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Where To Stay In Portland Oregon Without A Car

Best Airbnb In Central Eastside: Trendy Apartment In Province Park

I Flew Across The Country To Meet A Stranger (Portland, Oregon)

This one bedroom for 2 is in a killer location about 2-minutes to Burnside Street, where some of Portlands most fabulous restaurants reside. Perfect for a weekend getaway located conveniently near the X-Max line. For times you are looking to stay in, this petite kitchen packs a powerful punch, fully stocked with a Keurig and whatever you need to craft a quick meal.

With its great location and charming décor, this guesthouse is your best bet for budget accommodations on the Central Eastside. A short walk from the city centre, it is close to restaurants, bars and many cafes.

It has seven comfortable rooms and boasts a library, garden and modern amenities.

What Is The Most Dangerous Part Of Portland Oregon

Here Are The 10 Most Dangerous Places In Portland After Dark Hazelwood. Minh-Kiet Callies / Flickr. Lents. Twelvizm / Flickr. Powellhurst-Gilbert . Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood Association / Facebook. Montavilla. Thomas Le Ngo / Flickr. Mill Park . Johnson Creek Watershed Council / Facebook. Foster-Powell. Cully. Downtown.

Alberta Arts District & Northeast Portland

The accommodation offer in this secluded, uber-cool alternative haven includes a variety of privately-owned homes and apartments and a handful of stylish boutique options like the historic McMenamins Kennedy School.

The Alberta Arts District is centered around a 1.5-miles stretch of NE Alberta Street.

This Northeast Portland commercial thoroughfare connects the Concordia, King and Vernon neighborhoods.

Busy and vibrant, Alberta St is famous for its its eccentric monthly street fair, Last Thursday.

Last Thursday is arguably the quintessential hipster event in Portland. Held every month, this street extravaganza brings together artists and performers, as well as thousands of people to this Northeast Portland neighborhood.

During the summer , the road is closed to traffic from 15th Avenue to 30th Avenue.

On regular days, Alberta and the surrounding districts, while not as crowded, are still busy and interesting.

Being an Arts District, Northeast Portland is packed with art galleries, fashion boutiques, pubs, restaurants, and bars.

Because its a relatively outlying area, far from the uber-gentrified Pearl District, Alberta also offers a more local perspective of Portlands alternative and hipster scene.

To get to this secluded corner of Portland, your best bet is using Uber or taxi. If you want to move around by public transport, there are some bus lines available.

Why is this a recommended area to stay in Portland, Oregon:

  • Hipster area

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The Eastside: Staying In Portlands Coolest Area

On the east side of the Willamette River, youll find more laid back and residential parts of Southeast Portland.

But dont be fooled some of Portlands best restaurants, bars, and shops are in this part of the city, which is why its our favorite place to stay in Portland.

While there are only a few hotels, there are so many amazing Airbnbs that its a little overwhelming.

The Best Hotel on the Eastside is the Jupiter Next Hotel. Super nice rooms, and amazing bars and restaurants both inside the hotel and in the area surrounding it. Close to the river, so its really easy to get to and from downtown too its probably the single best location to stay to have easy access to every area youll want to visit over your visit to Portland.

We love the Eastside so much weve made it our home based FOUR times in the past two years or so. Every time weve found an Airbnb based on our group size. Here are the places weve stayed that I would recommend.

Looking for more Airbnbs in Portland? Dont miss my guide to the 14 best Airbnbs in Portland.

Downtown Portland: Super Central & Best For First Timers

We Went Camping Without a Car Around Portland, Oregon ...

Downtown Portland is a little more charming than some other citys downtown areas weve visited, thanks to the green spaces and food cart pods that youll likely stumble upon while youre exploring.

Youve probably seen on the news that Downtown Portland is a disaster, with protests going on all day and night, and numerous clashes with the police happening at all hours. The reason I say that is that people consistently bring it up when we mention that we love Portland. Especially if theyve never actually been to Portland.

