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Where To Stay In Northern Iceland

Hsavik The Best Place To Stay In Iceland For A Whale Watching Tour

Where to stay in Iceland

Húsavikis a beautiful town due to its picturesque appearance and its remote location, in the north of Iceland. If I recommend you stay here, it is because its the place to catch the best whale watching tours in Iceland. Furthermore, its a beautiful and charming village.

With a little luck, you will see the humpback whales that come to the bay to feed during the summer and even puffins that form large colonies on one of the islands in the bay. The tours start very early in the morning, so if you want to book one of them, I recommend spending the night here, as we did the year we saw whales in Iceland.

Húsavik, the best place to stay in Iceland for a whale watching tour

The hotels in Iceland that I recommend in this area are:

What Are Current Iceland Travel Restrictions

Iceland travel restrictions are subject to change on June 15, but at present, passengers traveling to Iceland need to pre-register via Iceland’s official government website. Vaccinated travelers and anyone previously infected with COVID-19 must show proof of their vaccine certificate and do not need to take a COVID test prior to traveling.

Vaccinated travelers are still required to take a test upon arrival . Unvaccinated passengers from low risk countries are permitted to travel as long as they adhere to testing and quarantine regulations. You can find more information about current rules and travel restrictions here.

While border requirements are subject to change by June 15, it’s expected that if anything, restrictions will only be loosened. It’s also important to follow government guidelines, which you can find here, as well as driving conditions around the island which you can find here.

Things To See And Do In Midborg

  • See the spectacular Hallgrimskirkja church that towers above the city. Climb to the top for an unbeatable view of colourful and quaint Reykjavik.
  • Visit the Perlan , a former hot water storage tank that is now home to a world-class restaurant, cafeteria, and a great view.
  • Explore the displays and exhibits at the National Museum of Iceland.
  • Jump back in time to the Viking Age at the Settlement Exhibition.
  • Learn about volcanoes, lava, magma and more at The Volcano House.
  • Catch a performance at the architecturally beautiful Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre.
  • See the Sun Voyager, a stainless steel sculpture that glistens beside the sea.
  • Snap a picture of the interesting and quirky Monument to the Unknown Bureaucrat.
  • Wander amongst the statues at Einar Jónsson Outdoor Sculpture Garden.
  • Take a swim at Nauthólsvík, a geothermal beach where the ocean water is warm and comfortable for swimming.

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Accommodation In Southeast Iceland

To explore the and the , your best option is to find a hotel in or Höfn, two of the closest towns to these must-see places in Iceland. Despite being very small, both have a number of hotels, hostels, apartments and even campsites where visitors can stay before continuing their route to the north of Iceland.

Hlidar Neighborhood Where To Stay In Reykjavik On A Budget

Where to Stay in Iceland to See the Northern Lights

Hlidar is a neighbourhood in central Reykjavik, a short walk from the east side of downtown. The Icelandic Phallological Museum, Skal!, and the Reykjavik Museum of Art are just a few of the attractions that make this one of the top neighbourhoods in Reykjavik.

Relatively quiet, this residential neighbourhood is popular amongst students and young people. It is also here that youll find the highest concentration of Reykjaviks backpacker hostels and budget hotels.

While the term budget is relative in Reykjavik, this is the best area to stay if you are trying to conserve your money. Enjoy all the perks of downtown Reykjavik without the high prices.

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Best Airbnb In Midborg: Beautiful Reykjavik Studio

Not often do you find spacious, modern studio apartments for such an affordable price in Iceland. Sure, its definitely not the cheapest, however, if you use the Airbnbs full capacity of 4 guests and split the bill at the end, itll turn out cheaper than a hostel. The space is super modern, bright and sparkling clean. Theres a comfy living area with a massive TV, perfect for a lazy day indoors. The location couldnt be better either, youll be based on the main street of the absolute centre of Reykjavik.

Accommodation In The Westfjords

Not many travellers have the time to visit the spectacular Westfjords those who do, however, discover a remote world of incredible beauty. If possible, it is worth spending several days here, to see the many awe-inspiring wonders and navigate the breathtaking fjords.

There are very few settlements in the area, however, and none of them large the Capital of the Westfjords, Ísafjörður, has less than a thousand residents. Thus, pre-booking hotels here is as vital as in the rest of the country.

The two best settlements to stay in or around are Ísafjörður, in the northern part of the Westfjords, and Patreksfjörður, in the southern part. Less than 20km from the former is the HI Korpudalur Youth Hostel for those on a lower budget such travellers may also enjoy staying at Guesthouse Áslaug, which has everything from shared accommodation to private rooms.

Visitors seeking a deluxe room can find one at Horn Hotel and Torg Hotel these hotels also have standard rooms for those seeking comfort but not extravagance.

Hotels similar to this can be found at Patreksfjörður both Hotel West and Fosshotel Westfjords have a mix of standard and superior rooms. Hotel Breiðavík has a range of possible lodgings, from double bedrooms with en suites, to shared sleeping bag accommodation.

