms and 1 bath.

Surrounded by 10 acres of lush forest, it is only 8 minutes from the Mt. Rainier National Park entrance. There are 3 private rooms , a large deck, and a gorgeous hot tub located outside to enjoy in the evenings with your friends or family.

All three bedrooms have a queen-size bed. The Ashford, WA property also has wifi, free parking, a fully-equipped kitchen, an indoor fireplace, a washer/dryer unit, and more.

If youre seeking a large cabin for a group of friends or family, this beautiful and modern Packwood cabin is the perfect place for a weekend . Hosting up to 7 people, it has 2 baths and 3 bedrooms.

Getting To Mount Rainier National Park

If visiting from outside of Washington, Seattle Tacoma International Airport is the main airport in Western Washington and the best airport to fly into to visit Mount Rainier. Here is how far you can expect to drive to different areas of the park from the airport.To Carbon River and Mowich: 1-1.5 hoursTo Longmire: 1.5-2 hoursTo Sunrise: 2-2.5 hours

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Best Town To Stay In While Seeing Mount Ranier For Two Days

Hi – we are going to Mount Ranier for two days in August – the park inns are all full – which town do you recommend staying in for the best location to the park for seeing the sights? Thank you!!

No matter where you stay you’ll end up driving. Ashford, Packwood and Crystal Mt all work. I might lean toward Packwood with 2 days, since you’ll want to see Sunrise, which is pretty far from Ashford. The entrance near Ashford gets the longest entry lines so come in early if you stay there.

I prefer Ashford because I like a couple of the accommodations there although they are not cheap in August. It is true that the entrance is popular so get early starts. I like the Nisqually Inn And Alexander’s. I have not stayed at Alexander’s in many many years, but the food was good then. Start searching for rooms now wherever you decide to stay.

Lodging In The Mount Rainier Area

Journey Around the Mountain: Exploring Mount Rainier National Park with Audio Description

Live the mountain life! Visit the Mount Rainier region for a few days of nature, beauty, fun, and adventure.

You deserve more than a day trip. When it comes to accommodations, theres so much to choose from! The region has an abundance of cozy cabins, vacation rentals, historic lodges, inns, and resorts. Find your perfect basecamp for a romantic getaway, weekend retreat, solo escape, or kid-friendly family vacation.

Use the checkboxes below or the letters at right to filter your results. To reset the results, un-check the box you selected, or click the “Any” label in the alphabet filter.

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The 6 Best Hotels Near Mt Rainier National Park: Our Picks

The Pacific Northwest is full of vibrant life and majestic scenery that you wont see elsewhere in the country. When you visit the area, an assured visit will be the Mount Rainier National Park. These 370 square miles are set aside as the nations fifth national park in 1899 and has attracted millions of visitors since.

Whether you are here to enjoy the scenery with a wildflower meadow picnic or if youre attempting to stand atop the mountains snowy peak, this national park has a variety of seasonal activities for you to enjoy at every level your adventurous spirit can take you.

Hiking, climbing, and biking trails are clearly marked, the boating ramps and plentiful fishing provide relaxing water activities, and in the winter there are snowshoe trails, skiing, snowmobile and snowboarding trails and child-friendly sledding as well. Below are our six options for the best hotels near Mt Rainier National Park.

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