This might be shocking, but thats not really the full picture of whats happening. We stayed in Portland three times between June of 2020 and March of 2021, spending over six weeks in the city, and we saw not a single protest despite venturing downtown for donuts and coffee numerous times.

Now, that doesnt mean its all rose petals and sunflowers in Downtown Portland. Portland, like Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and just about any other city on the West Coast, has a relatively large, visible unhoused population. We dont need to get into the causes here , but the thing Id encourage you to remember is that they are people, just like you, trying to make the best of what theyve got. You may experience being yelled at, or see people using drugs in broad daylight, which is a real bummer. But, for the most part, they are not going to harass or hurt you. That said, families with small kids and solo travelers might feel safer elsewhere.

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Getting Around Portland: Guide To Public Transportation

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Portland, Oregon has earned its reputation as one of the countrys top biking cities. But there are a lot of ways to get around town other than on two wheels. From a light rail to streetcar, bus service, car-sharing programs, and scooters, there are many options for exploring the City of Roses.

Walk Across The Broadway Bridge And Down The Riverside

There are an awful lot of bridges in Portland. They stitch the two halves of the city together across the Willamette River.

Broadway Bridge is a particularly iconic bridge, however, with it having the steel aesthetic of the Brooklyn Bridge and the red paintwork of the Golden Gate Bridge. It can also be easily reached on foot from the Pearl District since it begins just behind Union Station.

Getting up close to the industrial steel architecture of Broadway Bridge is akin to heading back in time to Portlands industrial roots.

But far beyond that, once youre up atop the bridge, youll find that it offers you a great view of the downtown Pearl District skyline and another of the rest of the river and neighboring bridges to the north and south. Broadway Bridge itself is an impressive part of Portlands history, but the views that it offers are epic and worth admiring during your Portland weekend getaway.

From the Broadway Bridge, you can take a stroll up the waterfront on the Pearl District side. This is a long and tranquil walk that offers you beautiful and unique views of several different Portland bridges from the ground level.

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Best Bars In North Portland

The Alibi is a Hawaiian tiki-themed karaoke bar that is known for a ridiculously strong drink called the Scurvy Sailor and having to tip the DJ if you ever want to actually sing. The place is packed on Friday and Saturday nights with friendly drunk locals of all ages belting out Celine Dion. It is literally impossible to have a bad time at The Alibi.

Prost! is a German-themed bar on N. Mississippi Avenue that is a hot spot for locals to enjoy a cold beer on the back patio on hot summer days. If the Timbers are playing during your stay in Portland, Prost! is a popular spot to watch the games. Get the giant beer in a glass boot to share with your friends but make sure no one drops it the security deposit is hefty!

Victoria Bar is one of my favorite bars in all of Portland! Their delicious cocktail concoctions have a Princess Bride theme and they have amazing vegan and gluten-free food options. The crowd is usually a bit older in their 30s and 40s and the atmosphere is always lively.

Where To Stay In Portland Oregon: The Best Hotels & Areas

Portland Oregon – Is it Safe

The words out: Portland is one of the hippest cities in the United States. But for travelers wanting to experience this West Coast gem, choosing where to stay in Portland isnt always easy.

As Oregons largest city, Portland sprawls far and wide. For most visitors, the best areas to stay in Portland radiate from the downtown core, west of the Willamette River. Central neighborhoods like Downtown and Pearl District are home to most of the best hotels in Portland.

But dont stop your Portland accommodation search there. In districts outside the city center, like the Central Eastside, youll find plenty of great lodgings, too. Staying in Portlands quirkier corners, you might just uncover why its slogan, Keep Portland Weird, rings so true.

Want to score the perfect Portland accommodations? Discover all the best places to stay in Portland, Oregon, with this complete guide to the top areas, neighborhoods, and hotels.

Looking for more ideas for your trip? Check out our other hotel & accommodations guides and our USA Travel Guide and Oregon Travel Guide for recommendations on when to visit, where to go & what to do!