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Grand Hotel Reykjavik The Northern Lights Hotel In Reykjavik

If youre looking for a more standard hotel from which to see the Northern Lights in Iceland, the Grand Hotel Reykjavik offers all the standards of normal hotels coupled with top design and quality.

5. Grand Hotel Reykjavik, the Northern Lights hotel in Reykjavik

From here, youll have quick access to many great locations to chase the Aurora in Iceland and you can always take a Northern Lights Photo Tour from Reykjavik to increase the chances of seeing the aurora.

Where Is The Best Place To See The Northern Lights

Finding Northern Lights in Iceland – Iceland Road Trip Guide (Ep 2)

For the best possible chance of seeing the lights, travel out of Reykjavik to a place with no light pollution. Favorite locations include Thingvellir National Park and the Blue Lagoon. For those who enjoy being close to the sea, the Snaefellsnes peninsula is also a favorite spot. The Jökulsárión glacial lagoon is ideal for photographers. The colorful night sky is juxtaposed with the whiteness of the icebergs in the lagoon. Skógafoss is another iconic place to photograph the Northern Lights. This mighty waterfall lies close to the little town of Skógar. The waterfall is south facing, so you can take some fantastic photographs of the lights reflecting in the river.

Another possible vantage point to view the lights is on top of Reykjaviks tall buildings, like the Hallgrímskirkja or Perlan. The Grotta Lighthouse, just outside town, is another popular location. For the ultimate viewing experience, you can opt to relax in a hot tub or a hot spring lagoon. Round out the experience with the perfect tours and packages that incorporate a Northern Lights viewing.

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Best Airbnb In Reykjavik: Beautiful Reykjavik Studio

Not often do you find spacious, modern studio apartments for such an affordable price in Iceland. Sure, its definitely not the cheapest, however, if you use the Airbnbs full capacity of 4 guests and split the bill at the end, itll turn out cheaper than a hostel. The space is super modern, bright and sparkling clean. Theres a comfy living area with a massive TV, perfect for a lazy day indoors. The location couldnt be better either, youll be based on the main street of the absolute centre of Reykjavik.

Best Airbnb In Midborg: Perfectly Located Apartment

Recline on a chaise sofa with a book in this stylish Scandinavian style living room. Muted pastel green and subway tile backsplash are combined within a cozy kitchen while enchanting artwork adorns the walls of an understated dining area.

The apartment is located right behind Hallgrimskirkja Church, and about a 5-minute walk from the main bus terminal. Steps away youll find the best restaurants, bars, and shops downtown Reykjavik has to offer.

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Best Places To Stay In The Westman Islands

Most visitors to Iceland that make it to the Westman Islands only go as a day trip. Once youre there, we guarantee that youll wish you had stayed longer.

During the summer months puffins and other nesting sea birds love to make the Westman Islands their home. Theres things to do like hiking the infamous volcano that erupted and covered most of it like a modern day Pompeii, golfers will love the 18-hole golf course that is considered one of the most unique in the world and you wont want to miss a rib boat ride around one of the newest islands on the planet.

The Best Places To Stay In Reykjavik

Where To Stay In Iceland: The 5 Coolest Airbnbs

In the small, compact downtown neighborhood of Midborg, youll get to discover some of the best shops, cafes, and restaurants Iceland has to offer. Its the best place to stay for nightlife, as its the capitals dedicated entertainment zone! While there are other great neighborhoods worthy of exploring, staying in Midborg ensures a lively stay! Some of Reykjaviks best Airbnbs are around here.

Best Airbnb in Reykjavik Downtown Luxury Comfort Room

This private room in an apartment will certainly make you feel like youre right at home. Youll be just 600 meters away from the harbor, which has recently evolved into a hip restaurant scene. So, you will love walking along the waters, marvelling at the boats, and nibbling on some of Icelands most innovative dishes! Moreover, the hosts of this Airbnb allow full access to the kitchen and dining room. And free public parking across the street is an added perk.

Best Hostel in Reykjavik Galaxy Pod Hostel

Galaxy Pod Hostel sure does live up to its name! Designed to emulate actual space pods, these are no regular dorm bunk beds! They also have a self-service kitchen, a movie room, and a social lounge. Enjoy a trip to infinity and beyond in this hostel. Yes, youre practically guaranteed a memorable experience in your own pod. Leave the days of dorm beds behind!

Best Hotel in Reykjavik Heidas Home

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The Best Places To Stay In Husavik

As Husavik is a tiny settlement in Iceland, you definitely want to get your accommodation secured well in advance. There arent a ton of options out there! But we dug deep and found the best ones for you and your family.

Best Airbnb in Husavik Quiet Apartment

This two-bedroom and one bathroom apartment comes with a total of three beds. That means that sleeping four people is as easy as pie. In fact, there is a pull-out couch in the living room, which means sleeping an extra person or two is possible. Perfect for the big families out there! Expect a short walking distance to all local attractions. And enjoy whipping up family meals in the fully equipped kitchen!

Best Guesthouse in Husavik Arbol Guesthouse

This historic house in the center of Husavik offers simple and clean rooms. However, youll love the nearby scenery! Youll be situated just a short walk from the harbor, close to a wonderful spa. In fact, the Husavik Whale Museum is just 1,650 feet from the guesthouse. You wont be complaining about sore feet when staying at the Arbol Guesthouse.

