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Where To Stay In Poblado Medellin

Top 10 Things To Do In Medelln

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Medellín is a large city and offers lots of things for visitors to see and do when they visit the city. These are my top 10 things to see and do during your stay in Medellín.

  • Take a day trip to Guatape, and visit the colourful town, El Peñol, rock, and you can even take a boat trips on the river network.
  • Party and dance in Parque Lleras.
  • Go on a coffee farm tour, and learn all about how coffee is grown, manufactured, and exported all around the world.
  • Try Bandeja paisa which is native to the area, it is made up of rice, plantain, arepa, chorizo, minced meat, beans, and a fried egg.
  • Take a walking tour of the city and discover plazas, gardens, and great views of the city.
  • # Best Place To Stay In Medellin To Visit Many Tourist Attractions

    You wont do much in two or three days. It is better if you are close to the different things to do in Medellín.

    In 2 days, you easily could:

    • Discover the graffiti in Comuna 13
    • Visit El Centro and Botero square Book a free walking tour or an excellent private tour.
    • Take the metro cable car.
    • Visit the botanical garden and the Explora Museum
    • Visit La Sierra, a not yet known district in Medellin
    • Fruit tour in the less famous La Minorista market.
    • Attend a football game.
    • Wander an afternoon in El Poblado.

    I would choose Laureles. It is near the different tourist attractions and the metro station.

    See the hotels and hostels in Laureles.


    Private tour with a local guide

    Tomplanmytrip & Medellín

    The Best Places To Stay In Medellin Tips And Advice

    As the capital city of Columbias mountainous region known as Antioquia, Medellin has more than a few interesting areas to stay in. The city is located in the somewhat narrow Aburra valley, but is connected to the surrounding barrios that all have impressive views of the scenery below .

    The backdrop of the city is an amalgamation of high-rise buildings and the jagged peaks of the mountain range. Remote neighborhoods in Medellin rise up into the steep hillsides, in what is in many ways one of the densest cities in the world. Thus it is a lively and vibrant environment packed with commercial, entertainment, and leisure areas. Each neighborhood has plenty to keep you occupied in its own way in the City of Eternal Spring.

    Due to the mountainous terrain that surrounds the city, you will find that Medellin has a great climate, with warm temperatures that remain reasonably moderate throughout the year as does the cost of living.

    There is still some pollution in the city though, so when you are considering where to stay in Medellin you might want to weigh up the odds of hiking around the nearby hills versus spending all night partying in the huge array of bars and clubs that the central areas of the city comprise.

    Medellin is a modern and fast-paced, densely-populated city, which can be a bit much for some people. Yet it can be balanced out by leaving the packed areas behind and escaping into the hills for an afternoon either on foot or by MetroCable.

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    Go For A Helicopter Ride Over The City

    For adventurous backpackers with a little more budget to work with, I highly recommend going on an aerial helicopter tour of Medellin with Fly Colombia City Tours. The prices vary depending on group size but expect to pay around $80 USD per person for a 15 minute / 40-kilometer flight. The views are exceptionally stunning, plus who doesnt want to go for a ride in a helicopter at least once, right? Special thanks to Luisa from Fly Colombia City Tours for helping us organize this flight!

    If you can get a group of 5-6 people together from the hostel, you can get a better per person price . Book in advance and let Fly Colombia City Tours know The Broke Backpacker sent you! Ask for a flight around sunset time for the best photography light!

    Beln Neighborhood The Coolest Neighborhood In Medellin

    Where to Stay in Medellin? Choosing between Poblado and ...

    Belén is our pick for the coolest neighbourhood in Medellin for several reasons. Firstly, its one of the best places to mingle with locals and stay in a former working-class neighbourhood with industrial roots.

    Secondly, its an up-and-coming area with plenty of soul. Belén offers a good nightlife and is within easy reach of major places of interest. Its also one of the citys largest and oldest neighbourhoods and is served by good transportation.

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    Apartments For Rent In Laureles Medellin

    Location is everything, especially when it comes to staying long-term in a city like Medellin. Conquistadores is the coveted eastern part of Laureles thanks to its strategic location and nearby river parks. It is also home to the best accommodation in the neighborhood with calming views of the evergreen gardens below and a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores to choose from.

    Unicentro, the main shopping mall in the area, has a food court, a cinema as well a play area for kids. The mall is right across from Pontifical Bolivarian University, so the area is constantly bustling with students and tourists. Casacol owns two properties in Conquistadores: Laureles Factory Lofts and Moderatto Laureles.

    Laureles Factory Lofts

    Laureles Factory Lofts offers 25 immaculately furnished loft studios with high ceilings and wide windows overlooking the tree-shaded streets of Conquistadores. Each room was designed to accommodate two people and is fitted with all the essential amenities needed for a comfortable stay. This includes a fully equipped kitchenette with a coffee maker and fiber optic internet.

    Coworking spaces are also available on the second floor for an additional price. Laureles Factory Lofts makes the best area of Medellin to stay in feel like a second home thanks to its concierge service and 24-hour reception desk.