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And Then Stop By The Rose Garden

Beside the Portland Japanese Garden is a rose garden that can only be enjoyed in the summer months. While the Japanese Garden is open year-round, visiting in the summer is certainly the best choice if you also want to enjoy the bonus rose garden next door.

Beyond simply exploring the garden and enjoying some green tea at the teahouse, the Portland Japanese Garden also hosts frequent events that change week to week. These events range from musical performances that use traditional Japanese instruments, such as the koto harp, to traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and even lectures and mindfulness tours of the garden.

Best Bars In Ne Portland

The is a fun bar in NE Portland with an entirely vegan menu! They have some truly unique cocktail options with house-infused spirits. And they have a big covered patio to enjoy on a warm afternoon. It doesnt get much more Portland than this hipster paradise.

Breakside Brewery is an awesome neighborhood bar with a casual ambiance. They have seating outdoors as well as garage-style doors so even if you are sitting inside, when the doors are open youll get plenty of midday sunshine. The food is great and the beer is even better!

For a true Portland experience, swing by the McMenamins Kennedy School for a drink or two. Originally built in 1915, this former elementary school has now been converted into one of the most unique hotels in Portland, complete with an onsite brewery, movie theater, restaurant, and 4 different bars. The most popular place to have a drink is the expansive, multi-level bar housed in the former schools boiler room, but we prefer the tiny Detention Room Bar.

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Discover The Perfect Place To Lay Your Head In The City Of Roses

From glamorous, high-rise hotels with luxury suites to cozy homes embedded within Portlands many neighborhoods, lodging options throughout the city are as plentiful as they are unique.

Visitors looking to rough it have plenty of camping and glamping options, while those who want to fully embrace the citys love of all things weird can opt for lodging that seriously rocks. Scroll down to learn more about where to stay in Portland.

Best Hotel In Portland: Hampton Inn And Suites By Hilton Portland

20 Must

Modern and luxurious, its no wonder this Hampton Inn and Suites gets our vote for the best hotel in Portland. A four-star hotel, it has comfortable rooms, contemporary facilities, and an in-house restaurant.

It also has an unbeatable location close to transit, restaurants, bars, cafes and the very best of Portland.

Portland is a city that oozes laid-back cool around every turn. Its famous for breathtaking views, ironic style, and for keeping it weird. Its also one of the top destinations in the US for coffee culture, craft beer, and hyped up culinary combos.

The capital and largest city in Oregon, Portland covers more than 375 square kilometres in the Pacific Northwest and is divided in two by the Willamette River. On either side, youll find incredible neighbourhoods and districts to explore.

In total, Portland is home to 95 distinct neighbourhoods that boast incredible attraction, activities and of course restaurants and cafes.

At the heart of Portland is Downtown. Located next to the Willamette River, this central neighbourhood is where youll find the commercial, cultural and tourist districts.

To the north of Downtown are Pearl District and Nob Hill. Popular with tourists, these two neighbourhoods are within walking distance of the citys main attractions and boast a great variety of upscale eateries, hip bars and trendy Portland hangouts.

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Nob Hill & Northwest Portland

Hip and lovely Nob Hill and the smart neighborhoods of Northwest Portland are home to funky inns like Inn at Northrup Station and some mid-range alternatives such as Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites.

Nob Hill is one of the districts that make up Northwest Portland.

Located directly west of the Pearl District, on the other side of the Stadium Freeway, Nob Hill offers an eclectic mix of residential streets and commercial strips.

Like Pearl District, Nob Hill is considered a hipster area in Portland. That said, Nob Hill offers a quieter atmosphere in its shady, tree-lined streets.

Originally a residential upper-class district, Nob Hill is known for its refurbished Victorian homes turned into fashion boutiques, upscale restaurants, and quirky caffés.

21st and 23rd Avenue are home to Nob Hills top eateries and vintage and local designers fashion shops.

The rest of Northwest Portland is more residential and quiet. A couple of miles from Nob Hill lies the expansive Forest Park, popular for its hiking and biking trails. Not far, the Pittock Mansion offers tours and impressive city views from its hillside estate.

