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Where To Stay In Napoli

Our Final Thoughts On Where To Stay In Naples

ð?ï¸? The Top 10 things to do in Naples | WHAT to do in Naples & WHERE to go, by the locals ð?

Naples is one of the coolest cities in Italy and the crowned world-capital of pizza. Nested between the Vesuvius and the Thyrrenian Sea, it also offers beautiful historical sights dating back from the Greek times and flowing along the centuries up to today.

The Centro Storico, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is my number one choice for where to stay in Naples. It is the true heart of Naples and the charm of its narrow cobbled streets has swept me off my feet.

My recommendation for the best hotel in Naples is Pizzasleep, where you will find comfortable rooms with an ensuite bathroom and air conditioning.

If you are travelling on a budget, Hostello Felice is the most beautiful hostel in the city and is worth the extra commute time as it is not located in the hyper centre.

Have I missed your favourite place in Naples? Let me know in the comments! Ciao!

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Toledo E Quartieri Spagnoli Where To Stay In Naples On A Budget

Its name refers both to the sixteenth-century Via Toledo , with its smart shops and smarter clientele, and to the Spanish Quarter on either side of it.

Streets lead off Via Toledo into the Quartieri Spagnoli, created for the citys Spanish rulers in the past, but now a traditional and very authentic Neapolitan neighbourhood.

Via Toledo doesnt only provide retail and coffee shops for tourists .

The Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano has acquired an excellent selection of Italian and Neapolitan paintings, covering the period between the seventeenth and early twentieth century.

The best is arguably The Martyrdom of St Ursula, Caravaggios last work, made even more moving by the inclusion of the artist anxiously watching the scene, as if death was on his mind.

In the same street, the ornate Teatro San Carlo takes pride in being Italys biggest opera house. Guided tours are available, and there is a theatre museum in the Palazzo Reale. Opposite the theatre is the sumptuous shopping mall of the historic Galleria Umberto I.

Still in the Spanish Quarter, the thirteenth-century Castel Nuovo was once a favourite among intellectuals. The castle holds some fresco pieces by Giotto and a good collection of Neapolitan art, with some Roman ruins beneath the glass floor of the Sala dellArmeria.

Festivals that take place at the museum include one for Baroque Music in January, and springtimes Festival MANN, which puts on plays, concerts, films and art.

Posillipo For An Upper Class Experience

Posillipo, located in a southern area of Naples, is a wealthy neighborhood. It has some beautiful rocky beaches, some good restaurants and some upper class nightlife.

Perched on a hillside rich with greenery, Posillipo was once called Pausilypon, which means respite from worry in ancient Greek, and that sums up its two-thousand-plus years of existence.

The Romans settled here in the first century AD, erecting affluent villas that faced the Bay of Naples and the island of Capri, a life-style that continues today.

The terraces of the popular public park of Parco Virgiliano give perfect views of the sparkling sea, stunning coastline, and little bays. Its grounds offer play and sports facilities, an amphitheatre and a fountain.

Around the parks entrance, shaded by a line of pine trees, the Posillipo Market sets out its stalls on Thursdays, selling everything from designer clothing to household fabrics.

See what life was like for earlier residents of Posillipo with a look at whats left of a Roman villa, baths and an amphitheatre at Pausilypon Archaeological Park, or view submerged buildings through the glass bottom of a boat at Gaiola Underwater Park.

The artist J M W Turner sketched the beachside Villas at Posillipo, Naples, including the Palazzo DonnAnna and Palazzo della Rocella in 1819. Close to the Palazzo DonnAnna, Villa Emma was owned by Sir William Hamilton, British ambassador to the King of Naples.

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Best Hotel In Vomero Villa Albina

Best places to stay in Naples 2020 [TOP 7 AREAS for ...

Villa Albina offers modernly decorated rooms fitted with air conditioning and an ensuite bathroom in Vomero. During the summer, guests can relax in the quiet garden, or enjoy a drink at the bar. A good breakfast is served every morning. The front desk provides luggage storage, a maid service and a wake-up service.

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Take Extra Measures On The Circumvesuviana

The Circumvesuviana train seems to be the root of many issues affecting tourists in Naples. If you want to be extra safe, take the Campania Express train instead.

For an extra fee, you can get to places like Pompeii, Vesuvius and Sorrento quicker. Its a premium express train that only stops on the touristy places. Locals dont tend to use it.

If you still want to board the Circumvesuviana, at least board it in Porta Nolana instead of Garibaldi train station. Its less crowded, so it will guarantee you a seat.

Not only this is more convenient, its an additional protection to potential pickpockets who normally target people next to the door.