    Moderatto Suites Laureles

    Guayabal Where To Stay In Medellin Near Olaya Herrera Airport

    Immediately west of El Poblado is the urban district of Guayabal. An unfairly underappreciated neighborhood, Guayabal has as much to offer as its more fashionable neighbors.

    One of the major features of the area is Olaya Herrera Airport. This allows you to waste minimal time traveling between the airport and your accommodation, on both arrival and departure.

    There could potentially be some irritating noise pollution from the air traffic, but who expects peace and quiet in the middle of a city anyway?

    In the north of the district is the Parque de la Conservación, home to Medellins zoo. Housing a variety of animal species, from birds to lizards, the park aims to educate visitors on how these animals live in their natural habitats.

    At the opposite end of the region, nestled next to a golf course, the City Hall El Rodeo is one of Medellins principal concert arenas. Its worth checking to see if there are any performances you would be interested in attending during your stay.

    Being less popular with tourists, Guayabal has few hotels and guesthouses to pick from. There are several hostels, mainly around the airport, and a few small hotels further into the neighborhood.

    While there may be less choice, the cost to stay in a less trendy area is much more reasonable. If you have been wanting to stay near the nightlife hotspots of El Poblado, take the opportunity to stay in neighboring Guayabal instead, just a short way from the vibrant hub of activity across the tracks.

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    The Best Things To Do In El Poblado

    El Poblado has no shortage of things to keep you busy on your visit to Medellín, Colombia. Here are a few of the places that should be on your radar:

    The Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín is a seven-story exhibition space in El Poblado.

    Museo de Arte Moderno, also known as El MAMM: This seven-story exhibition space in El Poblado celebrates contemporary art that is culturally, socially, politically and aesthetically relevant to the local community. in addition to the galleries, the museum has a theater, a book shop, gift store and a café. On the last Friday of each month, the museum is free from 6 to 10 p.m. The evening includes a movie in the plaza that starts at 7:00 p.m. Address: Carrera 44 #19a-100

    Salsa dancing is a national pastime in Colombia.

    Salsa dancing: Salsa music practically courses through the veins of most Colombians. Its an integral part of the culture and Medellín has an active dance scene. This makes it easy to find private or group lessons and plenty of salsa clubs in which to apply what youve learned. Try SkyBar in the Parque Lleras, which has free salsa classes on Thursdays.You can mingle with some skilled dancers moving to salsa, bachata, kizomba and some reggaeton as the night wears on. Address: Carrera 38 #8-83

    Shanti serves fresh organic dishes.

    Who knew veggies could taste so good? Sharbets gelato is tasty and good for you.

    The Toucan Café serves coffee and provides a place for travelers to plan excursions.

    El Jardn De La 10 El Poblado

    Medellin Colombia & AirBnB – Where to Stay in Medellin Colombia

    El Jardín is the perfect tranquil hideaway in hectic Medellin. The beautiful garden and lounge transport you to a million miles away from El Poblado when in reality youre just a six-minute walk to Parque Lleras.

    Rooms are a mixture of shared and private accommodation, with shared and private bathrooms, and all of them are spacious, light, and airy. Friendly staff are on hand 24 hours per day, should you need any tips on what to do in Medellin. An American breakfast is served every morning and theres a laundry service on request.

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    Laureles Estadio Where To Stay In Medellin For The First Time

    The second most popular barrio for visitors to Medellin is Laureles, sometimes referred to as Stadium or Laureles Estadio. This is due to the fact that the two Medellin football teams play their matches at Atanasio Girardot stadium in Laureles.

    Tourists will also find a lot of life, everything from hipster cafes to local restaurants, and of course some great hotels here. The prices here are considerably cheaper than in El Poblado and this has been reflected in the parameters of each section.

    That being said, here are the best hotels in Laureles for all budgets and tastes:

    El Poblado Where To Stay In Medellin With Family

    If this is your first time in Colombia, El Poblado is the best area for tourists and first-timers to Medellin. This is the safest area of Medellin, and also the most polished, so its family friendly, but El Poblado is also the best place to experience Medellin nightlife.

    Some of the best restaurants and nightclubs are in walking distance of each other in El Poblado Medellin. With a convenient metro station, day trips to other areas of Medellin or other parts of Colombia are easy. For a quieter area of El Poblado, consider the Patio Bonito area, which is opposite the nightlife scene and more family friendly.

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    Laureles Where To Stay In Medellin On A Budget

    If you would like a quieter neighborhood of Medellin, with a more local flavor than the glitz of El Poblado, consider the area of Laureles. This area was named for the laurel trees that grow in abundance, which gives you the idea that its a neighborhood with lots of green space.

    The prices in Laureles are lower than El Poblado, meaning your travel budget will go further in Laureles, while still having a safe neighborhood to call home. As Laureles is less touristic, youll hear less English and will need a bit of Spanish to get by. Foodies will be happy to find tons of good restaurants, many of them clustered around the Nutibara area.