While the northern end of Nob Hill is connected to the Pearl District and Downtown Portland by the Portland Streetcar, to get around the rest of Northwest Portland youll have to use buses, taxis, or cars.

Why is this a recommended area to stay in Portland, Oregon:

  • Hip area

Best Restaurants In Nw Portland

There are dozens of great sushi restaurants in Portland, but one of our favorites has always been Mio Sushi on NW Johnson Street. The sushi here is very affordable but without sacrificing quality, and it is in a super cute little house right off of NW 23rd Ave. If you dont mind paying more for sustainably-sourced sushi you can also check out Bamboo Sushi.

Another one of our lunchtime favorites in the NW Portland neighborhood is Boke Bowl. A lot of people come to Boke Bowl for the Ramen noodles, but we love the steamed buns! They are like little tacos made from Chinese style steamed buns and stuffed with delicious ingredients like fried chicken, pork belly, and miso mushroom. The warm brussels sprouts salad with Thai vinaigrette is also a great accompaniment to your meal.

Besaws has a reputation for being one of the best restaurants for brunch in Portland. It used to be located in a charming little rundown house but recently moved to a larger, more modern setting. While it has lost some of its former charm, the more spacious dining room means that there is a shorter wait for weekend brunch. We actually think the happy hour is the best deal at Besaws especially on Sundays when it lasts from 5pm to close.

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Day 1 In Portland Itinerary: The Pearl District

You can think of the Pearl District as central Portland, even though it isnt actually in the middle.

This is the financial hub of the city, where all the high rises rise high and all the best shopping can be found.

The Pearl District is where Portland begins its a short walk from the Willamette River which cuts the city in half, and its also where many of Portlands most famous tourist attractions and must-visit places can be found, all within walking distance.

Its prime location and the huge number of attractions make the Pearl District the best place to start your 3 days in Portland itinerary, starting with the worlds biggest bookstore.

Powells City Of Books

The Skid Row of Portland, Oregon | Crazy Winter Scene

In a city that embraces the old with vigor and substance, its no surprise that Portland is home to the biggest new and used bookstore on earth. Powells City of Books is a local institution. Its an independent bookstore that covers an entire city block of Portlands northern downtown.

Even if you have no plans of picking up a novel to enjoy some light reading, exploring the store is enough of an adventure in itself. Check-in and grab yourself a map so you dont get lost roaming the aisles containing over four million books.

We love getting on the water when visiting any city, book this Portland dinner cruise through downtown Portland to see the sights along the Willamette River as you enjoy a delicious three-course dinner with entertainment and narration.

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Where To Stay In Portland A Guide To The City Of Roses

Portland is Oregons largest city. Located in the northwest of the state, on the Columbia and Willamette rivers, and nicknamed The City of Roses, Portland is famous for its hipster scene, its widespread liberal and environmentally-friendly attitudes, and for being one of the main financial, commercial, and tourist hubs in the northwestern United States. In this post, we will discover the best areas to stay in Portland, OR.

Considered one of the most hipster-friendly cities in North America, Portland wears its so-called weirdness with pride. This Oregon town is renowned for its craft beer, organic, locally-grown food, and thrift stores. However, Portlands alternative attitude runs deep below the ironic mustaches and penchant for vegan cheeses and electric cars Portland is a lifestyle. Every city should be, at least a little bit, like Portland.

Some of the most visited tourist attractions in Downtown Portland include the Portland Art Museum, the Oregon Historical Society, Keller Fountain Park, The South Park Blocks, The Old Church Concert Hall, and The Simon Benson House. See accommodation in Downtown Portland.

Washington Park, located a couple of miles west of Downtown Portland, is a massive urban park with several tourist attractions like the Oregon Zoo, Hoyt Arboretum, the Portland Japanese Garden, and the International Rose Test Garden. Nearby Hillside is home to the Pittock Mansion, a French Renaissance-style château and museum.

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