Best Hotel in Husavik Husavik Cape Hotel

Where To Start From

Most travelers start their Ring Road drive from Keflavik International Airport, others spend a few days exploring Reykjavik from a hotel first. You can drive the route in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, but I recommend driving counterclockwise to hit the most touristy parts of Iceland first.

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Accommodation In Lake Myvatn

When visiting , it’s important to remember that this is one of the most visited places in Iceland and you should therefore remember to book your accommodation well in advance to avoid high prices. The best place to stay in the area is Reykjahlid, both in terms of hotel offerings and location, since from there you can reach places like , the and quickly and easily.

It’s worth noting that the name “Myvtan” means “lake of midges”, so-named due to the high number of the pesky flies around the lake in summer. Make sure to bring insect repellent, and if all else fails you should be able to buy mosquito nets in Reykjahlid.

West And North Iceland

Where to see the northern lights in Iceland

Snæfellsnes Peninsula is a rugged yet beautiful arm of the Icelandic west coast that juts out into the Atlantic between Faxaflói bay and Breiðafjörður. The north and south coasts are divided one from the other by a string of spiky mountains which run down the spine of the peninsula and culminate in the magnificent Snæfellsjökull, a glacier at the lands westernmost point.

Compared with the neighbouring West Fjords, the scenery of Northwest Iceland is much gentler and less forbidding undulating meadows dotted with isolated barns and farmhouses are the norm here, rather than twisting fjords, though there are still plenty of impressive mountains to provide a satisfying backdrop to the coastline.

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Campsites In Iceland The Best Places To Camp In Iceland

Camping in Iceland is the best way to travel for cheap.We did it on two of our trips, and besides being one of the best ways to stay in Iceland on a budget, sleeping in the middle of nature is without a doubt something that I recommend.

Until 2015, wild camping was allowed in Iceland without restrictions, but now its not legal, especially in inhabited or protected areas. This doesnt mean that you can no longer go camping in Iceland. It means that your tent has to be away from public roads, that you can only camp in a place where people dont permanently live, that you cant camp if there is some type of infrastructure in the place, and that you cant camp in national parks. I recommend you check this website to find the places where wild camping is allowed in Iceland, so you can save yourself some trouble.

Campsites in Iceland, the best places to camp in Iceland

Additionally, there are plenty of official campsites in Iceland where you can pay to set up your tent and enjoy the infrastructure of the campsite in question, which usually includes bathrooms with showers and sometimes kitchen and common areas.Here you can see the full list of campsites in Iceland.

If you travel in summer, from May 15 to September 15, it might be worth buying the CampingCard, which is a card that allows you to camp for free for 28 nights in 40 of the associated campsites for 150 per tent or RV.

These are the best campsites in Iceland where we have camped:

What Causes The Northern Lights

Though it may seem mystifying, the secret to this unusual phenomenon is science. The suns atmosphere releases charged particles that collide with gas particles on earth. As they enter the earths magnetosphere they become agitated by the solar wind. The particles are then funneled down to the earths magnetic poles the North and South Poles. Aurora Borealis means northern dawn and Aurora Australis means southern dawn both named after Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn.

The particles create a large horse-shoe shape that fills the sky. The different gases found in the particles create different colors. The most common colors are yellowish-green and pink, but sometimes you can observe blue, violet, and even red. The dancing shapes of light created by the particles appear as clouds, streams, and spirals.

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Best For Dramatic Landscapes

From craggy mountains to thundering waterfalls, Iceland’s landscapes are one of the main reasons people visit the country, so it only makes sense to stay within close vicinity of them. We recommend you pick your must-do attractions and go from there. By sticking close to them, you can make sure you’re the first on the scene and have the spectacular scenery all to yourself at least until the tour buses arrive.

Accommodation In The East Fjords

See the Northern Lights at Mount Kirkjufell in Iceland. We ...

The East Fjords are one of the most remote parts of the country most of the settlements, nestled between verdant mountains and the beautiful coast, are just little farmsteads or churches. This makes driving up and down the peaks all the more beautiful, especially because the sparsity of humans has led to a surge in other life, such as reindeer, puffins and seals. It can make finding accommodation in the area, however, a bit challenging.

The easiest place to find somewhere to stay is the largest settlement of the East Fjords, Egilsstaðir. This lovely town is located right by Iceland’s largest forest, Hallormsstaðaskógur, and the beautiful lake Lagarfljót.

The Icelandair Hotel Hérað and Hotel Edda Egilsstaðir promise to provide you with everything you need at a reasonable price. The Lake Hotel is the most beautifully positioned accommodation in the town, and has deluxe rooms that overlook the Lagarfljót for an incredible view.

Those on a budget do not need to miss out of the great scenery the area has to offer, however. HI Hostel Berunes, is a green hostel with a campsite that can be found close to Djúpivogur, before reaching Egilsstaðir. On the other hand, HI Husey Hostel is just half an hour north of Egilsstaðir, and though basic in its amenities, is in a stunning, isolated coastal position, and is very affordable.

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