    El Poblado Boutique Hotels

    Must Read

    The best hotels in Medellin are located in El Poblado, and for good reason. The neighborhood is a magnet for students, expats, and tourists who are attracted to its fantastic restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and professional coworking spaces that are tailor-made for freelancers and digital nomads.

    Serviced apartments, deluxe penthouses, and duplexes like the ones mentioned above make this area the top choice for many first-time visitors as well. The demand for affordable accommodation is on the rise in Medellin, which is why Casacol has added new members to its growing family two lovely boutique hotels that reflect the spirit of the city and its captivating nature.

    The best thing about boutique hotels is that they are smaller than regular chain hotels with a cozy, intimate vibe that can be a welcome change from crowded lobbies and busy breakfast buffets. Staying in a boutique hotel for the first time will make you feel like youve discovered a hidden gem that you prefer not to share with anyone else.

    The Five-star Marquee hotel feels grand and glamourous yet homely at the same time. The lobby has an old-timey feel with a glitzy cocktail of copper, orange, and gold that complement the elegant marble floors. There are 42 rooms in total and 2 luxury penthouse suites to choose from. Amenities include filtered water, automatic blackout curtains, and central air-conditioning.

    Celestino Boutique Hotel

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    Envigado Where To Stay In Medellin With A Family

    Envigado, at the north of Sabaneta and south of El Poblado, was a separate city in the past, but it is now part of Medellin. For this reason it is much cheaper than the other areas but also has less restaurants, cafes and has less action. So if youd like a laid-back place to stay with your family and children, this ones for you!

    Unfortunately, there are not many accommodation options in Envigado but if you do find yourself needing to stay there then check out one of these great properties.

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    First Time Visitor: Stay In El Poblado Or Laurles

    This will be my first trip to Medellin but my third trip to Colombia . This will be a short 4 night stay for leisure purposes. Thursday through Monday in Sept.

    My Spanish is “conversational” Spanish. Definitely not fluent but enough to get by on my own.

    I understand El Poblado is one of the most popular places for tourists to stay . However, I am considering the Laurles area because it sounds like there will far fewer tourists around and I like being in an atmosphere with more locals. Though I still like being near nightlife and places to go out at night.

    There is a hotel with good ratings a short walk to La 70 in Laurles. Sounds like the nightlife is good in this area? How is it during the day? Good area for walking around and people watching? or more of a dead zone as compared to El Pobaldo?

    The other option I am considering is the Art Hotel in El Poblado. Any suggestions/input on these areas? Pros and cons?


    Based on what you like – go with Laurales – you can always visit Poblado and Parque LLeras one night – La Setenta has a good night life scene – Thursday to Saturday – yes it is good for people watching – but you wont see as many tourist types – to me the Lleras area is overrun with gringos, Euros and other young vacationers – which is fine if that’s what you are in to.

    Edited: 5 years ago

    The other reason I’d vote for Poblado is there are so many hotels somewhere is always running a special.

    Appreciate all the detailed and thoughtful replies!

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    Where To Stay In Medellin

    Medellin Colombia was once named the most dangerous city in the world, but those days are long gone. The capital of Colombias Antioquia department is booming with tourism as more travelers want to see what Medellin is all about. Colombias second largest city is putting itself on the travel map, thanks to a hip foodie scene, fun nightlife and the best coffee in the world.

    Of course, there are still some no go areas in Medellin, so we want to help you find the best place to stay in Medellin, with Medellin hotels to recommend for every budget. Keep reading to decide what is the best neighborhood to stay in Medellin.

    We will cover off all types of Medellin accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Medellin hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Medellin, the best Medellin hotels, best places in Medellin to visit, the best places to stay in Medellin, hotels near Medellin attractions, Medellin neighborhood guide and many more.

    Faqs When Booking At Hotel Poblado Campestre

    8 Best and Open Hostels in Medellin | El Poblado November 2020 Colombian Travel Guide
    • Where is Hotel Poblado Campestre located?

      Hotel Poblado Campestre is located at Carrera 42 #16b Sur-20 in Poblado, 1.7 miles from the center of Medellín. Museo El Castillo is the closest landmark to Hotel Poblado Campestre.

    • When is check-in time and check-out time at Hotel Poblado Campestre?

      Check-in time is 3:00 PM and check-out time is 1:00 PM at Hotel Poblado Campestre.

    • Does Hotel Poblado Campestre offer free Wi-Fi?

      Yes, Hotel Poblado Campestre offers free Wi-Fi.

    • Does Hotel Poblado Campestre offer free parking?

      Yes, Hotel Poblado Campestre offers free parking.

    • Does Hotel Poblado Campestre offer free airport shuttle service?

      No, Hotel Poblado Campestre does not offer free airport shuttle service.

    • How far is Hotel Poblado Campestre from the airport?

      Hotel Poblado Campestre is 2.4 miles from Medellín Enrique Olaya. Hotel Poblado Campestre is 10.6 miles from Medellín Jose Maria Cordova Intl.

    • Does Hotel Poblado Campestre have a pool?

      No, Hotel Poblado Campestre does not have a pool onsite.

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