Historic Centre Where To Stay In Naples For First Time

Naples has one of the largest historical centres in the world. The Centro Storico, declared UNESCO World Heritage, is a labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets, old medieval houses, pleasant piazzas and baroque churches.

This area will plunge you straight into the citys history and culture, so head for the cathedral Il Duomo first. Started in 1272, it suffered major damage in several earthquakes, but still contains important frescoes and canvases, and the relics of San Gennaro , the citys patron saint.

From the fourth-century Basilica di Santa Restituta, visitors can reach the Battistero di San Giovanni in Fonte, the oldest baptistery in Western Europe, which is decorated with pieces of fourth-century mosaics.

Three times a year people gather at the cathedral to commemorate the liquefaction of the saints blood in a phial on his feast day of 19 September, on 16 December , and in early May to mark the date when all missing relics of San Gennaro had been returned to the church.

Other religious festivals take place here, and around the city. On 17 January, the feast day of SantAntonio Abate sees bonfires burning in all districts, while dressing up and traditional sweets are in order for Carnevale, prior to Lent.

Holy Week is a big event in Italy, and all the churches in Naples take part, bringing out their Madonnas and parading them through the streets.

The month before, Wine and the City involves tastings of local wines, food and entertainment around Naples.

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Best Hostel In Vomero La Controra Hostel Naples

La Controra Hostel is located within walking distance of the Vomero neighbourhood in Naples. There, you will enjoy the spacious garden where you can relax during the hot summer days. Inside, dorm beds and private rooms with an ensuite bathroom are available. Free wifi and a fully equipped kitchen can be used at your convenience.

Why Is Naples Italy Dangerous

1 night in Naples: What to Do, Where to Stay ð?¸

Like in any big city in Europe, pickpocketing, bag snatching and fraud at street markets can occur in Naples. It’s mostly small crime of convenience which can be relatively safeguarded with some basic safety rules. As for violent crime, is extremely rare amongst tourists.

Where to Stay in Naples

  • Centro Storico Where to stay in Naples your first time.
  • Quartieri Spagnoli Where to stay in Naples on a budget.
  • Vomero Best area to stay in Naples for nightlife.
  • Chiaia Coolest place to stay in Naples.
  • Piazza del Plebiscito Best neighbourhood in Naples for families.

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Quiet Apartment In Vomero Charming Home Near The Nightlife Of Vomero

This serene living space has captivating views and will leave you in awe from the moment you wake up to the end of the day. From the balcony, you can set your gaze on the sea as you breathe in the breeze on an early morning enjoying complimentary breakfast. You conveniently have the view of Golfo di Napoli and Capri which are both must-see attractions in Naples.

Historical Center Where To Stay In Naples For First Time Tourists

There is only one place to start when it comes to Naples, which is Naples Old Town or Centro Storico, the historic center of the city, which was constructed 3000 years ago. The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.

This is the part of the city that draws the majority of the tourists in, as it is known for providing many of the most legendary attractions Naples has to offer.

Churches, historical monuments, squares, shrines, and mansions, all dating back to the Roman era, fill ancient, winding roads, beneath which mazes of underground passages provide even more incredible things to see.

Start from Piazza del Plebiscito, a grand square which was built 19th century as a tribute to the French Emperor Napoleon. Nearby, you will find the huge domed church San Francesco di Paola, the 17th-century Royal Palace, the imposing medieval castle Castel Nuovo.

Among the most prominent attractions are the Basilica Di Santa Chiara, a recreation of the original 14th-century cloistered church that was destroyed during the 2nd world war, and the Capella Sanservo, a beautiful chapel, filled with sculptures and works of art.

Perhaps its most impressive attraction is the Naples Cathedral , a stunning, 13th-century piece of architecture. It is filled with glorious works of art and mosaics, as well as the Royal Chapel Of The Treasure Of San Gennaro and its beautiful altars.

Where to Stay in Centro Storico:

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Renting A Car In Naples

If youre a confident driver and dont mind taking your Naples vacation to the road, definitely consider renting a car.

I actually find the Italian train system to be not as bad as so many people say, so I have never considered this an option, but it may be for you. Definitely study the road rules of Italy before going out and driving around.

Things To See And Do In Fifth Avenue South:

Best hotels and places to stay in Naples, Italy ...
  • Dine on delicious American dishes at 7th Avenue Social
  • Eat fresh seafood at Aqua.
  • Enjoy happy hour at Bar Tulia.
  • Feast on an incredible meal at Chops City Grill.
  • Grab a quick snack at Brooks Gourmet Burgers and Dogs.
  • Sample a variety of sophisticated cocktails at HobNob Kitchen and Bar.
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth at Grace and Shellys Cupcakes.
  • Sip pints at Paddy Murphys Irish Pub.
  • Start your day with an amazing cappuccino at The Brick Coffee & Bar.
  • Work on your tan at Naples Beach.

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Chic House In Piazza Del Plebiscito Historic Peaceful Family Home

After a long day, settle into this charming, chic home. The owners have renovated it to meet modern-day standards with a touch of historic character left. You will be within walking distance of the Ferry, making it easy to get the family in and out of the daily excursions as gracefully as possible. Vomera is also close to the home with lots of local restaurants to choose from. You can ask the owners for any recommendations, they love helping their guest enjoy their stay.

Spacious Apartment In Piazza Del Plebiscito Modern Family Home

Travelling with your family? This wont be a problem with this great Airbnb. Accommodating up to 8 people, the apartment offers enough space for everyone and even more. Youll be close to all of the amazing attractions in the area, as well as delicious restaurants and cute little cafes. Designed with an eye for detail, youll be greeted with a very welcoming and relaxing vibe.

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Vomero Where To Stay In Naples For Nightlife

Located in a hilly part of the city, Vomero is an upper middle class neighborhood. From there, you will get amazing views over the Historic Centre, the Gulf of Naples and the Vesuvius.

Get away from the busy city to this hilltop district, reached by funicular railway. Relax in a café and admire the views, or try one of the famous Neapolitan ice creams at a gelateria gelato is a must-know word!

Shop at the stores of Piazza Vanvitelli, or head to the medieval fortress of Castel SantElmo for more incredible vistas.

Sports fans will be keen to catch a game of football or rugby at the Stadio Arturo Collana, home ground to Internapoli. If they cant get tickets, they can drop in at one of the sports bars which display scarves in the colours of various teams, and serve a selection of beers.

Call in at the former monastery that now houses the Certosa e Museo di San Martino, with its paintings, sculptures and frescoes. Its church boasts some beautiful artworks, and exquisite inlaid marble by Cosimo Fanzago, who also worked on the two cloisters.

The Sezione Navale covers Bourbon naval history, complemented by some royal barges, just a section of the treasures in this fascinating complex.

The oldest part of Vomero is Antignano, which goes back to Roman times. Its architectural styles are mixed, and its a pleasant district to wander around.

During day time you will have a lot to do. At night you will not get bored. Vomero offers a hectic nightlife.

Hilltop Hotels: Vomero And Posillipo

A WEEKEND in NAPOLI | Where to stay and what to do

If you are looking for a hotel that’s a little out of the ordinary and want to enjoy an authentically local neighborhood, or if this isn’t your first visit to the city and you’d like to explore a little further afield, we suggest you consider booking an accommodation in one of Naples’ two hillside neighborhoods: Vomero and Posillipo. These areas are elegant and safe, home to upscale restaurants, clubs, markets, and shops of all kinds.

Posillipo is a neighborhood known for its spectacular views over the Bay of Naples, but it is not well-connected to the rest of the city. Choose this area if you want to take a break from the urban bustle or if you want to take a deep dive into the true Neapolitan marine culture and traditions.

Vomero is home to a handful of important landmarks, including Castel Sant’Elmo the Charterhouse of San Martino. You can also easily reach the Parco Virgiliano from this area, with its breathtaking views over the islet of Nisida. From Vomero, you can take a jaunt to the Capodimonte district, where the famed palace, garden, and museum are located.

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Places To Stay In Naples To See The City From Above: Posillipo

Posillipo Hill is like our version of Malibu . This residential district was annexed to the municipality only in 1925 and has the most beautiful view on the Gulf of Naples. The area started growing as a place for the rich citizens to build beautiful homes away from the crowds, in 1812. Unfortunately, during World War II many historical buildings were damaged, but not all of them!

Why Im sure that Posillipo is one of the very best places to stay in Naples? Well, maybe because here theres Villa Rosebery, which is one of the 3 official residences of the President of the Italian Republic! A bit like 10 Downing Street, which youll be familiar with if youve visited London.

This breathtaking building is only open to the public for a few days every year and has the very best view on our beloved sea.

Posillipo is where so many celebrities, football players, actors and politicians live: here every house can cost billions. Did I already mention that its just like Malibu? In case youre planning a spring trip to Italy, know that Posillipo will be gorgeous!

The only downside of Posillipo Hill is that you will have to make it do with bus stops and the funicular. And that it can be a bit pricey to lodge here. Your best option can be the BW Signature Collection Hotel Paradiso, in a central position, near a few funicular stops, and with an amazing view on the Gulf of Naples.

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